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El Dorado Family Dentistry


Me. After the dumbness wears off !
Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎉🎂🎈 To one of the best dental assistants Of Eldorado family dentistry Kerrie ( spelling excused not exactly a Kenyan name lol ) seen here in the background working away!! Sorry for the late gift upcoming 🙏🏼
Had a great appointment today 👍🏼😁
Just back from a 19 day trip to Nepal. Thinking I better come get my chompers looked at.
Thank you for making my front porch so festive!
Thanks Dr. Nichols for making me feel like a princess with my "crown"👨🏻‍⚕️#eldofamilydentistry
Successful 1st visit at El Dorado Family Dentistry! Dr. Rasband was fantastic with my kids!
Thanks for a great check up!! #eldofamilydentistry 👍
Good way to start the day!! Thank you El Dorado Family Dentistry!!!!
Had my first check up at EFD. Outstanding service, facility and care. I am glad we made the switch.

Welcome To El Dorado Family Dentistry! We have been locally owned and operated in El Dorado, KS since 1977.

Operating as usual

Thank you for your service

Thank you for your service. #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Thank you for your service. #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Allow us to help you regain a brighter smile by purchasing a KöR Whitening kit. Call 316-321-0300 to schedule and ask about purchasing a kit for yourself or a holiday gift. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

And this sums up Carrie Ann Hylton reviewing Dr. Nichols morning! Whew, they are ready to get Monday rockin! #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry www.eldoradofamilydentist.com

Diabetes and oral health are interconnected, and struggles in one area can easily affect the other. Diabetic conditions can, for example, lead to an increased risk for gum disease. The reason for this is that higher glucose levels in the blood create an imbalance, affecting the body’s ability to regulate itself. Therefore, people with diabetes have a difficult time fighting off infections, contagions, and other results of exposure to foreign substances. The mouth, of course, is the number one source in the body for exposure to foreign elements through eating, drinking, smoking, and countless other activities.
Call to schedule an appointment, 316-321-0300 www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Humans have only two sets of teeth in their entire lifetime—baby teeth and permanent teeth. Once you have your permanent teeth, make sure you take good care of them Grinning face with smiling eyes. Call us to schedule your appointment, 316-321-0300. #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Last weekend we were treated to a show by our own Markie Duntz. Wonder if Steven Tyler knows he has been replaced? #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Our mouths contain many different types of bacteria, which is why maintaining oral hygiene is crucial for our health. Make sure you brush & floss daily. Call to schedule your appointment, 316-321-0300. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentisty

Dental x-rays are used to capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums. This can help us identify problems, like cavities, tooth decay, and impacted teeth. Call us today to schedule your comprehensive dental exam, 316-321-0300.
www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Last day to vote! #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

We love to see our staff with their kiddos for Halloween!

Hard brushing will not result in cleaner teeth and may cause harm to your gums. #eldofamilydentistry #myeldodentist

Happy Halloween! #myeldodentist #eldoradofamilydentistry

Melissa Phillips nieces paid a visit yesterday! These young ladies came go over Halloween plans with Aunt Missy! Have a great weekend, stay safe and brush your teeth-
Brooke Wolf & Brandy Avery #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Have you noticed yourself waking up with a sore jaw? You may be grinding your teeth at night. Schedule an appointment to find out more and if you should consider a custom nightguard to prevent tooth damage. 316-321-0300 www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

It's that time of year to think about your dental benefits! Make an appointment and use up your dental benefits before end of year. We look forward to seeing you. Call us 316-321-0300. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

How Much Candy Do We Eat At Halloween? #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

A cavity is not something you can ignore until it goes away! Call 316-321-0300 to schedule your appointment. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Congratulations to our @Walnut Valley Packing El Dorado winner Sarah Berndsen-Feist ! #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

The dentists have a “special set of skills”...but keeping your mouth healthy is what they do best. Call 316-321-0300 to schedule your appointment. #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

We are sad to make it Facebook official, but Jordann Shermanis moving south and will no longer be with us. We enjoyed her happy personality, her dental skills and all the snacks she brought in from Cake Batter Batter! Thank you Jordann and you will be missed! #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Did you know that a smile is like medicine? It's true!
A genuine smile helps to boost your immune system helping your overall health. So remember to smile every day! #eldofamilydentistry #myeldodentist

If you grind or clench your teeth while sleeping you need a custom made mouth guard. Call 316-321-0300 to schedule your appointment for your custom mouth guard. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

If more than one brush is stored in the same holder, do not let them touch each other. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com
#myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

A cavity is not something you can ignore until it goes away! Call 316-321-0300 to schedule your appointment. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

It's that time of year to think about your dental benefits! Make an appointment and use up your dental benefits before end of year. We look forward to seeing you. Call us 316-321-0300. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

If you’ve ever lost your straw in a soda can, or had it fall out, you’ll be pleased to discover a use for the little hole in the tab. Slot your straw through and it holds everything in place, making it much easier to manage.

Congratulations Sarah Berndsen-Feist on winning the 20 pounds of beef from Walnut Valley Packing El Dorado. Please contact us to arrange a time for pickup of your certificate. [email protected]

Brush them, while you have them!

// G I V E A W A Y //
We are doing another GIVEAWAY!!! Winner gets 20 pounds of beef from Walnut Valley Packing El Dorado

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You must follow all the rules y'all. There might be a special prize for the best comment.

Contest ends 10/16

Dentists are seeing more cracked teeth. Pandemic stress is to blame. We can aid in the relief of pain. Call 316-321-0300 to schedule an appointment to discuss options. #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

October is Dental Hygiene Month!
We want to remind you to brush, floss, rinse, and chew and be up to date with our dental cleanings. It’s important for your overall health! Call to schedule at 316-321-0300, www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

When it comes to tooth replacement, one of the best options are dental implants. But what makes them so great? Learn about the benefits by calling to schedule your complimentary at 316-321-0300. www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

THE DAILY FOUR: brush, floss, rinse, and chew sugar-free gum for healthy teeth and a happy smile! It's Dental Hygiene Month and we want to remind everyone how important good dental hygiene is! #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

Brush them while you have them! www.eldoradofamilydentist.com #myeldodentist #eldofamilydentistry

El Dorado Family Dentistry

Since 1977, El Dorado Family Dentistry has been meeting the dental needs of the community. Locally owned, and operated, the practice has maintained quality and customer care in a generation where both are sacrificed for a profit.

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