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Choose wisely.

One is a quick fix that leaves you only wanting more.

One will fulfill , grow, and sustain even during the toughest of times. 💕


I’m on a journey of health. Body, mind, spirit. I’ll take you along with me from time to time. I liked this quote because we can get so stuck in habits and feel that this is the way our life is always going to be.

It’s encouraging to know that just because something is soooo ingrained, it doesn’t mean we have to keep repeating it.

The first step is awareness. Here’s the process:
1. You have a body reaction
2. You have a thought- that’s connected to the body reaction
3. You have a behavior reaction based on the thought, based on the body.

So, if you pay attention to what your body is telling you- that’s the FIRST opportunity to decide what you think and feel.

You have more control over your life than you even know. All you have to do is remind yourself!

The teat of your life is waiting. What are you going to do first? 💕


Happy Saturday! 🥰

Hello World ! I'm 15 minutes old

Unhealthy Relationships, Loneliness, and Gaining a Solid Sense of Control Over Who You are - A Mental Health Break 09/24/2022

Unhealthy Relationships, Loneliness, and Gaining a Solid Sense of Control Over Who You are - A Mental Health Break

Check out the podcast Mental Health Break with Vincent Alanci. Unhealthy Relationships, Lonliness and Gaining a Solid Sense of Control Over Who You Are. I enjoyed so much being a guest on his show! 💕

Unhealthy Relationships, Loneliness, and Gaining a Solid Sense of Control Over Who You are - A Mental Health Break This is A Mental Health Break - the podcast where we normalize the conversation on mental health. You are not alone. Advocates and Professionals stop by each Tuesday since January 2020 to share their journey, tips to improve their mental health, a...

Why small habits are best! 09/13/2022

Why small habits are best!

It was an honor to be a guest on Jason Hardwood’s podcast . Thank you for an amazing opportunity! Check it out and let me know your take always to establish your own healthy habits. ❤️

“Small habits vs. large goals. Here is why it makes all the difference! A discussion with Tami Kiekhaefer, that can change the way you see your day! “

Why small habits are best! Tami Kiekhaefer shares why it's best to create small habits that tie to your long-term goals.


How many times do we talk ourselves out of something for fear of what COULD happen?

Think of how many opportunities could be missed.

Are guilty of this?

Today, and each day going forward, gain awareness of this pattern. Catch yourself.

What can you do to challenge these thoughts? Then take action to take action! 💕

Coca-Cola: Happiness starts with a smile 08/25/2022

Coca-Cola: Happiness starts with a smile

Because who doesn't need this today?! 😍

Coca-Cola: Happiness starts with a smile Gonzales (a division of Serviceplan Benelux) created a local market stunt in Antwerp metro for the Belgian "choose happiness" campaign of The Coca-Cola Compa...

Timeline photos 08/06/2022

This amazing, young lady has created several masterpieces to describe . Kylie, this will help so many people. Love you, girl! ❤️

Meet Kylie Pine, the 16-year-old behind the creation of the Women of Narcolepsy NFT art collection.

Wake Up Narcolepsy


I hope this mantra helps set your week off with positive intention. 💕




Let’s face it! Change is hard. A normal, human response is to dig your heel in and scream, “No!!!”.

However, we all know that the only thing constant in this crazy world is that nothing is ever constant.

What if we felt the initial uncomfortable tension of what change produces, but only focus on that for a few minutes. Then shift our focus into what opportunities may lie ahead when this change occurs.

Who’s ready to vomit to trying this just for today? Take some notes and report back! 💕


Such a great example of creating a whole big, long story in your head.

Come to find out you couldn’t be further from the truth!!

Communication is everything!

Want to understand what your communication style is?

Want to know how problems with communication may be breaking down your relationship?

Check out my new book. Preparing for the Jungle: Avoiding Snakes and Pitfalls on the Path to Healthy Love! On Amazon or click here: Http://posthill.to1637582536


Everyone’s got a therapist! Got yours? Go find one today! ❤️


Facts here people!! Everyone’s got a therapist! Go get yours today! ❤️


Starting tomorrow, people across the United States will be able to call or text 9-8-8 to seek help during a mental health crisis, similar to how people can call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

This transformative moment will reframe the way crisis care is approached in this country. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, nearly half of the 60 million adults and children living with mental health conditions in the U.S. go without any treatment. The shortened lifeline will make mental health professionals more accessible to people in need of help and it will further reduce the stigma around asking for help instead of suffering in silence.

If you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts, a substance use crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress, dial this number. (Copied)


Haven't gotten your signed copy yet? Drop by Barnes & Noble book stores this weekend.

Preparing for the Jungle: Avoiding Snakes and Pitfalls on the Path to Healthy Love.

Analyze your past, evaluate your present, so you can move forward into the future as your most empowered self. This is the best way to find a healthy, loving relationship.

See you this weekend! 💕

lennnie on TikTok 07/15/2022

lennnie on TikTok

Happy Friday! Here’s to YOU!!! 💕

lennnie on TikTok in case u haven’t heard this lately…ur hearing it FROM MEEEE. ily 🤍 u got this


WHAT? 😳 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard final trial conversation leaked! The transcript reads:🤯

Heard: Johnny... Hey! Can you turn around and look at me?

