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As a Catholic Christian, my approach is to help you find hope and healing, either indirectly or directly supported by faith-as much or little as you want

Operating as usual


Calling all young women! Join Theresa Knudson, a local Catholic counselor, at the Newman House for a conversation about mental health in college at 7pm on September 9th!


Best advice in the Bible


I don’t think I have to say anything about this meme!


A little therapist humor!


"If we do not fill our mind with prayer, it will fill itself with anxieties, worries, temptations, resentments, and unwelcome memories."

Dr Scott Hahn


Goals and direction… Need I say more!!

How to Help Teens Suffering with Depression & Anxiety 06/08/2020

How to Help Teens Suffering with Depression & Anxiety

How to Help Teens Suffering with Depression & Anxiety Nearly 2 million teens have severe symptoms that impair their daily lives. And since depression and anxiety come in a variety of forms, finding the right approach for treatment can prove difficult.


Happy to be moving to my new office! 1351 Page Dr. S Ste 104!


The past does not equal future!!!


Motivation is something that you have to work at. But the more you do the easier it gets!


Some Memes are funny and sad at the same time!


There is also the spiritual life!


My feelings exactly!!!


With all the crap going on in the world!
Jesus I trust in you!


You choose what you think about!


Funny photo... But so true!


He didn’t promise us a rose garden!

Depression and faith: How they go together 01/26/2020

Depression and faith: How they go together

Great article!

Depression and faith: How they go together In the United States, more than 16 million adults are diagnosed with some form of depression every year. And those are only the ones who seek help. According to one study by Harvard Medical School, only 1 in 5 depressed adults pursue treatment for depression. That means, in any given year, there cou...


As a former farmer… I understand the stress, anxiety and depression that my brother farmers are under as well as their families.




Hard to argue with somebody when they think they’re the smartest person in the room!

You're So Vain--A new study on arrogance offers insights into dealing with the narcissistic people in your life.

Tune in live at 10am E/9am C on Ave Maria Radio, the Ave Maria Radio app, and EWTN, SiriusXM 130!


So so very true


The first two are good… Not sure about the third one!

How Porn Harms Your Brain | The Stream 10/24/2019

How Porn Harms Your Brain | The Stream

Porn is a real problem it takes over lives destroys marriages and families!

How Porn Harms Your Brain | The Stream Just as playing the guitar changes your brain, watching pornography changes your brain.Those addicted to pornography need a heart change.


The past does not equal the future! Learn the lessons then Move on.


I hate to say it… But this is so true sometimes you need to up your game and hang with people who expect more from you!


This meme piggybacks on my last two posts!


If you never take the chance. You’ll live with regret over something that could’ve been!


People will give you thousands of reasons to quit and give up on your dreams. “I’ve tried everything” is something that I hear quite often, however, when I asked people what they have actually tried the list is quite small. Don’t let the negative self talk Derail your dreams.


I just thought this was funny!


Realize that blame = Same!! I know that blame feels righteous.. But as long as you were blaming there is no change.

My House Workshop | Center for Healing, LLC 07/22/2019

My House Workshop | Center for Healing, LLC

For anybody struggling with sexual addictions I strongly endorse My House ministries!

My House Workshop | Center for Healing, LLC The My House Workshop for Men is a 3-day confidential, intensive for men striving to overcome and heal from unwanted sexual behaviors. It is geared to maximize your investment of time and money, as it will enhance the work you might have started or jump start your journey towards healing.


I use this often in therapy a more accurate representation of what FEAR really is!


What you believe in is what you move towards. If you believe in your circumstances, you fall victim to settling for the way things are, not for the way things could be. Believing in your circumstances put a lid on your own growth and limits your potential. Stop blaming your circumstances and get unstuck by thinking and creating some new ones!




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