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Best Wishes, Vivecia W. Barnett
This is the worst facility I have ever been to. The staff there are nothing but lying, conniving and manipulative people who just want your money. Their billing department is inferior at best and they are filled with righteous know-it-alls who want nothing more than to steal from you. These people are thieves that tell you one thing and then do another. To outright lie in my face and then take my money is low and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Take a good hard look in the mirror and decide whether to lie or not in the future. Do NOT tell me I'm covered and then turn around and say I'm not, and then bill me. You're all terrible people! This all happened because the lady getting me into the system said that the application won't complete unless I gave them a valid card number... yeah, what does that make everyone think?

UPDATE: So these guys have the audacity to send me an explanation on how the Tricare benefits is broken down, trying to make me feel like an idiot. Why are they going through me when the VA are the responsible party? Here's a fact, I'm a DISABLED VETERAN and they took advantage of me and the VA system. While I was standing at their front desk they called the VA to double check and make sure I was covered. They allowed me to continue with the paperwork and had me see a doctor. Mind you, it took an hour for me to see a doctor and then I only spoke with her for 20 minutes and they think to bill me for $150! No examination, no nothing! Just a straight up waste of my time. This has been in dispute since November 2019 and this company refuses to get their stuff together and bill the right insurance; which the information was given to them numerous times by my patient advocate through the VA. They treat my advocate like she's dumb, but she keeps trying to give them the correct information and they are downright refusing to take action and file it to the correct party. LAZY!!

These patient advocates are there to ensure that veterans have a fair shake on how they're treated. I was outsourced to these guys because the specialist I needed was not available at a VA Hospital. I have already put in a dispute to the BBB in regard to A Woman's View because they are not in lieu of seeing things through a "woman's" view, and their business practices suck. I will continue to beat down their door until I have justice for this monstrosity. I'm tired of people taking advantage of me. $150 may not seem like a lot to some people, but it is for me because I am on a strict and limited income. I'm sure the media would eat this story alive on how a company who is supposed to help women turn around and screw over not just a fellow woman, but a disabled veteran woman at that. Oh, and don't worry, I already notified the BBB that I would take media action if this isn't resolved soon.

I usually don't go this route and I'm usually pretty level headed, but I'm tired of dealing with these people and their excuses. They need to get their act together and start treating people right. From some of the reviews I have read, there is a lack of human empathy and decency at this establishment. Don't go here if you are a woman, and do NOT go here if you are a veteran. They will screw you so hard that you'll go cross-eyed🤬
Great caring doctors, clean beautiful office
Keep getting a error message when I try to go to your web page and was wondering if it has changed or something wrong with it? Thanks

Healthcare for Women, by Women.

Operating as usual


Hats Off to our AWV team member, Teri Herman, WHNP!! We're so grateful for staff who made sure this patient had a comfortable, positive experience.


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Community Resources - A Woman's View | Healthcare for Women | Hickory, NC 01/20/2023

Community Resources - A Woman's View | Healthcare for Women | Hickory, NC

Part of providing comprehensive compassionate care is providing community resources for our patients. If you or a loved one is experiencing challenges with abose, housing and/or preganancy, learn more here: https://loom.ly/PIxUOL8

Community Resources - A Woman's View | Healthcare for Women | Hickory, NC At A Woman’s View, when we pledge to be there for you through the joys and challenges of every stage of life, when we promise to care for the whole woman, when we say that our purpose is “Nurturing, empowering and healing the spirit of women through comprehensive, compassionate care,” we mean ...

Hats Off - A Woman's View | Healthcare for Women | Hickory, NC 01/17/2023

Hats Off - A Woman's View | Healthcare for Women | Hickory, NC

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Hats Off - A Woman's View | Healthcare for Women | Hickory, NC Contact information for A Woman's View--obstetricians, gynecologists, and primary care physicians and providers in Hickory, North Carolina, and surrounding counties in the Catawba Valley Region.


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Meet Dr. Alejandra Toro! She is the newest member at A Woman’s View and we are beyond grateful to have her on the team!
Dr. Toro is joining us after completing her residency at New York Presbyterian Cornell. Dr. Toro has special interests in pregnancy, gynecologic exams, ovarian cysts, minimally invasive surgery, fibroids, sexually transmitted diseases, abnormal uterine bleeding and gynecologic genetic syndromes. Her approach to working with patients is to be centered around patient comprehensiveness and compassionate care. Having been born and raised in Honduras, Dr. Toro is also fluent in Spanish.
When she's not working at A Woman’s View, she enjoys cooking, traveling, reading biographies and exploring North Carolina since she is new to the state.
Please help us extend a warm welcome to Dr. Toro!


It’s Eat a Red Apple Day! Not only are red apples delicious, they’re full of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium and fiber. But eating one a day doesn’t mean you don’t need to see your doctor! Schedule your appointment today for your women’s health needs: www.awomansview.com/request-an-appointment/


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We're grateful for Dr. Lauren Hill in this month's !

Dr. Hill joined A Woman’s View in 2019 and loves being a part of the AWV team.

She graduated with distinction from The University of Virginia in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, and then she traveled west to complete medical school at West Virginia University, where she graduated in 2014. Dr. Hill joined AWV after completing her residency at Mountain Area Health and Education Center (MAHEC) in Asheville.

Dr. Hill has special interests in family planning, vaginal surgery and high-risk obstetrics. She views herself as a resource and counselor to patients, and wants to help each patient understand how to optimize her health based on individual and unique needs.

When she’s not working, she enjoys audiobooks, painting, hiking, meditation and music. She and her husband, Wes, a lawyer for the UNC system working to improve the response to campus sexual assault, have a vibrant young toddler named Julia who is constantly bringing fun into their life.

Thanks for all you do for our patients, Dr. Hill!


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Today we honor and recognize those who served and continue to serve our country. Thank you, veterans!


At that stage of starting a family?
Don't know where to begin?

A Woman's View has plenty of resources, articles, and of course obstetricians to help you on your journey.

Visit our website for Oh Baby! resources: https://loom.ly/jcQ5-cU


A Woman's View offers more than just prenatal ultrasounds. We also offer ultrasounds to examine and diagnose conditions in the abdomen, pelvis and thyroid areas.

Learn more about our ultrasound services here: https://loom.ly/aW4ml5k


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