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Provides mental health counseling to children, teens, families, and adults.

Helping children, teens, families and adults to restore a level of power and happiness in life. Customized treatment plans help you achieve desired results in the most effective amount of time. Our therapists each have different specialties including: play therapy, ADHD assessments, trauma/abuse, attachment/adoption, HS/College preparedness, depression/anxiety, and more. Check out our website for more information, www.juliascounseling.com.


June 1st, Re-Opening the Office- Updates and Protocols to keep us all Safe

June 1st, Re-Opening the Office- Updates and Protocols to keep us all Safe - https://mailchi.mp/94c149227bd9/june-1st-re-opening-the-office-updates-and-protocols-to-keep-us-all-safe


The window of tolerance is such an important concept in parenting. If your child is outside of their window you will not be able to teach them or reason with them. Calming and connecting must be done first. 💙

Our window of tolerance refers to how much space we have to be present, to be productive, to be creative and to give to others. During periods of stress the “arch” shrinks and we either shut down or blow up. Be gentle with yourself and with your children. Graphic Credit: #lindsaybraman

Happy Sunday!

Are you feeling stuck somewhere in your life? Sometimes taking one small step is all you need to get momentum going to reach your goals.

Its the beginning of a new week. What steps can you take today towards your goals?

Great visual from Nancy Kopman of Children's Music with Nancy Kopman

Children are not the only ones who deal with sensory processing issues and overwhelm!

When you are feeling like you cannot handle one more sound, touch, etc. take a breath and a moment to think about what is making you feel overwhelmed. See if there is any sensory input you can remove. Its amazing what changing our environment can do for our mood. 💙

We get triggered too💕
Be gentle with yourself

Play is so powerful! Children's play is more than a way to pass the time. It helps them learn and develop important skills in a way designed perfectly for their growing minds. 💙

Did you know you can learn flexibility, creativity, and critical thinking with Candy Land? You can when your Tanta (aunt) specializes in play-based learning! My niece, nephew, and I have been playing Candy Land long distance, and we are having so much fun learning through play!

Our game boards are different, so we are thinking flexibly so we can use what we have to learn all we can. We’re creating dream worlds where houses are made of candy bars, the pool is full of pudding, and gummy bears are our pets. Imaginations are magical!

We are also learning strategy. If we take multiple cards each turn, we can explore and explain which card is most advantageous and why. That’s critical thinking in action through play!

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Moms received a lot of thanks and praise yesterday but right now moms and dads alike need a lot of reminding that they are doing a great job! 💙These are hard times with no rule book. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back for doing your best for your kids.

Mental health at any age is important! We are accepting clients for teletherapy still. If you need mental health care for your child reach out to us today!



Validation Is Key: "I Understand Why You're So Stressed Out"

When working with parents we teach the importance of validating your child's feelings. This concept is important when communicating with adults as well!! 💙

"One recommendation is for people to avoid using language that conveys control or uses arguments without sound justification," Xi Tian, who is a graduate assistant in communication arts and sciences at Penn State, said in a March 25 news release.
'For example, instead of telling a distressed person how to feel, like 'don't take it so hard' or 'don't think about it,' you could encourage them to talk about their thoughts or feelings so that person can come to their own conclusions about how to change their feelings or behaviors.'"

psychologytoday.com Messages of support that validate emotions help the comforting process succeed.

May is mental health awareness month. What are you doing to care for your mental health?

We are still accepting new clients for teletherapy and future in person sessions at this time. Take the first step in caring for your mental health and reach out to us today! #mentalhealthmatters


Meet our therapist Sarah!

Sarah Stoune is a licensed professional counselor and a trained EMDR trauma therapist. She specializes in working with young adults, adults, couples and families, and focuses on helping clients with finding deep emotional exploration and healing for individuals and their partners. She works primarily with those struggling with depression and/or anxiety, and communication issues in relationships. She also can help those struggling to redefine themselves as they go through major life transitions like teen to young adult, infertility and transition or parenting, retirement, or more intimate sex and gender issues. Other areas of expertise include working with clients who identify as LGBTQ and those who have experienced spiritual or religious trauma.

Sarah’s approach to counseling is creative and compassionate. She works hard to make sure that every client feels safe and truly heard while also challenging them to release old patterns, heal, and become more content and joyful. Recognizing that today’s issues are frequently shaped by past experiences, she will help you untie the knots of past trauma with sensitivity using various techniques including Mindfulness exercises, Eye Movement Desensitization and Retraining (EMDR), and others. Her previous career as a Graphic Artist also informs her practice through the use of art therapy and other creative techniques.

