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Hold up ✨these Jackson k-12 art students are talented ✨ and we are still looking for 19 more local businesses to display the available pieces shown on our website from the 2020 Art a' Loan Program.

Thanks to Henry Ford Allegiance Health - our Art a' Loan Sponsor - displaying a piece is at no cost to your organization.

And thank you to all of the businesses that have signed up this year to display a piece so far! We can't wait to see framed artwork when we walk through your doors: Jackson City Hall, Comerica Bank, Comtronics, County National Bank, CP Federal Credit Union, Diversified Precision Products, Everyday Blessings Midwifery, Grass Lake Medical Center, GPGR CPA - Gross Puckey Gruel and Roof PC, Henry Ford Allegiance Health, I've Been Framed Custom Framing Design Center, Jackson County Medical Care Facility, Jackson Glass Works, Jackson Pediatric Associates, Lally Group, PC, Dr. Michael A. Fodor, Pound & Pound Family Dentistry, Rehmann, Summit Podiatry Group, P.C., The Craft Agency, Inc., Trinity Holding, Inc., & Dentistry By Design of Jackson, Dr's A.J. Balaze and Fred Slete. Please spread the word!
Want to learn more about what Midwives do? Watch this short news interview that aired yesterday and understand more about why the WHO Year of the Midwife and Nurse is important for public awareness.

A friend, colleague, and midwife Katie VanTassel Lavery works in Jackson MI at her private practice, Everyday Blessings Midwifery She is located less than one hour from Ann Arbor where Midwifery integration has been valued at the Univ of Michigan for decades. Here is what one of the top OB/GYN departments in the US shares about Midwives https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/obgyn/divisions-specialties/nurse-midwifery

After watching the interview, do you wonder:

Why is this provider type with a state license to practice in Ann Arbor and other locations throughout Michigan thriving, yet other Midwives are excluded from providing the same full range of services acquired from their education, certification and state licensure, such as in Jackson where they are unable to attend births in hospital?

How is it one profession (physicians) can control another profession (Midwifery) based on geographic location?

How is unwillingness to collaborate among health providers and hospital systems defined as caring for women?

How is it other countries value midwives and national governments are working to expand and educate more Midwives, but the US is not?

Thank you Katie for speaking truth to power. I’m sure the community was listening!


Katie provides highly professional,safe,caring and comprehensive healthcare for women. Her long time presence in the community is proof of her dedication to her patients.
A tremendous gift to our babies
Pink - great message ... helping others to grow and change to see 'more kinds of beauty'.
Everyone is different. Own your body and feel good in it!
Cool perspective, glad a well know 'tough guy' can share the power of birth.
6:00 pm Friday September 23

Respectful care, all ages. Menopausal problems, birth control, annual exams, pap smears, infections, minor primary care. Cloth gowns, long visits, midwives

Small women's health care practice. Hours vary, please text or leave message, we follow these even when not in the office. 517-796-1398.

Midwifery care for women of all ages, seeking respectful, educational and thorough appointments for annual exams, pap smears, breast exams, menopausal concerns, birth control, infections, and minor primary care. Long visits, "whole person" perspective, cloth gowns, safe warm office. Most insurance accepted. Certified Nurse Midwife care; by women, for women, for a lifetime. This page is not an appropriate place for specific personal health questions - it is not private, or compliant with HIPAA laws, call or see me in the office for specific questions, thanks! I welcome posts and links to positive sites about women's health care and pregnancy /birth/parenting/ menopause/nutrition. Thank you!

Operating as usual


I want to know that you are kind. And compassionate. And that you love.

I don’t care how spiritual you are. How long you can melt in the sweat lodge. How many peyote journeys that have blown your mind, or how well you can hold crow pose. Honestly. I don’t.
I want to know how human you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the discomfort? Can you humanely show up at the table no matter how shiny, chakra- aligned, enlightened or lost you feel. Can you hold loving space for your beloved in the depths of your own healing without trying to be big?

It doesn’t flatter me how many online healing trainings you have, that you live in the desert or in a log cabin, or that you’ve mastered the art of tantra.

