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When I get confused, annoyed, or disheartened by someone’s behavior I repeat the words of Maya Angelou as my affirmation of truth:

“When people show you who they are believe them.”🌼

(Stay away from people who act like a victim in a problem they created.-unknown)

(Borrowed from another human!)

Hypnosis: Forgiveness & Letting Go 03/29/2022

Hypnosis: Forgiveness & Letting Go

It me!!! On a podcast with the amazing Robbie Spier Miller!

Hypnosis: Forgiveness & Letting Go When we carry old negative stuff, it tends to distract and drain us. It can also affect our feelings and relationships.In this episode, you will learn how t...


“The irony is that you should stay loyal only to the leader who teaches you to be independent, then to independently participate in teams. You should let go of the dependency thinking that plagues so many people.” ~Scott Scott McFall, People Reading Expert


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Timeline photos 07/23/2021

So, you know how you've "tried everything" to quit smoking? Well, how about hypnosis? Ask around! It really works! And there is no better time to quit than NOW!


The joy when a client is becoming the change!


Unfortunately this has become the way of the world and social media! Critisicm blech! But here’s the thing. Be BOLD! Be YOU! Be BRAVE enough to look at your own effort and LOVE it! Even the parts that are not perfect. Because YOU! Were brave enough to do it!!! If you’re brave enough to ask for feedback- take it. But then decide if you agree or disagree and let it go! Learn , love, grow! 💗💕Lecture over💕❤️💕💗




Fruit Fear: They Lied To You

You have been told “one of the largest, greatest deceptions of our day – that fruit is bad, fruit is harmful, fruit is dangerous.” The lie that fruit is harmful and should be avoided is part of the war on fruit and has created what I termed Fruit Fear.

Sugar and the Body

Fruit is critical for your body for many reasons. In fact, without sugar, your body could not survive. Your brain requires sugar to function! That’s right, your brain runs on sugar, which is glucose, and not fat. Every single movement you take, task you do, thought you think, and word you speak requires glucose. Your brain heats up when you think and requires sugar to keep it cool. This explains the instinctual cravings for sugar that we experience during highly emotional and stressful situations in life. Like antifreeze acts as a coolant for an overheated car, the glucose we get from eating fruit helps to calm and cool our brain.

Neurological symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, eye floaters, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, and many more, require consistent, uninterrupted levels of glucose. Fruit is the incredible healing tool needed to recover and heal these symptoms.

Fruit and Trendy, High-Fat Diets

Many people today are being steered away from fruit and instead, steered towards trendy, high-fat diets. These high-fat diets cause a stagnant, sluggish liver and weight gain. Fruit haters, however, spread the belief that the sugar in fruit is the reason you’re gaining weight. This is a lie. The occasional banana or orange a person consumes is not the reason they’re gaining weight. The reason they’re gaining weight is the fatty meals they are consuming on their high-fat diets, regardless of if it is plant-based or animal-based.

Insulin Resistance

The sugar you consume from fruit attaches itself to insulin to get into your cells and keep your body alive. The fat you consume does not attach itself to insulin and go into your cells, that is not its job. The fat gets in the way of sugar entering your cells – it’s a menace. Insulin resistance occurs when the fat and the sugar combine. Fruit haters would like you to believe that fruit is causing this insulin resistance but that is not the truth.

Fruit as Medicine

Fruit is the most anti-aging food on the planet, critical for keeping our immune systems strong, and therapeutic for our bodies. Do not fall victim to this fruit fear propaganda and disinformation.

Other Topics in this Podcast Episode Include:

• How fruit is not sweet enough anymore, and that’s why many people don’t like it

• Fruit is the most anti-aging food on the planet, and how anti-aging experts are so off the mark

• Fruit is needed critically to battle your caffeine addiction that’s aging you

• The value of fruit with seeds and without seeds

• Fruit is critical for those who suffer with gastroparesis, colitis, Crohn’s and other digestive system conditions

Moving Forward

Fruit has become a scapegoat so you don’t have to look at the real problems and issues that are causing symptoms. This protects the industries, continues the war on fruit, and keeps you sick. Fruit is medicine. As with anything, you need to learn how to use it, the power it holds, and what it can do for you. In the world today, nobody is teaching you how to use a piece of fruit. The health industry wants to use fruit to scare you. Do not let fruit scare you. Fruit is powerful medicine and a critical healing tool for everyone.

“Just because professional fruit haters don’t know how to use fruit as a tool, they would rather throw it under the bus along with the people who are sick.” - Medical Medium Antony William



This page is a business page for those interested in hypnosis, NLP, business coaching, and mentorship in all of the above! We offer educational materials and training for people of all experience levels.

This group is about learning to use your own inner power to help you succeed in weight loss, stop smoking and become the person you were born to be!

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No spam. Advertising is only allowed in an educational context. Hypnosis success stories/videos are welcome.

