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Merry Christmas Eve from my home to yours.


Just a reminder to all my friends out there working on a better life without alcohol on the biggest bar night of the year…..




Good sunny morning from Martin House Therapies. Give this day all you got!


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Once you choose hope, anything is possible...


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When the challenges of someone else's life have you tied up in knots, it usually means it's time to start focusing on your own life.

Doesn't that feel better?
Have a peacefilled day, Rosie.


Grief when a love one overdoses.

Several months ago I was asked to speak at a support group, Families For HOPE. This group meets monthly as a way to share information regarding op**te addiction and to support friends and families who have lost someone due to addiction to this powerful drug. The group asked me to speak about grief and loss. This topic was fresh with me as I had just lost my dear sister-in-law several weeks prior due to a short battle with cancer. According to the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross model, the five stages of grief, I was alternating between denial and anger. Since that time I've moved into the depression stage, bordering on acceptance, the final stage. But in my preparation for my talk it became evident that the grief following an overdose death is different.

As more and more people are touched by addiction, more and more families are left with the grief of an overdose death. This grief is different. It is veiled in guilt and shame and stigma and discomfort. Much like su***de grief, there is a complexity in overdoes deaths in that people feel that the death was somehow avoidable. There aren't clear stages as defined by Kubler-Ross. Many of the feelings below, including guilt, shame, blame, fear, and isolation all in some way correlate back to this.

Guilt: Friends and family may feel guilt that they could of or should have done more.
Guilt that a family member suffered from addiction so they may believe it's their fault.
Guilt if the death brings a sense of relief after years of addiction impacting family and friends.
Obsession over action done/not done to support the person who died.

Shame: Shame is different than guilt. Shame is something we feel based on our perception that others think we could of or should have done something differently. In the case of an overdose death, shame can manifest in various ways.

Shame that a family member suffered from addiction.
Shame for enabling the person who died.
Shame for NOT doing enough to help the person.
Shame for the person who died (feeling that others blame that person for their addiction and are less worthy of mourning).

Blame: Blame toward those who used drugs with the person who died.
Self-blame for the person developing an addiction.
Self-blame for the person's death
Blame toward the person who died

Stigma and isolation:

We know that addiction touches thousands of families each year yet the family and friends often don't talk about it due to stigma, guilt and shame. This can result in:
Difficulty accepting the circumstances of the death (denial about drug involvement).
Reluctant to openly discuss the cause of death.
Hesitant to seek support from family, friends or support group.

Fear and Anxiety: Addiction is a devastating disease that is difficult to imagine if you have not experienced it in your family, friends or community.

Fear: Fear that other family members will start abusing substances.
Fear that others who are already using substances will also overdose.
Fear that others in recovery will relapse.

All of these anxieties can lead to mistrust between surviving family members. This anxiety can lead survivors to control to attempt to control those around them to try and protect them from addiction and overdose. As a therapist I have seen these anxieties take over a persons life and become all consuming.

If you see yourself in this difficult post please reach out to a friend, support group or therapist as a way to save yourself and live the life you deserve. Peace, Rosie.


As we roll into the end of 2017 and await the bright promise that 2018 holds, I reflect on setting my intentions for the new year. I’ve never liked the phrase, “New Year’s Resolution.” To resolve is to, “settle or find a solution to a problem.” We are not problems. We are perfectly imperfect human beings that are learning and growing constantly. So what if this year we all said "forget resolutions" because we are not problems) and instead we set intentions?

An intention is, “a thing intended; an aim or a plan.” Instead of thinking about all of the things we did wrong in 2017, let’s think about all of the things we did right and all of the things that made us feel good, and make a plan to do more of that next year. Instead of resolving to stop doing things, let’s make a plan to do more positive things instead.

In my practice I instruct my clients to consider how subtle changes in our vocabulary can have profound effects on our happiness. If we can change our resolutions, which tend to have a negative tone, to an intention, with a more positive tone, perhaps we will set ourselves up for more success in 2018.

Here are some examples:

Instead of resolving to lose weight, set an intention to fuel your body with healthy foods in 2018, or to take a walk in the fresh air X times/week (insert any activity here). And then celebrate your victories! Be proud of yourself every time you eat a healthy meal. Remember that feeling so you’ll want to do it again and again. Celebrate the days you get outside for a walk. Be grateful for the opportunity to breathe in fresh air. Figure out what activities you enjoy, and do more of them. Don’t focus on losing the weight, focus on your victories—it is much more enjoyable.