What turns me on is busy hands. Planting roots. That despite how tired you are, you make that phone call, love your children, you feed your family.

I have no interest in how well you can ascend to 5D or have out of body sex. I want to see how beautifully you integrate into ordinary reality with your unique magic, how you find beauty and gratitude in what’s surrounding you, and how present you can be in your relationships.

I want to know that you can show up and do the hard and holy things on this gorgeously messy Earth. I want to see that you can be sincere, grounded and compassionate as equally as you are empowered, fiery and magnetic. I want to know that even during your achievements, you can step back and be humble enough to still be a student.

What’s beautiful and sexy and authentic is how well you can continue to celebrate others no matter how advanced you’ve become. What’s truly flattering is how much you can give despite how full you’ve made yourself. What’s honestly valuable is how f**king better of a human you can be, in a world that is high off of spiritual materialism and jumping the next escape goat for 'freedom'. At the end of the day I don’t care how brave you are. How productive, how popular, how enlightened you are. I want to know that you were kind. That you were real. I want to know that you can step down from the pedestal from time to time to kiss the earth and let your hair get dirty and your feet get muddy, and join the dance with us all.

Author: Taylor Rose Godfrey



Jennie Joseph: Women of the Year 03/11/2022

Jennie Joseph: Women of the Year

One more person asking 'why' we don't have better access to midwives - throughout our country. According to the Lancet in 2014, utilizing midwives for low risk pregnancy can reduce complications by 80%. Yep. Not my info, published in a major medical journal. WHY is this not the norm? Why are women not demanding care that is engaging, interpersonal, respectful, educational and REAL in their lives? Regardless of where you want to give birth, a midwife should be an integral part of your experience. (And, of course, your women's health care experience in general)

Jennie Joseph: Women of the Year Treating her patients well is not the only reason that Joseph has become one of the pre-eminent advocates of—and a national role model for—midwifery in the U...


Exciting news!!!!
We now have a physical therapist upstairs at the office. Dr Chelsea Petrekovitz has been a pT in Jackson for a few years, and saw a need for a different style of care. Her ideals mesh well with mine- care that is compassionate, respectful and whole.

It is especially wonderful because her focus is pelvic floor PT, including treatments for incontinence, pain and dysfunction. For more info see her page Fit for Life physical therapy or ask us!

Chelsea Petrakovitz

The joy of childbirth is being ousted by fear 02/26/2022

The joy of childbirth is being ousted by fear

Interesting commentary about the state of birth and pregnancy (in Britain, but applies here). We do need to do better.

The joy of childbirth is being ousted by fear The rain was pouring down and the winds were howling around the car when Lauryn Vartan realised she was about to give birth at a roundabout near Felixstowe. As

Midwife talks about support she can provide pregnant mothers 02/05/2022

Midwife talks about support she can provide pregnant mothers

Midwife talks about support she can provide pregnant mothers FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Midwives are health care professionals who provide an array of health care services for women during pregnancy.


Kids Perform An Accurate Nativity Play

The best I’ve seen in a long time 😂😂😂😂😂


Birth is so many things besides bringing a baby into the world. It’s also making the life you want, becoming the person you want to be. It happens over and over and over as we birth the next version of our selves.
Happy new year. May all your births be beautiful.

“Don’t you realize
that you can midwife your own birth
as often as you need to?”

~ Gina Puorro, “Mother”

Art by Anna Lee
IG: @annaofthemeadow

Do you remember the sound
of the hips that cracked
to birth you
echoing all the way back
to the First Mother?

The ten thousand secrets
whispered into your blood
by every woman
that came before you.

The blessings of your lineage;
how to know yourself
how to live a life
how to heal.

The burdens;
how to hold your tongue
how to carry your pain
how to pass it on.

You look just like your mother’s mother’s mother
when the sun hits your face
and her voice slips through your lips
when you stand firm-footed
and say;
I remember.

You look just like your daughter’s daughter’s daughter
when the moon reflects in your eyes
and her voice drips from your tongue
when you stand firm-footed
and say;
this ends with me.