It’s Percolating 07/17/2020

It’s Percolating

Something’s Percolating!! (It’s an Idea!) Do you feel it too? The whole world seems to be percolating with stress. It’s an odd sort of tension that people are gradually taking on and absorbing. The empaths of the world are literally pulling their hair out IF (and that’s a big IF) they are letting the energy of the world affect them. [ 302 more words ]

It’s Percolating Something’s Percolating!! (It’s an Idea!) Do you feel it too? The whole world seems to be percolating with stress. It’s an odd sort of tension that people are gradually taking on and absorbing. The…


Feeling Stuck?? Jacob used hypnosis to get “unstuck” and man(!) is he moving forward! This is one of the things hypnosis is great for! Call now, for your FREE SCREENING! 661-209-2632


As we get closer to re-opening our businesses, I’m here! During stressful times, or kicking that”Quarantine Fifteen” or to quit smoking (finally). I have free screenings and sessions available by zoom RIGHT NOW! So call now to schedule your free hypnosis screening. 661-209-2632


You've been isolated, maybe just bored, maybe a bit stressed out. You're not alone. (I've said this so many times this week, it feels sort of like a mantra. And it's true.) If you look at the cover on my Rev It Up Hypnosis Center page, it shows 5 people who came together at a moment in time for change. I've kept this photo on my page since then, and I think it was taken 6 years ago!
"Shelter at Home" is a new phrase for "Tough this out alone, baby!" But you're not ALONE! I'm STILL (as always) offering a free hypnosis screening. And NOW offering sessions through zoom, facetime, or phone, for your convenience. Need stress management, I'm there. Need weightloss? I'm there. Need to STOP smoking? I'm there. Just call. We, TOGETHER, will figure out if hypnosis is right for you!. 661-209-2632


Now is the time to change YOU. Feeling stressed? You can get a free hypnosis sceening now! Phone and zoom sessions available.



Welcome Holly Hoppes! Newest hypnosis student! I’m so excited for you to begin this part of your journey!

How Dancing Gives Your Brain and Mood a Big Boost - The Best Brain Possible 12/14/2019

How Dancing Gives Your Brain and Mood a Big Boost - The Best Brain Possible

Raise your hand if I’ve told you to “Dance in your living room!”

How Dancing Gives Your Brain and Mood a Big Boost - The Best Brain Possible Dancing, of any kind, combines physical exercise with the positive power of music and social engagement to yield major mental health and brain benefits.

Photos from Rev it up Hypnosis Centers's post 12/11/2019

As a member of the Master Hypnotist Society (and mentoring with Scott McFall since 2006) I have helped so many people reach their goals. 1000’s have benefited! These are only some of the files. I’m sure if stacked, they’d fill more than this room! Scott McFall

Photos from Hey Doc, What's For Dinner?'s post 12/07/2019

Photos from Hey Doc, What's For Dinner?'s post

Bal-A-Vis-X 10/29/2019


Love this!

Bal-A-Vis-X This is "Bal-A-Vis-X" by OSDE on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Good morning!!!! Who else gets to go happily, joyfully, gleefully off to work and help someone today to change their life???
I do! Happy Saturday!


Wisdom from Scott McFall
Physical issues to keep you positive instead of negative.

A few of things to consider in your life.

1) Alcohol is bad for you and coping with business stress with it makes your life worse because of dependency. This is true even if you are not an addict. Your body has to get rid of the ethanol and it alters your depression, stress and responses. It changes ideation. (you know someone around you who thinks there are other health problems when they are actually coming off and going on their reaction to some level of alcohol)

2) Sugar and overeating dependence is a a mood altering problem. This is especially true of processed sugars that alter you insulin and change the levels of sugar that go to your brain.

3) A lack of sleep makes the world look like a worse place. Be sure to set yourself up for good sleep.

Eating right makes you more even in every way. Exercising regularity is a hormone stabilizing and mood stabilizing activity.

There is no shame in life that makes it rational to feel like crap. Take care of yourself no matter what else is going on in your world. Don't make bigger crisis to feel like you "Know what's happening". Be OK with the mysteries and issues around you and take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Surround yourself with people who are interested in some type of excellence or happiness. ~ Scott McFall


Funny how people think just because they can google something they have all the answers.

Now that you tried that; are you ready for a mentor to help you in your unique circumstances get what you need to get what you want?

Mentorships available - accepting a limited number of new clients. Business consulting, Personal break bad habits and group Workshops.
Call or text for a free screening to determine if we will accept you as a new client. Online, on stage, in clinic.....

661-209-2632 12/16/2018

How does hypnotism work so quickly to put someone under a spell? Scott McFall's answer: When you go to the movies and the movie is funny- you laugh. When the movie is sad you might shed a tear. One of the ways that hypnosis works is just that simple. You are empathizing with your goal and the outcomes like going to the movies about yourself. Other times hypnos... 11/24/2018

Holiday Crazy??? Which Santa are you?

Which Santa will you BE? Every year in January people call frantically trying to lose the weight they gained during the "Holiday Season". Well, maybe. Maybe they gained in in the days between Thanksgiving and New Years. Or maybe, just maybe, they have put on weight during the year, or the last five, or even the last 10 years. DID YOU KNOW that Rev It Up Hypnosis offers CUSTOMIZED plans just for YOU? [ 61 more words ] Lose weight DURING the holidays??


Stage Fright? This is an email I received from a client a few months ago:

For a long time I had this issue where I couldn't talk when I was nervous or put on the spot. I'd literally choke and my mouth would go blank. For the longest time it wasn't a huge issue, bu the more I moved up in my career, the bigger the problem became. And eventually got to a point where it was really becoming a problem, and getting me into trouble at work. I decided that I needed help from someone to overcome the problem and decided to try hypnosis with Vicky. I noticed a big improvement right after the first session and things have only improved since then. I haven't had any recurrences of the choking, or my mouth clamping shut, or my mind blanking. Additionally, I had a lot of general nervousness and anxiety associated with talking which has gone away. I'm really glad I had Vicky's help. It was well worth it and think it'll really pay off both right now and in the long-term future. ~Rachel, Engineer, Lancaster, CA.

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