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The adhesives that bandage our wounds and secure our devices are much more complex than you'd think. New CEO blog out on Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI) (tag a nurse please!)
Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about my team. Many thanks to these two guys for putting up with me for the last two years. Truly blessed!
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We've had to keep our design cloaked for months and I couldn't be more thrilled to finally unveil it! Please check out the video, share and help us spread the word #startsavinglines #lineusmedical #safebreak #IVdislodgement

Our patented break-away device provides hospitals & patients protection from accidental IV dislodgment or pull-out.

Our patented break-away device provides hospitals & patients an added layer of protection for IV access.

Mission: Deliver clinicians the necessary tools to prevent access line dislodgement while efficiently supporting the continuum of care.

Operating as usual

Lineus Medical Chosen for Project Healthcare

Even during turbulent times, we keep pressing forward. We're so thrilled to announce our selection to the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's Project Healthcare 2020 cohort! Read more about this exciting program below! Lineus Medical Chosen for Project Healthcare. Lineus Medical is proud to announce its selection into the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's 2020 Project Healthcare cohort. - PR12835613

Lineus Medical Completes $1.25M Series B Tranche 1

We are proud to announce the completion of Tranche 1 of our Series B financing round. Read more about the capital raise below!

#medicaldevice #startupfunding #startupnews #startup #healthcareinnovation Lineus Medical Completes $1.25M Series B Tranche 1. Lineus Medical has completed the first $1.25M tranche of a Series B funding round. The company was founded in 2015 and has raised a total of $4.7M over the past 5 years. - PR12823934

Lineus Medical Awarded Key Patent

Excited to announce that Lineus has been granted another patent on our flagship product, SafeBreak Vascular. Read more about this new intellectual property below! Lineus Medical Awarded Key Patent. Lineus Medical continues to expand the patent protection of its flagship product, SafeBreak Vascular, a break-away medical device technology that helps protect IV lines. - PR12823228

[03/10/20]   We're so excited to announce our new VP of Engineering, Will Armstrong! Read more about our latest addition to the team below!

The Pulse of Health Care: Lineus Medical - AMP

Check out the new write up on our CTO, Spencer Jones! The importance of innovation in health care can’t be understated, according to Spencer Jones, founder and chief technology officer at Fayetteville’s Lineus Medical.

Disks and Dressings - Antimicrobial Properties and CDC Recommendations for Chlorohexidine

Chlorohexidine Gluconate (CHG) is a widely used antimicrobial solution. In recent years, manufacturers have begun impregnating their catheter dressings with CHG. In this article, we'll look at the most current research and recommendations for using these antimicrobial dressings!

#CHG #catheterdressings #healthcare #IVsecurement #antimicrobial #nursing #infection #HAI In this post, we will breakdown the history of CHG, its introduction into the vascular access space, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations regarding its use.

Lineus Medical Earns Fourth Place in the Korean Startup Challenge

Lineus Medical is proud to announce a fourth-place finish in the K-Startup Grand Challenge, sponsored by the Korean Government. The competition took place in Seoul, Korea from August-December 2018 and included 1770 applications representing 108 countries.

#medicaldevices #vascularaccess #patientsafety #internationalbusiness Lineus Medical Earns Fourth Place in the Korean Startup Challenge. Lineus Medical Earns Fourth Place in the Korean Startup Challenge Lineus Medical is proud to announce a fourth-place finish in the K-Startup Grand Challenge, sponsored by the Korean Government. - PR12750298

Time for a Change: The Case for Changing Peripheral IV Catheters When Clinically Indicated

There has been debate for years about the right time to change a peripheral IV catheter. Should it be changed routinely, or only changed when there is a clinical indication to do so? In this blog post, we discuss the evidence based research and most current recommendations on this topic!

