Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie empowers women and men to make life-affirming choices

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie was founded in January 1994 as a counseling and support center with the purpose of bringing options, resources, and education to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our organization provides a safe, caring, confidential environment for those experiencing difficult pregnancy situations. Over the years we have been able to add to our resources includin

Operating as usual


A Testimony From Our Amazing Client “Debbie.” 🥹✨

“Debbie” came to the PRC for a pregnancy test, but more than the test, she needed someone to be there and allow her space to share her heart. And we could see that “Debbie” just needed someone to listen to her story and experience a safe place.

“Debbie” began to open up and share her struggles from the past couple of years. “Debbie” is a mother of 2 small children. Last year she found herself with an unexpected pregnancy. She told her boyfriend about the pregnancy, and he made it clear that he did not want this baby and would leave if she decided to have it. Against everything she believed in and the uncertainty of the future for herself and her two young children, she gave in and had an abortion.

As her eyes filled with tears, “Debbie” expressed it was the worst experience of her life. For “Debbie,” abortion would never again be an option for her. She stated if the pregnancy test came back positive, she didn’t know how she would make it alone with two young children and one coming, but she would manage.

“Debbie’s” pregnancy test result was negative. She was so relieved and hugged her advocate and cried for a while. The heaviness and emotional weight she walked in with became much lighter after speaking with one of our caring advocates. “Debbie” was reassured that she would never have to face any of this alone. We are always here to help.

Here at the PRCGP, we provide comfort, love, and hope to those in the midst of a crisis. Never again will this client feel like she is walking alone on this journey of motherhood.


Our PRCGP Crew was spotted at the 2023 Soroptimist Sneaker Ball! We love supporting our community. Thank you for a fun night, Soroptimist International!

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Every woman, story, and life is uniquely orchestrated but unconditionally loved.

Today is International Womens Day! And we would like to celebrate all of the incredible women we have had the opportunity to work alongside, serve, and empower.

Throughout this journey, we have had the opportunity to encourage thousands of women. To speak life and hope into their darkened situations and life circumstances.

And we're excited to continue to love all of these women well.



Curious about where to begin as a single adult or one-income family? At the PRCGP, we work closely with a team of Medicaid professionals! Through our pregnancy confirmation services, we can help verify your pregnancy status for approval!

Also, if you are in need of guidance, we would love to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction!

We're here, even for the tedious parts of pregnancy care!


Our very own Christina was awarded the Grand Prairie Metro Rotary Club's newest Rotary pin for 2023-2024—what an honor! These new pins symbolize HOPE. And how remarkable that extending hope is at the very crux of what we do at the PRCGP! Thank you, Debbie (Metro Rotary President).

We have truly loved these incredible partnerships we are forming within our community!

In addition, we would like to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Christina! If you have been to the Center, you have encountered her beautiful smile and warm welcome. Would you help us wish her a very happy birthday!!! 💛🎉✨


3 Ways As The Dad You Can Support Your Partner During An Unexpected Pregnancy!

* Listen: This situation involves more than just you. Be compassionate. This affects others as much as it affects you.

* Stay Calm: Freaking out will only magnify the negative. You're not alone; others have done this and gone before you. Keep your peace.

* Talk About It: Hiding the news from people who can genuinely help you only increases the stress. Reach out, don't stay isolated. Community helps carry the load of the unexpected.

Always know the PRCGP is here for dads too. You never have to feel alone or forgotten. You are so vital to this story! Reach out today.

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We were blown away by the attention to detail these DBU students & faculty showed toward our PRCGP client!

These incredible women sponsored and provided the most fantastic baby shower—from the beautiful decor to the delicious food, games, hugs, and conversation. These ladies brought tears to our eyes and instilled deep gratitude regarding the love that was shown.

Thank you, Dallas Baptist University! Your love is transforming lives.


You are braver than you think!

And when you question it, we're here to help remind you.

Your pregnancy doesn't have to be a fearful event when you stay informed and cared for along the way. If you are afraid or uneasy about taking your next step, we would love to schedule a counseling/consultation today!


Did you know that A LOT of our client referrals come from individuals within our community, but only a few know about ALL the resources and benefits we offer!

