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Hi I went to fry chiropractic, my back had been killing me for months I needed relief was on new job good job , and I needed my back in the worst way, anyways I left my new job in the middle of day to hopefully get relief, been to many chiropractors they all had lots of tables so they could move many people in and out with standard adjustments like they do for EVERYBODY, and every time I went to other dry I kept telling them my back needs to be yanked it's compressed and all of them standard adjustments and sent me out the door literally with my back still hurting but they got PAID. So go to frye mrs im gentle and I care. She is so full of s**t, you can her it in her voice.when she says she cares No!!!i go to their office they won't even see me till they got money in hand. Or your first born . They spent almost an hr trying to secure money. Like I said new job new insurance was just kicking in hadn't used it yet but it was gold member blue shield. Finally they will send dr in was it frye NO it was a dr that didn't no sickum from come here.she took X-rays did one push on my back and on hip adjustment and wanted to send me out the door . Her adjustment did nothing , I'm like what did my X-ray say . She said yeah they is some deterioration. I asked can I see the X-ray. She said no we have to schedule you another appt to go ove X-ray. I'm like you kidding I'm on new job 90 probation period and I left drove an hr round trip to go they charged me $135.00 and I got nothing . The office , the staff , the drs were a huge JOKE. That whole office is a scam stealing hard earned money from people wanting relief and trusting them to get it. DONT GO! You'll regret it. Anyways I found a true chiropractor craftsman who knows his s**t . He bent my legs and said does that hurt I said no . He said the problem with your back is your NECK. A vertebrae in my neck was out I had suffered for years. And he did one little pop to side of my head on a collapseable pillow. And my back pain was gone for the first time . And you know what that first evaluation visit was frFREE" and frye did nothing wouldn't even see me till they got paid . And my new chiropractor has 1 table and he sees 1 person at a time . Knows his patients will stay after hrs for you if necessary. So frye stay away from that stupid I'm gentle and I careabout your money. Sorry I wrote a book but I had important stuff to say
They were so caring. I walked in to the office so miserable, in pain, couldn’t move my neck, and had a horrible headache. I was treated so good! They took X-rays if my neck, which most chiropractors don’t do, and my neck had no curve in it from an injury. Needless to say I walked out with a smile :) and I am feeling better everyday. I sleep better and smile more!! I recommend Frye chiropractic.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
They truly care about helping you to get better very gentle and loving. The equipment is all up to date. I love this place
On Maui with a bag from Dr. Frye! Aloha and Mahalo!🌺
Thank you Dr. Ted Magnuson for keeping our Sugar Plum in top condition!

We're Open. Highest standards of Anti Virus Protocols. New Patient Appointments Available - Call A The secret to caring for the patient is caring for the patient.

In our office we see many Antelope Valley residents who are asking us to help them with their physical ailments. They choose us because we have great success in treating difficult to treat headaches and migraines. They chooses us because our skills in treating herniated, degenerative or bulging discs. The choose us because we have special technology to diagnose whiplash related injuries.

Operating as usual


Do you legs or buttocks go numb?


Construction Workers LOVE us because we care about their back pain.


Chiropractic care helped relief our patients neck and back pain.


Suffer from terrible migraines and need a solution?


Letting you know that we’re beginning afternoon hours. Especially for our Essential Workers who can’t make our morning hours.
Please call the office at 661 949-9655 for your appointment.


Monday - Friday
10 -11 AM -- High Risk Patients
11 AM -1 PM -- Regular Adjusting
Closed Saturday.
New Patient Appointments available.


We're open! New hours. And a brilliant way to keep all of us safe!


Frye Chiropractic outside adjusting in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.


Dr. Frye adjusting outside today in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.


Beginning of adjusting outside in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic!


What Frye Chiropractic did yesterday for their patients in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.


How Frye Chiropractic is protecting their Decompression patients.


Frye Chiropractic is responding to this Coronavirus Pandemic


How Frye Chiropractic is dealing with The Coronavirus Pandemic.


What Dr. Frye is telling her close friends and family right now.

Dr. Frye has been getting a ton of questions. What to do. How to build the immune system. These are the instructions she has given her family and close friends.


An important message from Dr. Frye. Share this with your friends and family.


Your baby can benefit too!

If your baby is suffering from constipation or having sleep issues, Chiropractic has been proven to help some children!

