National Sports Medicine Institute

We are an orthopedic sports medicine practice. We manage the care of athletes from all ages and all levels.

19455 Deerfield Ave (Main) Suite 312 Lansdowne, VA 20176 24430 Stone Springs Blvd Suite 250 Dulles, VA 20166 Tel: 703 729-5010 Fax: 703 729-5833 [email protected] The National Sports Medicine Institute is a full-service sports medicine and orthopaedic clinic situated in Lansdowne, Virginia. The clinic services include state of the art sports injury evaluation and treatment by highly trained orthopaedic sports medicine specialists. The clinic also offers coordinated state of the art diagnostic imaging and physical therapy services.

Mission: Our mission is to establish in the field of Orthopedic Sports Medicine, a local, national and international leadership role, by providing the highest standard of sports orthopedic care combined with outstanding programs of education, research and performance enhancement to benefit of athletes at all levels of competition. Our practice is founded on achieving excellence in Orthopaedic Surgery, demonstrating integrity in our physician-patient relationships, providing compassionate care for our injured clients and promoting wellness as a priority in life. We strive for teamwork among health care professionals as a means to optimize surgical outcomes. We innovate in order to enhance athletic performance and validate our success with peer review.

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So happy to see so many people taking advantage of their FREEDOM at home! As more people begin to go back to work we hope they continue to display healthy habits such as walking. If you want a more fine-tuned and personalized fitness prescription, email [email protected] How magical is 10,000 steps? Can taking 10,000 steps a day cause meaningful changes in your body composition and help you lose body fat?

As we continue to celebrate heroes this month, today is National Nurses Day. Your fearless love and support during this pandemic has been nothing less than extraordinary. THANK YOU for your compassion, expertise, and trust. Thank a nurse today! Tag a nurse you want to thank🥰
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Wellness Wednesday: Optimal pre-workout nutrition= awesome workouts!
For more information:
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Wellness Wednesday: Tips to staying active at home and when the weather isn't so great outside. #houseparty #sportsdocs #NSMICares #Beactive #HealthyAtHome #weareinthistogether

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day and Appreciation Week to all the wonderful teachers! We now more than ever realize the essential and often taken for granted impact your presence has on so many. "Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual"-JAK Tag a teacher below who you are thankful for. #thankateacher #teacherappreciation #teacherlife #NationalTeachersDay #teacherappreciationweek #NSMICares #weareinthistogether

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Combine our nutrition and online fitness services and SAVE BIG! Email [email protected] to schedule. Remote options are available. With the pending reopening of gyms across the state many are about to return to their fitness routine. Don’t pick up where you left off. Start smart with a plan from our sports science team. Comment 🔥 below to learn more. #returntowork #fitness #beachseason #sportstraining

Last day to register for our endurance athlete training program. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced athlete or just getting into it. This is not a 🍪 cutter program. Can’t wait to get started! #tri #cyclist #marathon #ironman #swimming

24 hours left to claim your spot in the Injury Prevention and Performance Challenge. If you’re a runner, cyclist, or swimmer this is for you! Custom programs built for each person. Only 5 of 10 spots remain. Registration closes at 6pm Friday May 1st. Comment STRONGER TODAY for registration info. #triathlontraining #endurancetraining #run #bike #swim #cycle #speed @potomacriverrunning #power #sportstraining

Just sitting around waiting for tomorrow’s 12:30pm live workout on Instagram. #instagood #fitness #healthyliving #moveitandloseit #athletes

Yep… ⏰ 48 HOURS LEFT ⏰

Time is running out to grab your spot in the Injury Prevention and Performance Program.

And I’ve had a BUNCH of questions, so I wanna cover some important stuff real quick...

If you are still sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know...

👉 When does it start?
✅ On May 11th, 10 athletes will kick-off their journey with me to pursue their goal of endurance athlete development.

👉 Who is it for?
✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end to only doing cardio workouts and guessing at your nutrition. It’s designed for people who’ve tried random workouts and still haven’t been able to make an impact on their athletic performance.

To grab one of the remaining spaces comment below with…
Then hold tight for me to send you a questionnaire to make sure you’re a good fit for the program.

But act fast… You’ve only got 48hrs before registration is closed!

