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‎Hackensack Meridian Health Podcast: Working from Home can be a Pain in the Neck (Literally) on Apple Podcasts

Sat down with Brianna from HMH to talk about the new reality of Work-From-Home and it's effects on your neck and lower back. Check it out on Apple Podcasts!

podcasts.apple.com ‎Show Hackensack Meridian Health Podcast, Ep Working from Home can be a Pain in the Neck (Literally) - Jul 27, 2020


Telemedicine Guru

Sat down with Dr. Fred Bagares to chat about his journey to Telemdicine 2 years before the COVID19 outbreak.
Fred Bagares

May 3rd, 2020 - Chatting with Dr. Fred Bagares of MoveSports&Spine on the topic of Telemedicine - Sagar Parikh MD


Vibranium has NOT been shown to protect against SARS-COV-2

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Employee Toolkit - Coronavirus - LEON


myleon.co We’ve pulled together a collection of resources to help you guide and support your team through the stress and anxiety of the current global coronavirus crisis.

myleon.co 03/25/2020

Employee Toolkit - Coronavirus - LEON


myleon.co We’ve pulled together a collection of resources to help you guide and support your team through the stress and anxiety of the current global coronavirus crisis.

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Finding your Playground


medium.com Burnout is real. Trust me, I’m a doctor. :-)

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Re-Think Pain

Feel free to leave a "clap" :-)

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Neuroscience Reveals 50-Year-Olds Can Have the Brains of 25-Year-Olds If They Do This 1 Thing


inc.com A healthy brain not only supports your intelligence, but emotional regulation, stress level, and other things that support your professional success.



Want to get better at the work you do? Find a coach.

Watch Atul Gawande's full TED Talk here: https://bit.ly/2QubTNd


Had a great time chatting about wellness today during our "Walk with a Doc" https://www.instagram.com/p/BpKTPJehNhZ/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet



To my patients: I wasn't planning on getting so angry, but here's why we've been forced to go from connecting...to clicking.

Please send this to patients, colleagues, administrators, and representatives and join the movement to rehumanize medicine: zdoggmd.com/list

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What is Mindfulness? - Mindful


mindful.org Are you supposed to clear your mind, or focus on one thing? Here's the Mindful definition of Mindfulness.

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Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job




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Johnny Shen FTW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhss1JiZEW8&t=67s

Allergy talk


Melancholia: Depression on Film

My interest is piqued. I have never felt the symptoms but have come to know many with the diagnosis. One of the hardest things to comprehend is to imagine life through their filtered lens. Perhaps this movie will shed some light on this and inspire more compassion to the illness.

HELP ME MAKE MORE VIDEOS: http://www.patreon.com/nerdwriter ASK ME QUESTIONS HERE: http://thenerdwriter.tumblr.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TheeNerdwrite...

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Is this the future of corporate wellness? – LEON Health – Medium

(credit: Bryan Smith)
Your health should be just as important to your employer as it is to you! https://medium.com/leon-health/is-this-the-future-of-corporate-wellness-1d2bf2aa35df

medium.com If you want to make your employees healthier, than why do we keep spending on wellness programs that live in the workplace?

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Personal Trainer or Preventative Health Coach? – LeON Health – Medium

I've come across many healthcare professionals in my career thus far but I never thought I'd have a continuous collaboration and friendship with a Personal Trainer (as a colleague...he's not training me.. but I need it). Bryan Smith is a truly an expert in his field. We recently had a chat on the potential role of personal trainers in our populations health and wellness. I agree with him, that I think there is real opportunity here.


medium.com A story on the state of health care from a doctor in the trenches and how fitness professionals can change the world.

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Corporate Wellness. Simplified? – LeON Health – Medium

medium.com Does it even work? What is it and how is your gym accessing it?


Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_3phB93rvI A fun little presentation to look at.

This is a great, easy to follow video about chronic pain. It helps you understand what current research has been saying about chronic pain - thats its not a ...

medscape.com 03/07/2018

More Data Confirm Opioids No Better for Chronic Back, Arthritis Pain

Treatment should focus on improvement in Function and Ability. Not simply immediate but short-lasting pain relief.

"Opioids are no more effective than nonopioid drugs in treating moderate to severe chronic back pain or hip or knee osteoarthritis pain, according to findings published online today in JAMA."

https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/893480?pa=2gyebCLKtqib%2F0WgjyAtc285At%2Fe04SGKHjkv3QW39TS873cY5SidURp3gGzrZHYJyGvMX%2Fu%2BWdIXoARf%2FT0zw%3D%3D thanks Rich Chang

medscape.com Opioids were not superior to nonopioids in alleviating chronic back pain or hip or knee pain from arthritis in a randomized controlled trial.

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Looking holistically at pain management

Here's one from back in the day (hence the old mug shot) http://www.nj.com/jfkmc_health/2016/06/looking_holistically_at_pain_m.html

nj.com One of the most overlooked aspects of chronic pain is the effect that pain can have on a person's mental health and relaxation.Special to NJ.com  Pain management is, unfortunately, a booming issue, with complaints of neck and back pain, arthritic...

[10/26/17]   We're Live! www.sagarparikhmd.com


Holistic Approach to Pain Management has Mutiple Benefits

Thanks to Steve Adubato for the Invite!
#PainMedicine #opioids #painmedicinenews #Pain

Dr. Sagar Parikh, Interventional Pain Physician at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation, explains why he takes a holistic approach to treating pain instead of dolling ...

nj.com 02/24/2017

N.J. laws won't solve opioid crisis until we first rethink pain | Opinion


nj.com No legislation will solve the crisis unless all of us -- both inside and outside the medical profession -- fundamentally rethink pain.


Understanding PTSD's Effects on Brain, Body, and Emotions | Janet Seahorn | TEDxCSU


PTSD disrupts the lives of average individuals as well as combat veterans who have served their country. The person experiencing the trauma often then impact...

vox.com 12/21/2016

The stunning rise of deaths from the pain drug fentanyl, in one chart


vox.com Deaths from the synthetic opioid doubled in just one year.


Terrell Brown ABC7

SICKLE CELL DISEASE CURE: Chicago doctors are using a new treatment that results in no sign of sickle cell disease. More updates to come... http://abc7.ws/2hnA2V8

medscape.com 10/02/2016

Drop Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign, AAFP Says

Pain should not be considered a 5th vital sign !

medscape.com American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Congress of Delegates attendees complained that undue emphasis on pain scores has pressured physicians to overprescribe opioids.

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Yoga Therapy: The Newest Health Trend that Doctors are Paying Attention To


huffingtonpost.com Wellness enthusiasts have long known the healing benefits of yoga. However, the popularity of this ancient practice is now growing among today's mainstr...




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