Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness

Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness



Learn Tangible basics for everyday magic.🪄

This class is designed to get your intuition brewing and learn how to embrace it and use it. Are you ready to trust yourself? In addition, each person will get a mini card reading!

Investment: $75 which includes the class and mini reading, tasty treats and beverages, suggested resources, and an energetic goodie-bag for each person.

Our instructor, Krissy, is a local yoga teacher, savy entrepreneur, and queen of manifestation! I am excited to partner with her and have her share her gifts.

Join us on Sunday, March 13th from 4:00-7:00pm.

Led By: Krissy Zegers Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness

Krissy has been a yoga instructor for over 17 years and a lover of all things witchy longer than that. When Krissy isn't pulling tarot cards or teaching a class, she is working as a holistic coach and consultant, helping people to go from surviving to thriving in their lives. She also enjoys hopping on her broomstick to chase her two little boys and husband Pat.
This Thursday is our last day of Yoga with Krissy!

Join us at Thornberry Creek at Oneida from 6-7pm for a yoga class that will introduce participants to basic yoga poses to help lengthen tight muscles to increase flexibility, address imbalances in the and increase mobility.

This class will move slowly with lots of attention to alignment, breath and stability in order to stay supported and safe. Practicing yoga can also be helpful with the mental part of golf.⛳

Featuring a photo from Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness ❤
TWO DAYS AWAY is our first class for the Yoga-Pop Up Winter Series on January 13th from 6-7pm!🧘‍♀️

Come join Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness at Thornberry Creek at Oneida! This class will introduce participants to basic yoga poses to help lengthen tight muscles to increase flexibility, address imbalances in the and increase mobility.

Tickets available here:

We look forward to seeing all of you!💪
Thank You Evolve Yoga and Wellness! YWCA Greater Green Bay is looking forward to the Women's Wellness Within Series!
Lets give a warm welcome to Evolve Yoga and Wellness who will be teaching classes in our 2nd floor studio here at YWCA Greater Green Bay. Join them this Saturday for their Open House from 9am-11am.
We are excited for our new partnership with Evolve Yoga and Wellness .....details coming soon! Exciting new opportunities happening YWCA Greater Green Bay! Let's make this the best FALL ever!!!
Thanks for a wonderful class today. The stretching really helped me during the Aldo Leopold Sting Cancer 5K. I had a great walking pace, felt loose, and was the first female in. I know it was the yoga that made all the difference!
Will you be having any mama and baby yoga classes anytime in the near future?
Hehehehehe yoga dog!!!
Will you be holding a Family Yoga class again sometime? I'm looking for one for my 4-year-old and me. Thanks!
Tuesday noon recess with Peg is a blast! I highly suggest it for everyone (brand new to experienced). It is set up in short intervals that always keep you moving, but lets you focus on the pose in your own personal way. You keep up with no one but yourself. The class is over so quickly, loved it!
A negative is that I've already failed the 30 day challenge, but a plus side is after celebrating Christmas this weekend I got a gift card! It was on my list and someone listened!

Need some inspiration!!! I am your gal. I help people to align with their truest way of being. Some I guide from a place of alignment. I work with people through the messy, the busy, the overcommitted, the disconnected, the lost.

I believe every person should thrive, feel connected and balanced. To help them on their journey using mindset (shift perspective, words, intentions) movement (yoga and energy work), magic (intuition, tarot, astrology). In sessions with me, expect all of these things. Expect swear words, collective energy discussions, card pulls, planetary talk. Expect authentic, expect real. I approach all classe

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

Ready to learn tarot - We are diving into the Minor Arcana this Sunday! -


Let’s embrace some full moon vibes with a nice little mantra that you create for yourself.

Full moons are about completion and release. This one in particular is all about letting go of the frustration. Let go of the “adding one more thing to the plate vibe.” Embrace rest. Embrace ease. Embrace you and your boundaries.

I am grateful and feel blessed now that I choose to feel ease.

