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This week's shoppers guide is out! Check out what deals/events local businesses are doing this weekend/week.

Brewco Coffeehouse & Dilly Deli
Willie's - El Dorado
The Daily Spot
Rommey Farms LLC
Good To Be Clean
Wilson Chiropractic
Graphic Concepts, Inc (GCI Image Team)
Walter's Flowers & Interiors
Studio 142 Salon & Spa
Kelly's ETC
Basic ElDo Britches Boutique
Specs Eyewear for Everywear
Great Beginnings Boutique
Thank you for your 2020 Membership!
Emprise Bank
Gull Agency
James Hargrove Law Office
Butler Community College
City of El Dorado, Kansas Municipal Government
El Dorado Express Laundry Center
White Eagle Credit Union
Willie's - El Dorado
Wilson Chiropractic
Savage Service
Out and About, so thought we would swing by Wilson Chiropractic and found another pumpkin! Who Knew!? Another selfie in the books!

El Dorado Chamber of Commerce and City of El Dorado Convention and Visitors Bureau challenge you to get out there and get your pumpkin selfies with participating businesses now through Halloween!
Yay we got a page!

Family wellness care through chiropractic and massage therapy

Operating as usual


We have expanded our schedule again! We now are accepting appointments during the lunch hour Monday – Thursday.
Each Doctor’s hours vary, so call 316-321-2273 to schedule your appointment.


Dr. Wilson and Dr. Zimmer are attending continuing education training this week. Dr. Zimmer will be out of the office on Thursday, October 20 and both Doctors will be out of the office on Friday, October 21.

Thank you for your understanding


We will be closed on Monday. Have a happy and safe holiday.

We will be back on Tuesday with regular hours.
Call 316-321-2273 to make an appointment.
Dr. Zimmer 9am - 5pm & Dr. Wilson 2pm - 7pm.
Same day appointments are available!


In order to provide more flexible hours, Dr. Zimmer is now seeing patients on Monday evenings until 7 pm and Tuesday mornings starting at 9 am.

Dr. Wilson will continue to see patients on Tuesday evenings until 7 pm.

Our office hours are now
Monday 9 am to Noon & 2 pm to 7 pm
Tuesday 9 am to Noon & 2 pm to 7 pm
Wednesday 9 am to Noon & 2 pm to 5 pm
Thursday 9 am to Noon & 2 pm to 5:30 pm
Friday 7 am to Noon

Call 316-321-2273 to schedule an appointment today.


Fun evening at the El Dorado Walnuts baseball game. We were the sponsor and Dr. Zimmer threw out the first pitch!


Come join us at the El Dorado Walnuts Baseball Game on June 12.

The game is at 7:00 but come early. We will have popcorn and giveaways. Win prizes by playing co****le.

Come out and meet Dr. Andrew Zimmer, our new chiropractor that has joined Dr. Wilson.



Part-Time Chiropractic Assistant
Approximately 17 hrs per week,
Monday – Friday hours to be determined.

Must have excellent people skills, multi-tasking abilities, basic computer skills, multi-line phone system and money handling.

Apply in person with resume at 215 N. Vine, El Dorado.


Call 316-321-2273 for an appointment with Dr. Zimmer.


Dr. Wilson will be out of the office for the rest of the week due to a family emergency.

Dr. Zimmer will be here Thursday from 9am - noon and 2pm - 5:30pm to see patients.


Due to the inclement weather and unsafe road conditions, Wilson Chiropractic will be closed Thursday, February 17. Please stay safe and contact the office for assistance with scheduling.

As this snow will be heavy, practice safe snow shoveling techniques including lifting smaller loads and drinking plenty of fluids.


Thursday February 3rd we be closed in morning due to weather. Open from 2-5. Be safe


Weather is bad so We will close Thursday morning. Open at 2 til 5


Due to the bad weather that is forecasted, we will be closed on Wednesday, February 2.

Please stay safe and warm.


Chiropractic Care Can Contribute to Better Sleep

Did you know that chiropractic adjustments can help with sleep issues? According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly one-third of people who have undergone a chiropractic adjustment say they experience an immediate improvement in sleep.

The benefits of regular chiropractic care for patients with sleep issues include:

• Easing muscle tension that causes restlessness,
• Relaxing the body,
• Relieving pain and discomfort,
• Stimulating circulation and blood flow, and
• Improving central nervous system function.

