Your Perinatal Partner

Your Perinatal Partner

Helping you before, during, and after childbirth! Pregnancy and postpartum massage, childbirth education, doula. Everything surrounding birth, from conception to 1 year postpartum, and infant massage.

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Photos from GROW Prenatal & Family Center's post 03/27/2022

Photos from GROW Prenatal & Family Center's post


I’m getting involved again with the Arizona birth network and excited for the West Valley birth Expo on March 5! Come on out and see me! 87th Ave. and Kelton Lane…just west of Cracker Barrel



It’s all fun and games
And sexy breathing exercises for birth
And romantic plans about how he’ll take the baby while you do yoga every day

Until you’re 10 days postpartum
Still bleeding and soaked in breastmilk
Riding a roller coaster of hormones and sleep deprivation
And your lovely partner forgets to pick up a smoothie on his way home from the grocery store

And you lose your sh✨t
Like sobbing into the bathroom sink
Like cursing his mother
Like wondering why you ever procreated with someone capable of such unimaginable selfishness

And then, when the storm has passed, and you’ve had a snack- you realize
Two shaky, raw, sleep deprived humans
Trying to be life rafts for one another
While sinking into the depths of exhaustion and stress
Keeping the tiniest, most fragile, precious being afloat
Is hard AF

We weren’t meant to do this alone
We were not meant to be sent out to sea on a tiny little life boat with no map
Even the most loving, stable partnership can sink under the weight of operating in survival mode while finding your footing as parents

So, if you’re out there, treading water
Buried in laundry and breastmilk
Surviving on freezer pizza and three hours of sleep
Thinking mildly unkind thoughts about the person you chose to parent with
Because he can’t seem to calm the baby or remember your smoothies or grasp the depths of the earth shaking transition you’re navigating
You’re not alone
And it will get easier
One sleepy, shaky day at a time

❤️ Image and words by: @spiritysol


I’m legal at Del Webb to do Doula support now!

Your Perinatal Partner updated their business hours. 01/23/2022

Your Perinatal Partner updated their business hours.

Your Perinatal Partner updated their business hours.

Photos from Your Perinatal Partner's post 01/23/2022

I am going to start taking on some Doula clients and being a backup doula until my school opens. You can message me or call 602-697-6463 for rates. I am a Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Personal Trainer focused on Perinatal Fitness, and an Infant Massage Instructor/Trainer. Tammy Roecker is the Founder and President of the Early Bonding Foundation, 501c3, President of the Arizona School of Medical Massage and Wellness, LLC, and business owner at Custom Medical Massage where she has been a self-employed LMT for 30 years, with extra Certifications in Pre-and Perinatal Massage.

Photos from Katie Lou Makes Stuff's post 01/13/2022

Photos from Katie Lou Makes Stuff's post

Covid vaccinations are not linked to pre-term births, researchers report. 01/07/2022

Covid vaccinations are not linked to pre-term births, researchers report.

Another study. Try to show all info as it unfold.

Covid vaccinations are not linked to pre-term births, researchers report. Women who were vaccinated while pregnant were at no greater risk of delivering prematurely, nor of having small babies.

Mother's Searing Post Begs Exhausted Moms to Stop Making Excuses for 'Shitty' Husbands 12/18/2021

Mother's Searing Post Begs Exhausted Moms to Stop Making Excuses for 'Sh*tty' Husbands

Mother's Searing Post Begs Exhausted Moms to Stop Making Excuses for 'Sh*tty' Husbands This mother didn't candy-coat anything in her empowered message to tired working moms.


Stop spreading untrue, scary stories! Natural birth is actually easier! Beautiful!!

Baby's weight 5.46 kg (12 pounds)
Gestation: 42 weeks
Labour: a quick 3 hours
Birth place: home - birth pool in the play room
This is her 3rd baby.
And - intact perineum.

Midwife Jo Hunter says it all:

Stop telling women they can’t birth big babies out of their vagina!

Reposted from @blissful.herbs

Timeline photos 11/05/2021

Timeline photos

Probably one of the things my clients are most anxious about is tearing during birth. I mean. It's understandable. No one exactly wants to think on that too hard.

These illustrations show the pelvic floor muscles, how they wrap and overlap, and ultimately how they move aside to allow baby to be born.

The biggest contributors to preserving your perineum (space between vagina and anus) during birth are:
🌀Wait for the uncontrollable urge to push - This can mean baby is in the best position for birth and that it will happen more quickly/easily
🌀Easy does it - As baby is crowning, give little pushes between contractions and nudge baby down and under that pubic bone. Listen to your care provider to help with cues on how to slow down or push harder.
🌀Position - Upright positions can be much more productive speed-wise, but might put additional pressure on those tissues. Find a nice balance between gravity and side lying positions, etc.
🌀Compresses - Ask your provider if they have warm compresses to ease your tissues and help them relax around your baby's head.
🌀Good 'ole genes - Some people just have tissues that are better at stretching!

Get more free birthing resources here >>


Birth people might find this funny!

