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Operating as usual


double tap to affirm 🤍


✨finally the weekend✨

slow down, and take a few moments to pause to check-in with yourself this morning before the weekend using these prompts!


✨trust your body and your own healing process✨

close your eyes, tune inward, breathe, connect to your heart, build trust with yourself and allow your body to move intuitively. have awareness and just be. allow yourself to feel, cry and release what’s been weighing you down 🫶🏽


feeling not okay, anxious, sad, stressed? or not sure how you feel?
try moving and shifting the state of your body using one of these suggestions to help you feel more calm, relaxed and less stressed.


what’s your processing style? do you use both depending on the situation?

here are some tips to use to more effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings to others depending on how you process information 🧠

if you aren’t sure what kind of processor you are, and you could be a combination of both, feel free to reference the post from 8/9/22 🤍


here are some tips/strategies to use to help you process effectively depending on what kind of processor you are in a situation 💭

if you aren’t sure what kind of processor you are, and you could be a combination of both, feel free to reference the post from a week ago (8•9•22).


how do you process your thoughts, feelings and information in general? 🧠

do you find that you have more trouble communicating with a loved one or friend based off of their differences in how they process information?

how you process and think about things may be veryyy different in comparison to your partner, friends, loved ones, children, etc. and may cause more conflicts in already more uncomfortable and difficult conversations. identifying and learning more about how you process can help you more effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings with others, while in turn strengthening your relationships.

which type of processor are you? or are you a combination of both?


try containing your distressing feelings temporarily 💻📨📔

allow your mind + body to contain and set aside distressing thoughts and feelings that come up in between your therapy sessions to help you manage your symptoms and not become overwhelmed when reminded of past trauma. bring this container to your next session to slowly unpack the distress with your therapist. notice how you feel after this exercise 🫶🏽


happy august 🌞

here are a few journal prompts to assist you with reflecting on your july!

what comes up for you that you didn’t notice before?

I hope this exercise brings you some clarity 💭


✨a reminder that healing is not a linear process✨

healing takes time, effort, patience, self-compassion, empathy, and will have lots of ups, downs and in-betweens

it may be hard for you at times to recognize the smaller shifts in your progress!

but try to remember to keep moving through the discomfort. allow yourself to take breaks, get extra support, feel, cry, be present with yourself.


next time you notice yourself starting to overthink, have intrusive and/or irrational, anxious thoughts, STOP and shift your focus to your body 🧘🏻‍♀️

take some time to notice how your body responds to your anxiety. are you sweating? feeling shaky? clenching your jaw? feeling nauseous?

stop your unhelpful and anxious thoughts from spiraling out of control, and try one of these evidence-based activities to connect to your body, relax and experience a sense of safety, even if for a moment 🤍


✨tune-in and listen to what your body needs✨

take some time today to get curious and explore what movement feels good to you and your body.

what do you notice?

tension? pain? discomfort? change in body temperature?

observe what comes up for you.

what is your body trying to communicate to you?

what kind of movement would feel good?

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✨let me start out by saying✨
trauma is trauma is trauma. BIG or small - no matter the size. it really depends on how your body perceives the event.

❕what you perceive as traumatic and threatening will differ from another person’s response who may have experienced the same or similar event. every body responds differently❕

these two types of trauma were defined by Francine Shapiro, who founded EMDR Therapy to help you understand that the small “t” traumas that often aren’t recognized as “trauma” in our society, are still traumatic and can cause trauma-related mental health symptoms that show up in your body physically, psychologically and emotionally.

studies suggest that over 50% of people experience a traumatic event. your trauma and feelings are valid and matter even if wasn’t “that bad.”

take care of your mind and body as you continue to heal. try welcoming and accepting ALL of your feelings with compassion and empathy. try moving through the difficult and uncomfortable feelings with curiosity and additional support from your therapist when needed 🫶🏽


a trauma does not have to be a big, bad event to be considered trauma..

if your nervous system in your body can’t handle something and perceives your experience, big or small, as a threat then it is trauma.

if your nervous system believes it is trauma, then it is. period.

you can’t help how your body feels and responds to situations.
you can however, listen to your body after it perceives a threat, tune inward - be curious, be gentle, be empathetic with your feelings and tend to your body through practicing calming strategies to help shift your body back to a state of calm.

sending love 🫶🏽

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a series of gentle reminders to make time for rest as your weekend begins 💭➡️

take what you want and leave the rest 🫶🏽


your invitation to allow yourself to feel everything, connect to your breath, tune into your body and do what feels good 🫶🏽

it’s been a hard week. take whatever time you need to address your feelings. take breaks from social media, rest, move, cry, breathe, connect with your loved ones. whatever you need 🤍

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take a few moments to check-in with yourself today and notice what comes up 🤍

any other questions you would add?!


mid-month mental health check-in ☑️

it’s already the middle of June! here are a few prompts to help you identify adjustments you may want to make to help yourself feel better 🙂


we are all so different and have many different needs and ways we feel supported and loved 🤍🤍🤍

I invite you to reflect on what you need from yourself and others when you’re having an off day, and ask your loved ones what kind of things help them feel loved and supported.

completely depending on my mood and what’s going on, I know I need different types of support that varies from needing a hug, to having a safe space to vent my present feelings, and sometimes going on a walk by myself.

what helps you?! are you able to communicate to your friends, family or therapist and ask for the kind of support you need?