#clinical #evidencebased #research #nursing #IVcatheter #catheter #vascularaccess #peripheralIV In recent years, many clinical studies have been performed to compare outcomes of PIVCs that were changed routinely against those that were only changed when clinically indicated (presence of a complication, infection, device malfunction, etc.). With over 300 million PIVCs sold in the US every year,

Finding The Vein: Best Practices for First Attempt Peripheral Catheter Insertion

Successfully inserting IV catheters on the first try is a difficult task. When nurses master this skill, it helps patients and hospitals alike. In this article, we take a look at first attempt success rates and best practices for first attempt success!

#hospitals #nursing #catheters #IVcatheter #vascularaccess #IVaccess #health Peripheral IV catheter (PIVC) insertion is one of the most common invasive procedures performed in hospitals today (1). Surprisingly, most nurses receive little formal training in this area during nursing school and initial job training. PIVC insertion is an important part of the patient experience

All Clean Hands on Deck: The Nurses Role in Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention

Check out our latest blog post on Healthcare Associated Infections and the vital role nurses play in curbing them!  Despite their ability to heal the masses, hospitals have been known to sometimes get people sick after they arrive. When this occurs, they are called Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), and hospitals take them very seriously. In this article, we will look at the top four HAIs and

SmartTRAK / BioMedGPS, LLC on LinkedIn: "Preventing Peripheral IV Failure: The Next Big Thing - Products that prevent peripheral IV failures could be the next big thing in the market for vascular access adjunct products, a market opportunity...

Lineus Medical is proud to lead the charge in addressing peripheral IV catheter failure. Click below to read about the new approaches and market opportunity in vascular access surrounding peripheral catheter failure!

#medicaldevices #marketresearch #catheters #peripherals November 26, 2018: SmartTRAK / BioMedGPS, LLC posted an article on LinkedIn

Lineus Medical Society of Interventional Radiology 2018 Conference Recap

We had an incredible time exhibiting at the Society of Interventional Radiology Conference in Los Angeles earlier this year. Check out the recap video below!

A recap from Lineus Medical about our time exhibiting at the Society of Interventional Radiology 2018 Conference in Los Angeles, California.

Innovate Arkansas

Spencer Jones and Lineus Medical are featured in AY this month! Working with Spencer over the last few years has been a pleasure and we are so glad to see him get recognized.

Lineus Medical Acquires BVAD Tech and Second Vascular Access Device

More exciting news! Lineus Medical Acquires BVAD Tech and Second Vascular Access Device. Lineus Medical completed the acquisition of BVAD Tech, the owner of a dual lumen peripheral IV catheter called BVAD. - PR12674457

Lineus Medical's cover photo

Lineus Medical

Lineus Medical

Skin in the Game: Your Patient and MARSI

Adhesives and securements are great, but can too much of a good thing be bad? Check out our CEO's latest article on Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI)! There is no doubt that innovative adhesives have spurred advancements in wound care over the years. Intricate border designs and strong adhesive components allow devices to be secured and wounds to be dressed. But as these medical adhesives grew stronger, human skin remained the same, creati

What a conference! Can't thank the AVA Board of Directors enough for an incredible event. Driving best practice forward and protecting patients. Until next year! #AVASM17

SafeBreak Vascular- Product Introduction

A floor nurse's time is valuable, and we want to keep them healing patients instead of re-sticking them! SafeBreak Vascular is simple and easy to use, see more below!

Introducing a new class of product, Patient Safety Disconnects, and the first of its kind SafeBreak Vascular

Introducing SafeBreak Vascular by Lineus Medical

We're excited to introduce SafeBreak Vascular a first of its kind Patient Safety Disconnect device! Let's start saving lines.

Lineus Medical Adds Doellman and Stuckert to Technical Advisory Board

Proud to announce these two rockstar additions to our technical advisory board. Many hands make light work! Lineus Medical Adds Doellman and Stuckert to Technical Advisory Board. Lineus Medical, the developer of SafeBreak™ Vascular, added two distinguished members to its Technical Advisory Board on August 1, 2017. - PR12663838

Thanks to RevUnit and the Bentonville Exchange for a great 1 Million Cups presentation opportunity!

Awesome 1 Million Cups Bentonville at the Exchange space! Excellent presentations from Hello Cocoa and Lineus Medical!

