The Meeting Point

The Meeting Point


From a long- time activist friend. Please share!
TIME IS RUNNING OUT! I seriously need a lot of money to pay for legal fees. This is an important disability rights case that may set new precedent in Massachusetts, but I need new representation urgently.
Cw: abuse, confinement of a disabled person
Image: picture of a person sitting at a desk with an emoji head with text reading, "I deserve freedom!"
Maybe you need to see a behind the scenes/extra footage version of two puppies exploring the aquarium. 6 and half minutes of puppy aquarium cuteness.

Image text: Puppies at the Aquarium! So much cuteness!

Image: Two little brown and white puppies wearing red collars look in the distance, a large fish is in the foreground, and a very large sea creature (maybe a shark?) and a school of fish are in the background.
Maybe you need to see kittens enjoy an aquarium:

Image: three very young fluffy gray striped kittens are in a group in from of a large aquarium tank full of bright yellow fish and one scuba diver. One kitten seems to be looking at the fish (or scuba diver).

A Center for Multi-Dimensional Healing and Growth
The Meeting Point is a group of independently lice

Psychotherapy Services:
The Meeting Point ‘s mental health practitioners provide individual, couples, group and family services. We also offer workshops, consultations and trainings.Our areas of specialty include working with people who have experienced trauma, disability, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, life transition, depression and anxiety. We also offer services specific to the ne

Operating as usual


Join us on 2/19/23 to read or enjoy poetry while simultaneously raising funds for a vital community organization TASSN | La Red de Apoyo] !

If you would like to share your poetry follow the link in our bio for a sign up sheet! If you would like to attend please purchase a ticket using the same link! All funds raised go to TASSN | La Red de Apoyo]

You can purchase a ticket if you are doing a reading to support the event, but you are not required to.
Music by DJ will be going all evening. Refreshments will be provided, as well as information and resource tables.

This event is sponsored by the Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition ( ) and The Meeting Point.
Masks are required and will be provided if need be. ASL interpretation will be provided. The Meeting Point has a ramp to the front door and there are no stairs in order to access the bathroom or event spaces.


Please join us tomorrow, Sunday 1/22/23, for an intentional evening of celebrating q***r joy, creativity, and community. We know this can be a challenging time of year for our q***r community members especially when there have been many recent threats to our lives. We are hoping craft night will be a sweet space to share with one another to create warmth this season. Please message us with any accessibility needs or questions!
We encourage folks to self test at home for self-determination for attendance (No need to bring test results with you). Please stay home if you are feeling ill or have had known exposure. Please test yourself at home and stay home if you don’t feel well!
Masks are required!!!

Timeline photos 01/14/2023

Boston is looking to update/expand gender options on marriage paperwork. Info for the focus groups is on their post. Ps DO NOT go read the comments on the original post on the city page unless you want a heavy side of RAGE with your coffee.

We're improving the way we ask people about their gender identity for key City services. Our first step is adding more gender identities to marriage licenses. Want to share your opinions and experiences? Sign up for a focus group!



The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Bliss Fox says that your spirit outshines all things. ❤️

ID: A blissful fox shuts their eyes and basks in the sunlight.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: When mainstream media “New Year’s Resolutions” based ad campaigns make you feel like you’re not enough, this sea turtle wants give you a giant, reassuring hug because you are beautiful just as you are.

ID: A comforting sea turtle floats in a vibrant blue ocean with open flippers.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: When the airport is already super crowded, even in the unnatural early morning hours, and all of the coffee in the world can’t help you, close your eyes and imagine running on the beach with this hamster.

ID: A golden hamster runs on its little tiny legs along a sandy beach with waves crash in the background.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Lots of folks are getting ready to go out and about and ring in the New Year. And your plans involve tea, cats and The Great British Bake Off. Both are valid plans of action.

ID: A warm sepia toned close up cat face portrait highlights an adorable mushroom nose, whimsical whiskers and magical deep, thoughtful eyes.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Grandaddy is on a rant about how the concept of New Year’s Resolutions is a capitalist conspiracy and a tool of the patriarchy designed to keep us too insecure and too unsure of our worth to ever rise up against the establishment. YOU HAVE NEVER FELT CLOSER.

ID: A little red fox squints against a snowy field.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Despite all the pressure about “New Year, New You”, know that all versions of you are great and worthy and amazing.

ID: A delightful and pensive black and white Boston Terrier sit in front of a white tree with red and gold ornaments.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: So…..yeah. This has been the longest and yet quickest week in all of human history. Let’s just climb into the bed.

ID: A sleepy hedgehog cuddles a small stuffie to their chest.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Congrats! It’s near the end of the week and even with the heartburn, bitten nails and the need to text your therapist, you are doing so great! Here is a soothing baby elephant.

ID: A joyful baby elephant frolics in a field with secret feathery white birds.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: People you know from high school are wanting you to “come party” for New Year’s Eve. What? No. Hard no.

ID: A tiny, sassy meerkat pup puts up a halting paw to this ridiculousness.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Just a quick reminder that the world is a much better place just by having you in it. You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are enough. And most of all, you are loved.

