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Natural Point Acupuncture is committed to utilizing the latest techniques rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Transform your life naturally!

Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic located in Upper Kirby. Jenny Vargas is committed to honesty, loyalty and integrity. Jenny’s unique training, although rooted in the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, utilizes the latest techniques, technology and cutting edge treatments to promote the well-being of her patients. Her knowledge, sincere desire to help, and dedication assures each patient gets the most prompt, courteous, and professional care while providing them the results they deserve. Jenny strongly believes in educating her patients about the interconnection of the body and mind. She welcomes you to begin your journey to a healthy and natural life!

Operating as usual 01/07/2021

Ancient Chinese medicine unlocks new possibilities for cancer treatment After 20 years of research, Yale pharmacologist Yung-Chi Cheng and his partners are launching the first international clinical trial for a botanical drug. 12/09/2020

BakerRipley COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program BakerRipley is administering COVID-19 Rental Assistance programs for Harris County and the City of Houston to provide rental assistance for eligible residents impacted by COVID-19. BakerRipley, through $25 million in funding provided by Harris County and $20 million in funding provided by the City o...


Quote of the day


Quote of the day


Quote of the day


Fennel is strong, purifying and supporting. Fennel has uses you would never think of! Fennel is a good oil to keep on hand for....
🤮 nausea, colic & flatulence
🌸menstrual issues, PMS
😱 menopause and premenopause
🏋🏾 cramps & spasms
👩‍👦 breastfeeding support
😵 edema & fluid retention
- cough & congestion
- intestinal parasites & sluggish bowels
- blood sugar imabalance
- hunger pains
- stroke
- emotional balance
Only 1 bottle left, contact us for pick up in our office, at your next session or complimentary home delivery within the Houston inner loop.


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Tangerine essential oil is calming, clearing and uplifting. Tangerine not only smells divine but can be used for many reasons...
- antioxidant, immune boosting
- sadness, irritability, impulsiveness
- sleep issues, anxiety, nervousness
- digestive, parasites
- overthinking, feeling stuck
- edema, cellulite, pocket fat
- skin irritations, rashes & burns
- dry, cracked skin & dandruff
- congestion, cough, asthma
- boost metabolism, weight loss
- poor circulation, convulsions
- achy fatigued muscles, limbs
- arthritis & muscle pain, tension
- emotional balance
Only 1 bottle left, contact us for pick up in our office, at your next session or complimentary home delivery within the Houston inner loop.


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Clary sage - balancing and feminine. This flower has so many uses...
- endometriosis
- seizures
- low milk supply
- fertility and uterine health
- menopause
- postpartum depression and anxiety
- hot flashes
- pink eye
- insomnia
- emotional balance
Clary sage is derived from Latin meaning "clear eyes." Medieval monks favored it for eye troubles.
Only 1 bottle left, contact us for pick up in our office, at your next session or complimentary home delivery within the Houston inner loop.
Summarized from Natural Solutions Book


Quote of the day
. 11/06/2020

A New Hippocratic Oath Asks Doctors To Fight Racial Injustice And Misinformation

TGIF! At the University of Pittsburgh, new medical students recited an alternative oath, drawing on current events and recent political turmoil to highlight the societal responsibilities of doctors.


Evil Bone Water at only $25 is one of the best things to keep in your home first aid kit. This is perfect for the athlete for acute injuries, the high school child who gets aches and sprains, for trips when you may need something to hold you over, even for the accident prone person. This is the best topical product for any sports and accidental injury, sprains, muscle cramps, insect bites, broken bones, and bruises. This topical anesthetic is a 500 year old formula that has been modified and perfected to heal modern bone, muscle and skin injuries/conditions in record time.
This product has done wonders for my patients as well as me! I first used it when I got a neck sprain from a chiropractic adjustment. I walked in to prevent a headache and walked out unable to move my neck. I was told my recovery could take 6-10 weeks and in just 3 days of use I saw significant improvement, I was totally healed in about 4 weeks, continuous use and other herbs helped for mobility, sleep and pain.
Contact our office to get this amazing topical herbal remedy in your home today. Limited supply.


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Elderberry, one of Earth's best immune boosters. Not only does it keep your immunity strong and prevent you from getting sick but it is also known for regulating blood sugar. When taken properly elderberry can reduce the time and severity of cold and flu symptoms. Elderberry fights against colds, flus, seasonal allergies and constipation. One of the best things it tastes great so its easy for kids to take.
Elderberry syrup is now available for purchase at our office, it can also be delivered! Our source is local and organic. Get 16oz for only $40. Must be refrigerated.
Contact us so you can get elderberry syrup to boost your immune system during this winter and time of uncertainty! 10/21/2020

Feingold Part 1 (of 2)

Do you know what artificial colors in your food and makeup mean? What about fragrance in household items mean?


How is everyone today?


Acupuncture Today Digital Issue

Acupuncture, a great alternative to surgery... 09/29/2020

Latin Restaurant Weeks Menus - Latin Restaurant Weeks Houston Participants Note for Diners Due to COVID-19, we encourage you to call or visit the website of the restaurant you choose to patronize to verify their most up-to-date operating hours, reservation policy (although not common) and any updates from the establishment. We conveniently offer...


EDU PrepSpace

Ask-A-Thon tomorrow at 7pm on Social Mama App!