The NWA entrepreneurship community is more vibrant than ever, plug in!

Top 5 States to be a Nurse

Ever wonder if the grass is greener in the other state?! In this article we analyze and rank the best states to be an RN. See if your state made the cut! I built a matrix of factors that impact nurses’ lives to break down the top five states to work as a nurse. The elements we examined were: average salary, hourly pay, quality of life, staffing protections, employment competition, and demographic health status.

"Just a Nurse" in the C-Suite

In this article, we investigate if nurses are making their way into executive level positions within hospitals. Check out this quick read for some interesting facts! So with such intimate knowledge of how to heal patients and improve outcomes, one would hope that RNs would be making an impact in C-Suites of hospitals across the U.S

337 Devices May Now be Exempt from US FDA 510(K) Requirements

ICYMI: FDA may be exempting 337 medical devices from requiring pre-market 510(k) clearance. 44% of the devices are lab, clinical chemistry, toxicology, and immunology products. The rest are a mix of gastroenterology, urology, cardiovascular, dental, ENT, OB/GYN, surgical, ophthalmic and radiology products. EMERGO SUMMARY OF KEY POINTS: The US FDA has proposed exempting hundreds of Class II medical devices from 510(k) requirements. The exemptions are part of the 21st Century Cures Act, passed in late 2016. Newly exempt devices will still need to meet other FDA regulations such as 21 CFR Part 820.

Are Nurses Caring for Themselves? Impact and Outcomes of the 12-hour Shift

Nurses take care of the sick, but is being a nurse bad for your health? Check out the latest blog post from our CEO for a quick read on this topic!

#nurses #12hourshift #RN #BSN The average day shift nurse will walk 4-5 miles, burning over 1,400 calories in a 12-hour shift. To put it in perspective, restaurant servers walk 4 miles, custodians walk 5.2 miles, and retail floor staff walk 3 miles per shift. One might think that with all the walking that nurses do, they

Thank you to the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing for letting us come celebrate IV Nurse Day with your students! While vascular access is an important part of a nurse's skill set, it can also be a rewarding career path. Cheers to the IV Nurses all over the world!

Ten Arkansas tech and entrepreneurship organizations to watch in 2017 - Talk Business & Politics

Humbled to be honored amongst such amazing company! 2017 is going to be one for the books! #FullSteamAR With 2017 right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at businesses and organizations in Central Arkansas that should make an impact in 2017. Not all of these are regular companies. Some are nonprofits, while others are private-public partnerships. 1. Entrepreneur Kid E...

Northwest Arkansas Business Journal

Thanks to Northwest Arkansas Business Journal for the mention!

#Fayetteville startup news: LineGard Med is now Lineus Medical. #nwabj #nwark

Lineus Medical Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MediCore

We're beyond thrilled and so proud to announce that Lineus Medical (formerly LineGard Med) has signed a Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MediCore Medical Supply! Check out the latest press release and hear their CEO, Josh Pittman, speak about their team's expertise and how it gives us a winning formula for launching the SafeBreak I.V. Lineus Medical Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MediCore. Lineus Medical completed an exclusive distribution agreement for the United States and Puerto Rico with the medical supply distributor, MediCore. - PR12586962

LineGard Med Exhibits at AVA Conference and Transitions to New Name - Lineus Medical

So excited to be exhibiting at the AVA this week! We love the chance to speak with over a thousand of amazing nurses and to hear the latest research in vascular access. Please come by our booth, give us your feedback, and Start Saving Lines! LineGard Med Exhibits at AVA Conference and Transitions to New Name - Lineus Medical. Lineus Medical™ will be exhibiting its product, the SafeBreak™ I.V., at the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) Conference in Orlando, FL September 17-19, 2016. - PR12586673

Lineus Medical's cover photo

Lineus Medical's cover photo

We love nurses! If you see or know a nurse, make sure to give them an extra thank you for being unsung heroes of our healthcare system! Happy Nurses Week!

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