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Trust is a Choice with a willingness to accept the experience if you're wrong, and forgive yourself.


I am so excited to be interviewing this man on Wednesday! Brian Stenzler is a model of how to live your life by choice and not by chance! Most people only know him as a family chiropractor but the way he thinks and lives his life reached so far beyond these limits! Join us https://bepresentsummit.com/


My "Be Present" event goes LIVE in just one week! All of my speakers are amazing! I'm so excited for the interview with Michelle Riddle because are going to talk about how hormones play a role in one's ability to be present, AND what we can do to instantly activate the hormones to create a sense of calm any time! 😲 Get FREE access at https://BePresentSummit.com/kimberly


You are invited to the show!

I am SO excited to announce that I have brought together a team of amazing experts to join me in serving the masses on learning how to BE PRESENT in any situation no matter how tough or busy things get. We want to teach you the best ways to honor your emotions while not get consumed by them so that you can be the best parent, spouse, business owner, and authentic self you can be!! You will hear real stories and learn actionable tools that will help you keep your energy running, and bring clarity to your mind and body!! It is going to be so good! https://bepresentsummit.com/ See you there!

Check out our event on Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021.

Chaos to Calm | Free Online Workshop 01/20/2021

Chaos to Calm | Free Online Workshop

WOW! I just finished with another amazing interview! I am learning so much from these real experts and am having so much fun connecting with like-minded professionals all over the world! Today was with an expert on Digestive Rejuvenation from Poland! Get access to the series here.https://chaostocalmworkshop.com/

Chaos to Calm | Free Online Workshop Turn Fear Energy to Focus, Calm Your Mental Chaos, Take Action Regardless of Outside Challenge. Hosted by Kimberly Balesteri HHP, CHT, CST

Chaos to Calm | Free Online Workshop 01/15/2021

Chaos to Calm | Free Online Workshop

If I can't get you all in my office right now due to Covid, what I can do is provide you with some free tools to empower you!! Join several experts and myself as we talk about what you can do right now to shift out of chaotic energy and maintain calmness for optimal health and joy!https://chaostocalmworkshop.com/

Chaos to Calm | Free Online Workshop Turn Fear Energy to Focus, Calm Your Mental Chaos, Take Action Regardless of Outside Challenge. Hosted by Kimberly Balesteri HHP, CHT, CST


Thank you to Simon White for your continued support since 2014. Today was your 100th massage with me!! Here's to you...Cheers!


I am hearing that normally "good" sleepers are having a hard time. Here are some tips:

- Only read or listen to the news once per day, but not at night.
- Turn off all screens (including reading your kindle book) at least an hour before bed
- Let's be real...are you having a lot more sugar, wine, soda, coffee, carbs? Just Stop it!
- Your body is used to doing a lot of active things daily. Make sure you are exercising/moving enough.
- Get that Vitamin D, supplement if you have to right now.
- Water, water, water. Put some cucumbers, lemon or strawberries in it if you choose. Hydration goes a long way.
- Being constipated can have effect on sleep and mood too, so again water, exercise, lower the ju**ie foods, and get those fiber fruits in like pears, plums, apricots, apples etc. And yes you have to eat the peel too.
- Essential oils. If you have them and you don't know how to use them just ask. Your basic lavender is calming but too much can be stimulating and NOT all are safe for everyone.
-Chamomile tea really is calming and soothing. If you want a sleep tea with more kick try the Yogi brand for the right blend of herbs.
- Deep breaths and stretching helps open up calmness, this is a good gratitude moment.
- If you're stressed due to chaos refer to the post I made on this page from March 25th for steps to balance yourself.
-And lastly, LAUGH! There are a lot of funny moments and memes going around right now or watch a favorite funny movie, and then share about it. Laughter helps the insides just as much as exercise. Plus laugh lines look better than worry lines.



List 5 things you're grateful for right now. Go!


One of the questions I often get from my clients is, "How do you prevent yourself from taking on everybody else's heavy energy and emotions?" Or the question, "How are you able to be fully present when things around you are chaotic?" I'm going to do my best to break this down in steps for you now. Takes about 3-10 minutes.

Step 1) Adjust your immediate environment to be peaceful. As for me, if I'm not in my beautiful Del Mar office, this could be a quiet space like my car, backyard or even the bathroom. I like absolute silence or soft music but some feel more at peace with noise. Do what feels good to you.

