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The John Glenn Astronomy Park

It was clear tonight at JGAP, and a number of folks stopped by to enjoy a glimpse of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Here are a few pictures I took.

- Brad H.

Alt National Park & Forest Service

A symbol of immortality, a phoenix appears to “rise from the ashes” above the North Pole!

Five Rivers MetroParks

Whether you have mobility challenges or prefer to experience nature on flat, even surfaces, MetroParks is home to plenty of trails that are both accessible and beautiful. Check out the link below and find details about these trails in MetroParks mobile app, powered by OuterSpatial:

[📷: Paved paths wind through Cox Arboretum MetroPark; Prairie views of Sugarcreek MetroPark captured by Chief of Administration, Bill Tschirhart; Medlar Conservation Area]

What Is COVID Doing to Our Hearts? Cardiologist Nisha Parikh, MD, MPH, discusses what we know so far about COVID-19’s impact on the body’s cardiovascular system, from affecting the heart’s rhythm to impairing its ability to pump blood throughout the body.

"So, maybe, as I approach 50, that's the secret folks are looking for. Not "extra hormones". Not "great genes". Just some routine-following, barely distractible, and extremely lucky dude who doesn't know when, or how, to quit... and hasn't been forced to."

A few months back, on my 46th birthday, I posted a pic. Kinda like the one here. And, although no one asked the question directly, several threads sprung up across the internet to debate whether or not I'm on testosterone replacement therapy. Let me clear up the debate.⁣

1) No, I'm not on TRT.⁣⁣⁣⁣
Nothing against it. Especially if one needs it. But I don't. My testosterone is in the middle of normal (not high, not low). No symptoms. Quite happy with my physique. So it's not required for me. Again, if it's required for you, rock on. For me, though, I don't need it. But, even if I did...⁣⁠⁣⁣⁣⁣

2) I'm okay with diminishing testosterone.⁣⁣⁣⁣
I have this weird theory that declining testosterone (within healthy ranges) can help men of a certain age transition into "wise elder" roles. Increasing amounts of patience, compassion, level-headedness. Slowness to anger, having a lower competitive drive, having lower aggression. These are the kinds of things I WANT as we raise our 4 children, take on more coaching and mentorship, and spend more time thinking about, and serving, others.⁣⁠ All else being equal, I think lower(ish) testosterone might be an advantage here.⁣⁣⁣⁣

So I don't use hormone replacement therapy.

And, although they're "not bad", I certainly don't have "superior" fat loss or muscle gain genetics. My physique is ~30 relentless years of training, good nutrition, prioritizing rest and recovery, and doing my best to manage stress.⁣⁠⁣⁣⁣⁣

If anything is "superior" genetically it's my strange ability to keep doing basic, boring things over... and over... and over again long after others have gotten distracted, switched to something else, or stopped.⁣⁣

Plus I've been lucky. (And this is really important too). Nothing has conspired to stop me (like a debilitating accident, chronic disease, loss of stability or security, etc.).

So, maybe, as I approach 50, that's the secret folks are looking for. Not "extra hormones". Not "great genes". Just some routine-following, barely distractible, and extremely lucky dude who doesn't know when, or how, to quit... and hasn't been forced to.

The Dodo

Dog does the sweetest thing for his cat brother when he gets tired from their hike 💕

9 Soothing, Completely Apolitical Things to Watch Instead of the Election Results

Forest conceals long-forgotten amusement park, a 1930s Dayton hot spot Remains of Argonne Forest Park, a Dayton amusement park, remain within Possum Creek MetroPark.

We are all human and many of us are introverts, so please don't be afraid to follow up if we haven't gotten back to you!

Girls Gone Strong

If you’re reading this, say these things out loud:

✨I do not need to justify my quarantine snacks.✨

✨It’s okay if my body changes because my routine has.✨

✨I do not need to use this time to lose weight.✨

✨It’s okay to gain weight while physical distancing.✨

All of these things are true.

What are you snacking on during this time of social distancing?

Let us know in the comments below! ⬇️



Nathan W. Pyle

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Nathan W. Pyle

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Villafane Studios

Get outside or else...#potatocarvings #patatoart #carvings #halloween #pumpkins #pumpkincarvings #foodart #foodcarvings #foodnetwork #rayvillafane

You have so many more than 5 senses!

Handout | We Experience The World Through These Eight Sensory Systems
Here's a quick look at the human body's eight sensory systems.

Healing Nature - Five Rivers MetroParks Five Rivers MetroParks will give away thousands of native tree seedlings to help reforest areas that were damaged during the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes. The giveaway is part of MetroParks’ reforestation initiative, Healing Nature, designed to assist property owners and communities in Montgomery C...

[09/08/20]   We are in need of a couple more great massage therapists! As you may have noticed, our schedule is super booked and we'd like to make sure you can get in to get a massage without waiting a month or more. Please share our info. with any other great therapists you know who may be looking for a collaborative practice to join!

Texas Weather Network

Yep 🎃

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis

Risk Assessment is a Skill that Requires Time to Learn — 1000 Hours Outside Childhood is the time to build this risk assessment skill set. Kids need ample time to explore and adequately learn both components of risk.

Jordan Matter Photography


Girls Gone Strong

6 Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates

As humans, our weight fluctuates. It’s a fact of life, and can be due to a number of factors:

1️⃣ You need to use the restroom. Whether it’s #1 or #2, needing to use the restroom can lead your weight to fluctuate up to a couple of pounds.

2️⃣ You ate more salt than usual. Eating lots of salt can cause our bodies to retain more water, and more water means more weight.

3️⃣ You ate more carbs than usual. Of all the macronutrients, carbs have the greatest impact on the scale because one gram of muscle glycogen (i.e. stored carbohydrate) contains three grams of water.

4️⃣ You’re about to start your period. There are lots of reasons why periods often lead to weight fluctuations. Hormones, water retention, cravings, and undereating or overeating can all do the trick.

5️⃣ You’re recovering from a hard workout. Some of us retain water after a hard workout because of the inflammation created by the microtrauma (i.e. small tears) in your muscles you created during the workout. Not to mention some folks drink a ton of water while they work out, others don’t drink enough (drink your water, folks!), and some people sweat a ton. Long story short — seeing changes on the scale is totally normal here.

6️⃣ You’re human and it happens. While a lot of things are uncertain right now, what we know for certain is this: things change. Priorities change. Bodies change. And it’s fine.

Sometimes we don’t sleep because of a screaming child, and that makes us less likely to work out the next day. Sometimes we eat three slices of pizza because pizza is delicious. Sometimes we do killer workouts that drench us in sweat and don’t drink enough water. Sometimes we lose our appetites during tough times.

And sometimes, our weight just fluctuates because our body is doing its thing.

For most of us, our daily routines have changed dramatically with the spread of COVID-19.

So if you’re seeing some weight fluctuations — whether from undereating, eating more energy-dense food, changing your workouts, working from home, sleeping more or less, or whatever else — remind yourself that it’s OK.

To change is to be human — and we’re all human here. ❤️

Parenting Beyond Punishment


Who knows which park Jo was visiting for this one?

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Be kind to nerds

The Undone Mama

The Giving Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries.

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