Mama's Friend Birth Services

Mama's Friend Birth Services


Happy Birthday to little Luna!

Natalie worked HARD for this birth, I’m always so touched to see women overcome labors and trust their bodies…but when I say Natalie pushed herself, that would be an understatement. She completely surrendered and trusted in the guidance of her birth team.
Such a beautiful family centered birth that resulted in the safe and healthy arrival of Luna 🌙💓

Midwives: Jordan and Student Kendra With Women Midwifery
Doula: Angela Mama's Friend Birth Services
2022…a year of many changes, excitement, and blessings!!

💜This past year was a year I learned how to show GRACE to myself and welcome it from our amazing patients!! With preterm labor scares, bed rest, a 5 week early delivery of my precious Lydia, I learned to slow down and listen to my body more. Thankful for a healthy baby girl that is now 10 months old 🥹

💜This past year was a year I learned PATIENCE with God’s plans! Renovations on our new building seemed to take forever, but we were able to move into our beautiful new location in May and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the healing space we created!

💜 This past year was a year I PRAYED for the right likeminded providers to join our practice and “The Nest” was brought to fruition with the most AMAZING and dedicated women I know…Mama's Friend Birth Services, With Women Midwifery, Nourish Lactation Services LLC, Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, and Sadie Pipkin, ND…so thankful to each of you taking the leap of faith and creating a GEM of a holistic health center for our community!

💜This past year was a year I ACHIEVED my career long goal of obtaining my CACCP certification in pediatrics and pregnancy! “Certification by the Academy of Chiropractic Pediatrics” was over 10 years in the making and I’m thankful to have the best knowledge to serve the populations that are so dear to my heart!

In 2022, we saw and educated 497 new patients and adjusted 10,724 patients! 🤯🥰 My heart is exploding at those numbers and knowing that lives were changed last year!! I’m so thankful God allows me to be a vessel for his healing work and THANKFUL each and every one of these patients chose our office for their health care needs!! We are so excited to see what 2023 brings and the thousands of people we will get to serve! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for letting me care for you all! 💜💜Dr. Jessica
Sweet Paisley received her first, gentle adjustment at 9 days young 😍 We had the honor of caring for her amazing mama through her pregnancy from 1st trimester on! She wanted something DIFFERENT from her 2 previous birth stories, so she made sure her body and pelvis were in proper alignment to allow Paisley to get into optimum positioning. Mama hired Mama's Friend Birth Services and With Women Midwifery to be fully supported through her pregnancy and birth of her precious little one! Once Paisley was earthside, mama immediately brought her to Nourish Lactation Services LLC to ensure a great start with breastfeeding!

Paisley has since joined her family’s wellness chiropractic care plan because her parents see the benefits of keeping her well aligned to helps with sleep, digestive issues, and overall health from birth on! 🙌🏼 She loves Dr. J and her gentle adjustments each week! Welcome to our chiropractic family, Paisley! 💜💜

I’ve ALWAYS been curious about adding in video to birth documentation, but with how unpridictable birth is in general you never really know what you’ll get. For instance, in sweet little Elowyns birth story Emily truly wasn’t laboring for long before Ellie was born in the car. I was literally ONE minute behing them following in my car, but luckily Emily’s husband recorded on his iPhone.
In all honesty, I feel like that little iPhone clip of them discovering her gender is what makes this. It’s their story, documented by dad.

If you already have a birth session scheduled with me and would like to add on video please let me know as I’d love to tell you how we can add it on!
Or, if you’re a pregnant mama curious about birth Photography or Videography reach out too!

Doula: Mama's Friend Birth Services the absolutely amazing Angela Dalton
Sweet Lexi received her first, gentle adjustment at 11 days young 😍 We have now had the honor of taking care of her amazing mama throughout 2 pregnancies now, with big sister getting adjusted just days old as well! Mama had planned for a homebirth with With Women Midwifery and Mama's Friend Birth Services, but plans changed with a placenta previa. However, just because plans change doesn’t mean our mamas don’t receive the top notch support every step of the way…through the questions, tears, and rejoicing!

Sweet Lexi has enjoyed all of her adjustments with big sister by her side for moral support 🥰 We are so blessed to have cared for this sweet family for over 3 years now! Welcome to our chiropractic family, Lexi! 💜💜

A last minute request: anyone know where I can purchase baby headphones/ear protection today? (Leaving tomorrow for 17 hour drive and it slipped my mind!) OR anyone in the Fort Rucker/Enterprise area willing to lend me theirs for two weeks?
Paisley Ann

This sweet girl was welcomed by her parents and two sisters a few weeks ago. Paige’s strength and determination to get her baby here was evident. Her husband’s encouragement and support during labor was unwavering. This was such a beautiful and redeeming birth for this family.

