Birth Mom Missions

Birth Mom Missions


Mine isnt exactly the same. But me and my husband accidentally got pregnant during a difficult time. And we already have 4 kids. So we put him up for adoption. Our doctor found a great family that has been trying for years and in able to get pregnant. We agreed to an open adoption. He will be 1 month old on friday and it hits me hard to know idk anything about him.
Hey I'm looking into a adoption a baby
How can I adopted because every time birth mom always ask me for money before I can adopt
Check out my group!

I recently started this group for pregnant women who are struggling and considering placing their child for adoption. If you simply want info, have questions and want feedback from other women in your exact situation, please join! All posts are pre approved and anonymous.

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This is such a neat idea! This nationwide Mothers Day project recognize moms who’ve placed their children for adoption. So thoughtful! And so important!

It’s so amazing to hear how these cards are touching the hearts of SO many. Birth moms can sign up to receive a card if they're interested, and everyone else can contribute to the project by sending in a handwritten card to her business address. ❤️😊
Hello! I am a graduate student working on a study involving birth parents, and other birth relatives, of children placed for adoption with same-sex couples or le***an, gay, and bisexual adoptive parents and their experiences of contact (or lack of) with the adoptive family. I've attached our study invitation which contains a bit more info. If you know of anyone who may be interested in participating, please have them email the study account at [email protected] and feel free to share this post widely. We are continuing data collection and interviews through the end of March. Thank you so much!
Hello and Happy New Year from one birth mother to another and everyone in between. This year 2019 my birth son will be 39. I am making an effort to be in his life more by the time he is 40 so I want to give it an earnest try and I know it will take some time. What I am asking is for any suggestions from anyone that may help us become better friends and not distant. We reunited years ago but it only lasted about a year and now he will not take my phone calls or messages even if I just wish him simple greetings.I feel as if I did nothing wrong and feel so bad about things.
National Adoption Awareness Month can mean different things to adoptees, first/birthparents and adoptive parents and those in same race and transracial adoptions, which is why I made the documentary Unlocking the Heart of Adoption to tell the story from all three points of view. We are all in this together. Trailer and DVD at: It meant a lot to me to make the sculpture of a mother holding her baby in a hospital bed to commemorate the 10 minutes I got to hold my daughter, before the nurse took her away. My story is in the film.

The subject of adoption is a complicated one. It's never easy. And always steeped in deep emotions. We offer a place for people to better understand and help heal.

The women who placed their child for adoption and are in need of support. No "birth mom" fits into a cookie cutter image, and the mission is a chance for all of us to get together share stories and bounce off ideas for the future of adoption. It won't be an easy task and there are many opposing positions on adoption that we do come in conflict with. However we confront every situation with a mother's loving heart that only wants to do what is best for her child.

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Happy Birthmother's day! Love you all!

The Birth Mother's of Adoption Shop: Designs & Collections on Zazzle 04/28/2022

The Birth Mother's of Adoption Shop: Designs & Collections on Zazzle

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I just want her to know how much I love miss and want to know her! 4 Elizabeth


Thanksgiving note to my daughter 2021
I miss you very much
Thank you so much for being. I know you can’t know about me but please know that I love you. I always have and I always will. I can’t wait till we can finally meet sweetie! I’ve thought of you everyday.


Changing the face of adoption, supporting women and cherishing life since 2010!


For adoptees. Anyone who feels the same way, feel free to share. Love hearing from the point of view of the we say we care about the most in adoption. The kids.


Today is my birthday and my daughter’s half birthday! I haven't seen her since adoption day (I was lucky to be with her for a month before the adoption right after her birth... Those days are still THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE)
All I want for my bday or WISH for is to be able to tell her how much I love her and give her a big hug!!! I have 5 more years till she turns 18 and can make her own decision about meeting me. Thinking about that day I finally reconnect with her is what keeps me going and makes me want to become a woman she can be proud to call her birthmom. I just love her so much! I never thought I'd survive this long without seeing her... but here I am! I'm thankful for the updates that I do get yearly from her AP’s though! Just can't wait for day I can celebrate with her instead of without. No celebration is completeutol I can share it with the one I love most in the world! Hopefully someday🤞 Happy Half Birthday Sweetie. All I really wish for is that she is happy right now and loved unconditionally. I can’t wait to give her that kind of love someday soon, too!