Both mental and physical health are impacted by what we feed ourselves. 🥗 You feed your mind with what you choose to expose it to. What we see, hear, or read influences our mental health. Right now this fact is more important than ever. There are so many negative and scary things in the world but how much you are exposed to them is your choice.

What will you choose to feed your mind, body, and soul with? 💙

Our virtual support group provides a place for processing experiences, connecting with others experiencing loneliness during isolation, and learning new coping skills and relaxation techniques.

To join call Julia's Counseling at 832-303-8933 or email [email protected]

Check out this Youtube video with our therapist Omolola guiding you in a progressive muscle relaxation meditation. ☮️


Feeling grateful is a choice. What we choose to focus on becomes our mental state. What will you focus on today? 💙

Simple changes in the words you use can change the trajectory of difficult moments with your child. Changing how you respond to your child can turn a fight to a positive interaction in which you help your child learn and grow.

Meet out therapist Ashley Kiker! Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern specializing in working with teens and adults from a variety of backgrounds.
Ashley also works on a case by case basis with children and families with adoption trauma using Theraplay methods.

Ashley's first priority when starting with a client is to build a trusting relationship by providing them with a unique and safe place to connect so they can experience freedom, safety, and ownership in the therapeutic process.
Ashley has worked with a variety of clients focusing on attachment, social skills, mindfulness training, codependency, healing from abuse and trauma, depression, anxiety, and spiritual/religious issues.

Ashley is a trained EMDR therapist, Gottman Level 1 Trained, and is pursuing Play Therapy and Theraplay training. Ashley utilizes a variety of modalities including EMDR, CBT, solution-focused, expressive arts, sandtray, play therapy, and theraplay.

Wise words from Brené Brown

I believe all of these things are true. I believe grace and rest are key. Feeling and owning our own sh*t instead of working it out on others is key. When we slip up, apologizing to the people we offload on is key.

And, when we hit that wall, sometimes courage looks like scaling it or breaking through it. AND, sometimes courage is building a fort against the wall and taking a nap.

For those of us with kids, I don't think we pretend that the wall doesn't exist.

Rather than sucking it up and pushing through, we name it. We help them understand that invisible wall that they will run into hundreds and hundreds of times in their lives. We model what it takes to recognize it and how tough it can be to choose the right strategy: scaling, reaching out for a lift, and/or resting. Naming, modeling, and not having answers is how we help them feel less alone or scared when they face their own wall.

Hard days are real because this is hard.

Stay awkward, kind and brave enough to rest and feel,

When a child feels heard, this is the foundation of self worth, self competence, self love, and a secure sense of self. Try to hear what they NEED when they are fussing up, and try to hear them. Give in when you can. Don’t engage in power struggles. If the answer is 'Yes' to the question “Am I saying no just so my kid knows I’m in charge?”, then it’s not worth it and this is not the battle to pick.

If you’re standing firm because it’s a matter of safety or your values then stand firm and just hear your child’s feelings and repeat them back. You can accept the feeling but not the behavior. Therapists call this reflecting and validating.

Sometimes that’s all a child needs is to feel heard. Other times it’s OK to give in. Children want something with all they have and that self expression should sometimes be rewarded.

"Among mental health interventions, play therapy is one of the most researched of modalities. In the last 25 years, the research outcomes on play therapy are particularly strong and indicate the practicality of using play therapy with children affected by trauma, as well as a myriad of additional presenting concerns. There are at least six reasons that play therapy is an appropriate treatment for children dealing with trauma."


Meet our Therapists!

Lauren specializes in ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Behavioral Problems, Depression, Anxiety and Parenting Support in children and teens ages 3 and up.

Lauren specializes in helping children learn how to properly manage their frustrations, better communicate and work with their uniqueness towards individualized goals. Lauren also enjoys helping children and teenagers experiencing anxiety and depression by providing a safe space for self-exploration.

Lauren is one of three therapists in Houston that is certified in AutPlay Therapy. This program is a play-based behavioral program helping children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders with emotional regulation, social skills, and connecting with others. Autplay sees parents as co-agents to change to help the child transfer the skills learned in therapy into the outside world. AutPlay Therapy is appropriate for children and adolescents ages 3 to 18 on the autism spectrum, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysregulation issues, neurodevelopmental disorders, and developmental disabilities.

