Urban Apothecary

Urban Apothecary


Very thankful for your products today. I have felt nauseous from a horrible migraine I've had all day. And have been battling heartburn for over a week now (pretty sure all is caused from stress) I used your bath salts today, followed with your roll-on oil sticks, and now enjoying some tea. Your products are a huge help and keep me from taking medicines all the time, which I hate doing. Thank you for all your hard work to provide these products for us!

I've created an all organic/ natural line of products. I've tried to make it affordable for anyone who is conscience of what they put on their skin.

Operating as usual


Energy feeling stuck? No worries, mine gets that way as well.
I like to use this spray before a yoga or meditation session or when I need an energy boost.

Also new soap will hit the shop in 3 weeks!!
I will feature those as the time nears closer.



Imagine....a warm spring day, sunshine on your skin. The birds are singing, nature is awakening and so are you. Join us for a night under the stars. All modern luxuries provided, for a weekend of relaxation and reconnection to community.

What's included:
-drinks and meals
-3 light hearted presentations
-optional massage
-optional jewelry making
-snacks and wine
-optional oxygen bar
-an unforgettable experience

@rockcreeklodgeks @evokecalm @sandcastlejewelry @colour.t.hair.apy



Your new skincare routine awaits you... Simple, earthly ingredients.
#organic #skincare #scrub #lotion #toner #lipsalve


eventbrite.com 02/25/2021

Emerge Retreat

Join us for and opportunity to connect to others and awaken within yoursef.

Saturday April 17th



eventbrite.com Connections are vital to life. Emerge Retreat is a day to connect to your purpose, goals and community. Join us Saturday April 17, 2021.


Anyone else's lips feel like the Sahara desert? Yet, ironically it's 3 degrees and around 6 inches of snow outside. Anyways, fresh lip salve on the website. Everything on the web store has been updated with what's in stock and some new pics ✌🏼❤️🌨️


I am so in LOVE with this tuxedo soap I made yesterday🖤
On the shelves @therusticiron in 2/3 weeks.
Also available online


Happy snow day from Kansas!! We been making soap and jamming to @timmytychilders. Check out the web page at www.urbanapothecaryks.com or visit brick and mortar
Much love ✌🏼🌜💕


I'm finally caught up restocking all the stores. Now I'm working on an herbal remedy for myself. As we settle deeper into winter, the cold weather makes me want to hibernate and go inward. So tonight I'm curling up with a book and the kiddos 🌿✌🏻📖
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Your monthly cycles new best friends♥️✌🏻
Feminine Moon Tea Blend
PMD Relief Bath Soak



Working on inventory for the stores and website! I've made cleaning up your skincare so easy. Check it out!



Happy New Year friends!
#familyowned #organic #smallbatches @therusticiron @therosebuffaloboutique @theworkroomict


How will you be spending your New Year?
#bye2020 #organic #bathtime #bodycare #soulcare #handcrafted


Lilac and peppermint headed to cure for a couple weeks💜💗
And yes that's biodegradable glitter on top😍
#organicsoap #organicskincare #handcrafted #prettyinlilac #lilac #peppermint


10% off sitewide, tell your friends!


Slicing through soap like I slice through butter🔪🌿 . . . #cuttingsoap #soapcuttingvideo #organicsoap #soapsandbutters #alltheakincare #alchemy #herbs #urbanapothecary

Slicing through soap like I slice through butter🔪🌿
#cuttingsoap #soapcuttingvideo #organicsoap #soapsandbutters #alltheakincare #alchemy #herbs #urbanapothecary


Mixing my herbal face clay for facials today 🖤💆


Soap restock!
Rugged is going to the store
Patchouli, Wild Bergamot & Rosemary, and Lilac & Wild Flowers will be in in 2 weeks.
#organicsoap #handcrafted #ingredientsmatter #soap #handmadesoap #wildcraft #mycraft #alchemy #herbs


Small Business on a Friday night❤️

A peek at my Friday night... Chapstick making, deodorant pouring, wine sipping, podcast listening, Mason showing me tricks in his dad's office chair. THIS is small business...it never stops, and I love every minute of it. The online store and brick and mortar are being restocked this weekend. Much love💓✌🏼


