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Brain training to reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Insomnia.

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[10/11/20]   Power is restored! Afternoon sessions will run as scheduled. Thank you!

[10/11/20]   Morning, All - the office is without power due to an early morning car accident on Pelham Rd. Duke is estimating services up and running by 3pm today. If you are scheduled for an afternoon appointment, I'll be in touch with you if rescheduling is necessary. Happy Sunday!

Happy Monday! Seize the day

COVID Brain: The Lasting Impacts You Haven't Heard About | Amen Clinics Over 300 studies so far are pointing to acute and chronic neurological, neurocognitive, and neuropsychiatric problems resulting from COVID-19.

What To Do When Worry Keeps You Awake - Mindful Behavioral sleep expert Jared Minkel explains four ways to quiet a racing mind and sleep more soundly.

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #4

Here's a beachy relaxation to brighten a rainy day. Feel free to use and share. Breathe deep, friends.
Call Sara if you'd like to get to the next level of brain relaxation. We're open and just began taking new clients. 864-663-2403

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #4. Neurofeedback, Stress, Mental Health, Wellness, Well Being, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder, Sleep Sounds, ...

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #3

Who feels like they drag around excess baggage or too much work? If so, here's a relaxation script for you. Hint: these relaxations are fantastic right before bed to help you drift off....

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #3. Neurofeedback, Stress, Mental Health, Wellness, Well Being, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder, Sleep Sounds, ...

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #2

Here is a relaxation that has you floating on a river. Enjoy! Feel free share and use as needed.

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #2. Neurofeedback, Stress, Mental Health, Wellness, Well Being, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder, Sleep Sounds, ...

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #1 - Intro

As promised, here is the first recording of Progressive Relaxation! Yes, it's here and free to use and share with your friends. It is our way to give back to the world during a time of need. New relaxation videos every Sunday at noon. Make sure to subscribe to the Brain Refocus YouTube channel so you don't miss any. Happy Sunday!

Brain Refocus Progressive Relaxation Tape #1 - Intro. Neurofeedback, Stress, Mental Health, Wellness, Well Being, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder, Sleep ...

‘I’m in High School Again’: Virus Sends College Students Home to Parents, and Their Rules Their college campuses closed, crestfallen students have journeyed back to their childhood bedrooms — and to chores, revived sibling rivalries and curfews.

Brain Refocus is open and cares. 864-663-2403

Greenville County Schools

United Way of Greenville County today opened a 2-1-1 hotline to provide access to resources and information about emergency services. Individuals can call the United Way 2-1-1 hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to access resources and information about where to find emergency needs services, such as access to food, shelter, healthcare, and transportation. We appreciate the support of the United Way for making the health and well-being of children, vulnerable families, and individuals a priority.

Sites for Free Meals for Children Sites for Free Meals for Children

[03/15/20]   We are trying to protect you and keep you healthy. Therefore, masks and gloves are used to reduce the risk of accidental transmission of COVID-19 and to protect ourselves. You may also notice there are no toys in the waiting room; that is also to reduce the spread of germs.

If you are sick or if anyone in your household is under quarantine, we are happy to reschedule you.

The goal is to provide uninterrupted mental health services as long as you need them. Brain Refocus is here to help and support. Thank you for your understanding.

Here's what YOU ARE in control of during this time and what YOU CAN do to help yourself.

My thoughts on how to boost your immunity to not contract #Coronavirus. See below and share:

Staying adequately hydrated is critical for fending off viruses.

Excessive drinking disrupts immune pathways and, according to a 2015 review of alcohol and the immune system, increases susceptibility to pneumonia and other illnesses.


A 2014 study shows that probiotics support gut health and boost the immune system, which can help you fight off viruses. Include fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, or kimchi in your daily diet for added immunity support.

Increase your intake of colorful fruits and vegetables.

The unique and diverse compounds in these fungi, not found in other plants, have been found to have immune-enhancing effects.

