Rejuvimed Advanced Medical Aesthetics

Rejuvimed Advanced Medical Aesthetics

We specialize in Non-Surgical, No Excision Prejuvenation and Rejuvenation that will make you naturally youthful-looking appropriate for your age.

Serving the Fresno area and Central Valley for 25 years since 1993.

Rejuvimed Total Wellness and Med-Spa is a premier medical facility that offers high-quality services to make you look better, younger and healthier.

“We help you achieve your full potential — bringing out your natural beauty through today’s most advanced and safest non-surgical techniques and procedures. We help you slip on those jeans you haven't worn in years, revive your confidence both mentally and physically, and are there for you every step of the way. Together, we achieve your goals with long-lasting results because simply put….our system works.” ~Dr. Cynthia Lopez.

Operating as usual


We treat to prevent irreversible damage to the skin that is life long. Acne is the most common skin disease of adolescents and while teenagers are more concerned about the redness and they want it gone now, treatment should include an in depth communication with patients and parents that their acne will not go away completely even with treatment, and that control is the goal so that acne doesn't stay as long, doesn't dig in as deep and doesn't flare up as much. When acne is controlled, the risk of forming scars is low.


These are a hybrid of and box car scars with very deep and steep walls that are not distensible. They're like deep canyons. They will improve with several combination treatments but the response will not be quite as good as the straight Fillers like Bellafil and subcision will not work as much. Multiple micro core excisions of the wide scars combined with and and medical grade will optimize her results. Since her skin is so devoid of normal and structures, I will be hesitant to treat her with technology. In my opinion, it can increase the risk of fibrotic scar contracture.

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is a nose procedure that is great for noses that point down. The key to the effect where the nose tip goes up is to strengthen the spine of the nose then inject micro drops of product along the center of the nose till it looks better.

The nose is one of the most dangerous areas to inject because it's arteries have direct link to vision arteries. If a product is injected into the lumen of the artery, the product can travel to the artery causing permanent So make sure your injector has good knowledge of nose arteries and has good techniques to prevent this catastrophic adverse event.

Liquid rhinoplasty doesn't help to narrow the width of the nose.

Hyaluronic acid is often used just because if an impending adverse event is happening during the procedure, the hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with a bunch of products. I also use a filler on patients who want to upgrade to a longer lasting lift. Liquid nose lifts can be combined with thread lifts for more rigidity.


My parents had 12 children and I'm the eldest. My mom of 89 was very happy that her 12 children who had their own children were able to get together this July 23rd. About 50 family members. It was a real blast. Unfortunately my father did not see this. He passed on 2 years ago. I appreciate my siblings' effort to make time for this grand occasion. They came from Chicago, N Carolina, Virginia, Canada and the Philippines. When we were growing up, it was chaotic for my parents but fun for us. It's still very much fun when we get together at this stage in our lives. Hope to do this again in two years.


will be of no value
can help support the
is a must
is warranted if scars do not flatten during tumescent numbing
and laser to smoothen texture
for faster healing
growth factors to boost scar remodeling
therapy for increased oxygenation and blood flow nourishment to treated skin


This younger photo of mine was sent by my sister in law when she picked me up at international airport. I aged of course. It's obvious, but I think I'm not aging recklessly. Thanks first and foremost to my constant body challenge to be fit which I don't particularly enjoy but NECESSARY to slow down worsening of my (curvedspine) and (a chronic progressive lung disease). I know will help my spine and help my lung capacity to expand. So I embarked on at a class in 2009. At that time, my was so bad, I would be out of air and vomit after only 5 minutes of walking but as I labored on, I was better in 6 months. When the school closed, I joined @pinnaclemartialarts for This is run by Master Shawn Lee, whom I judged to be the best in Fresno if you want to join Taekwondo. Second, is eating 5 times a day. It doesn't matter what you eat as long as you eat 5 times a day, breakfast the largest and dinner the smallest meal. Third, please protect your skin from UV: sunscreen, large hats and neck/face cover. If you dont give a s...t use an umbrella too. Fourth, NOT but regular maintenance with if you don't mind some recovery time. Fifth, skin care products that make sense. Prescription moisturizer and home made with and Last but not least, enjoy life and let's be kind to one another.

