Caro Pediatric Center

We are a Physician owned and operated Pediatric office serving children from birth to 18. We have a bilingual staff(spanish) and take most insurances and medicaid HMOs.

Operating as usual

Dr Caro and I are excited to welcome our latest granddaughter, Ms Eleanor Grace, to our office...😍❤

[01/31/21]   We are looking for a person, who enjoys working with children and their families.
Are you willing to learn how to be useful in a pediatric setting? Yes that means giving vaccines to babies....Do you want to become part of a family ran business, instead of a corporation and spend more time with your family?

Hours may vary some:
Mon-Fri 9-6 with 1/2 days on Wednesday and Fridays.
Apply soon, We are eager to meet you.

[01/31/21]   Are you tired of working Evenings and Weekends?

Then fax your Resume to
(937) 262 -7845!!! We are a family owned Pediatric office, serving the Dayton area for 30 years. We are in an immediate need for PT and FT
LPN's and Medical Assistants.
DON'T DELAY Appy today!!! �
Email [email protected]

[01/31/21]   We are looking for a person, who enjoys working with children and their families.
Are you willing to learn how to be useful in a pediatric setting? Yes that means giving vaccines to babies....Do you want to become part of a family ran business, instead of a corporation and spend more time with your family?

Hours may vary some:
Mon-Fri 9-6 with 1/2 days on Wednesday and Fridays.
Apply soon, We are eager to meet you.

[01/22/21]   Good Morning All,
We just wanted to make you aware the office will be closed today, except for Telehealth visits....
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to reach out through this post or your child's patient portal to reach us in regards to appointments. As always, a Medical Provider, will be on call for your more urgent needs.
Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!!!❤

URS: United Rehabilitation Services


We want to give a big THANK YOU to the physician’s offices who sent us the most referrals in 2020 for our physical, occupational and speech therapy programs at URS!

Five Rivers Health Centers
Pediatric Associates of Dayton, Inc
Caro Pediatric Center
Premier Health Pediatrics - Huber Heights
Ohio Pediatrics
Dayton Children's Developmental Pediatrics
Primed Physicians - Corporate (Huber Heights & Beavercreek)

We really appreciate your confidence in our programs!
Interested in learning more about our therapy services, call 937-853-5431.

Hello All,

Today my heart breaks for our office....Yesterday we had 24 patients show up for appointments.
29 DID NOT....

Its hard to believe that we have been able to put in place, ALL the regulations piled on us through the ACA in the last 10 years....( Look around most independent physician offices have not survived and merged with hospital groups) We survived a tornado last year, even though, we were hit, we are grateful it wasn't worse(we lost our roof, siding, sign, dumpster cage, and several trees).....but we kept moving forward.....And now, COVID, we have made our office as safe as we can, following All the mandated Covid regulations for both Small business and medical offices....We have implemented our patient portal and telehealth opportunities as well.

But yet, our patients, the ones we care for, (for 3 generations now, know this is not meant for all of you)
Are going to be our demise.....

PLEASE hear our PLEA!!!!
We need you!!! We need you to come to your appointments, We need you to schedule your well child visits and do not reschedule, cancel or NO SHOW them... We need you to share this information with your family and friends, and encourage them to keep appointments.

So if you are thinking, this is not my problem, then please remove your family from our office because we can no longer take the hits that come with open appointment slots at the end of the day, due to lack of consideration to us and our staff....

If there is anything we can do better, please let us know, We are open to your comments and suggestions, but PLEASE share and get the word out....WE NEED YOU!!!!

As Always, Much Love and Stay Safe!

Tami Caro

[10/05/20]   Good Morning All,
We just wanted to share, that our phones are currently not working. So please be patient as we try to correct the situation.
However, the office is open.

If you need immediate attention, please reach out to our email [email protected] and we will try to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for your understanding and continual support.

The CPC Staff

[08/27/20]   Hi All,
We have extra Nutramigen Formula, if anyone needs any.
You do NOT need to be a patient here to receive the free formula. Just come to the office and pick it up...❤

[08/20/20]   Hello all...
We are in search for a Medical Assistant or LPN....Full Time and/or Part Time positions are available. You can call to set up an interview, respond to this post, or fax/email your resume.
PLEASE help us share this info with as many as possible....
As Always, Thank you for your ♥️ help and support.

Roberto and Tami Caro

Wow, I can't believe another 6 years have come and gone...
But wow, the changes and the storm(s) we have overcome... But because of our amazing, loyal hardwoking staff, we continue to beat the odds♥️

Thank You for riding the wave with us, We continue to welcome beautiful, new babies, with some, now being 2nd and 3rd generation CPC BABIES...
Our hearts remain full!!! ♥️

Dayton approves mandatory mask law, cites rapid COVID-19 spread locally

Hello All
PLease protect yourself, your loved ones, and those precious babies
♥️♥️♥️ People in Dayton will be required to wear masks or face coverings while in indoor public spaces or outdoor areas where they cannot socially distance.