Thank you Paige and Johnie for allowing us to be a part of your birth story🖤

Doula/childbirth education:
Mama's Friend Birth Services

Family First Chiropractic

Lactation support:
Nourish Lactation Services LLC
Sweet Oaklynne received her first, gentle adjustment at 12 days young 😍 We had the honor of caring for her amazing mama (and daddy!) throughout her pregnancy to minimize discomfort and reflux issues. Mama had a long labor, but was thankful to have Mama's Friend Birth Services by her side and guiding her through the 30+ hours…strong mama!! 💪🏼

We have been helping Oaklynne with more restful sleep, less gassiness, and correcting her head tilting to one side. She LOVES her adjustments each week! 🥰 Welcome to our chiropractic family, Oaklynne! 💜💜
Sweet Nathan received his first, gentle adjustment at 11 days young 😍 Fun fact…he shares Dr. Jessica’s birthday! We had the honor of caring for his amazing mama throughout her pregnancy for weekly wellness adjustments and she used our WHOLE team here at The Nest…Mama's Friend Birth Services for childbirth education classes and doula services, along with nutrition advice from Sadie Pipkin, ND, With Women Midwifery for support through her pregnancy and birth, Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for prenatal care, and Nourish Lactation Services LLC for breastfeeding support 🙌🏼 talk about a fully supported and educated mama!!

Nathan loves his gentle adjustments and has now had several to help with breastfeeding, gassiness, and spitting up. We LOVE supporting a mama on her journey through all stages of motherhood! Welcome to our chiropractic family, Nathan! 💙💙


We all know life gets busy during the Holiday season. For the month of December, I will be offering a virtual breastfeeding class! This class is taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Me!) and the same content that will have you feeling better prepared and confident to welcome your new baby. So, come home, change into something comfortable, and take this class from the comfort of your couch!

Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Class Fee: $60

Please send an email to register. This is a class you don’t want to miss!

With Women Midwifery
Mama's Friend Birth Services
Family First Chiropractic
Sadie Pipkin, ND
Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy
The birth of Elowyn Vera 💗

This little lady had us on pins and needles for weeks. Emily experienced literally every early labor sign in the book that ultimately turned into nothing. Until the very early morning of November 23rd, with only 2/3 hours of contractions Lo was born in the car in front of the hospital ER. She came out within two “pushes” (mama had MAJOR fetal ejection reflex) and cried immediately through her first breathes. Thank you Jesus!

Lots of emotions in this birth as she was a surprise gender with almost everyone thinking boy, Elowyn is also the third and final baby for this family. She made quite the entrance into this world.

Emily had always prayed for a low intervention birth and to be as pain free as possible. In between contractions while at home she was comfortable, laughing, keeping herself hydrated, and just following what felt right for her and her body. Of course her contractions were painful but overall the whole experience was exactly what she prayed for. While no mama wishes to birth in the car she swears she wouldn’t change a thing.

Welcome to the world Elowyn 💗

Emily’s AMAZING doula was Angela Dalton, owner of Mama's Friend Birth Services
Sweet Lottie received her first, gentle adjustment at 7 days young! 😍 We had the honor of caring for her amazing mama throughout her pregnancy for comfort and optimum positioning of this sweet girl! We also had the honor of being part of big brother Jack’s pregnancy 5 years ago! 👏🏼 Through both pregnancies, these mamas had Mama's Friend Birth Services and Dr. Jessica by their side for prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric support 🥰 Lottie and mama met with Nourish Lactation Services LLC just before her adjustment, hence why she’s in just her diaper…getting that skin to skin while checking latch and doing a weighted feed! 🙌🏼

Lottie looooooved her gentle adjustment and had the biggest 💩 right after Dr. Jessica activated the “poop button” 😂 We are continuing to support Lottie and help with spitting up issues she’s been having. She’s a DOLL! Welcome to our chiropractic family, Lottie Ann! 💞

The more you learn about birth and babies, then the more empowered you can be to choose the choices that are best for your family! We support you!