Happy mooning! 🌕


Ready to find balance and connection this week?

Join me at all the studios I teach.

The Yoga Loft


Timeline photos 08/02/2022

I have 2 classes coming up for the curious card readers. Wanna join me? -


Things are started to pick up...can you feel it? Join me to center, balance and reconnect.

Here are my yoga offerings for this week.

The Yoga Loft



I am so excited to offer this class in the new space Indigo in Kaukauna, on August 12. If you are curious about cards and want to know where to start, this is the workshop for you. We will touch on Tarot, learn the basics and how to read for yourself.

I would love to have you join me. Visit to register for this event.

If you have questions, drop them below in the comments or reach out.


Everyone! I am going to be teaching some pop-up classes this month Indigo in Kaukauna. Come and join me this Wednesday at 9am. Be on the look out for other class options.

We have pop up yoga on Wednesday. This class will be a gentle restorative class. With lots of ohhhhh and ahhhhhs. Join us at 9am, click the link below to pre-register.

Krissy Zegers


Welcome to my garden!

It is growing like crazy!!!

Do you know why I love my garden?

It is fun to grow. Plants can heal your body. They give off good vibes. They help me to live more sustainably!

Tell me your favorite gardening tip or why you love gardens.



Getting ready to teach a little yoga. Arrived early. By mistake, but enjoying the peace. Just another day and the life of a yoga teacher on the move.


2 of my favorite things together this morning. Coffee and a client. Makes for a great start to the day.


I think lately I have fallen into too deep of a reflective abyss! I have been too quiet. I have been hiding.
I have been stuck between knowing where I want to, getting there way to slowly for my patience level, and then continuing to lean into what I really want.

Did you know the leaning into what I really want can be pretty tough? Here is my little journey… get out your glasses because it is going to be a lengthy post.

It takes some 💪and acceptance for who I am and what I want and then taking action to move closer towards it.

I have to give myself permission to be seen as the authentic me 👀 Not as what others want me to be.

I have found, I can’t be afraid that some people may not like what I am leaning into. 😡🤬I am not the same person I was one year ago. At all…AND that is awesome because that person was hiding so much of who she really was.

After I reclaimed me, I have been able to put my stake in the sand stake in the sand and claim my boundaries. Which is where you can feel like you want to 🤮because these may be very new for you exert and others to actually experience. Often times when I don’t honor my boundaries I stay meek and silent like a mouse 🐭When I do stand in them, I can be a bit bold and to the point. 🦁

But my boundaries are MY alignment. It is where I am able to feel my purpose, power and possibility. I can thrive here when I let myself stand in my own power and not stand down to pacify someone else.

This is where the balance and connection that I want to experience lives.

Finally, I have to keep showing up and staying accountable to me. Redesigning the new patterns I want to experience in my life. The constant redirect to what is important and not reacting to what is going to pacify my fears.

So being reflective is great, but being seen and heard is the force that guides the aligned me. Staying quiet and not doing something with the reflection doesn’t serve me on a greater level.

Tell me what it is like to be the aligned you!

Timeline photos 06/26/2022

I still have room. Join me tonight for an Intro to Tarot - Use Tarot as a toon to listen to your inner knowing. -


The right-sized chai or the right-sized day!

Timeline photos 06/22/2022

Did you know that people use all sorts of tools to help them listen and understand themselves to a deeper level? You may meditate, connect to nature or use Tarot to create that connection.

In Divine Basics for the Curious Card Reader, you will learn how use Tarot to connect.

In this workshop we will cover:
What Tarot is, How to Choose a deck, understand the cards, discover the major/minor arcana and suits, learn how to start reading for yourself. Join me this Sunday!-

Timeline photos 06/21/2022

Celebrate the Solstice with Mindset, Movement and Magic. Click this link for access into mindset, movement and magic.-


Talking about Cards - Misconceptions around religion and the "dark side" of tarot.

Using your cards as a tool to tap into yourself at a deeper level and in a way that matches who you are.


