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My name is Dr. Andreka Peat and I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in Women’s Mental Health.

I myself am a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a business owner, etc. so I know all too well how challenging this journey can be. At Women’s Wellness Atlanta, it is my mission to serve other women, letting them know that they are not alone and try to provide them with “a breathing space.” My practice focuses on maternal mental health (post-partum mood and anxiety disorders), fertilit

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I’m back with more personal truths. This one is about nourishing yourself. We all have the things we turn to to help us make it through, that’s what we call coping strategies. But let’s be clear that not all coping strategies are nourishing. Nourishing goes beyond the quick fix and really fuels your body, mind, and soul. And it is oh so worth the time and effort.


In remembrance of all the babies who are not with us, I light a candle.


Good morning. ☀️ I am
feeling very grateful this morning as I am in this beautiful setting taking some much needed time to myself. I’m here to encourage us all to look for the things in life we can be grateful for even in the midst of pain. I’m reminded of Mr. Rogers when he said that when bad things happen look for the helpers. That reminds me that even in our darkest moments maybe just maybe there is a small helper to be grateful for. Something to ponder. 💖


Gratitude fuels joy. I don’t mean this in the “toxic positivity” way in which you bypass difficult feelings. I know there is much pain and suffering in life. AND (notice I didn’t say but) I know that sometimes we can get into a pattern of only noticing the difficult things or the things that don’t go our way. I have learned that in addition to acknowledging the hurt if I allow myself to also start searching out things/people/places/experiences etc. that I am grateful for it allows me access to more joy in my life. Thoughts to ponder .💖


Presence is necessary for connection. We live in a distracted world. Let’s slow down. Sometimes slowing down feels overwhelming or unsafe. If that is true for you, seek support so that you can approach being with yourself in a supported environment. 💖


Presence is essential for all true connection. It’s a prerequisite for connection to self, connection to others, connection to purpose, connection to nature, connection to creativity, connection to healing etc. In order to be WITH we have to first BE. If you want deeper connections in your life, work on slowing down and reducing distraction.


Living a more aligned life with our true selves is made easier when we take the time to identify our own personal truths and values. 💖


I was scrolling through my phone and found a note with some of my personal truths. I thought I’d share a few here. It is so important to identify your own truths and allow them to serve as an anchor for yourself. So take a moment and reflect….what is true for you?


What a beautiful day spent with beautiful people. I am so grateful for my therapist friends who both ground and encourage me. Thank you for bringing us together.


This is how I am going into my Saturday. are two leading voices in leading us home to ourselves and to wellness. And the hot lemon water because it all starts in the gut. Caring for our mental health starts with caring for our bodies.


It is a beautiful day here in ATL! Taking long walks in my neighborhood has been a gift during this pandemic. Spending time in nature is grounding and has the power to shift your mood and provide new perspective. Slow down and get grounded. Breathe and allow yourself to just be…..💜

📸by yours truly

Watch this reel by abreathingspaceforwomen on Instagram 02/11/2022

Watch this reel by abreathingspaceforwomen on Instagram

There is a difference between a lack of safety and feelings of discomfort. Slow down and ask yourself which experience you are having and adjust accordingly! Take care of yourselves. ❤️

Watch this reel by abreathingspaceforwomen on Instagram posted on their Instagram profile • 648 people follow them.


It’s been a long time! There is honestly a host of reasons I have found it difficult to engage in this social media space but honestly the bottom line is that this online world is not always a safe place for me. It brings out my perfectionist and overly self critical side. “I don’t like this picture.” “I don’t know how to make a pretty background.” “I don’t know how to do videos.” “What even is a reel?” I could go on but you get the point. But I’m here because I believe we all have unique medicine to share with this world and that includes me. So here I go leaning into vulnerability. And if nothing else, following my intuition to share in this space despite my fear will allow me to look my clients, family, and friends in the eye from a space of integrity. I can say that I am daring to live out what I preach, which is that true healing comes when we are authentically ourselves! So hello again and stay tuned for what’s to come. More “bad” pictures with lighting glaring in my glasses. But it will be from my heart. That is if anyone even sees this…because apparently algorithms are a thing? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Timeline photos 06/19/2020

As I celebrate Juneteenth today by prioritizing my wellness through rest and play, I have been meditating on these words by . What are you holding onto that is not yours? What can you release today?

Timeline photos 06/19/2020

Just the medicine my soul needs to gather itself. Thank you for sharing your heart and helping me know my own more fully! To my clients: this is a perfect addition to your quiet reflective time, journaling practice and/or morning routine.

Timeline photos 06/11/2020

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 06/10/2020

As I have been holding space for my clients, family, friends, neighbors, and most importantly myself, this truth has continually emerged. Pursuing wellness is an anti-racist act.

The very essence of racism strategically robs BlPOC from their basic human right to freely seek wellness. Food deserts, the legacy of slavery in our diets, and the constant physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma of combatting with racism daily are just a few ways in which it robs BIPOC of the physical, economic, cognitive, and emotional resources to pursue wellness in its fullness. And let’s not even get started on the white centeredness that plagues the wellness industry.

Black people take care of yourselves! Rest and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Racism wants to render you ineffective. Wellness allows you to keep on pushing. Love to you all!

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Today is the day. Grab a mask and head to the polls if you haven’t already cast your ballot. The protests are just one piece of the uprising.

New Moms Need To Set Boundaries Now More Than Ever 05/16/2020

New Moms Need To Set Boundaries Now More Than Ever

There is so much uncertainty for everyone right now. For new parents, there is uncertainty of parenthood on top of the uncertainty related to the COVID pandemic. It’s more than okay to set boundaries. Do what feels comfortable for you and your family!

