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I’m a wife, a mom, and a doctor in El Dorado, KS. There is a ton of health information floating around out there. My aim is to use my knowledge to be a trusted source for relevant and reliable health information for our community.

Operating as usual

“Hey Doc! What do you think about ____ medicine to prevent/treat Covid?” I get this question all day long.

I support evidence based medicine and practice by the guidelines, but reality is that prevention truly is the best medicine. I love that with the model of Hope Family Medicine I’m not paid per each service I provide, so this frees me to work with my patients to help them achieve their healthiest life—not just fix problems as they come up.

I’ve seen healthy 20, 30, and 40 year olds knocked down by Covid, but I do believe creating a healthy lifestyle makes a huge difference in preparing our bodies against Covid or any other illness that comes along.

So here’s your Sunday afternoon reminder to take that nap! Then, get out and move your body, hydrate, and fuel up with something nutritious!


Another meal idea!
Hearty, homemade soup is perfect this time of year. If you get home from work and just don’t have the energy to follow a long recipe consider a meal starter. This began as a soup kit I got from Braums a while back. Of course I can’t just leave well enough alone because I LOVE to be creative when I cook, so I added in the chicken and swapped bone broth for regular chicken broth for some added protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and glycine. Filling, nutritious, low glycemic index, and importantly... really really tasty!


‘No One Is Listening to Us’

If you know anyone in health care: read this.
If you think masks and mass gathering restrictions are a government ploy: read this.
If you think Covid is just like the flu: read this.
If you this this is not our problem here in our small town: read this.
If you think we did all we need to do back in the spring and now we need to get on with our lives: read this.

If you think is not your problem: read this.


theatlantic.com More people than ever are hospitalized with COVID-19. Health-care workers can’t go on like this.


Dispense Assist

Last free flu shot day at the health department!

dispenseassist.net Dispense Assist Flu Form

Our Ribbon Cutting and Open House is postponed. Stay tuned for the reschedule date! Thank you all for following along and for all the love and support of Hope Family Medicine. I’m continually blown away by how we’ve grown during such unprecedented times!

Im excited to share our ribbon cutting will be one week from now, November 10th starting at 4pm! Following the small ceremony there will be plenty of time (and an outdoor heater if it’s cold) for a safe, socially distanced open house. If you’d like to join, but can’t make it we will have a virtual open house later in the week!


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Not a Covid post! Just sharing how FAST and EASY it can be to create a nutritious and tasty dinner. I couldn’t help myself and added a few extra fresh veggies, but all this takes is 1 pound of ground beef, a bag of frozen vegetables, and some seasoning! We usually serve with some tortilla chips and shredded cheese—hits all the food groups in healthy proportions and takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish!

Covid Update

Quick Covid Update and Myth Busting-- What do we know right now?



I remember one of the first patients I cared for in the hospital was a toddler who found and ate a family member’s medication that had been left out. Thankfully, that child recovered well, but left over medications can be a real danger. Many homes have left over prescription medications in them. This can be dangerous if those medicines get into the wrong hands— a child or someone struggling with addiction.

If you have any left over medications there are several safe ways you can dispose of them. Next Saturday, October 24th from 10am-2pm, Wesley Medical Center is participating in Crush the Crisis as part of the National Drug Take Back Day. It’s safe and anonymous.




Got the OK from my doc to start exercising again (after baby) and went for my first run in almost a year! Let me tell you... it was not easy, but it was a start.

My patients know I practice what I preach. I’m excited that at Hope Family Medicine the DPC model allows me the time to help you, as your doctor, to get to your health goals, too.

Side note: my husband teases me because I like to listen to Christian Rap and Hip Hop when I work out, but seriously... there’s nothing more uplifting and motivating when you want to stop running!

This song came on right as I got to my house and I was so compelled to listen to the whole song I ran another block! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nzGCGPfTQuY


I know, I know... another Covid post. I wish we were done with Covid as much as you, I promise!

But it’s a big deal and there’s even more of it in our community than ever. Right now I am seeing tons of allergies and soon we’ll be coming into cold and flu season.

As always, stay safe!

Sign’s up! Ready for some landscaping 🌱

Sign credit: Banner Idea

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Hope Family Medicine is getting a face lift! What do you think we are doing next?



September 17th is Physician Suicide Awareness Day. Join me in honoring 93 doctors we lost to suicide. | Pamela Wible MD

Our job is physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally HARD. It is not what you might think if you’ve never personally known a doctor and many don’t realize how hard it is beyond knowing it’s lots of years of school. I’m thankful that people like Dr Wible have worked so hard to bring to light the real issues of physician burn out and suicide. And even more thankful for the work that is being done by her and others to affect change. Today is a day to remember physicians who didn’t see the way out. If you’re struggling (doctor or not!) know there is ALWAYS another way out!

idealmedicalcare.org Today join me in honoring 93 of the more than 1,500 doctors I've compiled who have died by suicide.