Planter update! They are looking good!!!

Photos from Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness's post 06/14/2022

Wanna learn a little about the cards? Here we go! We will start with the fool!

Photos from Krissy Zegers - Coaching, Consulting, Yoga and Wellness's post 06/11/2022

Success is certainly funny. The clients I work with, are successful but what they want in their success is different. They want success that honors them as well.

The are tired of achieving success in which does not honor their time, energy and boundaries.

They are stepping into a redefinition of success. A success that honors their connection and balance. It also honors their ability to feel like a human with emotions and needs and not a robot fulfilling everyone else's needs.

How do you want to define success?


What is this Divine Basics for the Curious Card Reader?

Talking all about my upcoming training!


Educators...I see you. I know at the end of the school year you are zapped and burnt out. Do you want to let go of the frantic/tired from the school year? Do you want to balance your energies so you feel calm and understand how to fortify your energy? If so, join me! We are going to learn techniques to maintain balance, understand the chakra system and discover tips and tricks that you can use throughout the year to maintain some level of balance and higher energy levels.

$40 per person. Come with a friend save $5 on admission each. Contact Krissy to register.

Two time options available: June 30 - 9-11am or 1-3pm

Link in comments to check this out in greater detail and register!


Let's grab some coffee and talk all about cards!

Join me for this interactive class as we get buzzy from coffee and the talk about tarot.

This is a great class for the beginning reader to learn more about the cards, learn how to use them as a tool to connect and sooo much more.

Plus...if you are thinking about joining me for my Divine Basics Tarot training, this is a great way to learn just a little something before we jump in a learn all sorts of things.

Link in comments to register.


You guys! I am working and working and working on putting this together for all those that are interested in diving into Tarot a bit more. AND... I am launching in June for a test group.

I am starting to take names for those that may be interested so I can reach out with more information.

This is for you if you are curious about reading cards, are in the beginning of your tarot journey, want a deeper understanding of how to use intuition to help you tell the story of the cards in an empowering way and want to connect to a tribe of people that talk intuition and magic!

Here is what I do know - There will be live workshops, monthly personal readings and 1:1 discussion with me, on-demand content and basic info on the cards so you can elevate your reading for yourself and learning how to listen to your intuition as you are reading the cards. I am also likely going to offer this both in-person and online!

Drop me a note if this seems like something that is right for you!

I would love to have you join me!


They are ready! Bring on the plants and dirt!


Just a little gnome saying hello and hoping you smile a bit more today!


Embracing my horoscope this week. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself in public… Yep. I am pretty sure I can do that! Thanks .app.

I needed the reminder to let things be light and always be learning!


Sometimes you just have to put it out there to make it happen.

So here we go! In case you didn’t know, I have been reading cards for over 20 years. BUT… I have really only read them for certain family and friends. Over the past couple of years, I have expanded that. I have started reading for more and more people. I have broken out of my, “people will think I am nuts” mindset to the “people will think I am magical” mindset. I have expanded, I have grown, I have trusted more. AND since I love sharing and teaching, I want to share and teach you how you can embrace the cards to help you connect into your inner knowing and to read for yourself.

We will talk about all the basics. Starting with picking out your own deck. To understanding how to use intuition to guide your readings. We will cover “all” the topics.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Drop me a note below and I will follow up with details soon. I am still cultivating and developing BUT at some point so have to just put it out there, so here I go!

Let me know what questions you may have!

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Welcome to my garden! It is growing like crazy!!! Do you know why I love my garden? It is fun to grow. Plants can heal y...
Talking about Cards - Misconceptions around religion and the "dark side" of tarot.
What is this Divine Basics for the Curious Card Reader?
Energy Update - Shifting Into Presence
How did the new moon go for you?
Card Pull for Today!
Cosmic Calendar Event this Friday
90 day difference
I see you! Let's talk connection.
Much better beach day!! 🌊Today I am living my value of LIVE. This is all about embracing life. Fully taking it in. I am ...



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