You are the expert on your own child! We are here to provide you with information on birth and babies because we know you are capable of making up your own mind. We can help you achieve your goals for your upcoming birth experience--no matter what type of birth you want! No way of having a baby is "right" or "wrong"; they are all just different with different benefits and risks of each. Every woma

Operating as usual


Welcome to the world sweet Emilia 🌸 Her amazing mama ROCKED the super-fast, all-natural, intervention-free, drug-free birth of her precious baby girl. Less than 9 months after rocking the birth of baby girl #1, this incredibly strong mama called and asked us if were ready for round 2 with them 💪 Of course, we said heck yeah, bring it on! As a seasoned Mama’s Friend mama, she immediately became proactive on her pregnancy health & nutrition in preparation for her 2nd all-natural birth. Once labor started, things progressed quickly and we had to all high tail it to the hospital with flashers on! Shortly after arriving sweet Emilia made her grand arrival. Her peaceful, confident strength and resilience as she followed her body’s cues was beautiful to see. Congratulations Gina & David, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Emilia’s beautiful birth-day as well as big sister Mia’s 18 months ago 🌸🤍


Our newest Childbirth Education Class series starts up NEXT week. As usual we are overflowing so we have opened up 2 options. Our Sunday classes are FULL (we take 8 couples per class) for this session but we still have a couple openings in our Thursday evening classes! They start next Thursday Jan 12th from 6:00-8:00! We have put over 700 couples thru these classes in the past 10 years! Come learn *all of your options* for pregnancy and childbirth, meet other expecting families and and have lots of fun too!
🌟 If you’ve taken these classes before post your review below so others can know! 🌟

Photos from With Women Midwifery's post 01/03/2023

All. Of. This! 🤍🤍


Meet Ms. Helena 🌷 Her amazing mama ROCKED the all-natural, intervention-free, drug-free, HOME-birth 🏠 of her sweetheart baby girl! This was this incredibly strong mama’s 2nd birth @ home and she knew that with this birth she wanted to be more knowledgeable of her body and wanted to not be fearful of its power. She wanted to learn how to work with it, not against it. Hiring Jordan Marie Miles CNM/CPM @ With Women Midwifery & Mama’s Friend for childbirth education classes as well as pregnancy/labor doula support was her first step towards achieving the birth experience she so hoped for. All her hard paid off as labor was quick, less than a few hours! She was able to efficiently work thru mental barriers and completely surrender to the power of her body. Her complete strength throughout was incredible to see! Congratulations Megan & Jork, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Helena’s beautiful birth-day 🌷🤍

Photos from Mama's Friend Birth Services's post 01/01/2023

🎉 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉 Apparently I posted our final numbers for 2022 too soon, baby #80 decided he needed to be born before the new year and didn’t even wait on the doula to make it or even to make it to the hospital……Born on the side of the road in Andalusia @ 10:19pm! 1 hour & 20 min from from first contraction to baby! Wow wow!! Mama & baby are happy, healthy & perfect ❤️


🎊Thankful 🎊 Grateful 🎊 Blessed 🎊
As 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on this past year.....a record breaking year for Mama’s Friend. 🏆 We feel truly blessed to have welcomed *79* SEVENTY-NINE! (last year was 48!!! 😲) sweet doula babies into the world in 2022….our biggest year to date! Wowza!! Each of these precious babies hold a special place in our do their amazing mama’s. They will always and forever be a part of Our Mama’s Friend Family. ❤️
We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us as it’s already shaping up to be busy one....with January coming in strong with 11 babies expected! 😵‍💫 We have 46 expecting mama’s already on books between now and July! In fact we are almost completely booked until August with just a few remaining slots open so if you want to become a part of the Mama’s Friend family contact us as soon as the stick turns pink 😉

🌟Also in 2022 we moved into our new offices, collaborating with 5 other mama loving businesses forming what we affectionately call “The Nest” 🪺
Family First Chiropractic
With Women Midwifery
Sadie Pipkin, ND
Nourish Lactation Services LLC
Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy
We are unbelievably thankful for each one of these AMAZING women (businesses) who love our mama’s as much as we do! 🌟

**🙋🏻‍♀️ if you find your baby in this “Where’s baby” (like Where’s Waldo 😂) pic & post a current pic of your baby! Show us your cuties! **

~Are you pregnant and interested in joining the Mama’s Friend family? Message us to set up a free no-obligation consultation to meet us and learn about all of your options in the area. If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any! Knowledge is empowering! ~