After performing a complete evaluation, Dr. Wilson can give advice on improving your sleeping position and exercises to improve posture. She can also advise you on what the best type of mattress and pillow will help you sleep better.


Dr. Wilson is back from vacation early. She will be in the office regular hours starting today. Call 316-321-2273 to schedule an appointment for Thursday or Friday.


Dr. Wilson will be on Vacation from January 3rd to 14th.
Dr. Zimmer will be in the office to see patients on Tuesdays and Fridays while she is away.
The staff will be in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings to return calls. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please leave a message and we will return your call.
Thank you


The office will be closed on New Year's Eve.
We look forward to seeing you in 2022! Have a safe and happy holiday.


Tips to Keep your New Year's Resolution

The most common New Year’s resolution is to get healthy, go to the gym regularly or lose weight, but these are the hardest goals to accomplish and even harder to maintain. Here are some tips to help you stick to reaching your goals in the new year.

BE REALISTIC – Evaluate your goals to make sure you set realistic ones.

PLAN IT OUT – Set a reasonable plan and be honest and realistic with yourself. Try having a step-by-step plan and mark off your accomplishments as you go.

MAKE YOUR HEALTH YOUR PRIORITY – Some want to lose weight or commit to going to the gym regularly, but you need to make sure your health is your priority. The first step to any big changes in life is seeking the advice of a healthcare professional.

MAINTAIN REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE – This should be the easiest resolution to keep. When you have a healthy spine, the rest of your body systems will follow. When you are healthy, your body is better able to fight off illness, heal from injuries, and you can enjoy feeling great. Don’t let a poorly functioning nervous system keep you from accomplishing your goals this year.

When it comes to your health, we can help! Call Wilson Chiropractic at 316-321-2273 to make an appointment.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at Wilson Chiropractic. Remember the office will be closed on Christmas Eve.
We will be open on Monday morning, so give us a call for your after holiday tune up!


Treat Holiday Shopping as an Athletic Event
• Stay hydrated! Drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day.
• Be sure to stretch before and after a long day of shopping.
• Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning in the soles to absorb the impact of walking on hard surfaces and that will provide good support.
• Make sure your clothing is as comfortable as possible and consider wearing layers. This will help when you go from the cold outdoors to the warm stores.
• Leave your purse at home. Wear a light f***y pack or a light backpack instead. Pack on the essential items such as driver’s license and credit cards.
• Take frequent breaks
• If at the mall, rent a locker or make frequent trips to the car to drop off packages.
• Try to eat light foods at regular intervals instead of one heavy meal. This will keep your energy levels up without the heavy bloated feeling that will slow you down.
• Skip the coffee and soda. The caffeine and sugar in these drinks add extra stress on your body.

Holiday shopping is as stressful on the body as any athletic event. You should plan and prepare your body for a marathon shopping trip the same as you would running a marathon. Wilson Chiropractic can help you thru these times. Call 316-321-2273 to make an appointment.


We love giving gifts during the holidays but wrapping all those gifts can be such a pain on the wallet and the back and neck. Follow these tips to help your body make it thru the season.

Don’t sit on the floor. It might give you a great open workspace, but this is very hard on your back, neck and arms. Instead try sitting at the dining room table to minimize the strain.

Set up a proper gift-wrapping area. Keep all the supplies including tape, scissors, tissue paper, wrapping paper and ribbon easy to reach. Try not to stretch all the way across the table for things you are frequently needing.

Wrap and go. Break up the wrapping sessions into smaller, more manageable times. Instead of one marathon session, try 4 – shorter 15-minute sessions.

Consider using gift bags. Festive gift bag with decorative ribbon are an attractive option that is quick. Not only does this cut down the time spend wrapping gifts, but also minimizes the stretching when you are cutting wrapping paper.

Stretch. Gift wrapping can be a workout, so like all workouts you should stretch before and after to reduce stiffness and spasms.

Wilson Chiropractic can help take the kinks out. Call 316-321-2273 to make an appointment.


Holiday shopping can take a toll on the body if you aren’t careful. It’s important to follow some chiropractic advice to make this event more enjoyable and safer for your back.

Stretch before and after shopping. Stretching before shopping will help to prepare your body and after will help you recover faster.

Wear comfortable shoes. Shoes should be comfortable and supportive with good arch support.

Drink water. Water increases blood flow and keeps the muscles from spasming.

Bring Bags to the Car. Carrying extra weight is harmful to the body and can cause back pain. Try to drop off your bags in the car after every couple of purchases and right away if you have made a large purchase.

