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It's Small Business Saturday!

When you shop small you invest in your neighbors, your community, your local economy.

You are making someone's dream come true. You are rooting on the movers, shakers, doers, and hustlers.

When you shop small you aren't buying a new vacation home for a CEO-you are putting food on the table of a local family, paying for sports activities of children, provide for others in their community!

Statistically speaking 73% of what you pay to small businesses will be spent again within your local economy!

Every small purchase you make locally has a BIG impact on the small business owner!

So this season please buy local when you are able-I promise it means so much more than you can imagine to those you are buying from.

Come see us today and give me a reason to do a little happy dance on this Small Business Saturday 💜

I know my vendors do happy dances too!
Amy K Designs
Copper Radiance
Flinthills Services, Inc.
Mook's Catering
Urban Apothecary
Not Lost Candle Co.
Crazy Crafty Kansas Mama
Rockin' S Bar Western Wear
Kelcey Ingalls
Amy Peterson Designs
Shout out to Urban Apothecary.
It's itchy season and I love her lotion, but I really hate the extra step in my morning routine because I'm always in a hurry. I switched to her soap and have not used lotion since. Woot woot! She just brought in the little trial soap pieces if you want to test it out. All full bars of soap are $8 and we've got 10 scents to pick from. FYI they're all heavenly.
I was fortunate enough to have spent Friday at the Wellbeing Getaway: One Day to Reflect, Reset & Reconnect with one of very own Chamber members Whitney Belford of The Rustic Iron Salon Spa Boutique & Urban Apothecary. It was a beautiful day for self care & reflection.

Thank you Tracy Wilson of Rock Creek Lodge and Venue for providing the most beautiful space to reflect.

Thank you to Andrea Hattan Stang of The Hive - Wichita, KS for your networking and communications skills.

Thank you to Kate Duxler for your knowledge of meditation and how to incorporate that into our busy daily lives.
Special offer for Opti-Life members 🎉 SAVE 25% with code OPTILIFE

This one day event will help you reflect, reset and reconnect with yourself and your work!

Wellbeing Getaway is hosted by Kate Duxler, the Old Soul CEO, Andrea Stang, The Hive - Wichita, KS, Tracy Wilson, Rock Creek Lodge and Venue and Whitney Belford, Urban Apothecary.

View Details Here: https://bit.ly/2JIK9nr
Special offer for Opti-Life members 🎉 SAVE 25% with code OPTILIFE

This one day event will help you reflect, reset and reconnect with yourself and your work!

Wellbeing Getaway is hosted by Kate Duxler, the Old Soul CEO, Andrea Stang, The Hive - Wichita, KS, Tracy Wilson, Rock Creek Lodge and Venue and Whitney Belford, Urban Apothecary.
We truly believe self care is vital right now in all of our lives!!
We hope you do to! And to help others FINALLY take time for reflection and resetting, we are doing a BIG giveaway!!
To win: SHARE our event!!
ONE LOCAL person will win yummy spread from Pear Tree Catering & Bakery
ONE NON-LOCAL person will win a luscious collection of products from Urban Apothecary
*Winners will be chosen Tuesday July 16.
*Make sure your post is PUBLIC
*Invite your friends and co-workers to come
*Buy your tickets soon to reserve your spot


Pear Tree Catering & Bakery
Urban Apothecary
Kate Elizabeth Duxler
Whitney Young
Tracy Wilson
Andrea Hattan Stang
The Hive - Wichita, KS
Wellbeing Getaway
July 26, 2019
💫Tickets on sale now! 💫
Looking to Reset, Reflect, and Reconnect? This one day event is for you!!!!
🌿Join us for a day to find your purpose and leave feeling revitalized and nourished! 🌿
Kate Elizabeth Duxler Urban Apothecary The Hive - Wichita, KS Andrea Hattan Stang Tracy Wilson Whitney Belford
We are carrying some beautiful hand made (right here in El Do) pottery and some beautiful skin care products from Urban Apothecary. When it doesn't smell like cookies, it smells like a spa thanks to all the pretty soaps. 😍😍
That pink mug is my absolute favorite and I have been trying so hard to leave it for someone else to purchase.
Very thankful for your products today. I have felt nauseous from a horrible migraine I've had all day. And have been battling heartburn for over a week now (pretty sure all is caused from stress) I used your bath salts today, followed with your roll-on oil sticks, and now enjoying some tea. Your products are a huge help and keep me from taking medicines all the time, which I hate doing. Thank you for all your hard work to provide these products for us!

I've created an all organic/ natural line of products. I've tried to make it affordable for anyone who is conscience of what they put on their skin.

