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If you’ve had a baby within the past year and constantly struggle with feelings of anxiety and guilt or feeling overall ...

If you’ve had a baby within the past year and constantly struggle with feelings of anxiety and guilt or feeling overall less present, happy, and engaged in your baby’s life than you had expected, you might be dealing with post-partum depression.

As moms, we often prioritize everyone else before ourselves and we power through overwhelming levels of stress to care for our babies … but what are we gaining by living this way? And more importantly, what are we losing?

Your mental health is just as important as your baby’s physical health - and even directly affects it.

Post-partum depression is more than just temporary “baby blues” or feeling sad.

Post-partum depression is actually characterized by things like intense anxiety, panic attacks, and the unshakeable sense that we’re doing everything wrong, as well as the loss of interest in things, lack of energy, and generalized depression.

If these symptoms sound relatable, please know that you don’t need to struggle through these first few precious months and years with your newborn; help is available!

It’s even possible that you could get back on your feet with significant and lasting relief from post-partum depression within a few days. (Zurzuvae(TM) is a new medication that is taken for only 2 weeks; many mothers have experienced relief from PPD symptoms in as little as 3 days. See more details about this treatment option and links to further information at https://www.excelpsychiatric.com/ppd.)

Check out these PPD symptoms and solutions - then we’d love to connect with you and help you take control of your wellbeing. You (and your baby) deserve it!

Mental Health Care at a private, family-owned clinic in Huntersville, NC ✦ Psychiatry, Therapy, and Medication Managemen...

Mental Health Care at a private, family-owned clinic in Huntersville, NC ✦ Psychiatry, Therapy, and Medication Management with a whole-person focus

At Excel Psychiatric Associates, we provide mental health care in a holistic way. This means we provide traditional psychiatric care, like diagnostic evaluations and medication management services, but we don’t stop there! We pride ourselves on viewing and caring for you as a complete person.

At Excel Psychiatric Associates, we:

✔️ Offer appointment slots that are longer than the industry standard so we can take time to listen to you and your unique life story.

✔️ Educate you so you really understand your care and become a true partner in your mental-health care journey.

✔️ Discuss lifestyle changes and improvement strategies, therapy types and modalities, and available medication options.

✔️ Work together as a team to come up with a treatment plan that best fits you.

“Most helpful psychiatrist office I’ve ever been to. Dawn and Pat have been so helpful since I’ve started here and the NP, Timothy Balisky, is so compassionate and understanding and gives the best explanations and when I don’t completely understand what he’s saying he will explain it to where I can understand. I’ve never left a psychiatrist office feeling so much better than I did when I went in until I came here. Could not recommend this practice enough!! So efficient!”
– M. M.

Our providers:

✦ Craig Chepke, MD is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, has been named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and speaks regularly at national psychiatry conventions and events.

✦ Timothy Balisky is a Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner specializing in ADHD and Treatment-Resistant Depression and Anxiety.

✦ Tiffany Chepke is a Health Coach and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based practices. She is nationally board-certified for health and wellness coaching (NBHWC) and has a master’s degree in Social Work and a graduate certificate in Gerontology.

We actively stay up-to-date with cutting edge research. Because we are well versed in the entire spectrum of mental health medications, we know how and when to incorporate the newest medications and when to use the tried-and-true classic options.

“My experience with Dr. Chepke has been nothing short of miraculous! Along with Tiffany Chepke, I have been taken care of with great compassion and a desire to help me in my quest for a healthy life, mentally. My condition has been up and down for years and working with Dr Chepke and Tiffany has been both enlightening and encouraging. I am forever grateful for their care and understanding and their genuine concern for my well-being. As far as I am concerned, no other team could come close!”
— J. P.

Diagnoses we specialize in treating:

➤ Major Depressive Disorder and Treatment Resistant Depression

➤ Bipolar Disorder

➤ ADHD treatment for adults and evaluations for adolescents

➤ Panic disorder, OCD, and other anxiety disorders

➤ Schizophrenia

➤ Neurodegenerative Diseases, such as Alzheimer and other Dementias

➤ Medication-induced movement disorders

Depending on your individual situation, we offer specialty services to help improve your chance at treatment success:

◆ Spravato / Intranasal Esketamine (a derivative of ketamine)

◆ Long-Acting Medications (once-monthly to every six months)

◆ Pharmacogenomic Testing

See more details about each of these services on our website, www.excelpsychiatric.com.

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Life can be very challenging, but you don't have to tackle those challenges on your own.

At Excel Psychiatric Associates, P.A., we offer consultations to discuss your concerns and create a treatment method that works best for you. Here you are the driver for your care and treatment. Our goal in your initial consultation visit is to get to know you, take a look at your history, and determine a plan of action to improve your quality of life.
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☛ Ready to get started? Click the link below to visit our website and fill out a short intake form. We look forward to meeting you! ☚

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Mental Health Facts • 1 in 5 (46.6 million) adults in the United States experience a mental health condition in a given ...

Mental Health Facts
• 1 in 5 (46.6 million) adults in the United States experience a mental health condition in a given year.
• 1 in 25 (11.2 million) adults in the United States experience a serious mental illness in a given year.
• Approximately 46.6 million adults in the United States face the reality of managing a mental illness every day.
• Half of all lifetime mental health conditions begin by age
• 14 and 75% by age 24, but early intervention programs can help.
• Up to 90% of those who die by su***de have an underlying mental illness as revealed by psychological autopsy. 46% of those who die by su***de have a diagnosed mental illness.
• Su***de is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. With effective care, suicidal thoughts are treatable, and su***de is preventable.
• Individuals with mental health conditions face an average 11-year delay between experiencing symptoms and
• starting treatment.
• Common barriers to treatment include the cost of mental health care and insurance, prejudice and discrimination, and structural barriers like transportation.
• Even though most people can experience relief from symptoms and support for their recovery in treatment, less than half of the adults in the United States get the help they need.


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