Welcome to the world sweet Lexie 🌾 Her amazing mama ROCKED the birth of her sweetheart baby girl 🤍 This mama’s heart has always been for homebirth, to birth her babies in the comfort of her home, confident in her body’s ability. After her first little girl was birthed at home, the plan for baby girl #2 was the same, this time with the help of Jordan Marie Miles CNM/CPM @ With Women Midwifery, in which she received all of her prenatal & postnatal care with. Sometimes…..our bodies or our babies have a different plan. The discovery of a placenta previa was discovered early in her pregnancy. This was not concerning at first as these are common early on and usually move but the further into pregnancy she went, it was determined that her placenta previa was not budging. When at 32 weeks it still hadn’t moved, it was decided that prenatal care would transfer to an OB/GYN for a scheduled family centered cesarean @ 39 weeks. This was not at all what she wanted but she knew it was medically necessary and what her and her baby girl needed. We are so thankful for Dr. Gordon @ Dothan OB/GYN for facilitating such a peaceful, beautiful (although touchy at times) and flawless family centered cesarean birth experience for this sweet family. Some options which were important to her were: Doula with her through prep, birth @ repair, clear drape, calming music playing in the OR, delayed cord clamping/milking, immediate skin to skin, no separation of mama/baby/daddy/doula, delayed newborn procedures etc all which were supported and honored. She even pre-banked some of her husbands blood (& friends’s blood) to use in case of a needed blood transfusion (something that was important to them) which ended up being a necessity! Congratulations Emily & Jon Michael, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Lexie’s beautiful birth-day as well as big sister Lana’s 2.5 years ago 🌾🤍


Introducing sweet Dax Abel 🖤 His amazing mama ROCKED the birth of her gorgeous baby boy! Right from the beginning this incredibly strong mama knew she wanted to be more involved in her birth options with her 2nd pregnancy. She spent months researching, asking questions and immersed herself in learning about her pregnancy/birth options as well as her prenatal health & nutrition. Labor was longer than she expected with a few variations but she was the key decision maker along the way, fully educated in all of her options….which made her feel empowered. Her strength & perseverance throughout was beautiful to see. Congratulations Haley & Jordin we are so happy for you! Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Dax’s beautiful birth-day 🤍🖤


Meet Ian 💛💚 His amazing mama ROCKED the labor and birth of her gorgeous little boy! She knew from the beginning she wanted a solid support system in place, for both herself and her husband. By exploring all of her options together and getting a better understanding of her body in the last weeks of pregnancy as well as what to expect during labor and delivery, he was better able to support her in the way she needed. They both felt more at peace throughout the whole process which ended up lasting several days and including many bumps in the road. All of which they walked thru together. Her peaceful perseverance throughout was incredible to see! Congratulations Vayla & Richard, are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Ian’s beautiful birth-day 💚💛


Welcome sweet Roman 🌿 His amazing mama ROCKED the birth of her precious baby boy! When she was told early on that her chances were high that she would deliver her baby by 34 weeks, this incredibly determined mama knew she wanted to learn more. She wanted to know all of her options so she could be a decision maker regarding her care thru pregnancy and birth. Being proactive about her nutrition as well as optimal fetal positioning proved fruitful as sweet Roman decided to stay in all the way to 41 weeks 💪 Her peaceful strength throughout her labor as she worked her way thru each one of her options, was beautiful to see. Congratulations Elizabeth & Rob, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Roman’s beautiful birth-day. 🌿🤍


Welcome to the world sweet Paisley💐
Her amazing mama ROCKED the all-natural, intervention-free, drug-free HOME-BIRTH 🏠 of her precious baby girl! After traumatic birth experiences with her first 2 babies, this incredibly determined mama knew she wanted something totally different for this pregnancy. She immediately hired Jordan Miles CNM/CPM @ With Women Midwifery for more individualized (& personalized) prenatal, labor & postpartum care in preparation for a birth in the comfort of her own home. They also started in on Mama’s Friend 7 week Childbirth Education classes in order to learn all they could on all of their pregnancy and birth options for their 3rd pregnancy and hired us for doula support as well. This proved to be evidentially revealing as they again processed their previous birth experiences.….slowly healing from them. All their hard work paid off as they were able to have their redeeming birth for for their final sweet baby, completing their family. Sweet Paisley decided to wait all the way until 41+ weeks before making her grand debut! Labor was purposeful and beautiful, her strength and perseverance throughout was amazing to see. Congratulations Paige & Johnie, we are so happy for you! Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Paisley’s beautiful birth-day 💐🤍


Guess what, guess what!!! Beth Turner IBCLC with Nourish Lactation Services LLC is now accepting insurance!! Check it out! If you are nursing or plan to be nursing you NEED Beth Turner in your life! 🤱


I am proud to announce that Nourish Lactation Services LLC is now accepting insurance through The Lactation Network.

If you’re in need of lactation support, visit my website and verify your insurance coverage. Once verified, we can schedule a consult at no out of pocket cost for you!


