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Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 12/23/2022

Happy Holidays from Foundation Spine & Posture! 🎄 ❄️ ☃️

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A Hui Hou, Seana✌️ 🌺 🌴

Bittersweet, our amazing, grounded, intuitive, smart and reliable office manager is moving back to the mainland 😭😭

Seana, we will all miss you and have loved having you be a part of our practice and lives for these years. Your next adventure awaits, but don’t forget to visit!

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When a toddler steals a phone and takes sneaky office pics ^

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Another day, another adjustment!

Wondering if chiropractic care would help you? Schedule a free consult with us using the link in our bio.

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I adjust you, you adjust me!

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 10/19/2022

Pain the back? It could be your NECK!

New research shows that lumbar radiculopathy is directly affected by the cervical (neck) curve. If the neck curve straightens, the resulting tension on the spinal cord adversely affects the low back. To keep a strong low back, one key goal is to have a strong neck curve 💪

To read the research, click the link in our bio.


Saturday’s are for posture correction!

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Happy Wednesday! ☀️ 🤙

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 09/17/2022

Want more research? 15 pubmed indexed studies on chiropractic biophysics/ spinal biomechanics have been published just in 2022, and over 300 total, showing the effectiveness of improving spinal curves and its impact on overall health!

Check out the link in our bio to see them all!


Big congrats to Tom! At 66 years young, Tom just medaled in a jiu jitsu tournament, competing in a 35 and older division.  Tom only recently picked up jiu jitsu in the last couple of years.  Tom says, “it’s all thanks to the work done with my spine and posture that I’ve been able to train at my highest level. I may be getting older, but I ain’t dead yet!”

Thanks to Tom for the kind words, and for inspiring us and reminding us that it’s never too late to try something new!

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For whatever reason, we’ve heard this said of chiropractic care A LOT. But do you know what we hear even more? How grateful people are when they discover how much their health improves when they take care of their spine, joints and nervous system.

We have honestly had a lot of fun helping you correct your posture and strengthen your spine, Daylan! We’re glad you have an open mind for health 👏 🤙🤙

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Chiropractic during pregnancy 💫

Most people are surprised to hear how beneficial gentle prenatal chiropractic care is for a healthy mom and healthy pregnancy. It keeps aches and pains at bay, sure, but more than that it optimizes the alignment of the pelvis and ligaments to support the growing baby. This gives the baby the best space to move around and minimizes the chances of breech positions and back labor. This patient at 39 weeks is getting a gentle traction stretch to the lumbar spine to avoid the lumbar curve flattening- which can cause problems. By opening up the lumbar curve the space around the pelvic bowl is full and open giving lots of space for baby, and less spinal cord tension for mom.

Did you know that studies also show that regular prenatal chiropractic adjustments have shown decreased labor times and medical interventions?? Are you thinking, YES PLEASE to all that? Wondering if chiropractic care would help you in your pregnancy? Only one way to find out!

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PSA: Athletes, get your posture checked!


The best morning routine includes traction 👍👍


Team Member Appreciation post!!

Not only is Analiese the newest member of the Foundation Spine family helping patients with their spinal rehab and keeping the flow in the office, she is also a super talented local musician. Her band is playing ⭐️ tonight ⭐️at Next Door in Chinatown with some other local bands and Hello Goodbye. The mauve is a delightful indie rock band, check them out on Spotify or catch their show tonight!

Some fun facts about Analiese:
⭐️ loves video games - esp fallout
⭐️ bedtime routine is cuddle & watch the British Baking Show and Nailed It with her 6 yo
⭐️stays fit with daily barre and Pilates
⭐️French fry lover

As if you needed another reason to come in and see us for your spinal rehab…come to meet the super awesome Analiese!

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 06/27/2022

Another awesome scoliosis before-and-after!!

Correcting the posture of this former dancer/opera singer was so successful-trained singers all seem to have a real mind/body connection and an understanding of how to move. In fact, at one point Miranda was so good at her posture exercises that she OVER corrected, and we had to tell her to slow it down 😂

Great job, Miranda we’ll miss seeing you every week!! But we’ll see you twice a month to maintain your awesome spinal changes 💪🤙


3 spots left for our free June Scoli Screenings!