Don’t you realize
that you can midwife your own birth
as often as you need to?

Listen closely
to the pulse of silence
in the deep velvet of your womb
until you hear a gentle voice
that whispers
‘this is the way.’

~ Gina Puorro, “Mother”

Art by Anna Lee
IG: @annaofthemeadow

Be A Lady They Said 12/30/2021

Be A Lady They Said

So real. So frustrating. Timeless.
On the other hand, with all the conflicting messages, you’re bound to meet someone’s expectations at least some of the time 😂
Seriously - be you. The best YOU you know how to be, who meets your OWN needs.

Be A Lady They Said Be a lady they said. Your skirt is too short. Your shirt is too low. Your pants are too tight. Don’t show so much skin. Don’t show your thighs. Don’t show your breasts. Don’t show your midriff. Don…


From a doula friend, Hanna.
Simple truth.

By - Sheree Bliss Tisley

Timeline photos 12/21/2021

In public, and of course in my office ❤️

Why we wear our masks in public



Timeline photos 12/14/2021


''sometimes I wonder⁣
if Mary breastfed Jesus.⁣
if she cried out when he bit her⁣
or if she sobbed when he would not latch.⁣
and sometimes I wonder⁣
if this is all too vulgar⁣
to ask in a church⁣
full of men⁣
without milk stains on their shirts⁣
or coconut oil on their breasts⁣
preaching from pulpits off limits to the Mother of God.⁣
but then i think of feeding Jesus,⁣
birthing Jesus,⁣
the expulsion of blood⁣
and smell of sweat,⁣
the salt of a mother’s tears⁣
onto the soft head of the Salt of the Earth,⁣
feeling lonely⁣
and tired⁣
and i think,⁣
if the vulgarity of birth is not⁣
honestly preached⁣
by men who carry power but not burden,⁣
who carry privilege but not labor,⁣
who carry authority but not submission,⁣
then it should not be preached at all.⁣
because the real scandal of the Birth of God⁣
lies in the cracked nipples of a⁣
14 year old⁣
and not in the sermons of ministers⁣
who say women⁣
are too delicate⁣
to lead.''⁣
- Kaitlin Shetler Poetry

Artwork by Tim Okamura


Please consider this broadly .... about voting, about birth control or when to have to have sex .... women are PEOPLE, and the laws should apply the same to all people.

Photos from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's post 12/02/2021

Seriously, these are good, safe, trustworthy.
And if that isn't enough, the J and J vaccine is the same as a flu shot - we know those are safe as we use that type of vaccine all the time.
These vaccines are SO MUCH SAFER than getting covid.

Photos from Ren Rants's post 12/01/2021

Truth 💕


FOUR TIMES HIGHER RATE OF STILLBIRTH. Seriously, this virus does some BAD STUFF in pregnancy. Please, get vaccinated - for yourself, your loved ones, their babies.

A new report in CDC’s MMWR looking at more than 1.2 million deliveries found that although stillbirths were uncommon, compared with pregnant women without COVID-19, pregnant women with COVID-19 at delivery were 4x as likely to have a stillbirth in the Delta period. Certain medical conditions and indicators of severe illness, including the need for intensive care, were associated with stillbirth in deliveries to women with COVID-19. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect yourself and your baby. Read the new MMWR report: bit.ly/MMWR7047e1




Cool to see what some areas are able to offer their pregnant clients!

For those who don’t believe, or those that need to understand HOW the scope of care provided by midwives working in partnership can achieve the Institute of Medicine triple aims of:

Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);

Improving the health of populations; and

Reducing the per capita cost of health care.

Then look no further than Midwives of Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota.

I challenge the naysayers and entities closing midwifery practices to read this article and ask yourself this question - What is YOUR definition of value?

This practice is celebrating 50 years of service, 14 midwives strong and over 30,500 births while promoting a variety of supportive options in care. “Hennepin Healthcare nurse-midwives continue to nurture the philosophy of care that Margaret instilled, ensuring all expectant mothers have the right to care that meets their spiritual and cultural beliefs, values and traditions.”

