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A private pediatric practice focused on child & young adult behavior, development & wellness. Visit: www.zenflowerpediatrics.com "Zenflower" : Meaning?

By a simple google search, I sadly found out I did not come up with that term. It is not a dictionary term just yet but I have gladly come to find out that in the "Urban Dictionary" it stands for "a person who becomes happy and successful despite traumatic circumstances or hardships." Also, it may stand for "a flower that grows through concrete." Now, if that is not tough, I am not sure what is. I wish for all the children I see to be Zenflowers.

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Oh yes. The anchor of all that I teach and support. The breath. Routine. The basics - Sleep - Nutrition - Activity. Start there and it can take you leaps and bounds towards many smiles.

Deep through the nose, stop at the top, purse lips and all air out. Repeat. Ground. Touch and feel what surrounds your body - the air, the pajamas, the snuggles. Smell the smells. Enjoy the calm sounds of silence. Sleep. 🙏

Helping your children find their wings & move from surviving to THRIVING 04/15/2022

Helping your children find their wings & move from surviving to THRIVING

❗❗❗Exciting News: ADDITIONAL Location ❗❗❗
Starting to see Families in FRANKFORT, IL!!!
More information coming SOON!

301 N White St. Suite G4
Frankfort IL, 60423

Helping your children find their wings & move from surviving to THRIVING Private Practice Pediatrician serving children in the area of Behavior, Development and Wellness.

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Great Pediatric Mental Health Conference! Learning a lot and staying up to date to follow evidence-based practices.


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For the first time in 20 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC have made changes to the Developmental Milestones evaluation done on well visits at your pediatrician's or family doctor's office! More detail, less confusing language, and ENGAGING QUESTIONS! Talk to your pediatrician or family physician and ask questions! The parent is the BEST advocate a child can have. Own it!

Article details: https://publications.aap.org/aapnews/news/19554/CDC-AAP-update-developmental-milestones-for

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Answer: NO.
Children should always be given their chance and freedom to be children. They are not little adults. Protect. Don't ask kids to make tough choices.

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One of the foundations of my practice is a strong belief that most medical/psychiatric/therapy visits stem from trauma - conscious or unconscious. By closely working with children from the physical, psychological, and spiritual interconnectedness, I and you can help them overcome or avoid holding on to traumatic events. With the current state of our world - trauma may have seeped into your child's biology and subconscious simply from the fact that they may not have the "how" of coping. Reach out, learn, connect, and stay aware.

Dr. Paul Conti, MD is a psychiatrist who deeply focuses on trauma and our healthcare system acknowledging it and educating about it. He discusses his work and defines trauma in this Must-Listen Podcast: "THE DRIVE" with Dr. Peter Attia MD - #190 - Paul Conti MD: How to heal from trauma and break the cycle of shame.


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OK, you're all wintered-out, snowed-out (or snowed in...). How will you spend family time tonight? Time to remind kids of REAL games! Boardgames, card games, Twister! Turn off the TV and turn on the fun! Enjoy each other!

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Get that coat on and get on outdoors! The snow, the cold, or heat if you are on a different plane from the MidWestern USA.... Walking outdoors is the best way to get in some joy, Vitamin D, and keep the body and mind healthy. Kids - get outside! Adults - do the same!

Photo by Bryn Beatson on Unsplash



No matter the season, celebrate mother nature and go outside! Be healthy and active outdoors!

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Happy New Year! It was an amazing year filled with learning, opportunities, and love. 2022 is only going to get better! BEST wishes for the New Year filled with Health and Joy from Dr. Monika at Zenflower Integrative Pediatrics. 🙏🌟


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Officially One Year since welcoming the first family to Zenflower! Join in celebrating the first year of Zenflower Integrative Pediatrics and all the families who have come and become the Zenflower Family. Thank You all! A very big Thank You to Beyond Healing Counseling and Wellness Center for welcoming us.

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Get your children and your family on the right starting footpath to school this year! The world and life is a conundrum still - let us all put forth a positive and flexible mindset and have highest of hopes for all our children and families so they can learn in schools and stay safe and healthy.

