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Hey Iā€™m Cynthia, certified massage therapist at Performance Chiropractic located in Lancaster CA.

Operating as usual


A Fun Massage Makes this Baby Smile!

Even babies love getting massages..

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On Vacation with my Love šŸ˜˜āœŒļø

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Now that kids are back to school, schedule your massage!! I still have a few appointments available..I will be on vacation starting the 24th through the 1st of in or text to schedule 661.942.5000

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Sunday evening read on TPs in the inner thigh


In need of a Sports Physical?

At Performance Chiropractic we treat and deal with athletes on a daily basis. We understand athletic injuries and athletic needs.

We offer sports physicals By Appointment or on a Walk-In Basis. Cost is $25.

Please bring forms with you and ensure that your portion is already filled out prior to coming to the office. If you DON'T have forms available to you, we can provide the usual and standard PPE (Pre-participation Physical Evaluation) form that is provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

To contact us, preferably please call or text (661) 942-5000.

For walk-ins, we are located at:
Performance Chiropractic
1055 West Columbia Way, Suite 106
Lancaster, CA 93534


Massage Special for Father's Day

Hey Dads and Dads-to be!!! I have not forgotten about you guys!! I've been getting messages regarding massage specials for Father's Day so here it is....1-hour massage session for 65 I also have GIft Certificates available. If you are interested please call our office at 661.942.5000 and mention this video, appointments are limited!


In observance of Memorial Day our office will be closed today, Monday 5.30.22. We will also be closed on Tuesday, as this is our usual day off.

We return WEDNESDAY, 6/1/22 @ 10 am.


It's National Wine Day!!! šŸ· Shout out to our neighbors at Coruce Vineyards and Winery!! If you haven't stopped by their tasting room, do so they have a variety of wines and award winning wines.


Another successful MFD session! Myofascial Decompression is a form of what is traditionally known as "cupping". However, with MFD the focus is more on assessing and correcting musculoskeletal movement inefficiencies and in addressing connective tissue dysfunctions, which can include fascial adhesions, trigger-points, scar tissue and others.

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Spinal Adjustments go far beyond then just improving posture and relieving pain. The spine is part of the Central Nervous System, everything stems from it. This is a good visual on what vertebrae connects to what organ and what symptoms are felt if there's an issue in that area.

Best Ways to Sit with Lower Back Pain (from an Ergonomist) 04/20/2022

Best Ways to Sit with Lower Back Pain (from an Ergonomist)

Best Ways to Sit with Lower Back Pain (from an Ergonomist) If you suffer from back pain, certain sitting postures can greatly aggravate your condition, while others can bring relief. Learn the best ways to sit with back pain.


Massage Special!!


Awesome visual example of healthy muscle and fascia. The effects of knots and adhesions to both muscle and fascia. All of this can be prevented by manual therapy like a massage or self therapy using several tools ( Our trigger point therapy class). Massages and TP Classes are available. To schedule or inquire about class dates call or text our office 661.942.5000


Massage Special coming soon

Massage Special coming soon!!

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We offer self therapy classes.


Cervical pain is all too common these days and as such, patients naturally seek symptomatic relief through medication, injections, heat/ice, topical remedies, massage, chiropractic adjustments, TENS, and others.

ALL of these may have their time and place and have and have been shown to provide relief. However, NONE of these will correct underlying structural issues as seen below. The red lines reveal the shape of this patient's neck curve. The green line shows what a NORMAL neck curve SHOULD be!

When the underlying structure is abnormal as shown below, the stress and load to surrounding tissues (disc, nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, etc.) is always present and always causing distress to these tissues to some degree. In most cases, even if not currently symptomatic, it is merely a matter of time when they likely will be.

The best answer for the patient is to treat BOTH.........meaning treat both the symptoms AND the underlying structural pathology.

To correct this neck curve, we utilize cervical extension traction units, both at home and in-office (if need be) using specific devices, not unlike how braces work with teeth. As correction happens, stress comes off the tissues and real healing begins.

If you have unresolved neck pain or questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact our office.


ā€œI regret making time for self care,ā€ said no one ever!

Make the time!!

Cupping is great for releasing tension and stress and helping lymphatic drainage. Facilitating the lymphatic drainage helps flush out toxins and enhances our immune system. This would be a great compliment to your chiropractic care!

(661) 942-5000


It's National Nap Day!! Good thing we have comfy beds at work..


Health and healing begin at the spine.


Information on our services and office

Information regarding our services can be found on our website at or you can call/test 661.942.500



Timeline photos 02/20/2022

Timeline photos

We just received another great review on Facebook:


Treat a mommy or mommy to be!!