It’s that time of year again! This is a great opportunity for free flu shots.

The Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Foundation is proud to join with the Butler County Kansas Health Department to sponsor flu shots for the uninsured in our community!

I love our community and our little medical community! I’m so thankful to continue to be a part of the medical community here 🩺

I’ll let you in on a little secret. They do thoughtful little acts like this all the time— not for show, but because they truly care. Through the years I’ve spent many hours during nights, weekends, and holidays I. The hospital and it means a lot to feel “seen”!

Serving up ice cream sundaes - SBA's Administration served ice cream sundaes to staff this week to celebrate Labor Day!

Good morning! I’ve taken a little break from this page while we welcomed the newest member of our family. Now that all are home and healthy around here I’ll be slowly getting back into the swing of things!

Here’s the latest edition to the Gonzalez crew💙

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Did you know that mothers can transfer antibodies to babies through breastfeeding? Antibodies gained from receiving vaccines can be passed on through breast milk. A fun fact in honor of National Breastfeeding Month and National Immunization Awareness Month.

¿Sabía que las madres pueden transferir anticuerpos a los bebés a través de la lactancia? Los anticuerpos obtenidos al recibir las vacunas pueden transmitirse a través de la leche materna. Un hecho divertido en honor del mes de la lactancia materna y el mes de concientización sobre la inmunización.


New clinic heads to El Dorado, promises more affordability

In case you missed it! (I just realized this was published online 😉)


thekansan.com El Dorado is seeing a brand new clinic open up in town, Hope Family Medicine, headed by former Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital physician Dr. Christina


Kansas counties with mask mandate show steep COVID-19 drop

I hope this inspires change

apnews.com BELLE PLAINE, Kan. (AP) — Kansas counties that have mask mandates in place have seen a rapid drop in cases, while counties that only recommend their use have seen no decrease in cases, the state's...

Bottom Line: the only thing that was consistently found to be beneficial in treating COVID is steroids. That does NOT mean that any of the other treatments out there are not helpful. It means either there’s not enough data yet and/or the data is inconclusive (some studies show benefit, others show no benefit or even harm).

Alright, now we are talking! I knew this had to be coming out soon... A meta-analysis on COVID19 drug treatments (yes, including hydroxychloroquine).

What is a meta-analysis? One massive study that combines the results of ALL previous studies. This is a really powerful tool because it takes into account whether past studies were "strong" or "weak". It also takes into account different populations (think different genes, different environments, different cultures, different confounders). Basically, this allows us to get an overarching idea of what is working and what is not working.

Why aren't more meta-analyses done? It takes a LOT of time to do this. Typically years (sorry graduate students). We also need "enough" studies on one topic so we can combine them.

Fortunately, with the onslaught of COVID19 publications, we already have enough COVID19 drug treatment studies that we can do a meta-analysis.

This was published over the weekend. These scientists combined ALL randomized control studies (the gold standard) on COVID19 drug treatments. They looked at which drugs impact mortality, ventilation use, and symptoms by combining 23 studies.

What did they find?
1. Glucocorticoids was the ONLY intervention that reduced mortality and mechanical ventilation
2. The effects of hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, and lopinavir-ritonavir are highly uncertain because studies were small, have serious imprecision, and have concerning limitations (like lack of double-blinding)

Considering this, though, authors concluded…
• Hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, and lopinavir-ritonavir MIGHT reduce symptom duration
• Hydroxychloroquine might INCREASE the risk of adverse events when coupled with other interventions
• Remdesivir might NOT increase the risk of adverse events

Translation? We need more studies. Specifically ones with more than 100 patients. Not very exciting, I know, but a stark reality of science. The science is not strong enough to say that, as a population, we can use anything but glucocorticoids to improve COVID19.

Next Steps? The even COOLER thing about this publication is that the scientists created a "living" meta-analysis. I've never seen this before. Basically, as new studies come in, this analysis will be automatically adjusted. Giving us a better and better picture of COVID19 drug treatments in real-time. 9 studies are already in the queue to be included in the next update. Check out the study link for their visualization.

Love, your local epidemiologist

Data source: Table and meta-analysis conducted by the brilliant: Siemieniuk et al. (2020). Drug Treatments for Covid-19: Living Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis. BMJ. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m2980

Wichita Eagle

A pretty amazing story of survival, thanks to the hard work of many amazing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare heroes right down the road in Wichita! This one hits home.