Follow us to see another wext week!


TMJ causes pain in your lower jaw joint and the muscles used for movement and often lasts a long time.

A simple jaw stretch helps. Open your mouth 10 times as wide as comfortable and closing slowly.

Chiropractic may help as Dentists' research shows 90% with this pain issue also have cervical and/or spine issues.

We can't fix every case, but if you live with TMJ, this may be life-changing.


Another earthquake! We hope all of our patients and friends have been safe during the last few days.


Pretty amazing right?!

Check out our page next week for another awesome !


Cluster headaches tend to occur abruptly and usually one to four times per day over the course of several days. Oftentimes cluster headaches are isolated to only one side of the head or behind the eyes.

Unlike migraine headaches, cluster headaches impact men more often than women.

Chiropractic may help to reduce or get rid of this type of headache. Give us a call so we can get you in fast at 661-949-9655.


We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Be safe on the roads!


Something as amazing as the human spine should be maintained and cared for. We've helped thousands do this and can help you too.

Check us out next week for another !


We believe in a healthy diet with good fats like Avocados. The right fats are important because they lower cardiovascular risk, improve brain function, help you lose weight and give you long term energy.

Remember, a good diet leads to a good life. A bad diet leads to feeling like crap. So do yourself a favor and pick up a few Avocados next time your at the store.


Anybody remember Joe Montana? We found a very interesting quote.🧐

We will have another for you next week!😁


Meet Laura, she basically runs this office. Each day, she works hard to make sure each patient gets the absolute best care possible, and she does so with a smile. As the go-to in the office, she hears all types of inspiring stories. Check this one out…

Not too long ago, a woman called in after seeing a Facebook ad (go figure). She had called over the weekend, and we were able to schedule her for a Monday appointment. She had been suffering from back pain that made even walking unbearable. When she sought help, a neurologist told her this was the cost of old age, and surgery was the only option. Forget that.

These days, she walks pain-free with a pep in her step! And, as she so lovingly put it, “I am ready to go back to my life again!”

We have so many patients with stories just like this; living with pain that completely ruins life. We can’t solve every case of pain, but for those we have been able to help, our care has brought them back to their full and happy life.


Happy Friday! Here's a little info for you! 😁😁

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Meet Beverlee, she runs the front desk, her mission is to make you sure you are able to get the care you need. You can believe that she hears all kinds of amazing stories. Check this one out...

A while ago, a man called wondering if we could help. He had been having seizures for several years, and nothing the doctors and specialists he had been seeing were helping. Just the other day, he stopped at the front desk, and thanked Beverlee. He was so excited to because his seizures were getting better. They were happening less often. They were less intense.

A lot of patients have come to us asking for help with their seizures. They’d heard we might be able to help. The truth is, there are a few seizure patients we haven’t been able to help. But for those we have helped, our care has been a life changer.


What condition is causing your neck pain?
Schedule an appointment today to get a thorough analysis!


As the old saying goes “you can't fix what you don't know is broken.”
Here are five facts your patients probably don't know about posture.


Meaning, it's programmed to heal itself. The cure lies within you. ❤


Studies show that chiropractic care can help reduce pain better than many medications. Here are some benefits of chiropractic. 👌


Chiropractic is shown to relax muscular tension, improve sleep, can reduce colic symptoms, and can improve breastfeeding outcomes in newborns. ✅


Umbrella service today at Frye Chiropractic!


Feel free to ask us. We can try to help you find a good in your area. 📞 (661) 434-4949


No one can put you in a bad mood - only you can do that. Your mood is a choice.
And you are one thought away from a good mood. That thought is to visit a Chiropractor!


It is literally the backbone of your health.


Massages are much more than just a great way to unwind and relax. Here are three ways in which a therapeutic massage can benefit you!
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Suffer from terrible migraines and need a solution?
Dr. Frye adjusting outside today in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.
Beginning of adjusting outside in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic!
What Frye Chiropractic did yesterday for their patients in response to The Coronavirus Pandemic.
How Frye Chiropractic is protecting their Decompression patients.
Frye Chiropractic is responding to this Coronavirus Pandemic
How Frye Chiropractic is dealing with The Coronavirus Pandemic.
What Dr. Frye is telling her close friends and family right now.
An important message from Dr. Frye. Share this with your friends and family.
The right treatment after an accident makes all the difference
Arm Pain





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