From medical referrals to FREE testing and ultrasound confirmations, to resources, goods, care, and ongoing support. We're an amazing partner to anyone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

If someone you know has recently received a positive pregnancy test or is further along but in need of guidance, resources, care, and educational support—come and see us TODAY.

Your word of encouragement radically changes lives. So remember what telling a friend can do!


Every journey is different, but one thing is sure, we need each other. Don't walk this journey alone, we're here to help.

Contact us today, and see what your next step will be! ✨


"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." — Romans 5:8

There is a love that fills the deepest parts of who we are.

And if today, you are feeling alone or isolated in the midst of difficulty, know that you are never alone.



This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to visit the amazing people of SouthPark Baptist Church. 🙌

What a beautiful family of believers; Pastor Randy & Lea Rhea Capote are leading a beautiful community!

Pastor Randy delivered a powerful message, and what an impact we experienced when he invited us to receive prayer from the congregation!

Thank you for your love, prayer, and support by helping to provide hope and resources to a community in need.


You're way too close to a breakthrough to quit now. ✨

We know life can be incredibly hard, but STAY STRONG!

Continue to show up, work hard, show kindness, and love well. God's not finished writing your story; this isn't the end of His plans and purposes for you. It may be the ending of a chapter, but keep going until the new one begins!

He has so much better for us than anything we have ever experienced in our past. Stay the course, and don't lose faith now.

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A Prayer For Single Mamas 🙏

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the strength and perseverance you are building within all of your daughters today. We pray for the mamas who feel the weight of the world resting heavily upon their shoulders. Would you come and be their source of refuge and strength?

We cover every mama who feels the responsibility of spinning multiple plates and wearing various hats, would you send individuals into their life who would love them as a devoted family should.

We pray for protection, wisdom, and understanding. We pray for provision, resources, community, health, and the ability to lean in gently to listen for your reassuring voice of promise and hope.

In Jesus Name, Amen! ✨💛🙏


"…giving brings a far greater blessing than receiving." - Acts 20:35b TPT ✨

I once read, "Giving is not God's Way of raising money; it's God's Way of raising people."

There's an increase in character when we give expecting nothing in return. However, Proverbs 11:24-25 TPT tells us, "Generosity brings prosperity, but withholding from charity brings poverty. Those who live to bless others will have blessings heaped upon them, and the one who pours out his life to pour out blessings will be saturated with favor."

Our motive to give is not to get, but in our giving, we receive something far greater; giving draws our hearts to the Heart of Christ.

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These generous women rallied their Sorority for a MASSIVE diaper donation for the PRCGP!! 👏🤩

Your contributions impact our community greatly. Especially the new mommies and families in desperate need of your Generosity!

Thank you, Zeta Delta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Arlington!


Come as you are! 💖

We’re here waiting with arms of grace! We know how scary these moments can be; no need to mask what you’re experiencing emotionally or physically.

At the PRCGP, we offer GRACE > JUDGMENT!

Schedule your appointment today!


It was such an honor to be with our amazing partners at Primera Iglesia Bautista! It was a beautiful Sunday celebrating LIFE!

We're so grateful to lock arms with some of the absolute best. God is incredibly kind to bring us these fantastic advocates and supporters such as Ps. Joe & Nancy Rivera and Primera Iglesia Bautista!

Thank you for sharing such a powerful message with our community Ps. Joe! This Sanctity Of Human Life Day was special!


Women are made to believe they can’t have both a positive and fulfilling future and a new baby.

So many women feel defeated, alone, and scared the moment they receive a positive pregnancy test.

But we’re here to stand alongside you and say YES, YOU CAN!


With help, resources, care, and education, you can walk into motherhood fully equipped and prepared for the journey ahead. Will it be challenging at times? Sure, but every amazing experience in life has its difficulties. The critical factor is not doing it alone. And if, for some reason, throughout the process, you continue to feel unable, we have fantastic adoption agencies and organizations ready to help with other future options.

We’re here for you. Contact us at


It's a BIG DAY for the PRCGP!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Today, on January 24th, 1994, we opened the doors of the PRCGP to our community. A community in need of love, hope, and care. Today, after 29 years of faithful service, we are in awe of the journey God has taken us on!

Whenever you step out in faith to the calling God has placed before you, it's always so much bigger and better than you could have ever imagined.