Working on fun gifts this week. I have citrus and sore muscles himalayan bath soak.
They are a one time use packet...perfect for gifts or stocking stuffers🖤🛀


I think I've told everyone who's sat in my salon chair that I'm not looking forward to winter this year...at all. Which is not like me. I love all the seasons for the treasures that each one holds. Today after work I plucked the last bit of veggies from the garden and put on some cinnamon tea(literally cinnamon sticks and simmering water, the best!) I like to use winter to retreat inward and grow. Tonight, I settled for rest, tea, and my book.❤️ Here's to the coming of winter☕...if we must...


Preparing more soap for @rockcreeklodgeks!!
Organic lavender soap, topped with white roses.
#organicsoap #trialsize #weddingvenue #airbnb #successisinthedetails #handcrafted


Our harvest has been bountiful!! Now to wash and put away for later use💚 I even managed to pluck some rose hips for tea🌹


New perfume!
Jasmine & Vanilla
This is probably the most feminine scent I make and I'm loving it🖤✌🏼


So I know this girl who makes jewelry... I requested something the represented my husband and kids...she knocked it out of the park. It means so much to me. Happy to call her my friend @sandcastlejewelry ❤️💍


Fall has slowly crept into our home...mostly because not one part of me wants to give up summer!! 🍂🍁
Also the kids came home from school and thought I decorated for a party 🤣🤷


In stock today! Buck Naked
Organic handcrafted unscented hunter soap(that's a mouthful)
*Great for your hunter, made with a charcoal swirl to remove the smelliest of smells
*Organic-nothing harsh about this soap
*Won't dry out your skin
*Moisturizes skin


To say I've been busy would be a complete understatement lately! These beauties will be in the store in 3 weeks pictured left to right is lavender, fresh, ocean breeze, lavender lemonade, and coffee.

For more beautiful soaps that are ready for purchase today visit my website at www.urbanapothecaryks.com
@therusticiron @theworkroomict


Buck Naked hunters soap🦌🦃 is completely scentless and formulated to remove all body order. Perfect for any avid hunter. These are headed to cure and will be ready just in time for hunting season.🏹 Look for them soon at @therusticiron and online www.urbanapothecaryks.com


A sun kissed life, is a beautiful life🌻🌻🌻
#sunflowers #kansas #organic #gardensofinstagram #kaleyeah


He gives me a run for my money most days but his heart is gentle. He says "mom I'm just going to pet this plant" then proceeds to tell his sister " don't pick the moss off my rock it makes it more special" ❤️🌿 he also spends most days shirtless and barefoot 🤷 #mysonshine #mason


Some of my favorite plant medicine in my basket today! 🌿🌼
Passions flower aka passiflora incarnate(nervine) used for sleep and sensory overload. Helps to calm the nervous system.
Chamomile aka Matricaria chamomilla (adaptogen) great for relaxation and sleep l give it to my kiddos because it's so gentle.
Milk thistle aka Silybum marianum great for detoxing the liver.
These will dry and become part of my herbal teas. Find them at @therusticiron @theworkroomict or at www.urbanapothecaryks.com


Book your special occasion at my friend's venue. The views are beautiful, and the hospitality can't be beat💍👰🥳 @rockcreeklodgeks


Creating today 💚💚💚


What a way to end our day. We went for a long walk Sunday and we came across wild bergamot and yarrow. I didn't bring my basket so tonight we went back and picked.
#herbalism #forrage #wildcraft #beebalm #bergamot #yarrow #myhelpers #kansassunsets


With blistered hands and rosey cheeks, the garden is finally weeded.🌞 Spent most of the day in my happy place, now to watch the kids play and the moon to continue to rise🌝
#doyou #dowhatmakesyouhappy #benice #gardensofinstagram #ilikeyourtomotoes #organicgardening #beautyfromwithin

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Slicing through soap like I slice through butter🔪🌿 . . . #cuttingsoap #soapcuttingvideo #organicsoap #soapsandbutters #alltheakincare #alchemy #herbs #urbanapothecary
Small Business on a Friday night❤️




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