Timeline photos 07/19/2021

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 07/16/2021

What's not to love about art journaling with your patients? I get told to draw a "draw so cute" drawing and I am so so happy to comply! Who wouldn't love my job! Working on getting all my patients to make an art journal and me a separate one along side. High expectations? Perhaps... but.... why not try? Will it hurt? Nah! Will it heal. Possibly. Likely. Hopefully. Healing through art.


Who wouldn’t want a job where your patient assigns you homework to draw from her favorite artist in your art journal since you (i.e. me) are assigning her art journal activities. Just for a special girl I see in my art journal from “draw so cute”. I support my patients best I can. What they do, I do. It’s not a book theory. Expression through art is healing, joyous, meditative. Art journaling is healing.

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Cherish your freedom - freedom to parent and love your children in the unique way that your family lives - freely. Happy 4th!

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I agree this is pretty accurate in that getting back to our child selves is where our most pure and honest self may just live. 🤔

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Deep through the nose, stop at the top, purse lips and all air out. Repeat. Ground. Touch and feel what surrounds your body - the air, the pajamas, the snuggles. Smell the smells. Enjoy the calm sounds of silence. Sleep. 🙏

Timeline photos 04/09/2021

Timeline photos

Easter is Coming 04/02/2021

Easter is Coming

For those oin celebration. Happy Easter.
Smacznego Jajka!

Easter is Coming Faith is a perspective, a perspective that makes all the difference.Luke 24:1-12, Romans 5:1-5Thanks to:Jonathan Reed and Ernesto Savaglio for inspiration;A...


Compassion Parenting Podcast 03/25/2021

Compassion Parenting Podcast

Beautiful words, perfect length foe our busy lives and auch a soothing voice perfect for a podcast! Join me in listening to Dr. Wilde on compassionate parenting and so much more. Basically, living our best lives for us and our children.
http://www.compassionparentingpodcast.com 🙂

Compassion Parenting Podcast More than employing tips and techniques, mothering is about being in the right state of soul to nurture another person. Every week, join Dr. Mary Wilde (integrative pediatrician and mom of 8) to explore the nuances of loving wisely and well. If you are a dedicated, deep-thinking parent who wants to....


Hard to read this message but it would be great to hear some voices or give a voice to those who don’t have as much chance. People on the Autism Spectrum are often misunderstood, they feel it, they find themselves lonely and it is hard for them to express exactly what it is like to be who they are. They are much more than the disorder! They are sons, daughters, siblings, artists, mathematicians, singers, friends, writers, or so many other things. Yet, that “Autism” seems to block it all out! Why so? Let’s stop that black and white thinking and see people from all of their angles. Out minds love to judge quickly! Let’s work fast to catch the judgements and change our thinking!


Lots to learn from this awesome young lady!


Get Ready for Friday and explore your creative funny bones. Something old can be new? What ever happened to stamp collecting? Coins?

Now even your huge rack of CD’s is probably a collection of collectables. Cassettes anyone or am I aging myself? Explore these fun items!

Helping your children find their wings & move from surviving to THRIVING 03/17/2021

Helping your children find their wings & move from surviving to THRIVING

Making some updates to the website. Check it out. I hope it is becoming more clear and friendly. Let me know.
This link takes you to one of my pages about Sensory Processing Sensitivity or Highly Sensitive Children. Check it out and seek me out.


Helping your children find their wings & move from surviving to THRIVING Sensory Processing Sensitivity is a genetic trait present in about 20% of the population. It has been studied in-depth, in detail, and across the world. Dr. Elaine Aron coined the term “Highly Sensitive Person” in the 1990s to easily identify individuals with this trait. This is NOT a diagnosis ...


Do this yourselves parents and then guide your children:

- Find a quiet place and sit or recline comfortably
- Close your eyes and begin deep breathing (remember to have that belly go up, relaxing the diaphragm and filling the lungs)
- Picture a pleasant place, scene, memory, in your mind (the beach, the forest, waterfall, a hill, a mountain, the desert...
- Picture all details possible like viewing a movie and move slowly across the scene
- Notice every detail. What do you see?
- Notice the sounds and smells.
- Continue deep breathing and focusing on the scene for 5-10 minutes
- Catch yourself if you lose focus. It’s ok. Simply gently bring your mind and attention back to your pleasant scene.