✨happy mental health awareness month✨

have you ever noticed how you feel when you’re around someone who is in pain or feeling upset? is this uncomfortable for you? try to be present with them and sit through the discomfort.

you can show compassion and care for them by being curious and taking the time to ask them how they’re feeling and what kind of support they need.

be present with them and hold space for them to share their feelings.

you may feel the urge to try to fix their feelings by giving them possible solutions to their problems or offering advice. don’t. unless they’re asking for it 🙂 because it can feel invalidating.

try to simply just be present with them and listen.

are there times you can identify in the past when you wanted advice from others or just wanted someone to sit there with you and listen? how do you feel when someone tries fix your issues? I’d be curious to know below 🙂⬇️

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in case you needed to hear this today: ✨your feelings matter✨

it’s not uncommon to invalidate your feelings! i’ve been there too.. but is it helping you heal or possibly making you feel worse?

maybe instead of invalidating yourself and creating more distance from your emotions, you try to welcome and accept all of your feelings. you give yourself compassion and validate your feelings to acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings and move through them, not push them away.

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✨and what if all the answers to your questions were located inside your body✨

your body may be holding the information you need to get unstuck.

notice how your body feels and responds in certain situations, around certain people, in specific environments.

what is it that your body is trying to share with you? what somatic symptoms does your body experience when dysregulated?
do you start to sweat? become shaky? notice your heart start beating faster? your body may be holding on to traumas you didn’t know where there all this time.

lean in to the discomfort and listen.


✨monday morning mental health check-in✨

take a moment with me this morning to pause, and ask yourself these questions:
- how am I feeling right now in my body?
- did I get enough sleep last night?
- have I been eating food that feels good?
- what kind of movement does my body want and need today?

emotion and body regulation starts with the basics. are you getting enough sleep? are you eating well? are you moving your body and exercising regularly? what intentions can you set for yourself this week? are there any adjustments you can try that may help you feel better?

do what feels good to you & repeat 💫


✨try adding this exercise to your bedtime routine✨

if it feels okay, I invite you to place your hands on your abdomen while practicing this breathing exercise and notice your abdomen rise and fall, softening and relaxing with each breath. allowing yourself to bring awareness to emotions, thoughts and sensations, and release what you’ve been holding in.


✨you can change your nervous system✨

[this practice is rooted in Deb Dana’s wonderful work in polyvagal theory]

you may ask, but why is this important?!
taking time to understand and listen to your nervous system, and learn how your body works, can help you have healthier relationships with yourself and others by being able to regulate your body and emotions. through re-shaping your nervous system, you can have more control of your emotions by recognizing when you are in fight, flight or freeze mode and need to shift to your ventral state to feel a sense of safety.

try to find micro-moments in your day whether it’s looking outside your window, wrapping up in your favorite blanket, or drinking a hot cup of tea, when you can feel peace and safety in your body. notice how this feels and keep coming back for more. do what feels good 🤎


✨tend to your feelings✨

don’t wait for your feelings and sensations to build up, until one day they explode. try to be preventative and communicate more with your body.

if you’re doing something that simply doesn’t feel good, lean in, get curious and explore other options.

when you ignore your body and feelings you may start to notice the following:
- feeling more irritable or easily annoyed
- experiencing disrupted sleep and not feeling well-rested when you wake up
- holding back tears or crying at inappropriate times
- more difficulty concentrating
- changes in your appetite
- muscle tension

take some time today or this weekend to check-in with yourself, notice what comes up and give your mind and body some attention 🤍

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✨try allowing your feelings to guide you✨

instead of staying stuck in that negative feedback loop full of “what if’s” and worries that aren’t serving you, try redirecting them by paying attention to the feelings in your body.

when you are able to move to a state in your body where you feel safe, you can start to practice listening to what your anxiety and distress is trying to communicate with you.

lean in and listen 🤍

Watch this reel by talkswithtonyab on Instagram 03/24/2022

Watch this reel by talkswithtonyab on Instagram

your friendly reminder to take moments to pause throughout your day to be present and in the moment 🤍

give your mind a break and practice mindfulness while:
- petting your dog
- laying in bed
- drinking coffee/tea
- sitting outside
- making dinner
- eating
- exercising
- brushing your teeth
- washing your face

studies show that regularly practicing mindfulness can help reduce depressive symptoms, improve working memory, reduce levels of stress, enhance ability to focus, decrease emotional reactivity, and improve self-awareness, just to name a few!

pause. breathe. check-in with your body. notice how you feel.

Watch this reel by talkswithtonyab on Instagram Mount Eminest, MOYN, • Waves | MOODY, california Effects

Watch this reel by talkswithtonyab on Instagram 03/22/2022

Watch this reel by talkswithtonyab on Instagram

✨move your body in ways that feel good throughout the day✨

research has shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time have been linked to numerous health concerns such as blood clots, chronic lower back pain, heart disease and obesity.

a few times throughout your day, I invite you to check-in with your mind + body and ask yourself: “what kind of movement would feel good right now?”

try standing up every 30 minutes, taking a walk around the block during your lunch break or stretching your body in-between meetings.

move through your stress and anxiety, and try listening to your body by giving it the kind of movement it needs.

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