Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners

Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners


Elite therapeutic massage health partners you do a great job on massages
Karen was AMAZING!!!! She can read your body and finds the right spots. have finally found a massage therapist that sutes my needs. Awsome
Had a GREAT massage with Trent! It was the first time I've had a male massage therapist and I'll be honest..I went in feeling a little nervous about that, but Trent's demeanor and energy made me feel very comfortable and I (and my muscles) felt completely relaxed when I left. Elite is such a calm oasis!😊
Thank you Sue Lopez for a fabulous massage! Ready to run!
Mona is a very good therapist.
The team at Elite do an awesome job in serving client needs with amazing and caring customer service. Shelle and the team there are most attentive to refering you to whichever therapist can serve your particular needs best, be it scheduling needs, muscle mobility stretch training, senior in-home massage, relaxation or addressing specific health problems that one of the therapists may specifically specialize in. I so appreactiate that focus on YOU the customer not just keeping you coming to one particular therapist if indeed another may serve your needs better with their specialty. I would highly recommend Shelle Moran, Mona Mendez or Trent Erickson, those LMT that I have had experience with. I'm sure the others on the team are well qualified too. Thanks Elite!
I just started coming to elite but love the people and I feel great after I give 10 stars
YOU have to do the PERFECT PAIR WITH TEE!!!!!! She even has a smaller version than the 2 hour!!!! TRY IT...YOU'LL LIKE IT!!! :) :) :) :) AHHHHH!
excellent treatment
My body can be hurting like crazy when I go in to get a massage from Nikki & is so much better when I leave. My muscles & the rest is finally relaxing & the knots are gone. Nikki is my miracle worker! Healing hands for sure! She is AMAZING!
Thank you Shelle Moran for the most wonderful massage! You are simply amazing! I feel absolutely wonderful!!!

Now serving two locations! Fargo & Moorhead! Elite Therapeutic Massage is an office where Fargo/Moorhead’s highest quality of Therapists practice.

Each Therapist strives to encourage, uplift and inspire all those they work on or work with.

Operating as usual


We have exciting news!! We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with EHP Performance! Check them out!

We are excited to announce that EHP Performance now has Massage Therapy under our roof! Now you have one more recovery, relaxation and health tool all in one place!

You can schedule by heading to ehpperformance.com and clicking sports medicine or heading to your Jane App portal.

You can also call 218-512-0515!

Welcome Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners and Matthias Ehlers.

CoreStone PromoVid 10/17/2022

CoreStone PromoVid

Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners is your massage therapy destination for CoreStones Massage! These stones are specially crafted to help loosen muscle adhesions, treat trigger points, and provide deep relaxation. When cooled, the stones can also aid in migraine relief!

Book your appointment here: https://elitemassage.biz/


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CoreStone PromoVid

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal 10/02/2022

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal

Want to snag a deal? Elite massages for $55-$60/hour? Current bids on 12 sessions in one year is up for grabs!

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal 09/30/2022

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal

We are excited to be a part of the SpudTacular Gala this year! We have an item up for Auction this year! A years worth of Massage's!! Here is the link, feel free to bid online for this chance to win a massage a month for a year!!!

Fundraising Powered by OneCause, creator of BidPal  

Photos from Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners's post 09/25/2022

We had a GREAT team building event last night! The theme was Elite Rocks! Take a look at the creativity.


We are SUPER EXCITED to be a part of this year's Gala on October 3rd. Please be sure to go online for their silent auction.

Thank you to Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners for their SpudTacular Gala donation. Their generous gift of a year's worth of massages will be available for bids starting on September 19th (total value $1020!). Please join us in sharing gratitude for their support for the foundation and Moorhead Schools.

If you or your business would like to contribute an in-kind gift to the silent auction, email [email protected]. Or visit https://one.bidpal.net/spudtacular2022/donate-item and fill out the online donation form. Auction gifts with value of $1000+ are recognized as silent auction sponsors during our event on October 1st.

CoreStone Massage - Back 09/12/2022

CoreStone Massage - Back

Ever wonder what a CoreStone massage is? CoreStones have a broad surface that is used for myofascial release, and the end of the stone is used for more specific trigger point work and cross-fiber friction. The stones are warmed up to treat the muscles with heat.