Instead of resolving to stop spending so much time on your phone, set an intention for what you will do instead—you will likely spend less time on your phone by default. “In 2018, I am going to read more books…go for more bike rides…see more movies, spend time with friends."

You get the idea,by focusing on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, our perspectives can shift. Setting an intention, and then taking action, becomes an exciting path of self-discovery rather than a guilt-trap set up with broken resolutions.

Above all else, setting intentions can help us manifest the life we want. So let’s all stop focusing on what we did wrong in 2017 and all of the things that didn’t go our way, and instead, open our hearts to all of the possibility that exists in 2018! Happy New Year from Martin House Therapies🎉Rosie



Relying on Others

A deep feeling of gratitude can emerge as we open to the experience of being helped.
Most of us pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency. We like to be responsible for taking care of ourselves and pulling our own weight in the world. This is why it can be so challenging when we find ourselves in a situation in which we have to rely on someone else for help. This can happen as the result of an illness or an injury, or even in the case of a positive change, such as the arrival of a newborn or getting married or starting a new career. At times like these, it is essential that we let go of our feeling that we should be able to do it all by ourselves and accept the help of others.

The first step is accepting the situation fully as it is. Acceptance is truly the key. Too often we make things worse either by trying to do more than we should or by lapsing into feelings of uselessness or become frozen. In both cases we run the risk of actually prolonging our dependency. In addition, we miss a valuable opportunity to practice acceptance and humility. The ego often resists what is, so when we move into acceptance we move into the deeper realm of the soul. In needing others and allowing them to help us, we experience the full realization that we are not on our own in the world. Isn't that a wonderful thought? While this may bring up feelings of vulnerability, a deep feeling of gratitude may also emerge as we open to the experience of being helped. This realization can enable us to be wiser in our service of others when we are called upon to help.

It takes wisdom and strength to surrender to our own helplessness and to accept that we, just like every other human being, have limitations. The gifts of surrender are numerous. We discover humility, gratitude, and a deepening understanding of the human experience that enables us to be that much more compassionate to ourselves and in the world. Have a peace filled day❤️ Rosie


Just enjoying this beautiful day, hope you are too.

Timeline photos 07/18/2017

Did you know the average person has 70,000 or more thoughts per day? How many times a day do you catch yourself thinking about a "problem" that you want to resolve but overthinking about the solution keeps you paralyzed. In many cases overthinking is caused by one emotion: fear. When you think of all the negatives that might happen it's easy to become paralyzed into non-action. The first step in addressing this problem is awareness that you're overthinking something. In that moment is the seed of change you want to make. Take a deep breath and think about what could go right if you make a decision. Try it😊, Peace, Rosie



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Uncovering secrets is apocalyptic in the simple sense (the Greek root means �an uncovering�). In this case, it lifts the shame covers. It allows articulation to enter where silence once ruled. - Lewis Hyde.
I couldn't help but think of the above quote yesterday as I was watching the street construction in front of my office. Daily I have the privilege of sitting with my clients as they dig deep to uncover their hopes and dreams and let go of shame that has been holding them back from being their best selves. I am aware and grateful for that privilege. Peace, Rosie

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As anyone who cares for an addict or alcoholic knows, these relationships can be very difficult and energy depleting. The basic challenge for loved ones of addicts of any kind is to continue to care without losing themselves in the process. If you're struggling with this issue give me a call to schedule an appointment and let me walk beside you as you navigate ways to assist and love without losing yourself in the process. Peace, Rosie.

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Have you been thinking of making changes in your life that will lead to greater happiness and health but you're unsure how to begin. Sometimes talking to someone can open you up to new thoughts and ideas and Martin House Therapies is a good place to start. Contact me at 517.740.1351 and set up an appointment to talk. Peace, Rosie

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Happy 2017! Yesterday when I awoke and came downstairs into my living room there were a thousand points of light dancing on my walls and ceiling being reflected off of my sequined pillow. I sat for awhile while having my first cup of coffee in the new year and reviewed in my mind what I planned to accomplish in 2017.