💪 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: 8 week Injury Prevention and Performance Challenge 💪

Yesterday I revealed information about our 8 week Injury Prevention and Performance Challenge to achieve greater endurance sport performance .
The response was AMAZING.
So here’s what’s going to happen…

I am looking for 10 endurance athletes who are sick of guessing at their workouts and are ready to take back control.

On May 11th, these initial members will start working with me to achieve serious athletic development . I will not let you fail.

Does that sound exciting to you?

Would you LOVE to stop worrying about what to do next and when to take rest days and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving that feeling of athletic domination?
Those 10 Founding Members will get:

✅ Injury Prevention and Performance so that you can compete at the highest level without doubting your training and nutrition choices.

👉 The Challenge follows the Injury Prevention and Performance Program, which is a unique system to achieve increased athletic development. This includes strength training, flexibility, and nutritional fueling to name a few.

✅ Bonus #1: Weekly coaching calls to personalize your program as it progresses to make it unique to you and your training needs.
✅ Bonus #2: 8 week Fueling for Performance meal planning and nutrition support so you can fuel your body to aid in recovery and muscle development.

✅ Bonus #3 Injury Prevention and Performance Team Chat group so that you can be accountable for completing your tasks.

✅ Bonus #4: Our Custom App so you can workout anywhere anytime.

✅ Bonus #5: Master Membership: This includes weekly coaching calls once the challenge has ended as well as access to any new content.

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as one of the initial 10!
“Coach Daryl knew how to work with my previous injury and strength deficits. Other trainers would just avoid the injury because they didn’t know how to address the issue. I am thankful for Daryl and his ability to push me even when I didn’t think I could be myself again.”
Comment “STRONGER TODAY” to receive registration info.

We are going LIVE Wednesday at 10:30am with our sports dietitian Stephanie Mull. If you are unable to attend on Wednesday comment your question below! #quarantinelife #lifestyle #nutrition #sportsscience #weightloss #sports #athlete

Are you an endurance athlete who struggles with strength workouts and proper nutrition fueling?

How are you supposed to compete at a high level without the proper guidance and motivation? 😱

If you have ONLY been doing cardio during quarantine you may be at a higher risk of injury! 🤯

How do you find the ⏰ TIME ⏰ to food shop, prep, and train… if you're a student athlete looking at colleges and maybe you even work full or part-time?

How are you supposed to strength train with all this physical distancing going on and all the gyms are closed?

😨 Why's it so nerve-racking to figure out a training program that will get you the results you want without increasing risk of injury ?

And what about this whole nutrition thing…?!
❓ Should you be weighing food?
❓ Or maybe counting calories?
❓ Do you need pricey supplements?
❓ If so, how do you know which ones actually work?

Can you really increase your athletic performance for endurance sports and reduce your risk of injury?

🤔 And when should you have a cheat day? (And how the heck do you even do it?)

🤔 Do you even have the willpower to keep going?

🤔 Are you doing cardio or weights? How often?

🤔 What about HIIT training?

🤔 Do you mix it up…or are you best at sticking to the same thing?

If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.
Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to upgrading your athletic performance.

Let me show you that your strength defines you. 💪

👇 Here is what I’m proposing. 👇

I’ve had a TON of endurance athletes asking for my help recently.

So I had this crazy idea to build a step by step plan to guide you from feeling unstable and slow to strong and coordinated in 8 weeks.

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from slow and unstable to strong, confident, and coordinated.

✅ If you are interested in claiming one of the 10 spots available, comment below with: STRONGER TODAY
👉 More details to follow tomorrow, on Instagram at 11am.

In Good Health,
Coach Daryl

Good Morning Monday....we got this! Please remain patient and diligent in working our way back to what is normal. #NSMICares #Mondaymotivation #sportsdocs #weareloudoun #weareinthistogether #unity #healthcareheroes

Supporting essential heroes the best way we know how. #essential #tactical #rifle #physicaltherapy #specific #wfh #heroes #firstresponders

Fitness Friday Tomorrow at 12:30pm. Workout with us live on Instagram @nationalsportsmed