In all of these cases, Lauren believes working with the parents and the family as a unit is essential to progress. She understands how overwhelming being a parent can be. Lauren works with parents by providing education and behavioral interventions, while also leaving time to have an empathic conversation about what it's like being a parent. Furthermore, Lauren works hard to stay up-to-date on current research and psychological trends to best help the families she serves.

Our wonderful therapist Ashley Kiker has a video on our new Youtube channel showing you how to use tapping for calming anxiety. This is a great tool that can be used anywhere!

Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G68jZQh2bWY


Parenting Right Now Is Really Hard

Great read from Psychology Today.

"We are in a collective trauma. We are anxious. We are grieving. It doesn't always look the way it does in the movies. You may be crying, shaking, and feeling nervous, or you may not be. You may feel numb. You may feel as though you have less access to your emotions than usual. You may have difficulty finding your words, or be absent-minded around the house (last week, I accidentally put my air pods in the fridge).

The same goes for your children. Maybe they are snuggling up to you, tears falling into your shirt, explaining how frightened they are. Or maybe they are demanding you give them what they want this minute, in even ruder tones than usual."

psychologytoday.com And other obvious things that need to be said again and again (and again).

I saw this post and had to share. 💙It really spoke to me today. Becoming a parent will no doubt trigger many past wounds that you thought were healed or didn't even know existed. Being a parent means not only taking care of your children but taking care of yourself too.

Thank you to all of the parents out there continuing to heal and be self aware so that their children are able to have self expression and freedom to make mistakes. ☀️Have grace for yourself during these times too. This isolation is certainly a rollercoaster! Reach out to friends or a therapist when things feel out of control. We are all in this together. 🌎

LEGO Foundation

This is a great new game to play at home! This game uses the skills of problem solving, strategy, and can be a collaborative game. And I bet you have all the supplies you need. 🎲

In today's play tip, David, Iori, and Sheon show how to play a fun dice game that allows you to practice a number of skills incl creativity and problem-solving.

Visit bit.ly/LtPatHome for more play tips from the LEGO® Play Agents for the Easter break


Do you use mantras? Having a few mantras or positive affirmations to say to yourself when having a bad day, feeling lonely, anxious, sad, or stressed is so important. Right now we are separated from loved ones and may have many fears about all the uncertainties.

When negative thoughts creep up here are some mantras you can repeat to yourself: This is temporary. - I am thankful for my health.- I am in control of me. 💙

What other mantras have you used?

This book is an amazing resource for helping children feel connected to their loved ones even when they have to be physically apart. And it is available on Amazon! 👍 You can find more great resources on our website at https://www.juliascounseling.com/resources

We are all just doing our best! Schedules are helpful but giving yourself grace is even more important. 💙

We would like to make an amendment on an earlier post .... 😝

Our therapists are all set up in their homes and ready to provide support for you or your child! You can email us at [email protected] or call 832-303-8933 to schedule your first appointment.


Lessons from Coronavirus: We Are More Resilient Than We Feel

This post from Psychology Today has great tips for building up your resiliency during trying times 💪🏾

psychologytoday.com Research has shown quite convincingly that our default mode is resilience.

New support group for single adults! Contact Julia's Counseling at [email protected] or call 832-303-8933

If you were thinking about reaching out to us to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child prior to local stay at home orders you still can!

Or if you are needing extra support now please reach out. We have therapists accepting adults, teens, children and couples. We are here for you in these difficult times.

Changing your view of your child's behaviors from "attention- seeking" to "connection-seeking" changes everything. These are great tips for ways to respond to your child's bids for connection.

Julia's Counseling & Play Therapy Group, PLLC's cover photo

This is an anxiety provoking time for us all and your child may be showing their anxiety in a variety of ways.

8 ways a child’s #anxiety shows up as something else. Adults too.

1. Anger
2. Difficulty sleeping
3. Defiance
4. Chandeliering
5. Lack of focus
6. Avoidance
7. Negativity
8. Overplanning

Via GoZen: Anxiety Relief for Children

#neurochild #mentalhealth

Our Story

Helping children, teens, families and adults to restore a level of power and happiness in life. Customized treatment plans help you achieve desired results in the most effective amount of time. Our therapists each have different specialties including: play therapy, ADHD assessments, trauma/abuse, attachment/adoption, HS/College preparedness, depression/anxiety, and more. Check out our website for more information, www.juliascounseling.com. To schedule an appointment call us at 832-303-8933

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