Depp: (bows his head)

Heard: Let's talk Johnny... Talk to me.

Depp: (Turns to his lawyer, and his lawyer shakes her head)

Heard: I have something to talk to you about.

Depp (with his head still down): I have nothing to talk to you about.

Heard: Please, look at me!

Depp: Good bye Amber.

Heard: Tell me something Johnny, do you still love me?

Depp: (Keeps quiet)

Heard: Do you still Johnny?

Depp: (lifts his head, looks her straight in the eyes and says): “Amber, this might be the last time we ever speak, so please listen to me very carefully. If you ever need a coach who can help you level up in your mental health, contact Tami Kiekhaefer, LCSW ASAP! She’s amazing!!”


Is this really the baseline? Do you know your red-flags and non-negotiables? Are you prepared to get out there into the Jungle? Order my new book, Preparing for the Jungle: Avoiding Snakes and Pitfalls on the Path to Healthy Love on Amazon today. Figure out why you are attracted to the same unhealthy partner. Master these tools and techniques to become emotionally available for healthy love! http://posthill.to/1637582536


Very interesting. I like how this is laid out. Sometimes it may feel like you are oiving two lives. Wondering what is wrong with you. How can you have it "together" in so many areas, but feel so out of control in others. Anyone else see themselves here? 💕

Photos from Tami Kiekhaefer, LCSW #Counseling's post 06/12/2022

Hey Denver! If you’re around Colorado Blvd Barnes and Noble today from 12-2, come visit me and get your book signed. This thing is therapy in a box! Evaluate your past, stabilize your present so you can be empowered in a healthy, romantic relationship. See ya soon! ❤️


Hey Colorado Peeps! I would LOVE to see you at these 4 Barnes & Noble stores for my book presentation and signing.
Here are the meeting details:
June 11~ Denver West, Lakewood Barnes & Noble noon-2pm
June 12 ~Colorado Blvd, Denver Barnes & Noble noon-2pm
July 16 ~ Bowles, Littleton Barnes & Noble 11am-1pm
July 17~ Sheridan Blvd, Westminster Barnes & Noble noon-2pm

Thanks for all your support! 😍 Thanks Barnes & Noble


Hi! I wanted to share The Not So Bad Bachelor Pad's Podcast that I mwas so fortunate to be on. We talked about relationships, male/ female perspectives, past traumas, and more. I'd love to know your ideas and thoughts. 💕


Congrats Zachary!! You did it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Anxiety hits- don’t just react!


Preparing for the jungle is available now on Amazon. Get confident, set your boundaries, know what you’re looking for and get ready for healthy love!

‎Fearless Fridays with Maryann on Apple Podcasts 04/29/2022

‎Fearless Fridays with Maryann on Apple Podcasts

Thanks Maryann Rivera-Dannert for such a fun opportunity to talk about being truly fearless and stepping into your truth! ❤️

‎Fearless Fridays with Maryann on Apple Podcasts ‎Education · 2022


Hi! Check out “Fearless Friday’s with Maryann” podcast. I was honored to be her guest airing on April 29th. Tune in and check her motivating show! This one is all about whatnot takes to have a healthy, romantic relationship! 💕


Happy “Thank a Musician” Day! The music you create lives in my heart and makes me so happy. So thank you! ❤️


Tablet? Speaker? Hands on?

Pick your platform cause this is the best $10-$17 you’ll ever spend.

Therapy in a box right here. Hands on tools and techniques to get you in the best internally confident shape you can!

Click here to get Prepared for the Jungle!

http://post hill.to1637582536


Hey! I couldn't wait for this moment and it JUST happened! Thanks for being a part of my journey! Check it out on Amazon NOW! 😍http://posthill.to/1637582536


This morning marks a new normal in my life. My youngest got his drivers license yesterday. Today is the first day I won’t be needed to take either of my kids to school. Ever again.

Is it the hardest thing I’ve been through? No. But this morning reminded me that my babies aren’t babies, that time is ticking, the world is spinning faster and faster, and that’s just kinda tough to wrap my head around.

Whether it’s with kids, pets, parents, family, friends, I hope you enjoy each and every moment you have because as the old saying goes, these are gifts and nothing ever, ever stays the same. But the sun rises and we have a new normal to settle into and hopefully that brings a different happiness into our lives. 💕


Be that stranger! 💕


I am so honored to be featured on the Post Hill Press page for . Thank you for publishing my book Preparing for the Jungle: Avoiding Snakes and Pitfalls on the Path to Healthy Love. Much love to Bonnie Hearn Hill for being my editor.
Available on Amazon- https://lnkd.in/gfmxCNXP

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Anxiety hits- don’t just react! #anxiety #anxietyawareness #anxietyrelief #youvegotthis #confidence #stayincontrol
Preparing for the jungle is available now on Amazon. Get confident, set your boundaries, know what you’re looking for an...
Hey! I couldn't wait for this moment and it JUST happened! Thanks for being a part of my journey! Check it out on Amazon...
Hey! I'm on TicTok, so please follow me for more tips and tools to become your most EMPOWERED self! Thanks you guys! htt...
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