ID: Two cats snuggle in a warm and furry dream pile while gifting the world with a gaggle of toe beans.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Oh, joy. It’s time for your family to recount the most embarrassing moment of your younger years….yet again. It was 15 years ago and alas, still seems to be the only thing about you that they know. This tiny fox feels your pain. And recognizes the myriad of accomplishments and goals you have achieved since that one unfortunate incident.

ID: A small attic fox with giant ears radiates love and acceptance.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Your mother wants you to join her for some “fun bonding shopping time”. She really is just returning every gift anyone bought for her. Including you. Grab a VERY large coffee.

ID: A bright green tropical bird sports wild and vibrant feathers. And also looks kinda tired already.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: You look like you could use a hug. This platypus would like to give you a hug but only if it feels good to you. This platypus has good boundaries.

ID: A joyful bèbè platypus throws it limbs into the air with glee and love.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: It is time for the dreaded Family Game Night (also known as Nobody Reads the Directions and Everybody Yells). Take this majestic snow corgi and run like the wind under the silver moonlight.

ID: A majestic Corgi stands formidably in the snow with a smattering of flakes on their powerful snoot.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit:
KITTENS! Your cousin just asked your thoughts on supporting the Great American Family Network and Candance Cameron and upholding "traditional marriage".

ID: A fluffy kitten grouping of adorableness looks at you with big eyes and a multitude of whiskers.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit:
The attitude of this koala is an exact representation of your feelings when your aunt Gladys tells you to “Sit like a lady”.

ID: A sassy koala lounges in a tree with zero tolerance for your bs.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Good morning! This happy swimming hippo hopes that you slept so well and had such good dreams!!

ID: A little swimming hippo cuts a powerful path underwater straight to you.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: There has been so much social human-ing. And it's only Tuesday. As you sit in the quiet and stare into nothing, this baby sloth will stare with you.

ID: A baby sloth clings to leaves of green with large, soulful eyes.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: These panda babies want to remind you that family isn’t just what you are born into; it is the community that we build together.

ID: A gaggle of small panda babies frolic together in the trees.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: This monkey is because your mom's friend asked you if you know the only other q***r person she knows and you have to explain that it is a stereotype that everyone knows everyone else.......EXCEPT YOU DO ACTUALLY KNOW THEM.

ID: A tiny monkey with wild little fuzzy hair floofs stares into you soul while nuzzling a well worn stuffie.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Over a nice light lunch, your sister starts a diatribe about how “reverse racism is real” because she has “experienced it firsthand”. Follow this determined little penguin and stomp out of the room too!

ID: A very determined bèbè penguin puts a brave foot forward and finds its land legs.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: It’s cold and dark and 5am and your CrossFit obsessed BIL is pounding at your bedroom door, yelling “Let’s work on those holiday lovehandles!” No. Just no.

ID: An exhausted brindle French Bulldog sleeps soundly with big bat-like ears and a poking out tongue.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: After your dad insisted that simply picking the chicken out of the chicken and broccoli makes it vegetarian, you ate only fortune cookies. This bèbè deer is here for your snuggling needs.

ID: A tiny fawn is curled up in purple flowers enjoying the sunshine.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Here is a kitten in a cup because great aunt Sally asked, “Who is the man in your relationship?”

ID: A little gray stripey kitten with big blue eyes snuggles in a white mug with an ironic mouse design.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit:
Here is a puppy to stare at when your mom keeps mentioning...and mentioning...and mentioning that your ex from high school is a married accountant that is having their third kid and so how is the dating scene going for you anyhow, sweetie?

ID: A Golden Retriever puppy sits in the sunlight and looks at the camera with its amazing little muffin face.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Now that least 3 cousins are having a full on, passive aggressive Facebook unfriending war, cue the softest bunny belly in the world!
*Disclaimer: There might be softer bunny bellies, but just go with it.

ID: A soft little bunny presents the softest belly in the world for your consensual petting enjoyment.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: It was a rough night sleeping on a rapidly deflating inflatable mattress on the living room floor. Please take a moment with some deep breathing and a hot mug of tea/coffee/ magical wishes.

ID: A very large, floofy, grumpy and sleepy cat stares into the distance.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: You’ve had an emotional exhausting day. You were very strong and brave. Let this little piglet sing you a lullaby so you can sleep soundly.

ID: A soft and comforting piglet holds a guitar and prepares to serenade you.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Your cousin just made some ridiculous comment about they/ them pronouns being grammatically incorrect. HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR AND YOU’RE PROPERLY!!! These otters want to give you a consensual snuggle.

ID: Two cuddling otters float and wait to envelope you in a giant hug.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Your Uncle Jim just started a mansplaination that involves quotes from “leaders and experts” from the Manoshpere. Take this bèbè skunk and run to the bathroom to hide!

ID: A teeny, tiny baby skunk nestles cutely in an hand.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Please adore this hedgehog every time you have to explain that graduate school IS a job.

ID: A adorable hedgehog munches on watermelon with glee and gusto.


The Meeting Point Holiday Survival Kit: Every time Memaw refers to your partner as your “room mate” or “special friend”, remember this kitten’s sees and understands you.

ID: A small fluffy calico kitten with a half orange and half black face stares into your very soul with magical blue eyes.

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