For those of you who may not already know, our very own GREISY is back in action in our office!! Yay!

Greisy is an experienced massage therapist who worked with us for a few years before taking a short leave of absence. Well, she is back and on fire! Her past clients have been ecstatic that she is back, as are we!!

If you'd like to set up a massage appointment with Greisy, feel free to call or text our office at (661) 942-5000. Welcome back!!

Trigger-Point Therapy Workshop ā€“ Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 ā€“ 6 pm ā€“ 7:30 pm. | Rick Duenas DC 02/15/2022

Trigger-Point Therapy Workshop ā€“ Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 ā€“ 6 pm ā€“ 7:30 pm. | Rick Duenas DC

Trigger-Point Therapy Workshop ā€“ Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 ā€“ 6 pm ā€“ 7:30 pm. | Rick Duenas DC Our next Trigger-Point Therapy Workshop will be on Wednesday, February 23rd from 6 - 7:30 pm. This will be MODULE 1 (Introduction to Trigger-Point Therapy and the Big "3"). In this class we teach our patients how to use simple at-home therapy tools for effective at-home self-care and management of t...


The term "it's all connected" couldn't be more true than in the human body. Below are sequences of tissue that have been discovered to have an anatomical and functional continuity and connection to each other.

Taking the second picture below (left to right) looking to the back of the body, what this means is that even neck tension or a headache up above can be caused or affected by tissues located down this case, from mid back muscles, from lower back muscles, from hamstring muscles, and even from calf muscles!

This is the reason we teach soft-tissue self therapy workshops both for prevention and for self-treatment of aches and pains. When you understand these connections, you understand why it is important to focus on the entire body, even when your symptoms appear to be localized.

If interested in attending one of our self-therapy workshops, message us!!


Massage special for Valentine's Day

Arthritis? Massage Therapy Can Help! | Rick Duenas DC 02/02/2022

Arthritis? Massage Therapy Can Help! | Rick Duenas DC

Arthritis? Massage Therapy Can Help! | Rick Duenas DC The Center for Disease Control estimates that by the year 2030 nearly 67 million people over the age of 18 will be diagnosed with some form of arthritic condition. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in the United States. While this condition is rarely life-threatening, it is definit...


I often get asked by patients/clients what exactly is a trigger point, how it comes to be, and why it hurts so badly. This is a pretty simple visual of what happens to the muscle fibers and how eventually it forms a trigger point. Unfortunately the only way to break them up is through manual therapy (massage, foam rolling, etc). Of course they can always return based on numerous factors like posture, lifestyle, trauma and beyond. This is why manual therapy is important to incorporate in our daily lives.


On rainy days we study about trigger points...


Back at it! After 1 year of having halted our Trigger-Point Therapy classes since Covid began, we have started teaching once again. It felt great to be back and help patients out. Stay tuned for more!!


I sent my old business card to space!! Nice memory before my last name changed.


This Dog Is Best Friends With Butterflies

Some morning happiness to get us through a few hours!!!


How Do You Know That You May Have Plantar Fasciitis?

One of the most common symptoms is that the bottom of your feet hurt in the morning and/or when the first few steps you take feel like a ripping sensation across the bottom of your foot. If this is happening to you, there is a high probability that you have it.

Plantar fasciitis is an acute inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of your foot. Although there are several ways to treat this, treating the fascia directly for various types of abnormalities that develop is of utmost importance.

If your have lost the arch of your foot, custom orthotics will also be needed to help prevent further damage. However, for those orthotics to feel comfortable, the fascia itself has to have had some level of treatment and subsequent healing, otherwise even good quality orthotics are not well tolerated.

If you have non-resolving plantar fasciitis and would like to discuss treatment options, feel free to call our office. (661) 942-5000.

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Myofascial Decompression (MFD)
MFD the focus is more on assessing and correcting musculoskeletal movement inefficiencies AND in addressing connective tissue dysfunctions, which can include fascial adhesions, trigger points, scar tissue and others.
To schedule your MFD session call or text 661.942.5000

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Massage Special for Father's Day
Massage Special coming soon
Information on our services and office
Massage Update #2
Massage Update
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Office Update: We are still working on a triweekly schedule Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. And taking it one week at a ...
Hey Everyone, hope you guys all had a wonder Christmas and New Year''s a quick update! I have limited spaces thi...
I still have some spots available this coming week!!! Txt me at 661.942.5000 to schedule #massagetherapy #performancemas...
Get on the Saturday schedule!! I will only be doing a max of two sessions from 8-10am...
Hey guys hope everyone had a great holiday...I know I had an amazing long weekend, but we back in the office today!!!





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