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Because America deserves a second opinion! Created to provide direct clinical consultation and help. Experienced with geriatric medicine.

Dr Octaviani did his pre-medicine undergraduate work at the University of Puerto Rico from 1996-2000 and later obtained his Medical Doctorate at Ponce School of Medicine 2000-2004. He did his specialty Internal medicine internship and residency at Baystate/Tufts University School of Medicine from 2004-2007. For the past 15 years, Dr Octaviani has provided physician services in acute, post-acute, S

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Tired of having to travel to the doctor’s or urgent care facility? Now you don’t need to. 2nd Opinion MD makes house calls throughout Central Massachusetts. 💙🤍

I can come to your home and make house calls as needed.

Learn more at https://www.2ndopinionmd.info/

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Looking for a second opinion for your case? Never fear, I am here for that! I will be your doctor! 💙🤍

We can meet either in person or via telehealth, so I can answer all your questions.

Learn more about Medical Second Opinion: https://www.2ndopinionmd.info/medical-second-opinion


Don't stress yourself waiting in line to the doctor's office; get an on-call doctor that you can talk to anytime!

Call Dr. Raul Octaviani over the phone whenever you need medical attention. Learn more about Direct Primary Care: https://www.2ndopinionmd.info/direct-primary-care


Do not allow money to intervene with your health.
2nd Opinion MD provides direct primary care that you can pay on a monthly basis!

Visit https://www.2ndopinionmd.info/direct-primary-care for additional information.

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We provide a streamlined medical experience that saves you time and money, and eliminates the hassle of traveling for a second opinion.

See more at https://www.2ndopinionmd.info/medical-second-opinion
Get a medical second opinion whenever you need it. Contact us to learn how.


Does affordable health care seem out of reach? 🤗
Are you tired of unnecessary wait times?

If so, 2nd Opinion MD invites you to learn about a new innovative alternative payment model for primary care!

Take advantage of its core benefits:

✔️ Unlimited access to your provider
✔️ Cost savings
✔️ Convenience
✔️ Productive and enduring doctor-patient relationship
✔️ Better health care experience

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Doctor's Appointment at Home - Book A Call Now! 07/24/2022

Doctor's Appointment at Home - Book A Call Now!

New problem? Need an unscheduled visit? I will come to you!

A house call is a doctor's appointment that is conducted in your home, rather than in an office. There are a myriad of reasons why going to medical office might not impractical — maybe you don't have transportation, or maybe you need care at night.

Whatever the reason, you can schedule a house call with me.

Service includes:

✅ House call visit

✅ 1 hour visit

✅ Address new or urgent need.

✅ Not for emergencies.

✅ Membership not required.

✅ Dependent on availability and situation.

Examples of when to use this service:

✅ You have suffered a minor injury or lacerations

✅ You are unable to get to a clinic or urgent care center

✅ Your condition is serious but not an emergency, such as a sprained ankle

✅ Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

To know more, visit https://www.2ndopinionmd.info/urgent-house-call-visit

Book an appointment! ✨

To schedule an appointment, click here https://provider.kareo.com/raul-octaviani#?view=contact

Doctor's Appointment at Home - Book A Call Now! Dr. Raul Octaviani can work with your primary physician to ensure your optimal health.


Who pays your doctor’s salary, and should it matter to you?

When I took the Hippocratic oath, I was under the impression that physicians are trustworthy, honest and forthright, their primary tenant being do no harm. With the goal of doing no harm, doctors’ decisions should be carefully made in the best interests of their patients. However recently I've had to question, does this oath protect you from the influence others have over your physician and the decisions they make for you?
Unfortunately, after deep contemplation, the answer is a resounding NO. Physicians, like everyone in our complicated society today are inundated by a barrage of outside influencing factors. Most pronounced being the maintenance of one’s medical license, and the influence of the insurance companies which extends throughout the traditional healthcare system. Years, sometimes decades, of literal blood, sweat and tears, after grinding through doctorate level medical courses, internships and residency programs, and after mountains of debt, obtaining and maintaining a state medical license is the only way a physician can make a living. The medical license has become the primary mechanism of control that keeps physicians prisoners within the broken healthcare system. A system that is no longer interested in the health of an individual, but in the guise of "the greater good" ends up treating humanity as livestock. Furthermore, over decades the medical industry has devolved into a free for all where healthcare administrators are self-empowered to dictate to the physicians. They attempt to dictate what medications the physician may or may not use, what interventions they can prescribe, what recommendations they can or can't make and what vaccinations they should give and must take. As a result, some of the most exceptional, critical thinking physicians are now long gone from these facilities. They have been ushered away by burdensome regulations, increasing licensure requirements, and cookie-cutter, guideline-driven medicine.

But all hope is not lost, we don't need to go down with our ailing healthcare system, fortunately there are healthy alternatives available. When it comes to your health early intervention is always best. Take steps now to avoid being injured by overworked, cookie cutter medical decision making and 3rd party influences by finding a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice.
These small local practices walk away from the insurance industry and receive their income directly from you, their clients. This means that the only influence that your doctor is minding is YOURS. What's important to you is what’s important to your DPC provider. Without the burden of the insurance companies’ bureaucracy, cost is kept down meaning that DPC practices usually have much smaller patient panels. As a result, you will enjoy prompt and open communication directly with your provider. DPC providers focus on holistic, preventative care and healthcare maintenance without the waiting room!

So, find a DPC provider near you and be sure to check out www.2ndOpinionMD.info for information about my DPC practice, products and services.


New Direct Primary Care practice offering services in central/western MA. Seeking clients who are motivated to take control of their healthcare by becoming a member. Join an exclusive and limited member panel and enjoy unfettered access to your primary care physician, easy and timely communication, in person house calls and tele health visits available. Healthcare tailored to your needs, no middlemen! Because America deserves a second opinion!
Service area: 15 mi radius from Hardwick, MA.


Cadence E. Octaviani

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Tired of having to travel to the doctor’s or urgent care facility? Now you don’t need to. 2nd Opinion MD makes house cal...
Looking for a second opinion for your case? Never fear, I am here for that! I will be your doctor! 💙🤍We can meet either ...
No need to travel to my office!I will provide you with efficient care through a 1-hour phone or video consultation.Learn...
Receive answers to your specific questions.Discuss health concerns and issues with me.I am Raul Octaviani, MD and I will...




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