Quarantine Nutrition Tip #4

During Quarantine: Get Creative with your Food! Now is a great time to experiment with new recipes and explore ways to get creative with your food. Because you've been given the gift of time, you can learn how to cook and try new seasonings, spices or foods to prevent food ruts. To get more personalized guidance from me, visit the Nutrition tab onthe NSMI website. Telehealth appointments are available!
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Happy Earth Day 2020: If this isn't a wake up call for better care of our planet and its inhabitants, I don't know what it will take. "When we know better, we SHOULD do better..."
#earthday2020 #plantsomethinggreentoday #NSMICares #weareinthistogether #sportsdocs

There are a lot of workouts floating around since quarantine. They are usually pretty good at getting you moving but generally lack several important factors. If you’re an athlete you need structure and programming, not random workouts. #trainsmarter #athletes #physicaltherapy #sportsmedicine #wfh @ National Sports Medicine Institute

Get after it today! If you need help setting goals and making a plan to achieve them, comment “goal setter” below. #goals #weekendwarrior #fitnessmotivation #painfree

You get out what you put in. #sledpush #growthmindset #bebetter #functionaltraining #physicaltherapy

Quarantine Nutrition Tip #3

Nutrition Tip #3: During Quarantine: Have a designated eating space in your house.
NSMI's sport dietitian, Stephanie Mull, shares eating times whiles under #quarantine. Rather than eat wherever you want, pick 1 or 2 places in your house where you eat meals and snacks. This keeps you mindful and intentional on not only what you are eating but how much. It also minimizes distractions. To get more personalized guidance from me, visit the Nutrition tabe on the NSMI website. Telehealth appointments are available! Https://
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Let’s gooooo! Join us on Friday for another free workout. #free #liveworkout #wfh #stayfit #stayhome

"I am tired of being tired"...."I feel like I am de-conditioning just sitting on this couch"..."how am I suppose to get a workout if my gym is closed"..."I feel like I am wasting away.." Sound familiar.... during this time of quarantine and social distance from school sports, community sports clubs, and gyms, there are a number of ways to remain active. The American College of Sports Medicine recommend activities to maintain physical activity and fitness. For more individualized training tips contact the NSMI's sport science department:
Telehealth appointments are available!

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Good Monday Morning...Let's keep up the good fight. Discipline, love, patience, and hope are key. #NSMICares #sportsdocs #mondaymotivation #weareinthistogether #weareloudoun #healthcareheros

Today! Join us today! Bring a towel some water and a winning attitude. #wfh #fitnessmotivation #freeworkouts

When your sport is other sports’ punishments. #run #cleared #backatit #sportsperformance #physicaltherapy

Workout from home with us for free! Body weight workout. 12:30pm Friday. All fitness levels welcome. See you then! #wfh #bodyweightworkout #fitness #stayhealthy #stayhome

Quarantine Nutrition Tip #2

NSMI's sports dietitian Stephanie Mull shares eating tips while #quarantined. Portion out everything you eat and drink. Don't eat out of a bag or box, or drink straight from a carton. Use a plate or bowl to portion out your serving. This will prevent mindless eating and over consumption of calories. It also keeps you connected to your body's fullness signals.
Learn more:
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Virtual Fitness

Virtual Training Sessions. Athletes access phone app with exercise videos. Workouts are custom built for each athlete. Athlete also has access to video and text chat communication with strength coaches.
Nutrition Assessment available at 50% off for current athletes

Good Morning Monday.....Look out week, here we come! Stay Healthy. Stay Positive.
#NSMICares #sportsdocs #weareinthistogether #weareloudoun

See. You. Later. #cleared #wemissbaseball #kneerehab #physicaltherapy #gainz

Key Nutrients for keeping your Body Healthy and Strong.
Learn more:
#nutrition #nsminutrition #mindfuleating #sportsrd #eatingwhilequarantined #immunity #foodportions #NSMICares #sportsdoc #weareinthistogether

Welcome to NSMI!

The National Sports Medicine Institute is a full-service sports medicine and orthopaedic clinic situated in Lansdowne, Virginia. The clinics services include state of the art sports injury evaluation and treatment by highly trained orthopaedic sports medicine specialists. The clinic also offers coordinated state of the art diagnostic imaging and physical therapy services.

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Quarantine Nutrition Tip #4
Quarantine Nutrition Tip #3
Virtual Fitness
Quarantine Nutrition Tip #2
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19455 Deerfield Ave
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