TO ALL OUR Papis, Daddys Pawpaws, Ablelos, Dads, Stepdads, Fathers, Grandfathers, and all MALE mentors(and any men I might have left out)
But especially to these:

THANK YOU for all you do for so many...♥️♥️♥️

Some Saturday Humor
Whose with me???🤣

This Quarantine has me like...

[05/26/20]   Hello All...
At Caro Pediatric Center we have always tried to make you, our patients and parents our top priority.
We battled many obstacles in the 30 years we have served the Dayton Community, including tornados, financial hardships, Dr Caro's many back surgeries and now the COVID19 pandemic....
We are still an independent physician owned office, one of a very small few that are still left. So we have no large networks to soften our blows... Why am I sharing this? Because I am sending a plea....
This MORNING, we had 15 out of 40 patients that did not come to their scheduled appointments.
Are staff showed up, so they will be paid.... but how are we suppose to keep our office available to you, when we have no support?
I wish I could say this is something new, but its NOT!!! It is an every day occurence that has been going on for years(way before Covid was a thing).
However, it MUST STOP!!! We love taking care of your children, our staff has gone beyond making our office a safe environment.
We need YOUR support more than ever. PLEASE make your Well Child Visit appointments and KEEP them....We need you, all of your support, and we need it now!!!
As always, it is still out of the love for our community that we continue to fight for our place in it...♥️
Please Share!!!!

Balitang KYUSI

For your viewing pleasure!!
Happy Wednesday...


[05/12/20]   Hello Everyone!!! We know life for all of us have changed and looks a lot different than what it did just a few short months ago, but for our Seniors, they have missed out on the making of very significant memories that only come once in a lifetime...
So please help us Honor your Senior by either posting their picture here or by dropping it off at our office to be displayed...Feel free to add any accomplishments or future plans as well....We want to see ALL of our Seniors represented, After all, most we have known since birth.
Please Share!!! ♥️

cloth face masks for children

Do you have questions about kids and face masks? What ages should wear them? And when? What if kids are scared seeing everyone in masks or if they don't want to wear one?

We are answering these questions and more on today's blog: 4/16/20blog post cloth face masks for children By now you have probably heard that the CDC has released recommendations that people should wear face masks when the 6 feet of social distancing cannot be achieved. While most kids are spending their time at home or in their own backyards away from othe...

[05/02/20]   Good Morning All,
We have heard a lot of crazy things regarding the Covid 19 virus and we will be sending an official update through our portal and texting system this week. However, here are some very simple truths I thought interesting. But first let me say this is a global health crisis not a political war.

1. The Coronavirus is NOT the flu,
the infection rate is 20 times higher. Please stop saying it’s the flu.

2. H1N1 was not worse than Covid-19, it killed approx 12,500 Americans in ONE YEAR. Covid-19 has killed close to 60,000 Americans now in 6 weeks.

3. Covid-19 CANNOT be destroyed by blowing hot air down your throat, drinking bleach or injecting yourself with disinfectant.

4. THIS IS NOT A MEDIA CREATION. The media wants this over as soon as possible because of massive losses in advertising revenue.

5. Barack Obama did NOT fail to create a test for Covid-19. You cannot create a test for a virus that doesn’t exist yet.

4. FREEDOM is a set of competing rights. Your right to ignore social distancing-rules does NOT supersede my right and my family’s right to stay alive.

5. YouTube is NOT a reliable source of information and 95% of FB ‘doctors’ have no idea what they’re talking about.

6. There is no evidence that Americans will develop herd immunity.

7. Bill Gates did NOT create the virus so he can implant a brain chip in your head.

8. The virus does NOT care about your politics.

9. Covid-19 is NOT the 19th coronavirus on record. It was discovered in 2019, hence the name.

10. To date, in 2 months we’ve lost now MORE Americans from Covid-19, than died in 10 years during the Vietnam War.

[04/18/20]   After reading this, I admire Dr. Acton even more.

The story of Doctor Amy Acton
written in 2019 by Todd Franko in the Youngstown Vindicator which has closed. She comes from Youngstown ...

Dr. Amy Acton had no expectation last winter to be picked by Gov. Mike DeWine as the director of the Ohio Department of Health.

She had never met DeWine. She says she’s as nonpolitical as they come. And she smiles when politely dodging who she voted for – which says she either didn’t vote or voted for the other guy.

So when he called her about the vacancy, she let it all out about what was wrong with Ohio public health care and what needed to be done differently – after all, she wasn’t going to get the job. Well, she got the job.

What she must have said was surely powerful. But how she said it was probably more powerful. She unloaded on me about vital Ohio health needs for 30 minutes nonstop. Then I asked her my second question.

It comes from a passionate soul. It comes from a feisty spirit.

But mainly, it comes from Youngstown

Abused, abandoned, neglected, working a gig life before there was a name for it, figuring it out on her own and making up rules as she needed to. She did this not just for her, but also for her younger brother. And it started at age 3.