Psyched Mommy

I had a very specific event not too long ago that left me on the verge of breakdown. It seemed so silly, but it felt like I was receiving every bit of sensory information in the room. I was cooking while I had my son watch a cartoon, the oven fan was going, he kept running up to Alexa and requesting songs, my husband walked in to ask me a question, and I was sure I was going to lose it.

Immediately, I shouted like my life depended on it “please, turn that down...turn it off.”

This is not the only case of sensory overload I’ve experienced. I’ve noticed it more and more as I’ve become a mother. I’ve swapped silent car rides for car rides entertained by Blippi’s top musical performances, snack requests, and what feels like 100 questions.

Some days I take it all in stride, and others I feel like I’m drowning in sensory input. Given how much I’ve noticed sensory overload in my life since becoming a mother, I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss this week.

Have you experienced this? Share with me…


Eric Berger: Space City Weather

Good evening. We still don't have a definitive forecast for Tropical Storm Laura, so we attempted to offer up some probabilities for three different scenarios that could unfold by mid-week. We hope to have better answers for you tomorrow on all of this, when we’re going to reach the point when final decisions on evacuation and other preparation activities will need to be made for the metro area.


Who loves watermelon?? Look at all the things it can treat...

Watermelon in the summer is fantastic to quench thirst! So sweet and juicy. Here's the Chinese Medicine view on its properties.🍉🍉🍉


Houston Independent School District

The deadline to apply for the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) has been EXTENDED to JULY 31!! P-EBT is a one-time benefit for families issued through an EBT card of up to $285.

APPLY: 06/29/2020

All About the TCM Heart

How is your traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) heart??? My husband is on Fire! He's passionate, excited and always so happy. He's really the TCM Heart personality. But he's also easily bored and distracted. If he's stressed, his sleep and blood pressure gets affected. So I make sure he gets regular acupuncture treatments and massages, and eats a healthy....


becoming minimalist


AcuPro Academy

The Front-Mu Points in acupuncture are all located in the front of the body (the trunk) and are where Qi gathers. They are used to treat each organ's disorders.
- Lu 1: Lung disorders
- Ren 17: Pericardium disorders
- Ren 14: Heart disorders
- Lv 14: Liver disorders
- Gb 24: Gallbladder disorders
- Lv 13: Spleen disorders
- Gb 25: Kidneys disorders
- Ren 12 Stomach disorders
- Ren 5: San Jiao disorders
- St 25: Large Intestine disorders
- Ren 4: Small Intestine disorders
- Ren 3: Urinary Bladder disorders

If you like this graphic, check out my illustrated guide for acupuncture points here:


Stephanie Kuehne Nutritionist

Avocado bowl with sweet potatoes and beets 😍🥑 How to eat the right salads to increase your energy! 👇👇👇
🥬 Buy lettuce & raw veggies organic to avoid energy sucking pesticides and toxins.
🚫 Avoid Salad dressings made with canola oil.
Canola is genetically modified crop covered in round up w**d killer- it is one of the #1 biggest energy suckers and toxifiers for your brain and body! avoid it!
🥬 Look for dressings made with avocado oil or olive oil instead, or make your own. My favorite dressings are from @primalkitchenfoods
🚫 Avoid salad toppers & dressings made with white sugar.
White sugar will crash your immune system & your energy levels for a few hours after consuming it.
🥬 instead look for dressings made with honey, stevia, lo han or coconut sugar.
📸: @realandvibrant


Houston Placenta Services

😍 What a stunning illustration of a baby and their precious placenta. ⁣⁣
🧐Did you know in some cultures the placenta is known as the invisible friend/the first friend to the baby. After the birth, when the umbilical cord is cut, it is not only a medical separation but that of a spiritual and emotional one also. If watched carefully, many babies have flinched the moment the cord is cut, possibly showing us we are cutting the cord too soon and maybe the baby needs just a wee bit more time to say goodbye. ⁣⁣
👶🏼Many scans have shown the baby in the womb to be cuddling up with the placenta, playing with the cord and holding on to it. ⁣⁣
❓Did you see anything like that in your scans? Did you see your baby stroke or play with their placenta? ⁣⁣
Art by Willow & Womb Artistry
#placenta #baby #bond #relationship #connection #umbilicalcord #appaproud #traditions #respect #houstonbirth #houstonmoms #houstonbaby #houstonplacentaservices #willowandwomb


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We have missed our patients!
We are reopening as of this Monday, May 11th by appointment only. We are spacing out patients so there is never a crowd.
We will continue to offer virtual sessions that are focused on herbs, essential oils, gi gong and much more.
We are excited to announce some new products, services, and more news to come! Stay tuned!!
Feel free to schedule online or call/text Jenny at 281.948.2951.


Teaching Belly Breathing

Sesame teaches kids "belly breathing"

Sesame Street in Communities brings free video content of everyone's favorite, furry Muppet friends as they help children and the adults in their lives reach...


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Breathe essential oil smells minty and fresh. It is a cool, refreshing and invigorating blend to help with environmental toxins while providing some tension release.
Useful for: deeper, easier breathing and clearing airways
How to use: diffuse, apply to chest and back.
Creative uses: add a few drops to your shower to wake up! Apply before going outside to walk to protect you.

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Essential Oils, Herbs, Teas, Foot Soaks, CBD - Oral, Salves, Lotions & Gummies



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