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Jan Chester

Chiropractic care for animals and their humans.

Operating as usual

Photos from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC's post 11/11/2022

As you know from my last post, we had to say goodbye to sweet Richmond last week. Today, we received these lovely flowers from Chewy. For a company to be so kind to its customers, especially in such a difficult time, that is the kind of company you want to recommend. Thank you, Chewy. 🙏🏻💛

Photos from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC's post 11/02/2022

Today was the last best day for my 15 year old fur baby, Richmond. He was diagnosed with a fast growing tumor about 10 days ago and his vet and I set November 1st as our day to say goodbye, before inevitable suffering ensued. We had a marvelous day of pup cups, Chik-fil-A, hugs from complete strangers, love from friends, oceans of tears and plenty of cuddles, before we had to say goodbye. I have been to a few of your last best days for your babies and I encourage you, if you’re blessed with the opportunity to say such a goodbye as this, that you take it and give yourself the opportunity for last new memories. I’m not sure it will lessen your grief anymore than it has mine, but you will be assured that your baby knows they have been loved and cherished when they cross over the rainbow bridge. Richmond is playing happily with his siblings that crossed before now, and I’m so grateful for the time we shared. 🙏🏻💔🥺


Great reminder to watch out for your pets tonight. Wishing you and your fur babies a happy and safe Halloween! 🎃👻


Dr. Gena has made it to Colorado, but the class needed to get her animal license is taking a little longer than expected. We hope to be serving the Front Range in early November! Until then, stay warm and don’t let the humans interrupt you too much!


While we are taking the necessary steps to get Dr. Gena licensed to see animals in Colorado, we thought we’d post one of her most admired women with some of her favorite animals. Queen Elizabeth II loved her corgis and her horses. This is one of her most beautiful photos, echoing the light she brought into the world. Our prayers continue for her family and subjects in their loss. 🙏🏻♥️🇬🇧


Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC is now registered with the great state of Colorado! Hopefully, we will be serving northern Colorado in early October! Stay tuned for updates! 🐴♥️🐶


Today, I saw my last patient in the Metroplex. It’s been an amazing year and I am now excited to be moving Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC to service northern Colorado, beginning in October. Please know it has been an honor and privilege to treat your pets and I pray for wonderful owners of new patients to come in this new chapter. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you keep your pets well adjusted! New logo configuration credit to Kristi Rickman Cole.

Timeline photos 08/02/2022

Yep… every time! 😁

Every time… 😂😂


Have a safe and Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸♥️


This is precious Walker. On December 1, 2021, his family was told by several doctors that he would not last another month. He was unable to stand to walk and had liver enzyme levels in the 2000’s. His mom called me hoping for a miracle and we worked together, me with adjusting and her with finding a restorative diet for him. By his 3rd adjustment, Walker was greeting me at the door and by the 4th, he was running outside to greet me. The liver enzymes came down by half, but still a struggle keeping weight on him. Today, his mom texted to say that he would be leaving us tomorrow, as he was showing it was time. He again ran to see me, tail wagging, and enjoyed his h**p treats for the last time. We gave him 7 more months with his family and I am so grateful to have been a part of his life and on his care team. Godspeed, precious Walker. May God bless your journey across the rainbow bridge. You will be sorely missed. 🥺💔


The summer heat has returned to Texas and we need to remember that our pups sweat through their feet. If the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, it’s way too hot for your dog. Restrict walks to early mornings or on grass instead of pavement.


Happy squeals at that! 😁🐷 Help your pig, goat, sheep, llama, cat or cow feel as good as you, your horse and your dog can! Call today! 🐴♥️🐶

Photos from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC's post 05/28/2022

Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC would like to thank all military members, human, equine and canine, for their service, especially those whose lives were lost to keep us free. May God bless you and may we never forget your sacrifice. 🙏🏻♥️🇺🇸


A reminder that our four legged babies have a spine just like our two legged ones. While playing with each other, they both can get out of alignment and need our help. Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC is “Chiropractic care for animals and their humans”. Call us today to help get your pets and children more comfortable and healthy! 🐴♥️🐶


While planning backyard barbecues, keep this in mind and call your vet immediately, if your pup get a hold of a corn husk. 🚫🌽


Keep those yummy Cadbury eggs away from your fur babies. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. If the unthinkable happens, call your vet immediately.