You can watch a live demonstration in the video below! (And then book an appointment online. 🙂 You won't be disappointed!)

CoreStone Massage - Back This video shows how to use CoreStones to massage the back. CoreStones will allow you to get deeply into the muscles without compromising your wrists and thu...


We have barefoot practice sessions available with Allie, starting today! These sessions will be discounted for a few weeks as she continues honing this skill.

Call or Text: 701-297-8191 to make an appointment!

Benefits of barefoot massage:
- It provides super-deep work for people who need it
- It tends to be very relaxing, because the strokes are broader and deeper
- Reduces stress


🌈A DREAM realized! ⭐️For 20 years, I have thumbed through this monthly Massage publication that educates the world 🌎 of massage on new techniques, tools, processes and procedures! Today, our company is featured and debuted! I cannot wait to teach and deliver this new service to the Massage world…. Starting here in Fargo, ND!


⚾️ Take me out to the ball game! ⚾️ Just a little fun in the sun with the comrades!


We have some last-minute openings for tomorrow (Sunday)! Book online at www.elitemassage.biz

Sunday Massage?! We have a few times available! www.elitemassage.biz


Sunday Massage?! We have a few times available! www.elitemassage.biz


Massage therapists at Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners attend a training each month to help us improve our skills. This month, we combined with the students at Elite Massage Academy, LLC to learn about trauma-informed massage therapy. It was a great way to start the month!

*Note: the flip flop decorations are from a previous celebration. 😂

We want to give a huge shout out to Dr. Kim LaHaise for pouring into our students! From Neuropsychology Associates, P.A, she brought her expertise to our students to grow their trauma informed practices. Thank you for your work in bridging the gap between specialties!


We have some last-minute appointments available today! Schedule a time to treat yourself!
Book online at https://elitemassage.biz/, or call (701) 297-8191

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Saturday Appointments ❤️ The best way to start your weekend! Book them now before they are gone! www.elitemassage.biz

Hot Stone Massage 07/19/2022

Hot Stone Massage

We have some last-minute appointments available this week. Schedule a time to treat yourself!

Book online at https://elitemassage.biz/, or call (701) 297-8191. Hot stones and CoreStones are both great ways to soothe tight muscles!


Hot Stone Massage Hot basalt stones are used in long massage strokes to sooth tired muscles, relax the mind and to enhance a state of tranquility. Exclusively at Elite Therape...


Did I hear….Saturday and Sunday Massage Openings?! Snag your session online quick! @ www.elitemassage.biz

Bamboo Massage Treatment 07/14/2022

Bamboo Massage Treatment

A bamboo fusion massage uses warm bamboo to treat tight muscles. Applying the heat of the bamboo to affected areas can help release trigger points in your muscles. Our therapists are trained to use this modality to address a variety of ailments.

Watch the video below for a short demonstration!


Bamboo Massage Treatment A bamboo fusion massage, also simply known as a bamboo massage, is a relaxation technique that combines various lengths and widths of warmed bamboo stalks to...

Cold Stones 07/07/2022

Cold Stones

No matter your need, we've got add-ons to help make sure your massage session is a success! Cold stones can be used during your session to help soothe sinuses and reduce inflammation.

To learn more, check out this video.

Cold Stones Cold marble stone massage can be used in conjunction with hot stones, or alone in a session. Cold constricts the blood vessels in the body and which allevia...


Vacation Started?!? 🌼 Get a massage this Saturday or Sunday! OPENINGS AVAILABLE 🌼 www.elitemassage.biz

1,189+ "FIVE STAR" REVIEWS Fargo/Moorhead 06/28/2022

1,189+ "FIVE STAR" REVIEWS Fargo/Moorhead

😴 Escape with an awesome "MINI-VAYCAY" to Elite! 🌞 Enjoy a 60 minute deep tissue or relaxation session with one additional add-on for only $70! 🍹(Regularly $85!) www.elitemassage.biz

(Hurry! Appointments are available online with select Therapists!)

1,189+ "FIVE STAR" REVIEWS Fargo/Moorhead #1 Voted Massage Therapy office in Fargo/Moorhead which includes Health Partners to offer you the best tools for your wellness!