Birth Mom Missions updated their information in their About section. 06/01/2021

Birth Mom Missions updated their information in their About section.

Birth Mom Missions updated their information in their About section.


When a mother gives birth, she empties herself of her child. The baby begins a new life outside of the mother’s body, but still close to her, still relying on her for food and nurture. The mother’s body is empty, but her arms are full.

In adoption, the woman who carries the child will not be the same woman who cares for the child. By giving birth and placing her child in the arms of another family, a birthmother empties more than just her body. She empties her nest (heart and soul)


Somewhere Out There


Sending the one update allowed each year to my daughter via snail mail now


The bonding of mother and child is a miraculous outpouring of unobstructed love channeled through the mortal coil. Nursing is the physical bond of nourishment – mother is the first meal, she is the key to life. Between mother and child, there are also
bio-electromagnetic bonds, emotional and psychic bondings, and ultimately the spiritual bond that brought them together.
by Alex Grey


I love all of you

Timeline photos 11/23/2020

Timeline photos

Sharing a quick health tip today on the importance of a good night's sleep!


This is a working title for this group. All members of this mission know that gathering together with other women who have had similar experiences (i.e. adoption, birth, etc) helps. So the more specific, the better. Feel free to make your own group on this page too. I personally would like someone who knows exactly what it’s like to go through an experience like mine, so her is this group. May n to be many of us but that's all the more reason to find each other. I'm tired of being ashamed or worried how the word “rape” sounds to others. It’s just about the truth, when you are trying to heal. Who cares if others know we were raped cause of the group, we need to be able to find each other in the world and being public about it is the only way to find and help each other. I tried in my own way to recover by forming this non-profit and it helped greatly. But I feel we also need to get more specific within this mission and community that we have formed. WE have a group for adopted parents and birth moms but there are birth moms of so many kinds and to try to group them all is hard and misses the chance to truly help. Mission started to just raise awareness that we existed and were out there, now let’s be more specific and get to this healing process. So maybe now our page can begin to show by its “groups” the amount of variations among birth mothers. We can't all be grouped together if we want to heal, and we know that! I hope to meet some women with even more similar experiences and know how they got through it and how they are doing and managing. I love you gals with all my heart and I’m so glad you have joined me in the mission. It means so much to all us birth moms out there. I placed for adoption and love her so much. But I wonder how everyone else is doing that had to go through this weird situation. I also didn’t let myself acknowledge rape or pregnancy for 7 months, so that was very odd but somehow it all worked out like a miracle. So don't be embarrassed to for a group no matter what words you have to use. I thought about labeling group with “sexual assault victim” but that sounds odd too. I don't like the word rape at all, but that’s what it is called so ya know. Even rape has so many different forms. Mine wasn’t typical date rape but happened in my own room with my door locked back in a college type dorm setting. I was drugged without knowing it in my no alcoholic drink and then unable to move while a man I didn’t know and could see forced himself on me. No reason to hid it. Sh*t happens and its what we make of it that matters. I turned sh*t into a way to help other women who are going through any of the same experiences and emotions that I did and hopefully guide them through it because I wish I had had that kinda support then. And even tho rape please don't think I love her any less or it was any easier to let her go. I love that girl with everything inside me that is left to love with! My baby was unplanned, but she was wanted by me and her adoptive parents. I knew she was meant to exist on earth, so I let nature take its course. I hear it is very rare to get pregnant from rape, but let’s see if that's true? I like to think adoption is the option most women choose in the situation., but I have no judgement and just think this group could help us all. At least I hope so! I struggled with abortion option too, but by hiding pregnancy from myself and disassociating from it, I was able to not hurt my precious baby girl. I think I didn’t trust myself fully. I wonder if it’s hard for people to understand us? OR how we feel about our children. Or more importantly, if our children grow up wondering how we would feel about them? And if so, id love to explain my feelings towards my daughter because I have nothing but love for her. She was wanted and is missed every day and when I finally see her face again she should never worry that it would remind me of rape. She is so much of a miracle she has to know she could never even come close to disappointing me and I have always loved her the whole time and will never stop. So this is just one of the new groups to come, and I just named it what it was. Love you all for joining me in this mission!