Photos from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC's post 04/11/2022

Happy National Pet Day, with the spaniels past (the Blenheim boys)and present (Baby and Richmond). So very grateful that all 4 have, and continue to brighten my life. ♥️🐶 Love your fur babies and make sure they are well adjusted!


Never a good idea. Keep your and your best friend’s nervous system working optimally. Keep your appointments or make one today! 😃


I would love to be able to adjust a giraffe, but a llama may be as close as I can get. 😉If your pet is having trouble turning their head or constantly has its head lowered, call for an appointment today.


Animals can be stessed, too. The best way to ease theirs and yours is getting your nervous system working properly with an adjustment. Call today for your appointment!

Photos from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC's post 03/15/2022

Pancreatitis is a serious issue that can cause intense pain and suffering. If you see these symptoms in your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Photos from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC's post 02/28/2022

So grateful to have such wonderful clients and patients! 🙏🏻♥️


This is one of the reasons that I began this practice. When I began chiropractic college, it was to become certified in animal chiropractic, as I had seen how much it helped horses and dogs. It took a while to be able to afford the certification training, but I finally did it. So after going through 4700 hours of human chiropractic training, I took another 213 hours of animal chiropractic training. For perspective, a regular 4-year college degree is 120 hours spread out over 4 years. I did 213 hours in less than 6 months. I then went on to gain national certification through the AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association). All of this to say, You can be confident that I know what I’m doing to help your pet. Just because someone is a chiropractor, farrier, or veterinarian, it doesn’t mean they can automatically adjust animals. Your pet or horse can be seriously injured by someone who wasn’t academically trained to adjust animals. Make sure your animal chiropractic practitioner has the necessary training AND certification, whether through AVCA or IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association) so that you can be confident they will help and not hurt your pet.


It is so important when choosing a dog that you are clear on what the dog is bred for. Malinois are NOT family pets. They need meaningful work and are not easily handled. Please, read the article below and know that just because a dog looks great in a movie, doesn’t mean it is great for your home.

I’ve seen others posting about the new Channing Tatum movie “Dog” so I wanted to put my thoughts out there. Every time a dog breed is featured in a film, there is a surge in ownership of that breed, without understanding of what that breed is. Malinois are serious dogs, and need a LOT of training. They are amazing, intelligent, driven dogs, but not for most homes. If you see the movie and think, “ it’d be really cool to have a dog like that,” just don’t. You’ll be in over your head, and with a Mal that can be dangerous. So appreciate them, read books about all the cool stuff they have done in war zones, but don’t think that translates to a dog that is content to sleep on the sofa 22 hours a day. As an example of this I present the photo of 2 kitted out special forces soldiers in training, and the most dangerous weapons these guys are carrying wear basket muzzles.


Happy National Margarita Day!!


Happy Valentines Day from Horse & Hound Chiropractic❣️♥️🐴🐶😘


Baby has been confused trying to find our previous website, but the new one is coming soon! Keep an eye out for Will let you know when it goes live!


Currently undergoing issues with the current website host and the site is “temporarily under maintenance”. No worries. I’m still here and ready to help your beloved fur babies. So if you need me, just message here or call. (214) 684-6863. We should be up and running again soon!


Although they are pretty decorations, please keep poinsettias up and out of reach of your pets. They can be deadly if ingested.


Merry Christmas to you and yours from Horse & Hound Chiropractic, LLC! 🎄♥️


As a human chiropractor, I recommend and distribute supplements. One is called Protandim by LifeVantage. It is an NRf2 synergizer for the body, which reduces oxidative stress. I found it is given to horses at a doubled dose from what humans take. HOWEVER, as a chiropractor for animals, I MUST state that you are to consult with your VETERINARIAN before giving a supplement to your animal. I cannot advise you to give your pet a supplement without your vet’s approval, just like I cannot treat your animal without your vet’s approval. With those caveats out of the way, please see the amazing transformation in Jax and his story below from another distributor:

“Look at the transformation in 90 days!
Reducing the oxidative stress in Jax body helped him in so many ways, his coat, his hoof growth, his main and tail growth, his performance, he looks like a completely new horses. His owner told me that periodically Jax would get hives on his body, he has not gotten hives since starting Nrf2!
His owner was so impressed with Jax’s transformation she became a distributor. Nrf2 is so amazing on our animals, there is no placebo effect and the results are dramatic! 😀
We cannot make any claims that we cure, mitigate or treat disease”


For the National Day of the Horse, I decided to post a very fine specimen. It’s up to you which you’ll ask for for Christmas. 😉
Love your equines and call if they need some adjusting love and care!


