Bradley's Relaxing Massage Therapy

Bradley's Relaxing Massage Therapy Is a quiet and serene experience in which I customize each massage to fit the needs of any individual! Available by appointment.

Please call, text or email for availability. . Studio located conveniently near Fayetteville Square.

Operating as usual

[07/15/20]   My friends, I am so happy to see people putting their health in high priority! It’s really helped me to think of more ways I can be conscious of others health, and so I’ve now started to take the temperature of each person that visits my office 🌡 Anything over the average 98.6 is a good reason to suspect your body is fighting an illness or infection 🤒 so please stay healthy, and we’ll hopefully see you in the future ☺️

[05/20/20]   My dear friends we all know our cleaning senses are on over drive these days 😃 please know that I am doing all I can to keep you safe and secure during these highly stressful times😊 we all need to Stay healthy and To do that we must be relaxed and let go of our stress so that our bodies can (not our mind) can focus on healing😀
I hope I can help you in the future! Stay healthy and happy my friends☺️

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[10/21/19]   My friends, I am looking so forward to helping you in the future! Here is what someone recently commented:
“I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling so good this week. I just feel like I’m able to hold myself up better my core feels stronger and I feel like I have a lot better posture without consciously thinking about it all the time. I just recently started feeling like I was slumping all the time and I think what you’re doing is making a real difference for me. I’m looking forward to our next session next week!”
Friends, I hope I can help you all feel the same very soon 😊

[08/26/19]   Life is back in full swing my friends! And you can be as well after a relaxing session of therapy😃 for the rest of August you get a 15$ discount when you mention this offer💆‍♀️💆‍♂️
I hope to help you soon 😊

[08/24/19]   My friends, I am headed back to the great natural state of Arkansas. My trip was wonderful, and I hope to provide you more relaxation and health benefits from my experiences!

I hope to see you soon 😃

[07/21/19]   My friends, the coming weeks will be very busy for us all! For me, I’ll be headed to Warsaw, Poland the 31st of July and will return toward the end of August 😲 Understandably then I’ll be out of touch during those times, so if you’d like to schedule sometime to help you lighten your stress and clear your mind before I leave you can get 10$ off your next session when you mention this post! I am looking forward to hearing from you in the future 😃

[02/16/19]   My friends, I am loving the results of MFR! You will too, I can assure that only if you love feeling better 😊 My latest success was with a client who works out when possible, but on this snowy day her legs/ hip was feeling a little achy...we found a few moments and wow 😯 the pain was gone!
I do hope you get to experience relief soon!

Stay warm and well my friends 😃

[01/22/19]   My friends, I made it back in one piece and am so excited about the results I’m seeing and hearing with Myofascial Release! Please, if you haven’t had a session or are suffering chronically, let’s set up sometime so we can help you 😊

Stay well my friends

[01/10/19]   My friends, while it has been an exquisite start to the wonderful time of rest we call winter I will be headed to visit friends and see clients in Texas and Arizona today! If all goes as expected I’ll be returning on the 20th with updates and better skill for serving you all in the future 😃

Please, stay warm and safe!

[12/24/18]   Good evening friends! Life is a most exhilarating journey, especially if you are happy and stress free! Please note, I know it’s stressful for some in these dreadful days of if you’d like to schedule tomorrow I will have availability all day!

Enjoy the future 😃


Good Morning my friends! It’s getting colder outside, so please stay warm and take advantage of buy one Gift Certificate get your second 1/2 priced!
Check out Hello, my name is Bradley Huff. I have been practicing massage therapy for 10 years. For me massage is more than just an hour of relaxation, it is time you have taken out for your health and wellbeing.

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Bradley's Relaxing Massage Therapy

My friends, what an absolute pleasure it was traveling to Boston! My three day course of Myofascial Unwinding really helped to deepen my appreciation for ‘letting go.’ We all need some time to help our bodies recreate and rejuvenate themselves, so please get a free thirty minutes added on to your already healthy regiment of massage the next time you schedule by mentioning this post!

Stay healthy and Happy

Bradley Huff

[08/06/18]   My dear friends I’m leaving the 15th for a class to help deepen my understanding of how I can help you stay healthier and happier through the power of touch! I hope to have many pictures and pointers to help you all in the future!

[05/05/18]   Hello everyone! I do hope you are enjoying this magnificent start to spring!!! A Lot is happening and we are all exerting ourselves to stay healthy. For some of us we are exerting ourselves a little bit more than our bodies are wanting, and so they might be screaming in pain...if so please contact me and avail yourself of a FREE electric acupuncture treatment to help manage your pain! For a limited time this offer is available for you, but please stay healthy and happy!
I Hope to see you in the future 😃

[01/12/18]   Hello my friends! Time is passing us quickly :) The winter solstice has begun...I have had a lot of ‘structural reorganizing’ happen in the past few months, however I am still striving to enhance your massage! For the Winter Solstice I have a sale every year...Buy two gift cards get 1 FREE!!!!

Please feel free to tell your friends about the wonderful benefits you are receiving with Relaxing Massage Therapy!! I hope to see you in the future :)

[09/20/17]   Good evening my friends! I was just going through some recent records of people I've been striving to help! The thought occurred to me of how much folks have been saying that with my new work that I'm doing they are standing taller and walking straighter!
I do hope I can benefit you in the future my friends!