Step 2) Do this sitting or laying down. Cross your feet. For example right over left. Extend your arms in front of you and cross your arms the opposite of your feet. For example left over right. Lace your fingers. Curl your hands in up to your chest. You are now crossed over the midline of the body several times. This helps to connect and balance both sides of the brain and body.

Step 3) Picture a symbol which represents balance and hold on to that image. This can be anything. Stacked rocks, perfect strand of DNA, a level, whatever "balance" is to you.

Step 4) Breathe. If your mind wanders come back to the symbol. You are going in and taking on the meaning of that symbol. Wait for calmness to come over you, or a shift, or often a sudden deep breath. This part can take a few minutes depending on your focus.

Step 5) Untwist your arms and feet and acknowledge that calm balance. The quiet clear inner self. Let it surround you for a moment before you move on with your day.

*If you feel you are affected by other's emotions continue:
Step 6) Tell your body, "Show me just me." Notice the quiet within vs. others around you. Gently and lovingly push everyone else away as you expand your energy or what feels like your own personal space.

Step 7) Imagine zipping up, creating a filter only to exchange positive thoughts and emotions. Move on with your day.


Every time you wash your hands or drink water remember this.


Due to the requests of the California Massage Therapy Council regarding COVID19, I will be temporarily closing the massage side of my practice for 2 weeks.

I am still available for Hypnotherapy services by phone or online, and I will be checking in on my clients throughout this uncertain time. I really did NOT want to have to do this but I do believe it is the wisest choice at this point.

Being a self employed sole business owner, this hurts. No unemployment for the self employed but we will get through this.

I look forward to seeing clients again beginning Wednesday April 1st, unless advised.

All my best to you and your family - ❤

media.giphy.com 11/15/2019


What it feels to be me at work. I love my job! 😄💗



If I do my job right my clients no longer need me. Nice! Except for those of you who work at a computer all day, you will always need me. Equally nice!


Randy Pausch - Live The Right Way

Understanding there is choice in how you feel about life's events is the first step.

To All the Brave Kids Who Broke up with Their Toxic Dads – Beautiful Articles 09/25/2017

To All the Brave Kids Who Broke up with Their Toxic Dads – Beautiful Articles

This was written so beautifully. It can really mess with a kid when his or her dad doesn't stick around or constantly belittles them. The best thing that kid can do is set himself free from needing dad's love or approval.

To All the Brave Kids Who Broke up with Their Toxic Dads – Beautiful Articles To All the Brave Kids Who Broke up with Their Toxic Dads May 18, 2017 WriterGirl LIFE Comments Off on To All the Brave Kids Who Broke up with Their Toxic Dads You are going to be more than okay. Whether it was because of an addiction, constant excuses for not being there, an irresistible urge to put...

Timeline photos 07/18/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 07/17/2017

Timeline photos

15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression 07/09/2017

15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression Depression is a very serious mental illness that often goes unnoticed for years. People with concealed depression are battling demons within themselves all on their own. They are not sharing their struggles and do not want to burden those around them. You see, for most people wounds are not somethin...

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart 06/23/2017

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

I've been helping a lot of clients let go of old relationships and be open to new ones. I'm really diggin' this song right now!

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart Song by Old Dominion

5 Ways to Balance Teen Emotions and Increase Well-Being | Newport Academy 05/23/2017

5 Ways to Balance Teen Emotions and Increase Well-Being | Newport Academy

For the teens I've worked with and having two pre-teens myself, this is good stuff! Most of these tools can apply to mom and dad too while dealing with teaching our teens how to balance.😉

5 Ways to Balance Teen Emotions and Increase Well-Being | Newport Academy Teen emotions can be intense. Kids need tools that teach them to feel their emotions without descending into despair, fear, or confusion.

Timeline photos 05/22/2017

One of my clients brought me this beautiful gift!! I need to get It framed, but it really adds a level of creation and growth to my healing space. I love sacred geometry and the artist is amazing on many levels. Thank you to my client for knowing how much I would appreciate this, and thank you to Drew Brophy, Artist, for fully showing up and sharing your gifts with the world.


The Water Bearer Story

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Talling about Toys for Tots and how it impacted my life. Www.heartcoregives.com




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