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Vacation is self care. For concerns, please call office as I will be taking a full vacation from my work computer!

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We call this “Minecraft crystal breakfast”! Strawberry cut into a flower. Home made waffle with mix whole wheat and basic wafffle mix with almond butter. “Mom , this is a Minecraft diamond shaped and maybe enchanted!”


my kiddo who loves all of sudden didn’t want them this morning. He said I made it too slimy last time. is a big factor for some kids. I tried cloud eggs since it was a different texture! Separate 4 yolks from whites. Beat whites until stiff peaks form. Dollop egg white onto parchment paper and press a well spot with back of spoon. Place a yolk in well. Bake for 15-20! Kiddo highly approved!


Lol! This just happened. Busy doing referrals and pre auths during admin time and I forgot to take mask off before sipping the smoothie! Avocado smoothie face! I am literally laughing so hard I am crying!


for some goes great for a week and then … wait I told myself I would workout daily?… maybe next week. I am a fan of starting small and building up by setting mini goals. Exercise- start with 10 minutes 2 days a week! More water- start by adding just one cup more per week until you get to your goal! Self care- start with a shorter time consuming thing and build up to it!


Collagen bites! Mixed 1/4 bag of Lilly’s white chocolate chips, 1/4 cup water, 4 scoops collagen peptides, 8 capsules emptied into sauce pan of . Melt it all together, get cute candy molds and freeze for 5 hours!


And after! back to back rides with 10 min arms between


First time doing a live class with . This is before pic lol wait for after


I have not been on IG often and this is because of being very busy! I will be out of the office this Monday, but normal hours for the rest of the week!

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after a busy day of seeing patients I practiced filling my own cup with for a stress reducing treatment. I walked out floating on a cloud of ! Check her out!

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with food coloring made from . lol this one is not low sugar and son is running laps around the house!

Photos from Erica Wood ND's post 12/19/2021

baked donuts! We are doing some for the ! More to come! Recipe will be on my blog soon!


Thanks for the Venus Fly Trap! My little boy came in very often asking if they had one and when we walked in on Sunday, the person at register exclaimed “I was waiting for you to come in as I ordered this for you!” He is happy and Snappy the fly trap is happy! I highly recommend this shop for your plant wall needs :)


Happy Hanukkah!!


Thanks for my Saturday night! My kiddo is using the weights as I ride!


What’s your post thanksgiving tradition? Ours is hike and decorate!


This candle is perfect for cold fall days and meditation ! harvest candle is my favorite!


So when talking about keeping our immune systems in tip top shape, we got look at multiple avenues. When irons stores are low it can cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, weakness, chest pain, dizziness, poor appetite, craving ice or starch and frequent colds. And it is not as simple as adding ! During our appointment, I can check with some simple blood tests to make sure your stores are good!


Wait, you want me to put on myself or my child? Well hold on a minute…before doing anything, consult your doctor to see if this is safe/approved for you to do! Wet socks helps increase blood circulation and stimulates the immune system. It uses the power of to stimulate the body’s own healing power! I always keep room in my schedule for same day acute appointments and we can discuss this option.


My son helped me design my workout today since I missed my morning outdoor bootcamp. -Workout by six year old - donkey hand stand kicks 10 ( I could barely do these and my son was like “what like it’s hard lol”,), 20 jacks, 10 walks, 20 (burpees), 3 jump squats but you must scream “Iron man” when you jump, 6 black widow ups ( lol push ups) followed by 10 sumo squats, 10 shoulder “spresses”, hammer curls (10) and 10 “things” aka tricep kick backs. Repeat 2 times if you are mommy and 3 times if you are six years old. Ooohand at the end sing on top of your lungs. He loves to workout and loves to workout with me. I hope we keep this tradition because he kicked my ass (but maybe next time we do this on a Wed lol) I am so proud of my new personal trainer and I am wiped.


Ah, It is that time of year where I want and . Here are some of my favorites for the season: for optimal for keeping good for is my go to


Nothing to be embarrassed about here! About 70% of the adult population has these adult population and can be seen in kids too. We know that foods high in can increase herpes breakouts. You find this in nuts, dairy, chocolate and wheat. Sounds like what one can frequently consume during Halloween? So best to avoid these foods if you are prone to cold sores. If you want to know more ways to help prevent outbreaks - make an appointment.


I have a pretty so it helps to keep reintroducing food to keep things in the palate bank. So today it is whole wheat tortilla with and turkey slices with apple sauce and dark chocolate chips. I love as it has all compartments, durable and . No association with them I just love their boxes.


. A year of zoom and I have seen so many new cases of and overall trouble focusing. This can be or . A few key tips for trouble focusing - 1) whether it is a brief walk, wall squats, pushing a beam bag chair across the floor 2) have it at every meal especially with snacks, 3) if you are not well rested you can’t focus. Most get less sleep then needed! When it comes to supplements and care- you can make an appointment with me to figure what works for you, your kiddo or a loved one.


I am a parent and I have a school aged kiddo. Given the current pandemic many kids and parents may have some heightened right now. Here are some tips to help with ✅talk with your family, naming the feelings helps talk about them openly ✅show empathy and validate feelings ✅ encourage child and parents to talk with school staff ✅look out for signs of anxiety in kiddos such as restlessness, trouble concentrating, irritability, stomach aches, headaches, change in eating habits and toilet accidents. 🥼consult with a doctor (oh hi there! 🤓) for any concerns


. To get kiddos into the routine, having a is an awesome encourager. I love using “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, but changing the clap your hands to wash your hands and sing it twice in a row. What song do you use?



- add mint or cucumber to water to help with the cooling aspects. - if working out aim for early morning or late evening. Wear loose and light colored clothes. Make a or stay in . and have cooling centers to stay at if needed. Keep safe!


Dr. Riley is in office if you do need assistance. Vacation time and nature bound!



**p Remember the 4 F’s: fitness (move your body). Fiber. Feet and fluids. 💩🚽


Check it out




Just like skin and nails- it can tell me so much about your health. Is it breaking? Is it thinning? Are you losing a lot? stores all play a role in what it looks like. Schedule a visit if you got question!

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