Congratulations to all the midwives past, present and future. We applaud your work, tenacity and recognition within this large health system!! 👏🏻👏🏻



Don't we all need to hear this! (via Brene Brown)


Interesting distinctions

Know the symptoms and get help. There is no perfect list or evaluation but it is much better than anything I have seen. So thankful for those who are spreading the word and creating awareness. Thanks @running in triangles


I got mine in December. This vaccine is as safe as any other. This disease is worse than many that we routinely vaccinate for (ie chickenpox). I have seen so much this past year .... covid has a nasty impact on pregnancy. The vaccine is better. You do you ... but, I got mine the very first opportunity I had, and was thrilled to do so.


I did not know this was a day.
But big hugs and lots of honor to our moms and families who have lost a child. So very hard.

International is this Sunday, May 2, 2021. If you’re a grieving mom, let us know who you’re missing. We’d love to with you and see their beautiful faces.

Honor a grieving on May 2 and May 9 and say their names. Write all her children’s names in a Mother’s Day card. There truly is no greater gift!

May they always be remembered, and may their names always be spoken. xoxo, Angela Miller

It takes a village. Join ours. ABedForMyHeart.com

Get the #1 best-selling book: “You Are the Mother of All Mothers.” A gorgeous for . ABedForMyHeart.com/shop

Now on Amazon! Amazon.com/shops/motherofallmothers


Great ideas for empowering books. I love Molly Lou Melon - good memories of reading that to my boys!

"A man told me that for a woman, I was very opinionated. I said, 'for a man you're kind of ignorant'.” -- Anne Hathaway

For an uplifting picture book about an irrepressible Mighty Girl who won't let the criticism of others hold her back, we highly recommend "Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon" for ages 4 to 8 at https://www.amightygirl.com/stand-tall-molly-lou-melon

For two excellent books for tween and teen girls on how to make their voices heard, we also recommend "A Smart Girl’s Guide to Knowing What to Say" for ages 9 to 12 (https://www.amightygirl.com/a-smart-girl-s-guide-to-knowing-what-to-say) and “Express Yourself: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Speaking Up and Being Who You Are” for ages 13 and up (https://www.amightygirl.com/express-yourself-guide)

For confidence-building books to help Mighty Girls of all ages discover her inner strength, visit our "Self-Confidence" book section at http://amgrl.co/2qxXQhH

And, for hundreds of true stories for children and teens of female trailblazers who wouldn't let their voices be silenced, visit our “Role Model" biography” section at https://www.amightygirl.com/books/history-biography/biography



People often ask why I do not attend births at Allegiance any longer. This is one of the (many) reasons: the medical staff and administration is old fashioned, medically conservative, and restrictive to non-physician providers. Our national organization, ACNM, is joining others in supporting federal legislation which would make it easier for CNMs, NPs, PAs and more to be full members of the medical staff, including voting about policies and membership. Health care is changing. We all practice collaboratively (including physicians ... however, their collaboration is not mandated, ours is). We all practice within our scope (again, the mandate difference). We all have strengths and weaknesses. Working together (in care, in policy, in administrative decisions) helps everyone, especially the patients.

A good care team involves all provider types, and focuses on the patient as the central leader of the team.

Midwives need medical staff privileges because:
A tiered system of privileges:
➢ Creates barriers to midwifery practice.
➢ Limits access to the acute care needs of
midwifery patients.
➢ Impacts the midwifery workforce.
➢ Can expose physicians to vicarious liability.
➢ Bring patients into hospitals and health
care systems.
➢ Should have a voice in the policies that
govern their practice.
➢ Need due process to maintain practice.
➢ Deserve to be able to choose the provider they want
➢ Have the right to seek the birth experience that best meets their needs and desires




What Is Social Media Doing To Our Daughters?

Do you have middle school girls? This is interesting. Suicide rates are skyrocketing for adolescent females, often related to ‘relational bullying’ and social media.
Is it realistic to ban them from social media? Not likely .... but I bet you would be saddened and appalled by what you see out there if you monitor their accounts. They are bombarded with negative messages. How can you help?