New Moms Need To Set Boundaries Now More Than Ever Pregnancy has never been so anxiety-ridden as in the time of coronavirus. A patient recently told me, “My No. 1 priority is keeping my baby safe and healthy — but the thought of telling my in-laws that they can’t see their granddaughter makes me…

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

2.23 in his memory 💜


COVID Update: I hope everyone is safe and well. This update is to let you know that I am still only conducting sessions via Telehealth. In consideration of our collective wellbeing my physical office will remain closed until further notice. Be gentle with yourselves and with one another.


PSI is offering a virtual Pregnancy or Infant Loss Support Group. You are not alone.


The loss of a child is devastating and the pain can feel unbearable. You are not alone.

Join our trained peer support facilitators for a weekly chat. You will connect with other grieving moms and explore techniques to help in the healing process.

It's free and easy to join. Just create a Support Group Central account and select "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group" to register.

We meet every Friday and we hope that you'll join us. https://www.postpartum.net/get-help/psi-online-support-meetings/

An Anarchist Quaker’s Prayer to Soothe Anxiety 04/02/2020

An Anarchist Quaker’s Prayer to Soothe Anxiety

A beautifully written piece about the anxiety most of us are holding right now. Breathe, dear ones, breathe.

An Anarchist Quaker’s Prayer to Soothe Anxiety What my therapist said when she closed her office because of coronavirus.

How I'm Protecting Myself From Depression During Self-Isolation 03/19/2020

How I'm Protecting Myself From Depression During Self-Isolation

Take care of yourselves. Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation.

How I'm Protecting Myself From Depression During Self-Isolation Last Friday I had a phone session with my therapist, and at the end he asked me how I was doing with all this coronavirus stuff. “You have ...


My full COVID-19 response on the website. Here are the main highlights.
1. Temporary HIPPA compliant sessions offered to current clients who are unable or feel uncomfortable coming into the office.
2. I am still offering in person sessions to clients who are not displaying any symptoms and have not traveled internationally.
3. If recommended by the CDC or if the building closes I will temporarily go to a full telehealth model.

Timeline photos 10/15/2019

Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Take it one breath at a time. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. There is no right way to grieve. Take it one breath at a time. And know that others are breathing with you.

Photos from Women's Wellness Atlanta's post 10/04/2019

So excited to share with the Nurses at Emory Decatur Hospital about traumatic birth experiences!
@ Dekalb Medical Women's Center

Photos from Women's Wellness Atlanta's post 09/24/2019

Sunday night was magical! I was so honored to be in the room full of vibrant, beautiful, and life changing people. And a special shout out to all of my fellow therapists. It was such an honor to share space with you. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Timeline photos 09/16/2019

Hey ATL! I cannot wait to join my sisters in meaningful conversations about being women, being business owners, and living life well! I cannot wait to break down how our identity as black women has been shaped and formed and how that influences how we continue to move through the world. And more importantly we get to decide how we want to live life moving forward!! Come and join us!! See you next Sunday!

Why Is Infertility Still Taboo in the Black Community? 04/25/2019

Why Is Infertility Still Taboo in the Black Community?

It's National Infertility Awareness Week and I shared my thoughts with Parents Magazine in their article discussing the stigma of infertility within the black community. Thanks to for writing on such an important topic.


Why Is Infertility Still Taboo in the Black Community? We're having a heartfelt and engaging discussion on reproductive challenges within the black community because the time for change is now.

Timeline photos 12/04/2018

Excited for Day 2 Women’s Health Immersion! Meeting all sorts of awesome yoga teachers from around the world! Still pinching myself! So grateful!

Photos from Women's Wellness Atlanta's post 12/03/2018

So excited to dive into this
Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank Women’s Health module with Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life ! Lookout for more therapeutic yoga offerings in 2019!!

@ Austin, Texas


Tune into the next PSI GA Facebook Live which is looking at the unique perinatal challenges that face our military families.

Military families face unique stressors that make them more at risk of experiencing perinatal mood disorders. Please join us this Tuesday night (11/20) at 9:00pm to learn more about this topic, including resources and information available for our military families.


Love the honesty, vulnerability, and sheer strength of this!

This is reposted from

Photos from Women's Wellness Atlanta's post 06/23/2018

Here are just a few pics from our amazing Climb out of the Darkness Team Decatur! So grateful to all of you who came out and who donated to this awesome cause! And a special shoutout to Jaime Cuff Filler who was the co-team leader!

Support Andreka Peat, PsyD 05/17/2018

Support Andreka Peat, PsyD

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be doing my first Climb to help fight the stigma against Perinatal Mood Disorders. Please consider supporting and coming out to join us!

Support Andreka Peat, PsyD Donate. Stand against postpartum depression.  Help us fight stigma and raise awareness of Perinatal Mood


Infertility and Its Impact on Maternal Mental Health

This is a re-recording of this very important information regarding the impact of infertility on maternal mental health.


Tune in tonight at 9PM to hear about the impact of Infertility on Maternal Mental Health. Such an important topic.

Mark your calendars next Tuesday night at 9:00pm for an important FB Live chat about "Infertility and its affect on Maternal Mental Health". Shubha Swamy, LPC will help inform us on this important topic, including how infertility can be a risk factor for developing postpartum depression or anxiety.

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In remembrance of all the babies who are not with us, I light a candle. #waveoflight #waveoflight2022 #nationalinfantand...
Good morning.  ☀️ I amfeeling very grateful this morning as I am in this beautiful setting taking some much needed time ...
Presence is necessary for connection. We live in a distracted world. Let’s slow down.  Sometimes slowing down feels over...
Living a more aligned life with our true selves is made easier when we take the time to identify our own personal truths...




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