Christmas is so wonderful, but make sure to keep your fur babies away from pine cones and poinsettias. Have a very safe and happy holiday!!!🎄♥️🐶


It’s that time of year again. To keep the season Merry & Bright, please, continue to be good to your pets by giving the gift of health. Call today for your holiday adjustments.


While we love to share with our dogs at the holidays, make sure they avoid these foods. Upset tummies or death can come from them. Keep the Pet Poison Helpline number handy, just in case and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🍂🍁🦃


I received my certificate today from the AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association)! As a chiropractor that is Parker Certified and AVCA Certified in animal chiropractic care, I am grateful and blessed to be able to help your pets live their optimal lives! 🙏🏻♥️🐴🐶


Pound Patrol
June 14, 2020 ·
This is something everyone should see.
When you get your 8/10 week old puppies, please keep this image in mind. Their bones do not even touch yet. They plod around so cutely with big floppy paws and wobbly movement because their joints are entirely made up of muscle, tendons, ligaments with skin covering. Nothing is fitting tightly together or has a true socket yet.
When you run them excessively or don't restrict their exercise to stop them from overdoing it during this period you don't give them a chance to grow properly. Every big jump or excited bouncing run causes impacts between the bones. In reasonable amounts this is not problematic and is the normal wear and tear that every animal will engage in.
But when you're letting puppy jump up and down off the lounge or bed, take them for long walks/hikes, you are damaging that forming joint. When you let the puppy scramble on tile with no traction you are damaging the joint.
You only get the chance to grow them once. A well built body is something that comes from excellent breeding and a great upbringing-BOTH, not just one.
Once grown you will have the rest of their life to spend playing and engaging in higher impact exercise. So keep it calm while they're still little baby puppies and give the gift that can only be given once.
A bit of back-story: This is a baby puppy who had a knock to his elbow and wasn't using it properly, so he was taken to the vet. There is nothing wrong in these x-rays, thankfully it is a soft tissue injury and he is expected to be fine.


For all my equine veterinarians, this is a supplement, I’ve seen great results with in my human patients and they’ve started giving it to horses with even better results. Please, message me if interested in learning more.
Animals don't know what a placebo effect is... so stories like this make my heart happy! Who do you know that loves horses? They might want to hear this.
“Jolie is a gorgeous 9 year old AQHA mare & Alicia added her to the family about 4 years ago. Jolie started running barrels hard at a couple years old. She had dry hocks & rotation in both coffin joints. After owning her for 2 years with rest & rehab, Alicia was able to get her healthy & running barrels again, but Jolie's regimen included chiropractor visits, injections in her back, coffin joints, hocks & stifles, plus Banamine on weekends of 3 day shows. Over the 4 years she's owned her, Alicia tried many different supplements to keep Jolie healthy and so she was a huge skeptic when she heard about Nrf2 activation. But now, she's decided to let everyone in on her little secret about this little yellow pill.
"I’ve heard the whispers: 'Where did that run come from?' ... Well, Jolie is now addicted to a little yellow pill called a Nrf2 activator. This little pill has been a game changer for us! Along with A LOT of hard work, this little redhead is now clocking with some of the best horses every weekend!"
"There was a time when she was falling apart run after run, but now I’m happy to report I surely believe in this yellow pill! And you can't believe how much LESS a month she’s costing me in chiro, vet and supplements alone!!!"
Jolie started being Nrf2 activated just 3 months ago. Because Alicia was a skeptic, she only ordered 1 bottle and started her on 1 pill a day - just half the proper dosage. After 2 months, she started seeing some improvement so the skeptic started to believe and she upped her to the standard dosage of 2 a day in the 3rd month. And that 3rd month, WOW she started to see "HUGE RESULTS!"
"Jolie is firing so hard! We actually won the 3D at a Super Show this last weekend. Before our biggest day was 4D at small jackpots, but this last weekend was our first 3D 1st place! Our first super show big win.... and it was behind a true 1D rodeo horse!"
Nrf2 activation doesn't treat cure or prevent any disease or condition. It merely turns on a horse's own internal pharmacy of antioxidants & anti-inflammatories to help a horse's body optimize its own health & performance!”
And when a Horse Feels Better... It Runs Better! (The same goes for humans and canines too!!😉)
Protandim Nrf2, for the WIN!!!🙌🏻

We cannot make any claims that we cure, mitigate or treat disease





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