Photos from Best One Minute's post 09/14/2021

Photos from Best One Minute's post

The purple line as a measure of labourprogress: a longitudinal study - BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 09/12/2021

The purple line as a measure of labourprogress: a longitudinal study - BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

The purple line as a measure of labourprogress: a longitudinal study - BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth Background Vaginal examination (VE) and assessment of the cervix is currently considered to be the gold standard for assessment of labour progress. It is however inherently imprecise with studies indicating an overall accuracy for determining the diameter of the cervix at between 48-56%. Furthermore...


6 Feet Away & Pregnant 🤰😂


Fear Tactic Doctor's will Use

Tammy Roecker

APPPAH's 22nd International Congress 08/13/2021

APPPAH's 22nd International Congress

APPPAH's 22nd International Congress The Science and Mystery of Pregnancy and Birth: How they shape our Minds, Bodies and SocietiesLive Virtual Event: November 19-21, 2021All Session Recordings available from November 22-May 22, 2021Our growing knowledge about the complex prenatal and perinatal process relies on both the science of the...


:::::: August SPECIAL!! $209 ::::::

💕Pregnancy announcement Ultrasound (which includes the Hello Love photo frame 😍)

💕Heartbeat Animal

💕 SneakPeek early GENDER blood test! WITH NEXT DAY RESULTS (when blood is drawn Monday-Thursday)

This service can be done during the SEVENTH!!! and Thirteen week of pregnancy!!

Call or text for appointment 623 556 6767

9200 W Unionhills Dr
Peoria Az 85382

91st/ Unionhills Dr

# goodyearaz


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Help Shape Services for Mothers & Infants In Arizona!

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Homemade Soap Goats Milk Soap Glycerin by LennasLuxuriousSoaps 07/01/2021

Homemade Soap Goats Milk Soap Glycerin by LennasLuxuriousSoaps

This lady is a massage/doula client of mine and seriously talented! Buy soaps from this momma!

Homemade Soap Goats Milk Soap Glycerin by LennasLuxuriousSoaps You searched for: LennasLuxuriousSoaps! Discover the unique items that LennasLuxuriousSoaps creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting LennasLuxuriousSoaps, you’re supporting a ...

Photos from Hello Love Ultrasound's post 06/07/2021

Hey Birth Junkie friends….this is my friend’s 3D ultrasound business! Send your clients to her!!


Direct quote of photographer (S.Maguire) "This image was one of the hardest for me to take, because I am hand holding a 600mm Canon lens, and I am laughing so hard, as were the other 2 people standing next to me. This poor mother black bear, had 5 cubs. Yes, 5. She sent them up the tree and sat down and began to look at her poor, battle-stretched stomach. The man next to me said, “every woman that has had children understands this”…she kept moving the folds of her skin around and looking at her belly."

Rebel Wilson opens up about fertility struggles 05/04/2021

Rebel Wilson opens up about fertility struggles

Rebel Wilson opens up about fertility struggles Rebel Wilson opened up about her struggle with fertility in an Instagram post saying she received "bad news."

Photos from UNICEF's post 04/19/2021

Photos from UNICEF's post

Photos from Spacehopper Mum's post 03/15/2021

In case you wondered how babies are made. 😉


I decided to become a Realtor when I got Covid and I am now licensed and signed on with Realty One! Let me know if you want to buy or sell a house and I’ll be your Doula for free (within reason of my schedule) or you can just refer me because you love me! 10/01/2020

Webinars/Home Study

Today is a happy day, NCBTMB approved my Advanced Perinatal Massage Homestudy Webinar-Worth 15 CE!
A lot of hard work and time has been put into this!
What you would normally pay $650 and 5 days to get certified, is now available in on-demand video format-in 15 hours, with over 13 hours of video, that you can rewatch over and over for only $255!
Pregnancy, labor and postpartum lectures, with basic and many advanced techniques, and special video additions with cupping therapy, kinesiology taping, essential oils, and other controversial topics.
Upon purchase you will see the intro video, followed by an email with all the links to videos, articles, and supplemental files.
This course requires a 70% or higher on the exam to receive your certificate of achievement.
Register Now! Scroll down to Perinatal to register and for more info: On-Demand manual therapy videos approved for CE hours in a variety of subjects for massage therapists, (LMT), physical therapists (PT), nurses (RN), LCSW, and other behavioral health professionals, SLP, OT. Pelvic Floor, Cupping Therapy, Kinesiology Taping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizati...


Dr Joulak The Practice OB/Gyn

Removal of the Epidural catheter 08/06/2020

Doctors debunk the 25 biggest pregnancy myths OB-GYN doctors debunk common pregnancy myths, like if pregnant women need to eat twice as much and if it's okay to drink alcohol while breastfeeding. 07/31/2020

Pelvic Floor Function/Dysfunction

Have a new class to share!
My first automated, on-demand webinar on Pelvic Floor Function/Dysfunction-worth 4.5 CE...register now, and watch immediately! A Webinar starting at 31 Jul, 2020 @ 15:10 MDT, from Tammy J Roecker.




Glendale, AZ

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