Hot Towels 06/23/2022

Hot Towels

Did you know new clients get two free add-ons as part of an individual relaxation or deep tissue massage? Hot towels are one of our favorite add-ons! But don't take our word for it. Come on in and try it today!


Hot Towels Choose​ your Therapeutic Massage Service: Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Medical, Pregnancy, or Sports Massage and enjoy the application of hot towels in your sess...


You need a massage!
Book your appointment NOW!

5:15PM WITH Kitana
5:30pm WITH Mel



This is quite exciting! We are upgrading our hands!

1,189+ "FIVE STAR" REVIEWS Fargo/Moorhead 06/13/2022

1,189+ "FIVE STAR" REVIEWS Fargo/Moorhead

CrAzY NEW Summer Schedule? 🌼 Book Now! $10 OFF! 🌼

YOU need to care for YOU!

Book now: $10 off Deep Tissue or Relaxation Sessions, June 13th - 15th by adding “June Massage Special” to your online booking notes!


1,189+ "FIVE STAR" REVIEWS Fargo/Moorhead #1 Voted Massage Therapy office in Fargo/Moorhead which includes Health Partners to offer you the best tools for your wellness!


SATURDAY or SUNDAY Massage Openings?!? Snag one for yourself! www.elitemassage.biz


Today we ate the most delicious chocolate chip toffee cookies by Better World Bakery! 🍪 You must check her out!


Our Team Elite is packing their bags and headed to Arizona this winter for a Self-Care Retreat! 🌴🌼🌞 We ❤️ our team!

Photos from Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners's post 06/07/2022

Safety & Surprises Summer Meeting! 🫣


Or you could get him a MASSAGE! www.elitemassage.biz


🦶Barefoot training in full swing! 8+ more Therapists in training to provide amazing deep tissue sessions! 🦶Watch as we need people to practice on! Volunteer below! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fargo Monthly May 2022 05/10/2022

Fargo Monthly May 2022

Check out what our school is doing!


Fargo Monthly May 2022 Whether it’s driven by nostalgia, fixation or just pure enjoyment, we all have something we “nerd” out over. While in the past, there might have been a negative connotation connected to the term, “nerd,” it seems as though it now holds a sense of pride—as it should. Check out this sneak ...


A wish for all from Team Elite ❤️


How long was your MOM in labor when you were born?! 💕 Don’t you think a 60 minute massage would be a good start to say “Thank You?!”

⭐️ Extra appointments available Saturday May 7th to spoil her!

⭐️ Reserve her spot now!



Extra Saturday appointments have been added May 7th to accommodate your Mom! RESERVATIONS can be made online! www.elitemassage.biz


Don’t forget to “REMIND” your other half that Mother’s Day is the 8th and a much needed massage is NEEDED! www.elitemassage.biz


Mother’s Day is May 8th! 🪴 Have you picked up a gift certificate yet?! www.elitemassage.biz


Raise of hands…. Who wants a MASSAGE for Mother’s Day? ✋ Who wants a bucket of chicken? 🍗 (Leave us your icon vote!)


Elite = Education “We never stop learning!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our Story

Elite Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners is an office where Fargo/Moorhead’s highest quality of Therapists and Health Practitioners unite to form a team that encompasses the ultimate care for mind, body and soul!

Each Therapist strives to encourage, uplift and inspire all those they work on or work with. Elite has been thriving for 17 years following the Platinum rule: “Always exceed other’s expectations.”

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Or you could get him a MASSAGE! www.elitemassage.biz
Elite = Education “We never stop learning!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Celebrating the education with EMA! Learning never stops at Elite! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
❤️ Now taking reservations! ❤️Save the perfect day and time you want to celebrate your ❤️ VALENTINE ❤️! www.elitemassage...
Want to be happy as a puppy with wind in your fur? Book a Sunday Massage with Krista or Danielle @ Moorhead Elite tomorr...
Kinesiotaping at Elite Massage!
During this road construction season, please go around this sign to get to us!
Stay out of the doghouse!
❤️ Merry Christmas from Team Elite 🎄www.elitemassage.biz




1121 Westrac Dr S Ste 102
Fargo, ND

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm

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