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Natural Herbal Therapy Organic, natural healing with herbs and natural substances. Counseling for all natural cures for diseases and conditions. Pre-natal and athletic nutrition.

Very specific help for AIDS, cancer, digestive problems, circulatory problems, respiratory problems, skin problems, and more. Counseling from a Scriptural point of view. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, herbal teas, juices, natural treatments, non-invasive treatments, juice fasting, juice feasting, blended meals, raw foods, vegan diets, kosher and organic only.


 The moon is a light or a luminary not a magnet


Have you read my book NATURAL HERBALTHERAPY? It will give you a framework in which to think about how to heal your body naturally and through Scriptural precepts!


Get my new book SHOT DETOX on Amazon on how to detox your body from vaccinations, immunizations, and flu shots!


Put a few drops of castor oil in your ears for better hearing and lessening of ringing!


You may have fibroids because you use tampons-stop today!


A good weight loss supplement to a great, moderate diet and exercise is BlueBonnet Nutrition Skinny Garcinia!


Country Life Tri Layer Maxi-Skin Collagen + C and A boosts collagen, lessens wrinkles, gives skin more elasticity!


Redd Remedies 120/80 is a cardio and blood pressure supplement inone product!


UP$ Heart Health- a probiotic for dissolving cholesterol!


Sculpt and Cleanse has a great product that is a gentle cleanser- helps with weight loss and bowel function!


Garden of Life has a new product named Raw Organic Perfect Food Alkalinizer and Detoxifier- all rolled into one!


Source Naturals has a new product that contains the TOP 10 HEALERS!


Vitality Nectar is a blend of India's best herbs with honey!


John Masters Organics has great hair products-all organic!


Garden of Life has a new magnesium supplement in orange flaor!


When you buy a probiotic, pay no attention to the millions and billions numbers-look for the one with the most strains of different probiotics- the best is Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women Vaginal Care- yes, men can take this, also!


Every home should have charcoal capsules ready for an emergency-absorbs poisons, excess stomach acid, and more!


FLOR-ESSENCE OR ESSIAC OR FOUR HERB FORMULA FROM HERBAL HEALER-all similar formulas- all have been used for decades to cure cancer naturally. They are also great blood purifiers even if you do not have cancer!


Reasons I do not support vaccinations/immunizations-

1. sickness/pathogens-dead or alive- belong OUTSIDE THE BODY NOT INSIDE IT-this eliminates homeopathics and vaxs, but not herbs
2. aborted fetal cells- no thank you! horrific! borders on witchcraft to me!
3.heavy metals- known killers, no thank you!
4.foreign DNA- I have my own DNA, thank you, and do not want it mixed with horses', monkeys' or other animals!
5. Someone else demanding how I treat my body, YHWH's personal gift to me and my responsibility
6.any other concoction they can think up- no, sir, I will decide exactly what goes into my body and the body of my underage children!
7. I have an immune system that works well when I eat a variety of organic foods.


If you believe in Scripture, for these reasons ALONE you can not take vaccinations/immunizations-
pig gelatin-Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy 14
monkey DNA-Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy 14
aborted fetal tissue- considered the highest form of debasement on earth for mankind- to eat the flash of one's own children- Leviticus 26


Rub lemongrass essential oil and cypress essential oil on Raynaud's blue spots and the color will return shortly!


From a recent client after being on one of my regimens for less than a week-

Hi Cindy,

Wow! I haven't felt this good... ever!...My clothes are looser and I have a lot more energy. Being full most of the time helps with this new adventure. Historically, my worst decisions about food to eat were made when I was (thought I was) hungry and anxious to eat immediately. I am thinking that was the parasites "talking" or demanding. Now they are dying off or at least too weak to be controlling my body. This is really amazing to me. I did not think it would be this quick of a change for me... nothing else ever was...Thank you soooooo much!


I love this kind of thing- hearing people get better with the natural remedies we put together for a plan for total health for them!