The dancing light reminded me of Leonard Cohen's beautiful words, "there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

I'm not perfect, nor do I need to be. It's my cracks that have become my greatest teacher. This year I will strive to accept myself and pour love and light into every crack I encounter along this years journey.

Wishing you love and light as we walk together through this New Year.

Timeline photos 09/29/2016

Good morning from Martin House Therapies! I wanted to share this quote with you today as it seemed to be the theme of my clients that I saw yesterday. As the day progressed each client that I met with shared an experience in which they overcame something that they had been afraid to face. Not all big things, yet good progress for them. I left the office feeling inspired and grateful for the people who cross my path each day. Many blessings on this rainy day. Rosie

Timeline photos 12/01/2015

This really spoke to me this rainy morning. What if we really treated ourselves like the cherished beings that we are, how would our emotional, physical and spiritual life change?

Timeline photos 11/05/2015

Good beautiful fall morning from Martin House Therapies.
There is nothing wrong with admitting that you may need help finding your way, in fact, admitting that you need help is a sign of strength.

Mobile uploads 07/22/2015

Good sun filled day from Martin House Therapies.
Is there a habit you've been trying to break with little success; over drinking, smoking more or even a habit of not being kind to yourself? While change is hard it can be done. Maybe you just need more information on how to make a new healthier habit stick.
Give me a call or message me if you'd like some support in creating a healthier life...emotionally, mentally and physically. Have a Peace filled day. Rosie.

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Good beautiful morning from Martin House Therapies. I often hear from my clients that they don't take the time to nurture themselves as they are busy giving care to others. While giving loving care to others is important you must first give that same care to yourself. If you are unsure how to do that message me and I'll give you some ideas. Peace my friends. Rosie

TUT :: Home 05/27/2015

TUT :: Home

Good morning from Martin House Therapies. Every morning I get a note from the universe delivered to my email. I especially liked this one so I thought I would share it with you.
You can "dance" with the illusions of time and space, Rosie, choosing your "steps" based upon things and events as they now are, or you can dance with your dreams, choosing your steps based upon things and events as they will be.

And I bet you can guess which steps will perpetuate today's illusions, and which ones will change everything...

Shall we?
The Universe In my practice I align with this message. Mid you'd like to learn more about how to change your "steps" and see how this can change everything, message me or give me a call. I'd love to walk with you on your path. Have a peace filled day, Rosie.

TUT :: Home TUT believes that everyone's special, that every life is meaningful, and that we're all here to learn that dreams do come true. We also believe that thoughts become things, and that imagination is the gift that can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into our lives.


Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits. Have a Peace filled day...Rosie

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Remember "thoughts become things". Do you want to change the way you feel? Then change the way you think and talk about yourself.


Good morning from Martin House Therapies.

Your past behavior was what you’ve done, but it is not who you are. Who you are is still unfolding. Mistakes, errors in judgments, and failures all add to our character and value. They make us human and compassionate and wise. To berate yourself for acquiring these valuable qualities is wrong, so stop it. A new beginning starts today.


There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have, so do not impose limitations on yourself. Instead of saying you can’t get there, ask “How can I get there?” Live in the affirmation of possibility rather than the declaration of negativity.

There is always a way, and it is being presented consistently, but you have to live in the question to be on the lookout for the answer.

Is today the day?


Today's the day to begin whatever you said you'd do on Monday.

Jack Kornfield: 7 Thoughts on the Power of Forgiveness 10/06/2014

Jack Kornfield: 7 Thoughts on the Power of Forgiveness

Good morning from Martin House Therapies. Here is a reading that may help you move through a difficult situation. Peace, Rosie.

Jack Kornfield: 7 Thoughts on the Power of Forgiveness After a rough childhood, Jack Kornfield devoted his life to forgiving those who did him wrong. Read on for some of this Buddhist scholar's insights into the grace of letting go.

What Is a Chakra? 09/24/2014

What Is a Chakra?

What Is a Chakra? There are seven main chakras, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy. This article is the first in a Chakra series, and offers an overview of the seven chakras and how they can affect our lives.

Mobile uploads 09/18/2014

Good beautiful morning from Martin House Therapies.
In our purest, most positive state of mind, we are powerful creators of our very best lives. When we think good thoughts, we feel good. When we feel good, we make good choices. When we feel good and make good choices, we draw more good experiences into our lives. It really is that simple . . . and elegant . . . and true.
Have a peace filled day, Rosie

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