Breaking the Chains of Domestic Violence and Parent Child Alienation.

Breaking The Cycle And The Silence About Abuse. And also want to help speak out against Domestic Violence and Family Abuse and how it affects all communities.

Like to spread the word on how Parent Child Alienation affects children and adults that have been torn from there natural mother/father. I also talk about families that can't fight against money/abuse of significant other in court battles on the Best Interest Of The Children.

Operating as usual


I love you


I Iove you


I love you and your sister and bother. Sister and bother I know when who you are.


My children are always on my mind. I had a bad accident not expecting a life to my life Spain which is over ten years. I love my babies like I love there dad he needs some help with the way it hurts children after divorce.


Please be patient with me was involved in a bad car wreck. I was put in the hospital over a month put on life support over a month. I have another head surgery on the end of next month. I have cancer treatment this week. I will be more in the way to talk and be in the mood. Have a good month or week. I love you all! Thanks for under my difficulting.


I hope everyone is staying well. I was listening to this lady speak about covid 19 and I say I believe that this is a way to try and get Trump out of office. But by the way this government has done it we as the American people will suffer greatly not unless we stand up and fight. Our government has never been concerned about the common cold or pneumonia that people die from every year. Why all of a sudden are the concerned about this sickness where we have to watch who we are talking to? People are loosing there businesses to this frightening virus in which they have worked for years to create. We have a cure for everything from cancer to even the common cold, aids and now this virus is all of a sudden a concern? President trump is running for reelection in about seven months and for the government to do this is literally bogus bu****it. Dont pay attention to the media and do listen and watch what is going to happen next. This covid is not the end of what is next to come. I hope eveyone is safe and not with a boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend that they feel is a danger to them at the present time. I think we are going to have a major shut down in our stock market and these checks that we are getting will not last for the next thing that is about to happen. If you feel your life is in danger or you cant stay with the person that your with cause of abuse. PLEASE REACH OUT and go to your next shelter if that's the only place for you to go. Dont be locked up in a house when this shut down takes place and seek immediate help from family or loved ones that care about your safety. This is not a joke and not to be taken lightly. Keep your chin up and lets not take another punch from the government or the ones that are chameleons and fake the love we all have wished for. I will list some shelters that I am involved with for your convience. Genisis women shelter is one of the most common ones out of Dallas. I will post the rest of them shortly. Peace and God be with us all that are struggling just for love and happiness.

I love all of you,
Twilla Thorn

If you need help or want to talk about your safety. Please dont hesitate to message me and I will respond in the order that the messages are retrieved.


I wanted to wish everyone struggling or not to have a very Merry Christmas. And let's have a safe New Year. Please remember the families out there driving. Do not drink and drive please. Appoint a designated driver if your going to be drinking and staying out late. Peace


Continued.... I cant tell you otherwise it wont come true. Can I ask everyone that reads this, what do you think I wished? See if everyone gets the answer right. What is the one thing in this world that you would wish for. Leave comnents below.


Today and everyday I think about laying on the trampoline with my son and daughter watch for shooting stars in the dead of winter. We would curl up in a thick blanket and lay there in the middle of my property quite as a mouse until we would see a shooting star. I taught my son and daughter how they should make a wish when they seen a shooting star and I would ask them what they wished and they would tell me. One evening I told them if they made a wish on a falling star and told what there wish was it wouldn't come true. From that day from until I had them everytime I ask what did they wish and they would say.... Mom! We cant tell you cause it wont come true. Everynight since then I make it a every night occurence to go outside and wether I see a falling star or not want to know what I wish???? Lol!


Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and Parental Alienation (PA) are commonly raised to combat a mothers allegations that a father is abusive and that his access to the children should be restricted. While PAS and PA are sometimes used interchangeably, they have separate origins, and are pointedly distinguished by their originators. They are also not equally subject to legal challenge.

PAS was invented by Richard Gardner in the 1980s to explain what he considered to be an epidemic of child sexual abuse allegations in custody litigation. Gardner claimed, with no empirical basis, that the vast majority of such allegations are false, but were fabricated by vengeful or pathological mothers. Credible and extensive empirical research has demonstrated that the assumptions underpinning PAS, including that child sexual abuse allegations are rampant, and generally false, are themselves entirely false. Over time, the strange assumptions underlying Gardners theory have been critiqued and the validity of a scientific syndrome has been roundly rejected by numerous legal and psychological professional and expert bodies and researchers. Gardners apologist attitude toward pe******ia has contributed to the discrediting of PAS. While this has not ended reliance on PAS within courts and policymakers, it has reduced its use. To date, the only published opinions addressing the admissibility of PAS have ruled against it.

However, Parental Alienation has risen from the ashes of PAS. PA (or child alienation) has been defined by leading well-regarded researchers, many of whom have rejected the validity of PAS, as addressing cases where a child expresses unreasonable negative feelings and beliefs (including fear) about a parent that are significantly disproportionate to that childs actual experience with that parent. The key difference between this definition and the way PAS has been understood is that PA recognizes the different factors that can cause a child to be alienated from a parent. These researchers have also found that the disliked parent often contributes to a childs alienation.



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