Ever made home made taffy? See how it hardens? Sugar candy does the same in your body. I have seen clients eliminate long strings of hardened sugar when doing bowel cleanses that look just like rope taffy who have eaten candy for years! Maybe that is why you sometimes have digestive pains...



These ORGANIC foods block the estrogen form that drives cancer growth-

fermented foods, sauerkraut
passion flower herb
chamomile herb
any citrus fruit
garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, chives
coconut and olive oil
avocado and raw nuts
100% grass fed beef
wild caught Atlantic salmon
broccoli, broccolini, broccoli rabe
cauliflower, r**e greens, cabbage, brussel sprouts


Your brain HAS to have some cholesterol to function. Do you now think you should worry about cholesterol in your foods? High cholesterol in your bloodstream is caused by a blockage in the digestive tract near the gall bladder and liver. Take a liver flush and the excess cholesterol will dump into the digestive tract instead of your bloodstream! Your brain and many other tissues and organs will thank you with good, long term health!


Cancer! Cancer! Cancer! IT IS AN EPIDEMIC NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT! It is a hormone driven infection that it most likely started by non-food chemicals and an overabundance of a free estrogen in foods and pesticides. There is ALWAYS a hormone, bacteria, and a parasite involved in any kind of cancer. My clients SURVIVE by taking natural estrogen blockers, herbal parasite cleanses, antibacterial herbs, and a totally organic vegan diet for a period of time...


For those of you who do not know, I have a Scriptural/natural /herbal health counseling business, am an author, do natural medical missionary trips, care for very ill people like a nurse in their homes using only natural methods teaching them and relatives how to care for them naturally, lecture, conduct seminars for women's groups, churches, and conferences. If I can help you in any way, please contact me at 1-828-358-0609.


Depressed?- sleep more, eat more clean protein, take B -100 complex tabs every hour, add magnesium to your diet, get fresh air, sleep some more! Going to bed at 8 PM for several days completely cures depression in some people!


Folic acid allows iron to be introduced into your blood supply!


if you eat mostly veggies, you may need to supplement Vitamin B-12!


Yamoa and kampo herb cure real asthma.


Hazelnuts and almonds are very high in absorbable calcium.


Alcohol has side effects- premature aging, cell dehydration, kills brain cells EVERY SINGLE TIME YOUR DRINK IT NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE, liver damage, colon damage, mouth and throat and stomach damage, depletes you of nearly every nutrient known to man- BE VERY CAREFUL TO CONTROL VERY TIGHTLY YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE. THE HARD LIQUOR THAT IS AVAILABLE TODAY- GIN, SCOTCH, VODKA, ETC.WAS NOT AVAILABLE IN BIBLICAL TIMES. It is forced to the high "proofs" now in ways not invented yet. Natural wine has about 5% to 10% alcohol and natural beer has about 3% to 5% alcohol. Quite a difference to 80% and 90%. I do not know about you, but I need every brain cell I have to be able to battle every other real demon in this life.... "be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the devil walks about seeking whom he may DEVOUR!"


I have said this before-GARDEN OF LIFE RAW PROBIOTICS FOR WOMEN VAGINAL CARE - 38 strains of probiotics-the most of any commercially available formula- each strain protects you from different things- get it and use it for immune factors against multitudes of pathogens! forget every other formula- they waste your money! This one has the most strains(types) and gives you the best coverage of any formula-" billions" and "millions" means nothing in relation to the number of different fighters you have! Men can take this, too!


When you let land lay fallow, as in the Scriptural sabbatical year (next one starting spring of 2016), more nutritional chemicals are broken down by rain, roots remaining in the soil, earthworms, w**d plants, and beneficial fungi and molds. This makes the soil have more chemicals to release to the roots of the next year's plantings so the soil does not wear out by CONTINUAL use! It also makes the successive crops more nutritionally packed! By giving it a rest, it is refreshed and energized! Imagine the magnificence, loving care, and mind of our Creator!


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