So cool.

April is C-section awareness month! Where are all my C-section mama's at 💜


Heartbreaking that some still will not stand up for their children, or feel that others have the right to touch, tease, tickle, kiss even when asked (told) to stop. Our bodies are our own, even as little kids.

"A grown man looms behind my three-year-old daughter. Occasionally he will poke or tickle her and she responds by shrinking. Smaller and smaller with each unwanted advance. I imagine her trying to become slight enough to slip out of her booster seat and slide under the table.

When my mother views this scene, she sees playful taunting. A grandfather engaging with his granddaughter.

“Mae.” My tone cuts through the din of a familiar family gathering together. She does not look at me.

“Mae.” I start again. “You can tell him no Mae. If this isn’t okay you could say something like, Papa, please back up—I would like some space for my body.”

As I say the words, my step-father, the bulldog, leans in a little closer, hovering just above her head. His tenebrous grin taunts me as my daughter accordions her 30-pound frame hoping to escape his tickles and hot breath.

I repeat myself with a little more force. She finally peeks up at me.

“Mama . . . can you say it?” Surprise. A three-year-old-girl doesn’t feel comfortable defending herself against a grown man. A man that has stated he loves and cares for her over and over again, and yet, stands here showing zero concern for her wishes about her own body. I ready myself for battle.

“Papa! Please back up! Mae would like some space for her body.” My voice is firm but cheerful. He does not move.

“Papa. I should not have to ask you twice. Please back up. Mae is uncomfortable.”

“Oh, relax,” he says, ruffling her wispy blonde hair. The patriarchy stands, patronizing me in my own damn kitchen. “We’re just playin’.” His southern drawl does not charm me.

“No. You were playing. She was not. She’s made it clear that she would like some space, now please back up.”

“I can play how I want with her.” He says, straightening his posture. My chest tightens. The sun-bleached hairs on my arms stand at attention as this man, who has been my father figure for more than three decades, enters the battle ring.

“No. No, you cannot play however you want with her. It’s not okay to ‘have fun’ with someone who does not want to play.” He opens his mouth to respond but my rage is palpable through my measured response. I wonder if my daughter can feel it. I hope she can.

He retreats to the living room and my daughter stares up at me. Her eyes, a starburst of blue and hazel, shine with admiration for her mama. The dragon has been slayed (for now). My own mother is silent. She refuses to make eye contact with me.

This is the same woman who shut me down when I told her about a sexual assault I had recently come to acknowledge. This is the same woman who was abducted by a carful of strangers as she walked home one night. She fought and screamed until they kicked her out. Speeding away, they ran over her ankle and left her with a lifetime of physical and emotional pain. This is the same woman who said nothing, who could say nothing as her boss and his friends sexually harassed her for years. This is the same woman who married one of those friends.

When my mother views this scene, she sees her daughter overreacting. She sees me “making a big deal out of nothing.” Her concerns lie more in maintaining the status quo and cradling my step-dad’s toxic ego than in protecting the shrinking three-year-old in front of her.

When I view this scene, I am both bolstered and dismayed. My own strength and refusal to keep quiet is the result of hundreds, probably thousands of years of women being mistreated, and their protests ignored. It is the result of watching my own mother suffer quietly at the hands of too many men. It is the result of my own mistreatment and my solemn vow to be part of ending this cycle.

It would be so easy to see a little girl being taught that her wishes don’t matter. That her body is not her own. That even people she loves will mistreat and ignore her. And that all of this is “okay” in the name of other people, men, having fun.

But. What I see instead is a little girl watching her mama. I see a little girl learning that her voice matters. That her wishes matter. I see a little girl learning that she is allowed and expected to say no. I see her learning that this is not okay.

I hope my mom is learning something, too.

November 21, 2018
Fighting the patriarchy one grandpa at a time.”

By Lisa Norgren
Connect with her here:

Photo: TheGuardian

Timeline photos 03/19/2021

Ideas, ways to bring support and joy without it being body focused.

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