Counting blessings and remembering those in need.


For recognition. New hair, new look, same person. Dr. Monika Siedlarz MD.


Just an update of my hair and look to be recognizable to all my little and big patients and clients. New Doc Look.

The Contemplative Care Summit 03/12/2021

The Contemplative Care Summit

Free. Great speakers. Involves the weekend so it may be more doable. Check it out! 🙏🏻❤️

The Contemplative Care Summit Register for The Contemplative Care Summit .


Yup, life happens. Car oil changes. Groceries. Bank runs. Don’t run out of gas moments. Doctor’s visits. Dentist visits. Eye exams. Waiting in line. DMVs! The list is never ending.

First - remember to breathe and stay in the NOW.

Yup, sometimes it’s so hard to get creative & get “motivated”. That tablet or phone seem like the best resolution to keep kids entertained and busy when adults do what they have to do.

Oh technology. It is a love hate love hate love hate relationship! Frequent technology use gets the brain used to high stimulation leading to child behaviors that look like ADHD!!! The brain then constantly asks for lots of stimulation - visual (colors, shape movements), audio, emotion stimulation etc! Just imagine! Why do some kids have trouble sitting and drawing? Why do they say “it’s boring”? Because the brain is not getting multiple stimulation of their senses. Change of habits and routines can change this.

Not so long ago - parents did NOT have this choice and still they thrived, taught or used other techniques to keep kids engaged and were still able to attend to the daily needs of life and the unpredictability of life.

Make a small pouch now with a few colors, a small notebook, some things your individual child / children enjoy, playing cards, go to the dollar store for one of those silly small random toys or a word search. Engage kids in the activity you are doing by being creative.

Draw the grocery list instead of writing it!

How many different cars can you draw?

How many different people can you sketch - stick figures work! - use colors for different skin colors, hair differences with color and length, etc - have your CV ild engage and pay attention.

Opportunity to learn coins - have your child explore a penny! What’s on it? Color? Etc. Can they try to draw it? Trace it? How about the other coins?

Search your bag or wallet for something to explore. Hand cream? Smell, container feel, look etc. A discount card? What’s on it?

Make games. Discover your own creativity with your child!

Most importantly - have fun!


Protecting chronically ill children and the elderly who cannot do this for themselves and whose bodies cannot either, it is our duty to protect them as community members.


Working with chronically ill children it is our duty to protect them in all the ways possible since they and their bodies cannot.
Protecting the older family members and those we interact with is also our duty. Community support.



Kids and adults can practice mindfulness by coloring.

Color just a clear page or a coloring page (mandala etc).

Focus on the process. The color going onto the page. The pressure of the crayon, pencil or whatever material is being used (messy paints may want to be saved for other times)

Set a timer from 5-10 minutes depending on your child’s age or do it longer for an adult / parent

Do not look over if you join your child in the process and try to keep your process separate from the child’s so there is no “comparison”

Stay quiet. No talking. Focus on the process of coloring. Let your child and yourself experience whatever is needed during the moment - fast and hard coloring movements or slow gentle movement coordinated with breathing - try both and see how they feel for your child and yourself

Use this technique to calm your child when he/she is upset or does not want to talk. It’s ok for your child to not want to say everything and respecting that but giving it a way of release is the best way you can support him/her



Thanks to for the pic!

Timeline photos 03/08/2021

Celebrate all the girls and women in your life today, including yourself! Happy international women's day!


works with kids with trauma connecting the body ridden with trauma responses that became automatic. The body remembers and keeps score. This can be changed. The neural pathways are very plastic in children (as well as adults) and with changes in routine, practicing recognition of emotions (where and what they actually are), they can be changed.

Trauma can result from insecurity (unstable homes, frequent moves, foster family changes, in-utero exposures that are physical and environmental), from abuse, neglect, molestation and all sorts of horrible atrocities. Trauma can also result from the need for security during especially vulnerable times in development (ages 0-2/3, 5, and 10-11). The pandemic, insecurity as a result, difficulty in understanding it, death and grief - these are currently a big source of possible trauma for children (as well as adults).
Let us pay attention to our children.

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No matter the season, celebrate mother nature and go outside! Be healthy and active outdoors!#healthylifestyle #winter #...





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