We were thrilled to have a total of 137 members of our Mama’s Friend & With Women families with us today @ our Annual Holiday Reunion! It makes my heart so happy when our families are able to get together and develop friendships…kindred spirits. It takes a village and this is our village!❤️💚


Meet Archer 🍂🍁 His amazing mama ROCKED the all-natural, intervention-free, drug-free birth of her gorgeous little boy! We are so proud of this incredibly strong, first time mama for proactively seeking out knowledge on *all the things* as she knew she wanted to be educated on all of her options for pregnancy, labor, birth & postparum so she could be a part of her own birth experience. Sweet Archer was so comfy in his mamas tummy, he decided to stay in all the way to right at 42 weeks! Her peaceful strength, patience and determination throughout her labor and birth was incredible to see. Congratulations Megan & Bruce, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Archer’s beautiful birth-day 🍂🍁


Introducing sweet Nathan 🌿 His amazing mama ROCKED the birth of her beautiful baby BOY….a surprise until his grand arrival! From day 1 of her pregnancy journey, this determined mama had strong feelings on how she wanted her first birth experience to go….she immediately got set up with Jordan Miles CNM/CPM with With Women Midwifery in preparation for a birth at home, hired Mama’s Friend for doula services and Childbirth classes, established weekly appts with Dr. Jessica @ Family First Chiropractic and saw Jessica Munk, Pelvic Floor PT @ Restore Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. She did *all the things* to set herself up for success & was in optimal health 💪 But sometimes you can do *all the things* and elements that are out of our control, our bodies….or our babies, have a different story to tell. And that’s ok. After a beautiful, peaceful, controlled labor at home for over 24+ hours, circumstances changed a bit and following her mama gut, the decision was made to transfer to a local hospital to explore other options. The transition was flawless….both the doctor on call and nurses at Southeast Health Family Birth Center were welcoming & supportive, which made this incredibly strong mama feel at peace with her decision. After laboring several more hours, events revealed the need for a cesarean birth, and the staff embraced mama’s wishes for a beautiful family centered cesarean.
What happened? Well sometimes babies know better 😉 Nathan was all tangled up in his cord…around his back, thru his legs, over his shoulder, under his armpit….little boy had been doing gymmastics inside apparently 😜 Even though Nathan’s birth did not go as she had hoped she has no regrets. She knows without a shadow of a doubt that this is how his birth needed to be. She never felt rushed or pressured into anything. She was able to work thru each one of her options at her own pace, felt supported, encouraged, and loved throughout. Her strength and determination throughout was incredible to see. Congratulations Abi & Matthew, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Nathan’s beautiful birth-day 🌿🤍


Meet Sam 🌞 His amazing mama ROCKED the epidural-free birth of her gorgeous baby boy 💛 A medical professional herself, this incredibly strong mama knew she wanted to be educated on all of her evidence based options and emotionally & physically supported in her decisions throughout pregnancy/labor & delivery.
*Now let me tell you about Sam, one of the strongest/smartest babies I know (he gets it from his mama 😉) He knew he was going to need optimal lung development and growth once he was earthside so he decided to stay put all the way to 42 weeks….and his mama made sure to let him! After a gentle, patient controlled induction, this hard core mama pushed for 4+ hours (as Sam was positioned a bit wonky) before he was finally in his mama’s arms. Latching immeditely, Sam was the picture of health….but just a few short hours later things changed and Sam was ultimately diagnosed with Transposition of the Greater Arteries and immediately airlifted to Birmingham with his mama following closely behind. 4 days after birth, sweet Sam had open heart surgery to fix his heart defect. Prognosis showed him to be in Birmingham for 3 weeks post surgery but he surprised everyone and less than 5 days later, he was being diacharged to go home! Wow wow!! What a whirlwind 10 days for this strong, resilient mama! Congratulations Casey, we are so happy for you. Thank you for allowing Mama’s Friend the honor of being a part of Sam’s beautiful birth-day 🍂🧡

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Mia Isabella's Birth-Day




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General information

I am so glad you found us! We are chidlbirth educators and birth doulas serving the Ft. Rucker and Dothan areas of Alabama. We are called the "Mama's Friend" because we want to support, educate, and nurture mothers during their pregnancies, births, and motherhood. We provide women options to stay healthy and low-risk throughout their pregnancy and birth, and we teach techniques and practices so they can ENJOY their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experiences.

Mama's Friend wants to be your friend! We believe birth is one of the most memorable experiences of your life; let us help you prepare and achieve YOUR idea of a wonderful and beautiful birth!

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