Adam Coffey, Ph.D.

Adam Coffey, Ph.D.

Relationship Betterment, Life/Executive Coaching, and Mindfulness-based Speaking

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My best: having unprecedented conversations, which free others to make their desired life changes.


Welcome the tickles, which often signal, the healing of physical and emotional pain. #mindfulness #thankful #blackfriday

Hidden Gems: Meet Adam Coffey of Coffeytalk - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide 10/28/2021

Hidden Gems: Meet Adam Coffey of Coffeytalk - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide

Hidden Gems: Meet Adam Coffey of Coffeytalk - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide Today we’d like to introduce you to Adam Coffey. Hi Adam, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story. While growing up, I saw my parents role model the value of service to others. After my first year in college, my pre-medicine path changed to a social-scientist ...


The inimitable @garyclarkjr last night @hobdallas. Thank you for taking us on your train! #mindfulness

Press Release: Adam D. Coffey: Ph.D., LMFT, LPC Named Best Therapists in Dallas, TX of 2021.docx 08/21/2021

Press Release: Adam D. Coffey: Ph.D., LMFT, LPC Named Best Therapists in Dallas, TX of 2021.docx

Press Release: Adam D. Coffey: Ph.D., LMFT, LPC Named Best Therapists in Dallas, TX of 2021.docx CITY, STATE –, a premier global database that connects carefully vetted therapists with clients, has named Adam D. Coffey: Ph.D., LMFT, LPC among the best therapists in Dallas, Texas. The top-rated providers were evaluated based on several key factors across three categories, inc...


If you were emotionally neglected and/or indulged in your childhood, be extra thoughtful about the difference between understanding yourself and empathy for others. #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence


“Oh, and I remember that time that three black chickens sauntered through my backyard,” said by me, never, until now. #mindfulness


Honor the things you say to and hear from your partner, as they may be said and heard by no one else. #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence

Photos from Adam Coffey, Ph.D.'s post 06/26/2021

“When we recognize our place in an immensity of light-years and in the passage of ages, when we grasp the intricacy, beauty, and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual.” Carl Sagan #mindfulness


Partnership jealousy often is the product of what you think you’re missing from your partner. Be a partner who encourages the expression of every part of your partner. #emotionalintelligence


When we optimize our neurochemicals, it’s easier for us to make the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral shifts to better our lives. #mindfulness #mentalhealth

Study Confirms Overdiagnosis of ADHD 05/03/2021

Study Confirms Overdiagnosis of ADHD

In my experience, folks diagnosed with ADHD, including the inattentive type, have the highest likelihood for complete recovery when they actively do things that increase the development of the prefrontal cortex. #mindfulness #mentalhealth

Study Confirms Overdiagnosis of ADHD Medical researchers present evidence that ADHD is overdiagnosed in children and teens, which can lead to significant harm.


Let’s account to others for those moments when we don’t, won’t, or can’t walk our talk. #emotionalintelligence #mindfulness


Increase intimacy and empathy with your partner by memorizing specific details of at least three of her/his significant life events that didn’t involve you. #Emotionalintelligence

How Your Brain Registers Loneliness Could Have a Strange Link to Wisdom 03/09/2021

How Your Brain Registers Loneliness Could Have a Strange Link to Wisdom

If you want to promote your perception of wisdom and optimism, feed your meaningful connections with others. #EmotionalIntelligence

How Your Brain Registers Loneliness Could Have a Strange Link to Wisdom New insights into the neural activity linked to loneliness could help us improve the way we treat it, researchers say – and reduce the numerous physical and mental health impacts associated with feelings of being lonely.


“Two new studies provide evidence that adopting the prevailing biological perspective that ‘depression is caused by a biochemical imbalance’ and ‘educating’ the client to this misleading notion leads to demonstrably poorer (psychological) treatment outcomes (Lebowitz, Dolev-Amit and Zilcha-Mano, 2021; Schroder, Duda, Christensen et al., 2020).”
From Dr. Michael Yapko’s newsletter

#emotionalintelligence #socialjustice


Keep depression at bay by
1) doing things you enjoy and
2) handling sadness effectively:
a) acknowledge your loss,
b) view loss as a reflection of your expectations, and
c) re-engage fully with the present.
#emotionalintelligence #Mindfulness


Nicolai, his first acrylic on canvas, landscape. #mindfulness


How do you uphold your perspectives while upholding our Union? #mindfulness #brenebrown


When you reflect on and feel impacted by the events of 2020, be intentional about what you want to remember. #EmotionalIntelligence 12/10/2020

Meet Adam Coffey: Therapist, Executive Coach, & Speaker – SHOUTOUT DFW Local Stories Meet Adam Coffey: Therapist, Executive Coach, & Speaker December 9, 2020December 9, 2020 Leave a reply We had the good fortune of connecting with Adam Coffey and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Adam, how has your background shaped the person you are today? I was born on a Nav...


I don’t know Perez, but I sure like what he wrote on behalf of Chapman. #emotionalintelligence


Adam Coffey, Ph.D.'s cover photo


Most “mental illnesses” are learned; most of them can be unlearned. Embrace learning that allows your best to emerge. #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence


Nicolai, dancing, and Galveston. #mindfulness 09/12/2020

Harvard Business Review posted on LinkedIn

To Boost Your #EmotionalIntelligence:

1) Learn the differences between your self-perception and how others perceive you;

2) Identify what’s important; and

3) Take specific action.

Thank you @DanielGolemanEI We all want to improve our emotional intelligence. Here’s where to start.... 08/25/2020

Harvard Business Review posted on LinkedIn

A reminder of how warmth, being nonjudgmental, and empathy positively impact those who talk to us: Good listeners do not judge or impose solutions. They do ask good questions....


For most, “mental illness” is not a permanent state; instead, it’s a temporary stranger that succumbs to resiliency, health, and contentment. #EmotionalIntelligence #hope


Make your self/other acceptance meaningful, empathetic, and compassionate. #mindfulness

Thank you @sarahcpr


Celebrating the life of my Uncle Reg, with @rego_1969 and my bestie, Darren. #emotionalintelligence


LobsterTails with roasted Brussels Sprouts, stimulating conversation with Nicolai, and so thankful to be a father. #mindfulness


Piccolo Latte with Lamington, yes please! @theaussiegrind @ashgenx #lamington #mindfulness


NowThis on Twitter

When we understand more, we fear less and love more. #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #EmotionalIntelligence #SocialJustice

“Consider this man’s words before you call the cops on a Black person”


When we unravel our anxieties, we fully accept our future, possible losses. #emotionalintelligence #mindfulness #irony


No one or thing makes us angry, but it quickly appears from triggers.

Triggers trick our minds to blame others.

Being accountable, we identify the loss preceding anger to choose whether expressing it really creates useful change(s) for us and/or others. #EmotionalIntelligence




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