[08/13/17]   Good after noon my friends! I am just letting you all know that my next visit to Marshall, Arkansas will be Friday the 18th if all goes as planned! I will keep you posted 😊

[07/24/17]   My dear friends! Words cannot begin to express the excitement I feel for the new found knowledge that has revolutionized the way I perceive the work I do!! I was completely convinced of this idea when I returned to my friend's home here in Killeen after my last day of learning and his wife exclaimed "I can barely move..."
I came to the door she was leaning against and walked her ten steps ...she said "Brad it hurts so bad I can't make it any farther..." so I helped her down to the carpet where I began treatment of her sacrum and pelvic fascia...after 30 minuets or so she with little assistance climbed to her feet and began to walk slowly for about 30 minutes...then she walked back and we did another treatment this time around her occipital ridge and afterwards...she climbed to her feet by herself and began walking with little discomfort. I am so glad I was here to help!!! If I hadn't been here they would've gone straight to the emergency room for a shot to alleviate the pain.
Once again my friends I'm so excited about the future of your Health and Well being ☺️

Good afternoon friends, I'm headed to Austin! This weekend I'm taking a class to learn the basics of cranial-sacral therapy. This is so I can better help you break up tension and scar tissue, for you health and relaxation! I look forward to helping you in the future my friends stay healthy 😊

[05/08/17]   Hello my friends! The Exciting news today is that I am moving back to Fayetteville!!!!! As you know, I always want to serve you all better and I think my traveling back and forth from town to town has really gotten in the way of a plan was set in motion and now it's official the move date completion June 1st!! So excited to get serve you better in the future :)

Self stretch for shoulder and neck pain

Hello my friends, I've made a YouTube channel! Enjoy it please and I look forward to serving you more in the future!

Just a different option from previous videos

[04/03/17]   Good evening friends! I will be returning to Fayetteville tomorrow evening and, as most of you know, I usually do later night massages. This is so that I can support those of us that need help and need time for ourselves, but cannot fit into someone else's schedule. So please the next time it seems a bit later than after hours do not be afraid to text me, and I would love to accommodate you!! I hope to serve you in the future friends!!

[03/22/17]   Good evening friends! Unfortunately I won't be seeing you in Fayetteville this week... I'm Working on the Hot Springs project- trying to simplify and update my office space! I do have some very exciting news to share with you in my future posts!!
I hope to serve you in the future!

--Bradley Huff LMT

Hello my dear friends and fans!

I am sure many of you have noticed that in the past frew months I have added essential oils to many of my massages, as well as education about essential oils. These products have certainly made a difference in my life and I want to share them with all of you. So from time to time I will be posting a special that is going on or just general education. Thanks to all of you for being apart of my life!

This is a great deal that I have to share! This month doTerra is giving away a Deep Blue rub and a Deep Blue Touch with qualifying orders! This is over $90 in freee products!

I use Deep Blue with a lot of my massages and I use it myself everyday! This is a great product to use if you are active or if you have aches and pains.

Go to for more information!

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[02/21/17]   My dear friends and fans, we've had such fun with the essential oils education classes! We discussed the basics of essential oils too how they affect our moods also how we can deal more naturally with our aches and pains. Our next class though won't be until may please stay tuned for the time!
I'm elated to serve you in the future my friends!

[02/09/17]   Good afternoon friends! I am gearing up my massage studio in Hot Springs and am steadily getting there. Since I highly value all of your opinions I'd like to ask you for suggestions that would make your time better enhanced for your health and well being. So please leave a comment below or send a personal message. I look forward to serving you all in the future!

[01/26/17]   Friends and fans of mine in light of recent events I have come to see that for some of you mobile massage would be a convenient and comfortable way to take part in a therapeutic revitalizing of your health and well being!

So if you are indeed interested in this please let me know!

I look forward to seeing your faces in the future!

[01/16/17]   My dear friends and fans, we've had so much fun tonight learning about essential oils and how they can affect our moods and emotions in a positive way!

We will have a repeat of this class tomorrow, Jan 16, at 6:30 pm.

On February 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm, we will discuss how essential oils help us with aches and pains!

RSVP by text or email or here by a comment!

[01/04/17]   Hello my dear friends and fans! The future is going to be great 😀 I love it when I gain positive feed back from my clients, although most times they are in a state of complete relaxation and usually do nothing except say thank you and head out the door...sometimes there are clients who dare to awaken from their unencumbered state to relate their expressions of appreciation. It is most gratifying to hear people utter sentiments such as "Truly I can say your massage is one of the few I can walk away from and feel better."
-Thank you and I am eager to serve you all in the future!!

[12/27/16]   Hello my dear friends! It has been a busy year doing as much as I can to advance your relaxation! Essential Oil's my friends are empowering people everywhere to better support their health and wellbeing!
I have taken the time to have learned a new Technique using highest quality essential oils to greatly relax and boost my clients no matter what state of mind they might be in.
I look forward to serving you all in the future!
-Bradly Huff

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