Consuming garlic can increase the number of T-cells—the body’s natural virus fighters—in the bloodstream.


This potent nutrient supports the immune system and helps your body defend itself from invading viruses and bacteria.

Doing moderate exercise on a regular basis has been scientifically proven to enhance the immune system.

Greenville, South Carolina - Official City Government Homepage

Heads up for our clients.

Pelham Road in Greenville County is closed from Garlington Road to South Batesville Road, due to a gas leak.

NewMind Technologies

Reorganizing takes trial, error, and lots of time. It takes your brain time to learn how to reorganize itself with the help of Neurofeedback. The great part is, once your brain learns to organize itself, that learning is permanent!

#neurofeedback @AAPBiofeedback

One of the most powerful ways to shift the atmosphere of the mind towards more focused awareness is a very simple gratitude practice. By making the decision to embrace gratitude with curiosity, you rewire your brain to accept all the benefits gratitude has to offer. Try to commit to a daily gratitude practice for just one week by keeping a mindful gratitude journal. Try this simple practice:

Brain Refocus concentrated on gratitude and thankfulness this November and had amazing participation from our clients! Thank you all!

[11/27/19]   Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are so thankful for each and every client; we have the best ones! Brain Refocus will be closing this afternoon and re-opening on Sunday, Dec 1st for scheduled appointments.

NewMind Technologies

Just as the wounds people acquire took time to develop, healing also takes time.

#neurofeedback #healing #mentalhealthmatters

Bullying Changes Brain Structure, Raises Mental Health Risk Bullying puts kids at increased risk of depression and anxiety disorders, not only during childhood and adolescence when the bullying occurs, but l...

How to Stay Sane About Halloween Candy

Maybe a new yearly tradition for your family? In my family, we call the switch witch the Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown). No, your children won’t overload on peanut butter cups. Yes, you can eat their mini Snickers.

Exciting conference coming and Greenville, SC is hosting! We love to learn!

This is Where Kids Get Free Breakfast & Lunch this Summer Many GCS students receive free or reduced-price meals during the school year. Summer Food Service Program provides free meals to kids in need during the summer.

Vaping May Hurt the Lining of Your Blood Vessels Exposure to cinnamon and menthol e-liquids proved particularly damaging to cells, the researchers reported.

Sleep problems in teenagers reversed in just one week by limiting screen use - Neuroscience News

Reduced screen time and blue blocker glasses are part of the solution to better sleep. Brain Refocus is happy to help you choose a pair of blue blocker glasses and set up a screen time schedule for you or your child. Teens who are exposed to screen time for four or more hours a day have a 30-minute delay in sleep time and report more sleep disruptions than those who spend an hour a day using tech. However, reducing screen time for a week and using glasses to block out blue light help to resolve sleep problems.

Logan Paul: The Brain & Empathy Connection Logan Paul and Dr. Amen just might be the reason young men and women will start seeking help for their difficult behaviors that damage their work, ...

Neurofeedback gets you back in the zone: New study from biomedical engineers demonstrates that a brain-computer interface can improve your performance

Neurofeedback in the news! There is so much research currently being done on Neurofeedback. Researchers have shown -- for the first time -- that they can use online neurofeedback to modify an individual's arousal state to improve performance in a demanding sensory motor task, such as flying a plane or driving in suboptimal conditions.

Happy Sunday from Brain Refocus! Check out the beautiful sunset at the office tonight.

Brain Refocus loves to support STEM learning! We brought the brain wave controlled helicopter and arm with us tonight to Oakview Elementary School!

[02/12/19]   Huge exciting news coming shortly!!! We are growing!!! Stay tuned!

Spring is coming. Just like the flowers, make sure to "water" your brain each day. Drinking water is a sure way to make your brain happy.

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The mission of Brain Refocus is to empower you to reteach your own brain and to take control of your life. Map. Train. Be a Better You!
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