Operating as usual


Handcrafted with bentonite clay, beet root powder, carrot powder, kaolin clay, a blend if essential oils specifically designed to target redness, breakouts and clogged pores.
🌿Comes in powder form and ready to mix
🌿Add apple cider vinegar, green tea, or plain water (this is the part where you get to be creative)
🌿Mix and apply, let sit until dry, rinse and follow with my facial toner, eye serum, and coconut oil lotion💚


☀️Organic Coconut Oil Facial Scrub☀️
🌿Designed to dissolve dirt and makeup, with a soft exfoliator.
🌿Formulated with essential oils to reduce redness, prevent breakouts, and even skin texture.
🌿Great for all skin types
🌿Rethink your skincare


☀️☀️New product ☀️☀️

A luxurious blend of oils. Formulated with organic h**p seed oil, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic sea buckthorn seed oil and sandalwood essential oil.

A perfect way to keep your skin looking youthful and moisturized.
**On the website and ready to ship**


Cloudy day here in Kansas...I like to pamper myself when the sun doesn't shine. ☀️

Photos from Urban Apothecary's post 07/07/2022

🤒So I've had a sore throat, cough and ear pain for the last month or so.... Been to the doctor several times...no answers (virus, allergies, etc) One antibiotic and several over the counter drugs later, I'm still fighting it. I always use my herbs and little tricks when I don't feel well, but I needed relief and fast. This sore throat was by far the worst I've ever had.
🚗fast forward a few weeks later, we went for a drive to get the kids fireworks and I pulled over because the Mullein was huge!!
Light bulb came on and I realized the plant was presenting itself to me...as they do when we listen....
🌱Mullein is used in teas and tinctures to eliminate mucus from the lungs.
It is used for cough, whooping cough, tuberculosis, bronchitis, hoarseness, pneumonia, earaches, colds, chills, flu, swine flu, fever, allergies, tonsillitis, and sore throat. Other uses include asthma, diarrhea, colic, gastrointestinal bleeding, migraines, joint pain, and gout. It is also used as a sedative and as a diuretic to increase urine output. In Kansas it can be found wild. Usually near a water source and shaded. They can be very tall, and all parts are edible. Make sure not to over pick, and note they only bloom every other year.
🌱I also have chamomile in the garden, so I went and plucked that as well. Chamomile has a calming effect and can help fight against strep, which I was told I didn't have but I was covering all the bases. I'm on day 3 of this protocol and my ears and throat feel much better. The cough is more productive.
🌿🌿To make I used 2 tsp each and steeped them in my tea pot.
🌿🌿🌿Side note, if you have mint add some if you are experiencing fever. It will help naturally keep the body cool but still allow for the fever to kill of the bacteria in the body.
☀️☀️Not intended for medical advice, just my own experience with the herbs☀️☀️
🧿🧿happy healing🧿🧿

Photos from Urban Apothecary's post 06/28/2022

🌿🍄Our garden is so lush and starting to produce. Pictures never do it justice how magical a space it is....and yes that's a tent in our back yard...our kids are camping this week...but only during the day🤣


If you don't have any of my essential oil perfumes.. you NEED too make a purchase!
☀️These 2 make the perfect summertime scent☀️


Wanna keep your skincare routine SIMPLE??
*Organic coconut oil fave cleanser. Made with unrefined coconut oil, a mild exfoliant, and an essential oil blend to combat any problem you may be having with your complexion.
*Followed by organic puffy eyes and wrinkle serum. In a super convenient roll on.
*Organic coconut oil face lotion. Perfect for face and body. Extremely moisturizing lotion for all skin types.


Let's talk toner!
❔❔What is it? Toner is applied after we wash and/ or mask to clean off any remaining dirt, oil or makeup. It also help tone down redness, normalize ph and help heal breakouts.
🌿This toner specifically, is formulated with witch hazel, aloe vera, lavender, bergamot, frankincense, sweet orange, marjoram, rosemary, fennel, geranium.
✨ It's also soothing to sunburnt skin✨


Sugar scrubs are for every season!! Made with all organic ingredients. Several scents available ony shop! Or web page


Happy full flower moon and mercury retrograde 🌕❇️
During times like this it's important to listen to your body.
❇️Take a hot bath with my muscle soak
🌕Slough off dead wintery skin with my sugar scrubs.
❇️ Steep some astral Dreaming Tea for a peaceful slumber full of dreamy messages.
🌕 Honor your body, honor your mind💜


🌿💗my best selling product 💗🌿
Changing up the label just a tad
Check out my website for all my organic goods ✌🏼✌🏼


Photos from Urban Apothecary's post 05/01/2022

I could not ask for a better group of women to spend my morning with. It was a pleasure to be able to help teach and educate how your skincare impacts your health....and to put faces to the ladies that have been buying my products in other locations 💜🌿✨ I appreciate each and everyone of you!
***Also huge shout-out to my sweet daughter Braylen, your help is always the best***
Thank you for hosting!