“My parents met at a theater party for YSU and got pregnant unexpectedly ...” is how Amy starts. It does not get better for a long, long time.

It was the 1960s. Her mom was an artist; dad talked mom into marriage; a younger brother came in; and then came divorce when Amy was 3.

“It got out of control. Custody [back then] always went to the mom. My dad tried to get custody of us,” she said.

“Out of control” meant 18 or so homes in her first 12 years scattered around the North Side – mom, brother, Amy and many, many pets. One place literally was a basement – bare walls, sump pump, boxes and a bed.

More troublesome than the nomadic lifestyle were the men in mom’s life. Amy calls them a “cast of characters.”

At one point in childhood, they moved to California. Mom got into a fight with whoever was the man at that time. So they traveled back home. They got as far as Nebraska. Mom got a job to earn money; she met a guy; she put her kids – age 8 and 5 – on a bus alone back to here to live with relatives. Three months later, mom, too, was home, and the cycle continued.

“I have so many crazy stories. ... I spent so much time being scared as a kid, but also navigating the adult world,” Amy said.

One guy finally hung around for marriage. That’s when Amy’s life got worse. She was between age 9 and 12.

The guy had accusations of molestation events in his past, she said. With his abuse of Amy, there was finally enough evidence that officials were called in and criminal charges were filed.

It was winter, and the family was living in a tent in a campground outside Youngstown.

“I was lucky that it got bad enough, because it got me out of there.”

She was finally able to move in with her dad and his relatives. Her Liberty life kicked in, and it would be a better life. Money was always tight. But they were safe and there was food. She eventually would become Liberty homecoming queen – Class of 1984.

But no one ever knew her story.

“It’s hard to tell people about this because it makes kids uncomfortable,” she said about her younger years. “So you just keep it all in.”

She’s more at ease talking about it as an adult. But the tears still come as if it were yesterday.

Her dad, Jerry, died a few years ago. Her brother lives in Colorado.

She hasn’t seen or heard from her mom since a day in court after that long-ago arrest.

“In the courthouse after they were charged, I went to give her a kiss, and she just turned her cheek away. That was the last time I ever saw her.”

Out on bond, mom and her husband skipped town and have not been heard from since.

Amy’s medical interest grew from a hospital visit as a child. She wanted to be nice and nurturing like the staff. In that dank North Side basement, she heard on radio about a medical school attached to Youngstown State University. It became her obsession.

“My dad always told me I could be in life whatever I wanted to be.”

And now with the state of Ohio’s health as her job description, she is set to go. With Youngstown first, she said.

DeWine visited The Vindicator newsroom one last time Thursday. On his way out, I asked him about his hire – Dr. Acton.

He looked up through his blue-framed glasses and offered this with a wry smile:

“She’s special, isn’t she?”

Amy’s tale is likely my last one as a daily newsroom editor – which I’ve been since 1989. I wanted to end with a story like Amy’s.
(From me
This is last story ever printed in the Youngstown Vindicator. No one could foresee what is happening today but I am so glad that Ohio has Doctor Amy Acton along with Governor DeWine trying desperately to stop the spread of Covid 19 to save countless lives.)

Email Todd Franko at [email protected]. Find him on Facebook, Linked-In or on Twitter at @tfranko. And you will still find him around Youngstown for a few more years.

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FYI....PBS is now offering activities for our children to home school....
AM will be elementary and
PM will be Middle School and High School. Tune in to PBS or ThinkTV‘s weekly arts series Sundays @ 5:30pm on ThinkTV16 PBS Kids 24/7 Watch your favorite PBS Kids shows on-air and online anytime, anywhere. EXPLORE LATEST Public Media Connect Blog Read the weekly blog here. WATCH ONLINE

[03/26/20]   HELLO All,
We felt the need to let everyone know, we do have Teleheath options for your healthcare needs and concerns. We are currently staying open, and are following the Governor's order for essential businesses. As with all medical facilities we are experiencing the medical shortages of PPE.(Any donations are truly appreciated)....We hope you understand, that there are some things that cannot be taken care of through Teleheath, and this is why we have chosen to stay open for YOU, our extended family..... Expectant and new mothers especially know, we are taking as many measures as humanely possible to assure the safety of newborn/infants if they are seen in our office. We are happy to discuss our safety measures one on one as well...
With all this being said, we send a plea to all of our friends, families, and especially YOU!!!
Please stay home and if you or any family members begin to experience any COVID 19 symptoms, self quarantine your whole family for the recommended 14 days immediately! Let's Do Our Part and Keep Ohio safe!!!
Love to All
Dr Roberto and Tami Caro

Dollar General says first hour of operation will be dedicated to senior customers Beginning Tuesday, Dollar General says it is strongly encouraging that the first hour of operations each day be dedicated to the shopping needs of senior customers, who are most vulnerable to COVID-19. The company said it wants to provide these customers with the ability to purchase items they need....

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