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These photos were posted by my sweet daughter Charisma, yesterday on Mother's Day. They brought me a jolt of nostalgia and reassessment of my life from when I was growing up as the oldest of 12 children with poor parents but who pushed us to higher education.

The 1st photo was me singing in a small night club making a few bucks like sing for food and personal stuff as a medical intern. Wow, life was really tough then. The following photos were in with my first two kids Charisma and Vincent. The last photo was tadaaaa... Charisma grew up to be a caring, smart and beautiful person. She's graduating this week with a masters from no matter what lot we're given with and work all the time


My treat this morning from my own My three patches of give me plenty twice a year. Prices are going up from to 😞 Planting is cheap and rewarding ☺️ Start growing your own and garden. Peace.


No post op no post op skin no tricks to show how really look like after


0.55 ml (half syringe)
#lipliner #lipgoals#lipinspo lips


Same story. Saw many providers, done many treatments...nothing worked. Unfortunately, this lovely patient had so many that turned into hard over time, which made the hilly, dented and bumpy. Fortunately, these cases are what makes me want to work even if I already want to 👵 I want my patients to recapture the joy of getting back the they had before destroyed it.

Music: New Horizons
Musician: Rafael Krux


Im the luckiest in the world! I seriously wouldn't be able to go on without my husband. We're and to each other We met 31 years ago at in , our was followed with a calamity of sorts. He had 1 child, I had 2 and then we have 2 of our own. Our meeting was a but not on at that time. The that emanated from our union became so unbearable that our advised us to get a to water down the amount of money that our were trying to take from us. We both said divorce was not an option. We stuck together, weathered all the storms year in and out, and here we are now, me 66, him 72, just enjoying our time together. Kids have grown up and moved out .... and my husband is still making me breakfast every morning for the past 31 years.


injected into specific areas of the nose very much improved the deviation of this lovely patient's using @drsilik The technique also improved the orientation of the tip of her nose from down to up. The change is very subtle and


My patient just wants to look and maintain her and without looking obvious to anybody. That's exactly what I did with and only 0.55 ml of Her lips are bruised which is expected normal but should go away in a week.


My patient came to see me after not much improvement from his previous treatments that included 3 CO2 laser and 1 subcision. The technologies were the right tools to treat his but the technique and settings fell short to produce meaningful results. To effectively treat a combination of modalities need to be employed as often as needed till you get the results you want. Acne scar treatment is not a one time deal and you have to accept that from the very beginning especially for grade 4 acne scars. Think of it as a journey. 85% of acne scars that I treat are the grade 4 type in the most challenging skin type: skin of color -

For his first treatment, these are the modalities that I used appropriate for his scars:
⚔ level 3
⚔ pan
⚔ punch

⚔ resurfacing

Notice that I also used CO2 laser and subcision like he had before but my settings were dialed in to reach the bottom of his scars. As a result, patient is very happy with his results.


It has been a very busy March for me. March 1, I had a cataract surgery. March 6 I had my birthday. March 10, I went to 🇦🇷 where I learned the techniques from @drsilik This coming Friday I'll be attending the users' meeting for and Did you know I got into all non surgical because I did not go with a plastic surgeon's recommendation in 2007 to undergo . At that time I just wanted to look younger and fresher for my 25th med school reunion without surgery. To this day, I thank that surgeon for his recommendation. It led me to my passion of helping people look the best version of themselves without surgery.