We have faithfully serviced THOUSANDS of desperate men, women, and families through difficult pregnancy situations over these 29 years. And we're happy to announce that we are just getting started with the Lord's continued vision over the PRCGP.

Please take a moment and CELEBRATE with us over these past 29 YEARS!!!!!!! Only God could do it!


In 1973, a day of honor was established for the unborn civilians within our nation. And through this sobering marker called NATIONAL SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE DAY, we pause and reflect on the sanctity of the unborn. Those who are the most vulnerable within our society and the very miracle of life itself.

Today, we celebrate LIFE and press forward with the hope of continued prayer and advocacy for the unborn.

Now more than ever, we are pressing into a crucial time within our nation and our world. Where the lines become blurry about where people stand regarding the subject of life. But today, we lock arms with thousands of other voices across our nation to advocate for those who have no voice.

Stand with us in prayer today for our nation and those most vulnerable. That we can be love to every scared mommy and continue to provide life-saving resources and support.


Being a parent is hard work! But when a community surrounds you with tangible and emotional support, you never feel alone!

One of the ways we step in to help our new mommies is by providing intentional HANDS ON educational resources. And through ongoing learning, you are educating yourself not only about motherly essentials regarding care for a newborn but other helpful tools for your personal journey as well.

Come by the Center today, and talk with one of our amazing staff or advocates about these ongoing educational resources that are available to every expectant mom in need of HELP.


We can't do this without you! Come experience our growing family of volunteers. You have never been more needed than right now!

One of the essential factors of our Pregnancy Resource Center in Grand Prairie is the relationships we form with our volunteers/advocates. Not only do they become like family to us, but they leave an unbelievable mark on our community.

If you would like to join us in this life-changing effort, please contact us today, and ask for Teresa, our Client Service Manager! We would love to get a packet into your hands regarding all the roles and needs we have available.

Your time and dedication to this Center is the life-changing effect for every individual that walks through our doors.


Every January, we pause and celebrate an incredible community and world-wide hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He sacrificed everything for those who have been marginalized and unjustly treated.

We honor him and his legacy!

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


Life Change Happens Here! ✨

And you have an opportunity to be a vital part of our growing team by becoming our new Sonographer, RDMS!

If you or someone you know has a passion for community impact and loves to witness life change and transformation through their gifting, please get in touch with us TODAY!

Our Sonographer for the PRCGP plays a vital role in our client service department. Through this FREE feature given to our clients, they are able to make informed decisions through the physical nature of seeing their new life in bloom.

Please get in touch with our Executive Director: Monica Gonzales, for more details and information.


We are passionate about postpartum resources, care, and support!

At the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie, we walk alongside mommies at every stage of pregnancy, including the critical stage of the postpartum process.

We encourage our mommies to feel free to reach out for continual resources, education, referrals, and care, especially at the postpartum stage! Many of our mommies need that additional support once they welcome their new baby home! And some mommies lean on us for upwards of a year and beyond postpartum—as the baby grows!

We are here for every stage of the journey, including the very critical postpartum process!


Did you know that at just 8 weeks, a developing baby is almost entirely framed and formed? They only lack the nutrients and time to further their gestational process!

Here are some miraculous facts about a growing baby at 8 weeks!

When you’re 8 weeks pregnant, your baby has a quick fetal pulse and is starting to develop facial features, fingers, and toes. There’s another kind of development going on, too. Here’s what:

— Cardiac Activity: Your baby’s heart is beating 150 to 170 times per minute, about double the rate of yours. You’ll probably be able to hear and/or see it on an ultrasound at your 8-week doctor’s appointment.
— Facial features: The lips, nose, and eyelids are developing and becoming more distinct.
— Fingers and toes: According to the Mayo Clinic, your baby’s fingers and toes are developing, too; they’re webbed for now. Oh, and their tail is almost gone.

There is no doubt about it; life is a miracle in motion.


We want to take a moment and wish one of our faithful volunteers, Chelda, a very Happy Birthday!!!

Chelda is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes! Her heart to serve and give back are evident in everything she does! When you come to the Center, you can see and feel all the love she has poured into this community!

We love you, Chelda!!! We hope you have the best day! 🎉

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