Your courage and selfless sacrifice will be a gift that will last a lifetime for your child.

Be the kind of woman mug | 07/02/2020

Be the kind of woman mug |

Some Stuff we designed...

Be the kind of woman mug | Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the Devil says "Oh crap, she's up!"


A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking


Missing them is so hard


I love y’all

Timeline photos 05/09/2020

Timeline photos

Happy Birth Mother's day! U R appreciated today, tomorrow, & everyday! Love BirthMom Missions


Happy Birth/First Mothers Day!
I feel like I've said everything before to ya'll each year this holiday rolls around. The day before Mother's day. So this year I just decided that I wanted to write about things a birth mother can do on mother's day weekend to not feel like crap and instead possibly feel joy in moments. So Im working on that now and let ya know. Feel free to contribute. I'm at lose at this moment. Yall have a great moms day weekend. tI's major hard, I know im going through it right now too, so I know how it sucks to feel alone or misunderstood or depressed on this holiday. Stay strong , Its all gonna be OK . It really can be. Love yall- b
Now I can't stay online long on my semi sad days like today, but just birthmom giving you other birthmoms a shout out and sending love!! so catch yall on the flip side.
We used to try to get members and donations at this time.
Anyways in ten years we celbrated birth momms day epic each year with like hug events or pages Birth Mother's Day and but point is WE have celebrated wtih the yellow flowers the video montage route, every year has been so different for everyone. In the 12th year f my child adoption I am struggling the most but I am closer now to the date of seeing her than I am to the date of the adoption occuring so I can maybe move forward!
This has not and wont be spell checked now. Im tired of typing . update late, i just realized that day had already gone half by without me saying anything. this isnt much but its something! Happy Birthmom day to me too.

Mother's Day 2020 05/01/2020

Birth mom created Unique adoption Gifts:*
*Changing the face of adoption, Cherishing life, & Supporting women... one birth mom at a time!! Birth mom, first mom, or any mom u like to be called! This is for YOU to share, give & get support. BE you!
gift for many holidays and other adoption related events. These are just a few of the thousands of products we have made at
All proceeds go to mission, a certified non- profit made by real birth mothers of adoption to help one another.
P.S. Remember if you are adopted.. You're birth mother loies you so very much!


If we don't stand up for children, then we don't stand for much.

The Birth Mother's of Adoption Shop: Designs & Collections on Zazzle 05/01/2020

The Birth Mother's of Adoption Shop: Designs & Collections on Zazzle

For Birth Mother's Day and Mother's Day and basically all adoption holidays, we made this store. It's full of unique things! Check it out. It's for when you don't know what to say... We try to help you find the right words. Or you want to say thank you but you don't know how or don't want to make someone sad... Website is

The Birth Mother's of Adoption Shop: Designs & Collections on Zazzle Check out all of the amazing designs that The Birth Mother's of Adoption Shop has created for your Zazzle products. Make one-of-a-kind gifts with these designs!

Our Story

We are here to provide a service that no one else truly offers to the world: An unbiased perspective and support, from real birth moms of adoption before, during, and after the adoption process. For everyone in the adoption. This is an industry where many women are highly vulnerable to be taken advantage and we are here to help inform and make life easier and better for everyone in adoption.
Our tag-line is: Birth Mom Missions.... Changing the face of adoption and the image of birth mothers, cherishing life, and supporting women. (Somewhat sums it up)

I was r**ed, gave birth to a beautiful daughter and then placed her for adoption. I mis her everyday and I’m here to help other women and children

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Dallas, TX

General information

Birth Mothers have parted with a huge piece of themselves. Even the most independent woman will tell you that having a child changes a woman's view of herself. Placing that child is akin to letting go of a piece of your self. It is just that! that much more difficult to become yourself again.

Currently, birth mothers have no legal representation against a skilled adoption lawyer hired by the AP's. We may not be lawyers, but we have sat next to enough women through the legal process that we understand the lingo and can help the birth mother

We do not "promote adoption" or support "anti adoption" legislation. We seek reform in all areas. We are affiliated with no one The birth mother's who graciously volunteer to run this mission, have stories that cover almost every turnout possible in adoption! To classify us all into one group would defeat the purpose of the mission: Which is to show how Birth Mother's are not invisible women.

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