We only offer these free screenings once a year to raise awareness for scoliosis- a very common spinal deformity that affects about 1 in 18 keiki! Don’t forget that it also affects nearly 1 in 3 aging adults as well. This life-affecting condition has many treatment options for those that catch it early through a simple screening! In our bio you can find a link to an at-home screening tool to assess yourself or your loved ones, and we also have a link to schedule one of our remaining spots for the free in office screening. This is the last week so the spots WILL fill up fast!

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 06/15/2022


14.8 degree right thoracolumbar curve reduced to 8.4 degrees after 6 mo. This was done with regular exercise, spinal adjustments, traction therapy and spinal orthotics for home use- specifically the scoli roll from .

June is halfway done- and it’s not too late to schedule your free scoliosis screening to check yourself or your loved one! Click the link in our bio to schedule online or call us (808) 376-8937.



Please excuse the cheesy pose, but we had to take a picture in front of our board letting everyone know about our June Scoli Screening Special. This month, schedule a free scoli screening for you, your keiki, or your loved one. Includes: consultation, full exam, digital posture exam. Must schedule during this month!

Ready to schedule? Click the link in our bio to schedule online or call us (808) 376-8937.

Mahalo to Breana for the awesome word art for the board 👏👏 👩‍🎨


Click the link in our bio to watch Dr Paul on Sunrise Hawaii News Now talking Scoliosis Awareness Month!

Want to learn more? We’ll be sharing tips and info all month long here but the BEST is to screen yourself and your keiki, and even your aging family members for scoliosis. We are offering FREE scoliosis screenings for the month of June ONLY, so message us to schedule or click the link in our bio to schedule online.

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Scoliosis Awareness Month on Hawaii News Now 🤙

Had a blast this morning talking about what we know best: SPINES….and how to keep them healthy!

If you missed it, we’ll be posting the replay link soon. Mahalo .sunrise for having us again!


Getting there…!

Scoliosis is a progressive condition, so often even while it’s being treated, it’s still getting worse. That makes trying to correct it a bit tricky. But aggressive treatment plans- even the non-surgical options- can be really effective at stopping the progression and reducing the curves!

It’s June- which is scoliosis awareness month. Check your keiki for scoliosis - early intervention offers the best outcomes !

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 05/28/2022

Nice correction before and after while wearing the brace 👌👌

Do you have scoliosis? Curious what we could do for you? June is scoliosis awareness month and we’re offering free scoliosis screenings all month long, message us for details or to schedule!


What happens after your spine is “corrected”?

For starters, the changes you’ll feel in your body and overall health are unmatched. But what do you do to keep things the way they are? We compare spinal correction to teeth correction. Remember how after you got your braces taken off, you were instructed to wear your retainer at regular intervals. It’s the same with your spine- you’ll still need to use your prescribed spinal orthotics at home and come in for traction to maintain the correction.


Free Scoliosis Screenings all month long in June!

This includes: initial exam, visual and digital posture evaluation. If scoliosis is suspected and x-rays are indicated, we are offering full spinal x-rays for $100 (normally $250).

Don’t wait on this, scoliosis is a progressive condition, but can have great results if detected early. Your spine and your keiki’s spine will thank you!

Book your free scoliosis screening today at the link in our bio.

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 05/06/2022

Is your neck causing your low back pain?

IT COULD BE! Cue the song, the neck bone’s connected to the back bone🎶😆

This patient had chronic nagging low back pain and was a bit skeptical when we suggested that we work on the structure of his neck and mid back to improve the low back pain. How does the neck relate to the low back paineveryone wonders. The spinal cord is like a string floating in your bony spinal column, and tension on the top (or middle, or any part!) can cause pain at the bottom.

After a few months of working to restore the neutral cervical (neck) curve with traction, spinal orthotics, exercises and adjustments this patient’s nagging back pain is almost completely gone.


Success Story Saturday!

We are so glad to hear our patients success in our practice, from back pains not being severe to waking up in the morning and being able to get out of bed comfortably.

Our practice is referral based so if you think we can help anyone around you that suffers from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or is injury prone we would love to see them! 🤙🏽

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 04/16/2022

Congratulations to this patient on completing this round of corrective care!
We are so proud of your progress.

This patient came to us with back pain, headaches/migraines, anxiety, shortness of breath, and pain in the legs and feet.