Shopping can put major strain on the back if you aren’t careful. Remember to call Wilson Chiropractic at 316-321-2273 for an appointment if you experience pain.


Our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday. We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We will be back in the office on Monday morning.


Thanksgiving is a time for many to overeat, watch football and spend time with family and friends. It is also a time that can cause problems with your health. Chiropractic care can help you stay healthy this holiday season.
Thanksgiving is the number one travel holiday of the year. Whether you are traveling by car, train or airplane, the long periods of sitting in a cramped space can cause back pain. Regular chiropractic appointments before and after the holiday will help ease this discomfort.
It is also the time of year for overeating and less exercise. All that extra eating and inactivity can cause your joints to become stiff and painful. Regular Chiropractic care before the holiday and help prevent that stiffness and improve flexibility, which will minimize the effects of overindulging.
Overall, regular chiropractic care can help minimize the effects of stress on the body. Call Wilson Chiropractic at 316-321-2273 to make an appointment and get ahead of the hectic holiday season.


To all past, present and future members of our military, God bless you and Thank you!


Why should you take supplements?

1. Junk Food/Fast Food. With today’s busy lifestyle, we are eating quick foods more and more. Whether bought at the store or at a restaurant, these foods are heavily processed and do not have all the nutrients needed for a healthy body.

2. Dietary Restrictions. Many people have restricted diets. This could be due to health issues, weight loss, or other personal reasons. When you restrict certain foods, you are at a higher risk of not getting all the needed nutrients.

3. You are in a mature age group. As you age your body has increased needs for calcium, vitamin D to reduce the risk of loss of bone density. Older adults can sometimes have difficulty absorbing vitamin B12 from food and a supplement is advised.

4. Pregnant or Breastfeeding women. Nutrition is critical for pregnant or breastfeeding women to ensure proper growth and development of the baby.

5. Prevention of health issues. Taking daily supplements, getting regular exercise, and making frequent trips to the doctor are important in diagnosing and preventing many health issues before they become a major problem.

6. Stress. Being under a lot of stress can deplete many nutrients including calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Stress reduced digestive strength, and your body does not absorb and utilize nutrients to the fullest.

7. Unhealthy lifestyle habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol depletes the quantity of vitamin C. Drinking coffee and cut your iron absorption.

8. Prescription medication. While prescription medication is necessary to treat some medical issues, they can have side effects. One of these is increasing the need for vitamins. Aspirin increases the need for vitamin C. Antibiotics increase the need for B vitamins and probiotics.

Always check with a doctor before making any changes to your diet. If you are on medication, they can check for adverse interactions. Dr. Wilson sells pharmaceutical grade supplements to make sure you are getting the best product she can find.


Halloween Tips to Prevent Scary Back Pain
1. Bring a stroller when Trick-or-Treating with young kids
2. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Choose a costume that fits properly and that will not trip, avoid large masks or heavy headpieces that could throw you balance.
4. Bring extra bags to distribute the heavy candy haul.
5. Stretch before leaving for Trick-or-Treating
6. Watch where you step. Curbs or uneven sidewalks are hard to see in the dark.
7. Cut the night short if little kids are getting tired.
8. Plan a family visit to Wilson Chiropractic if there are strain or stress from the night.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Studies have shown that women who have had breast cancer treatment can be helped with chiropractic therapy. It can relieve headaches and ease joint and back pain. Chiropractic adjustments can enhance natural healing abilities of the body and can help the body recover faster.

Always check with your oncologist before starting any treatments. It's also important to tell your chiropractor about any breast cancer treatments you have had. The chiropractor will need to take extra care with any adjustments around the surgery area.

Dr. Wilson has helped many women suffering with breast cancer. Call Wilson Chiropractic to set up an appointment at 316-321-2273.


Attending in person Kansas chiropractic convention in Wichita on Founders Day!!


Glad garage sale is inside lobby today! 8-1

Photos from Wilson Chiropractic's post 06/25/2021

Saturday garage sale inside lobby from 8-1 lot’s furniture 🪑 office chairs decor


Golfing 🏌️‍♀️ for Big Brothers and Big Sisters


Congratulations Caitlin and Josh!


Happy Easter 🐇🐣! Reminder we are closed on Good Friday open back on Monday.


Spring forward Saturday night.


Reminder we are closed today open Tuesday at 2. Stay safe and warm!

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