Photos from Urban Apothecary's post 04/30/2022

This whole company started because of this beauty. I was pregnant with her and had very little natural, fragrance free options for my baby. So I made it 🌿 9 years later she's a huge contributor to the business✨
**Restocking all the things in the studio in this windy Saturday**🍃


This is your complete skincare routine in one easy click!

Coconut Oil Face Cleanser
Facial Toner
Fountain of Youth Facial Clay Mask
Eyes & Wrinkle Serum Roller
Coconut Oil Face and Body Lotion

Everything you need for perfectly balanced skin and a clear complexion.
✨Available for order✨ www.urbanapothecaryks.com


🌿New Tea 🌿
Astral Dreaming: used to promote a peaceful slumber. Can be used for lucid dreaming.
MUGWORT, sometimes known as mother wort. Traditionally use by anglo-saxton tribes and was thought to be 1 of 9 sacred herbs given to the world by the god Woden. It was also used to flavor beer before hops was used. Today it's used for anxiety and insomnia to name a couple.
ST JOHN'S WORT, named after John the Baptist because it typically blooms on his birthday. Used to calm, and ease depression, ease PMS symptoms, & lift mood.
BLUE LOTUS, or Egyptian blue lotus, known as the official flower for the sun god Ra. It gives a feeling of euphoria, and in ancient times was used as a psychoactive, hence lucid dreaming. Everyday Cleopatra would use blue lotus as a perfume...the equivalent to $800 a day! She also used it to scent the sails of her royal ships.

🌿Enjoy before bed only🌿
Purchase at www.urbanapothecaryks.com


🧅Tis the season for wild garlic and onions AKA Meadow garlic🌿

Meadow garlic is the abundant cousin of domestic onions and garlic. All parts are edible.
What to look for in the wild:
- unmistakable onion smell
- grows from a bulb underground, the bulb also has an onion smell
- Small 6 petaled flower clusters on top of stem.
- Leaves are smooth, thin, and hollow
- Mature leave have a distinct triangular stem
- Color is pink/ red from the end of the bulb to the start of green leaves

Wild onions can be found in pastures, along waters edge or in your yard. It's not picky where it puts down roots and can sometimes be invasive.

Harvest all parts to eat raw or in cooked dishes. They are best gathered after the above ground portion has died back. Usually I'm the summer to early fall. Feel free to taste test at any time to see what you like best. I personally love collecting leaves in early spring. They are considered a chive at this point and give a mild onion flavor to top any dish with.

A general rule of thumb:
"If it looks and smells like and onion/ garlic, you can eat it" if not it can be a deadly look alike.
Known as the Death Cama
They look like a wild onions but don't have any odor like and onion. DO NOT EAT IT IF IT DOESN'T HAVE AN ONION SMELL!
They are very toxic to humans and animals.

Medicinal uses: high in vitamin a, c, potassium, calcium, manganese, and selenium. Helps aide in lowering high blood pressure, helps kill bacteria. Can be applied as a poultice topically for wounds.

Take away: Don't be afraid to eat wild weeds, just know what to look/ smell for. For wild onions and garlic it's all about their distinct smell. Something to also keep in mind...harvest in areas that you know aren't sprayed with pesticides. Enjoy!


New product for the floof in your life!
🌿Made with essential oils
🌿Helps with pet odor
🌿Spray on your dog directly, in their kennel and in their bedding.
🐾🦴 it's Luca approved🦴🐾


A few of my favorite items....stay tuned for new products hitting the shelves soon!
🌿High quality


Have you tired my Puffy Eyes & wrinkle serum?
🌿Use at night with UA's Face Scrub, Facial Toner, and Coconut oil Lotion.


A few of my favorite things🌞🌜✨


Dropped off fresh product to the this afternoon!!


New sugar scrub recipe 💙
**These and most other products are getting restocked this week**
will be restocked tomorrow. and will get deliveries later in the week🌿🤍


Happy 2022, I challenge all of you to make small changes to your daily product routine. Choose products with clean, organic ingredients...
*I look forward to helping you all achieve that goal and provide you with some fun new products I have up my sleeve🤍🌿

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New soap in the store today!Organic Woodland- a warm woodsy vanilla scent🌿Organic milk, honey, and oat- made with local ...
The new soaps are loaded to my online store!! 🌊Free shipping for the rest of the week with discount code summertime! 🌞ww...
My skincare routine on my day off🤗🌿




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