A combination of three visits a week, adjustments, two unique spinal tractions, and at home spinal orthotics; We see our patient pain free/symptom free as well as improved posture.

This patient also enjoys doing traditional lion dancing and can now do so pain free.


Detect a scoliosis EARLY— stop it in its tracks!

The image on the left shows the xray of 13 yo girl whose mother noticed her uneven shoulders and shoulder blades sticking out on one side of her back. These are hallmark postural signs of a developing curve in the spine. Left unchecked, this curve could progress with puberty changes and accelerate into a very noticeable deformity. Thankfully, her mom thought it best to have her spine evaluated.

This case did not require bracing. Her improvements were achieved with active spinal rehab only (spinal traction, exercises, adjustments and spine orthotics). Check out the straightened spine image on the right!

If parents who were told to “wait and see” when a curve was suspected in their child instead sought active care, what a difference it could make!

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 04/12/2022

Reversed cervical curve 👎

The normal shape of the neck follows the green line in the photo, forming a “C” shape. When people have a reversal of this natural curve there is almost ALWAYS chronic neck pain and often accompanying headaches. It’s very frequently caused by trauma- crashes, collisions, falls. Without X-raying them, you would never know that their neck is in this very unstable, arthritis-producing, pain-inducing position. This type of neck presents with the usual pain, although the person would say things like “I’m in pain all the time, I’ve tried everything, nothing is helping”.

To be clear, the slow process of restoring the proper shape of this type of neck is often done with an equally slow symptomatic improvement for the patient. In other words, it takes a LONG time to heal this problem, and also a long time to feel better. This particular patient was amazing from the start, committing to care even though she’d tried SO many other things for her pain in the past. After diligent work with home care and exercises, and in-office traction and adjustments, a year later the neck has overall gone from 15 degrees in the wrong direction to 3 degrees curve in the right one. Keep in mind that for her a normal curve is probably around the 20-30 degree range. So there is still work to be done. But the feeling of knowing that for the first time in 10 years this person has hope that her chronic pain can be managed by treating the root cause of her problem is so valuable!

Another reason why we love what we do so much and, let’s be honest, why we love x-rays.

Photos from Foundation Spine and Posture's post 04/09/2022

What’s happening here? 👀

Spinal Traction! Specifically, this is a gentle, sustained stretch to decrease a hyper kyphosis in the thoracic spine… in other words, reducing “a hunchback”. Unfortunately, just sitting up straighter won’t really lessen a hyperkyphotic midback. It typically needs spinal orthotics, traction and even bracing to take out that rounded midback/hunchback. While stretching her midback, we’re also gentle pulling her neck upwards, also called cervical spine decompression, which feels amazing and takes the pressure off the spinal cord.

Is traction right for you? Got a “hunchback” you’re concerned about? Message us for info!


Scoliosis treatment for teens ⬇️

A common form of scoliosis - adolescent idiopathic, is generally diagnosed in the preteen/teen years. A challenging time in general for kids, it can be a tough sell to get your teen to wear a brace to help correct their progressive condition. Because kids that don’t have this addressed early, have much bigger spinal/ health problems later in life including a decreased life expectancy.

Before recommending the brace to any kids, they (and guardians) are educated on what their condition is, how it progresses, and what all their options are. We make sure we have their full commitment before beginning bracing treatment, and for good reason: it can’t work if you don’t wear it!

Thankfully, the old days of the inflexible, metal rod cages worn outside of clothes are gone. This assymetrical brace is custom designed for each person and can be worn discreetly under clothes.

Questions about braces? Feel free to message us to learn more.

Foundation Spine & Posture

Dr. Paul Nakamoto and Dr. Katherine Murray are the only chiropractors on the island of Oahu that specialize in corrective care chiropractic. They aim to find the root cause of pain and dysfunction and eliminate it permanently through safe, effective and research-based protocols for correcting postural abnormalities and spinal misalignments. Patients from all over the island seek out this type of gentle and effective chiropractic care for conditions such as back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, scoliosis and other spinal conditions.

The doctors of Foundation Spine and Posture are certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics®, the most evidence-based and published chiropractic technique which restores the spine to its optimal alignment and shape through gentle and effective spinal adjustments, exercises and traction therapy. Their goal is to restore optimal health and function for each patient, allowing them to do the things they love to do without pain or limitation.

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