Glorimar Pagan nearly died of COVID-19 while she was pregnant. On Friday, she left Wesley Medical Center with a healthy baby boy in her arms. Her story: https://trib.al/37ijvmn

Big news, Butler County! I’m looking forward to the positive changes we will see over the coming months with this new leadership.

We are excited to announce Leonard Hernandez as our new President and CEO! Leonard brings more than 27 years of CEO and executive healthcare experience -- all in rural Kansas. Read more about Leonard at: https://bit.ly/2WPTUGE

Hope Family Medicine Update

7/17/20 Practice Update


As Disease Sweeps the U.S., a Record 5.4 Million Americans Have Lost Health Insurance, Study Finds

If you or anyone you know has lost your health insurance, please consider a DPC practice like Hope Family Medicine. Healthcare CAN be affordable! Please reach out, I’m here for you!

nytimes.com Los Angeles and San Diego school districts will be online-only in the fall. Hong Kong announced it would ban public gatherings of more than four people in response to a new wave of locally transmitted infections.

Yesterday was a big day... Hope Family Medicine officially opened! It was a busy day and went better than we could have hoped for! We are excited to provide great care for you and your family and are currently accepting new patients.



Wichita pulmonary specialist straightens out fact vs. fiction with wearing masks

kwch.com Eyewitness News Monday spoke with a pulmonary care physician in an effort to separate myths from reality when it comes to masks.

Here it is! Part 3: Insurance and Cost Sharing Options

Everyone’s favorite subject, I know, but here I break down the basics for you on a confusing and complex subject.

Questions? Leave a comment or reach out!


What is Direct Primary Care?

Here’s a great place to start if you’d like to know more about the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model we have at Hope Family Medicine. I am really looking forward to bringing DPC to Butler County as I believe it fills a true need in our community!


dpcnation.org DPC Nation is an educational resource for patients who are tired of suffering in a broken healthcare system. Direct primary care has already helped over a quarter million Americans stay healthier, save money, and form a real relationship with their doctor.

[06/26/20]   Having some issues with the video on insurance and getting help uploading it. I think I had too much to say! It is on its way, hopefully no later than tomorrow.


A list of Wichita restaurants with big outdoor patios good for socially-distant dining

Here’s post #2, on a fun note! Again, there are still quite a few Covid cases every day in the Wichita area, so really evaluate each situation, especially if you’re high risk. Outdoor eating is one of my favorite things. I loved all the patio dining in Europe and love that options are slowly growing here. In El Dorado there are just a few and I’d love to see more!

kansas.com Here’s a guide to Wichita’s biggest and most popular outdoor patios for those looking for places to dine during the pandemic.


TWO simple Covid posts for you today as we continue to cautiously re-open our state. Butler has been holding steady without new cases for a few days now (yay!!!), and Sedgwick has seen a decline in new cases, but they still had 29 NEW cases just yesterday. I know it can feel weird, but wearing a mask in places where social distancing isn’t easy really is an important part of being out and about safely.


Butler County Kansas Health Department

I often join in on a morning Covid briefing through the hospital where the current stats and local preparation are reviewed. I have a few important points I want to put together for you:

1. We have, thankfully, had low numbers of Covid in Butler, even with the much higher rates in nearby Wichita. Some have speculated this is because of poor testing rates, but I’ve personally held that it’s more related to our being more rural.

2. Testing availability has gone WAY up and has been for a while now. If anyone has symptoms please get tested! I’ll post the drive up testing site info in the comments.

3. Despite increased testing our county rates did not go up at all UNTIL RECENTLY. Here is a little info on the contact tracing of some positive cases in the area. I do believe our cases will continue to increase as people are relaxing their contact restrictions.

Putting it all together:
Please be wise for your sake and for those around you. I’m glad businesses are opening up, but we all need to do our parts to help them open up safely: *Stay home if you have ANY symptoms.
*Continue to limit your exposure
*Wear a mask! I’ve been to several businesses in El Dorado. Some are great with masks everywhere, others look like business as usual. I believe the more businesses have employees wearing masks, the more customers also will. If you’re a business owner please lead by example!
*There are such polarizing sentiments out there and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Please check that you are making health decisions based on medical information, not politics or social pressures.

Stay safe everyone!

This past week Butler County has seen an increase in positive Covid-19 cases. After further investigating and completing contact tracing the health department has determined there are two outbreaks in El Dorado. The first outbreak involves a family event on Mother’s Day. A person showing symptoms of COVID-19 attended this event. Six people that were in attendance have tested positive. Everyone that attended this event is either in isolation or has completed their quarantine.

The second outbreak involves a private business in El Dorado, where 3 workers have tested positive. The business is working closely with the health department, and all close contacts have been identified, and are in quarantine.

These outbreaks stress the importance of staying home if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 and to practice social distancing.

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