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I’m pretty unpopular at my house right now. According to my 10-year-old daughter, I’m “the worst.” You see, she wants a smartphone. But as a public health professional, I worry that a smartphone may affect her growth and development. I worry about ...


Being so busy and having so many pressures, without the support we need, can create a downward spiral. If we are stressed and overwhelmed we can't be empathetic and patient parents. This can then cause us to feel guilty and down we go. Taking care of ourselves helps us to be the best parent that we can be. On top of this we will be teaching our kids the importance of self-care and gives them coping strategies for life.

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Nothing will cause you to grow up like being a parent. We will have triggers that we never knew we had. As we are kind to ourselves and question why we were triggered rather than just reacting, we are able to parent ourselves and grow. When we learn to that, we become the parent we hoped to be

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I did not buy my daughter a 17th birthday present.

Nope. I spent $200 on junk food and went into my room and closed the door.

Because she wanted a Junk Food Party.

That’s right. In a world where our kids can ingest all the adult things by the time they can access a screen, there is still a slice of adolescent humanity that craves pajamas and fuzzy socks, an obscene amount of sugar and salt, and a night left alone to stream movies with friends.

And that slice is about the size of a slice of thin-crust veggie pizza (or four), plus pie-sized servings of cookie cake.

Midlifers, for 17, I bought cookies and cupcakes and the aforementioned cookie cake.

I set out chips and dip and popcorn and soda.

Pizza, donuts, muffins and - because I am not a monster - precut fruit.

And I asked that they clean-up before bed, which amounted to putting the picked-over fruit back into the fridge. And friends, that feels about right for 17.

In this season when young people on the cusp of the-rest-of their-lives are often unreasonably asked to declare majors, careers and deep thoughts on a universe they’re just beginning to realize exists, thank God that there is still space for a Junk Food Party.

I mean it.

Thank God for the homes that welcome the piles of shoes kicked off at the front door. Thank God for the community that can exhale together in a pile of blankets and fuzzy socks. And thank God for kids who are confident enough to achieve ridiculous things at school and work and sports and who also, apparently, like Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough balls, because my refrigerator is full of them this morning.

My dear Midlifers, if you are one of the multitude of parents of students everywhere who are out of steam or hanging-on through the gradation season, or if you are right in the middle of your being asked to show up for the last everything-before-school-gets-out or your kids are cramming for final exams, I boldly suggest adding one empty-calorie event:

A Junk Food Party.

I’m convinced it meets a need for fulfillment in our teens that all the extracurriculars and test prep and prom-shoe shopping and school visits do not.

At least according to the sugar coma-induced sleep that followed in my house. 🍕🍪🥤

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This 🙌🏼❤️

This 🙌🏼❤️

“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” ♥️


A little about my business name origin. Did you know the phrase and idea to “go forth” is written in about 29 bible verses, and the word “counsel” appears 133 times within the books of the bible? My maiden name is Goforth. Then came the idea of progressing, healing, improving, going forth, with the help of God, was revealed to me.

My logo, an arrow pointing forward,signifies we must look toward the future, with the three points of the arrow- The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit… God knows I can’t help people unless He is involved in it. He has to guide my words, thoughts and actions so as to help His people. Then the logo was created.

How do you feel about therapy? My hope is that clients feel safe to openly share about their thoughts in a non-judgmental environment in order to heal and create and reach goals for themselves which will help them to be great people.


Hey y’all! Welcome to Go Forth Family Therapy’s page! After 5 years in private practice, I am looking forward to sharing encouraging thoughts with you all from this page.


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