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Our taxi driver said he wouldn't stay in this poor area with dirt roads for even half an hour. I felt he was uneasy and asked me why I wanted to see this poor place. I said everytime I visit a new country, I have to see the opposite of the city's glitz and sizzle just because that's part of me. So many troubles in the world...poverty, war, human rights, etc. We need to appreciate🙏 whatever little we have and share with the less fortunate whatever we can give ❤

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so much to see. Beautiful city...mix of old and new. After 2 days of intense training with @drsilik for me and my son Raphael took a city tour. In a few days, I'll be leaving part of my heart in

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with natural-looking always on built slowly over 2 years for this beautiful patient. The test of natural looking plumped up lips is in profile or side view. In this view, you should see a subtle roll up and roll down of the top and bottom lips respectively. Incorrectly injected lips looks like a duck or Marge Simpson: the lips are big but unattractive😱

Creating is 📐⚖ It's not the filler. It's not the product. It's the person doing the .


If you're not sure how much you want, start with half of which is basically 1/10th of a teaspoon. If you need more, wait for it to mesh completely with your lips tissue. Wait for 3 months, then do refill.

This patient is just happy with the result. She got more volume with only 0.55 ml Juvederm, but nobody will be able to guess


When this shy patient was telling me how she went through so many treatments and nothing improved her condition while teary-eyed and crying at times, I was controlling myself not to cry . Her husband left her with 2 minor kids to take care of. She's only 32 but people think she's in her mid 40's. She was hoping that I will be the one to be able to help her. I told her I'll use everything in my toolbox to improve her scars. She listened and went through with my recommendation...a combination of treatments done in one treatment session..
1) to collapse the walls of not too wide
2) to break the sub skin fibrotic scars causing the
3) to replace the fatty tissue that the infection ravaged to extinction
4) to plant your own that will transform into newer skin, collagen and elastin over a period of 8 to 12 months.
5) to add insurance that implanted microfat and nanoafat will not die. It also assists in faster
6) to smoothen surface irregulaties

I expect her to improve more and more as time goes by.

Looking beautiful & deserve it

Meet Cynthia M. Lopez, M.D.

A Board-Certified Medical Doctor You Can Trust

Dr. Cynthia Lopez is a board-certified medical doctor by the American Board of Laser Surgery -- the only medical specialty board in the world devoted to laser medicine. Her devotion to patient care and top-notch expertise have earned her a reputation as one of California’s top doctors specializing in non-invasive surgery. Dr. Lopez’s specialties include treatment of sexual and bladder symptoms related to after birth and aging, Y Lift (a non-surgical face lift), treatment of severe acne and acne scarring, and body contouring.

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No post op #filters no post op #lip skin #makeup no tricks to show how #lips really look like after #lipinjections  #lip...
0.55 ml (half syringe) #juvederm #Lipfillers#lipliner #lips #lipaugmentation#lipgoals#lipinspo #lipenhancement #FullerLi...
Same story. Saw many providers, done many treatments...nothing worked. Unfortunately, this lovely patient had so many #r...
Im the luckiest #wife in the world! I seriously wouldn't be able to go on without my husband. We're #soulmates  #bestfri...
#restylanelyft injected into specific areas of the nose very much improved the deviation of this lovely patient's #nose ...
My patient just wants to look #refreshed and maintain her #lips and #chin without looking obvious to anybody. That's exa...
My patient came to see me after not much improvement from his previous treatments that included 3 CO2 laser #resurfacing...
Reposted from @yantrokelmdFillers just fill, but with The Y LIFT technique fillers can create LIFT. It's all about recre...
The #chickenpoxscar on her lateral cheek has been bothering her for the longest time. Options were to #cut and #suture b...
#lips #lipfiller #lipinjections #lipstick Lip work is an #art  ..It's not simply injecting a product. Beautifully enhanc...
I don't need sugar dip for this sweet potato. It's already mildly sweet. I cleaned the outside skin well, boil it till s...
Intelligent Caterpillar ... only from my garden.  😁 I harvested some mint from my garden and pleasantly surprised to see...





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