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At Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, we understand that when you look good, you feel good. Located in the heart of Lansdowne in Northern Virginia, Dr. Yaqub Baraki, M.D.

and his staff are committed to delivering the best possible results to our valued clients. Yaqub Baraki, M.D is a board certified general surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Baraki completed his General Surgery Residency at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He then received his diploma in Facial Plastic, and Cosmetic Surgery from the University of Chicago. Dr. Baraki strives to

Operating as usual

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Dr. Baraki and his highly trained team of professionals at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center can help patients achieve the body of their dreams! Schedule a free consultation online:

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Gynecomastia is usually a sign of an underlying issue. In most cases, it signifies a low level of testosterone that could have many causes. We can help get to the bottom of this condition. Call 703-214-6475!

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Turn back the clock with the help of Lansdowne Aesthetic Center! Not only can we improve the appearance of your face, but we also can improve the appearance of your chest with a breast augmentation! Call to schedule a consult: 703-214-6475.

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 80,000 people age 55 and over received a facelift, making it the second most popular procedure among this age group in 2018. This is no surprise as facelifts improve signs of aging.

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Fight off wrinkles with BOTOX®! Injections can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, making people wonder your age. Visit Lansdowne Aesthetic Center online to get started.

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Lansdowne Aesthetic Center is offering telehealth appointments! Request a virtual appointment online.

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most common reconstructive procedures performed. Patients will find that the experienced professionals at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center can provide expert results when having a rhinoplasty! Call to book an appointment: 703-214-6475.

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If you're looking to achieve a balanced face, a rhinoplasty can help reshape the nose! Book a consultation at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center by calling 703-214-6475.

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Wake up your face without extra caffeine or sleep - a blepharoplasty will do just that! Learn more about this procedure at or schedule a consultation today!

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Researchers are still learning how COVID-19 affects animals, but it appears that people can spread the virus to animals in some situations. Until we know more, limit contact with pets if you are sick or feeling sick. For more info, see the CDC website here:

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"Dr. Baraki and his staff are truly amazing. He goes above and beyond to ensure that your skin looks beautiful!" - Verified Patient. Read more reviews on our website!


Liposuction and body contouring of waist and back with fat transfer to gluteal area. She looks great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ **** back tattoo has been blurred to protect patients identity **** #liposuction #lipo360 #lipo #bbl #bblsurgery #fattransfer #fatgrafting #brazilianbutt


Wow!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 How great does our patient look?! She struggled with getting rid of her love handles no matter how much time she spent at the gym. She also wanted more fullness in gluteal area. Dr. Baraki was able to give her more curves with custom body contouring of waist and lower back and fat transfer to gluteal area. #lipo360 #lipo #liposuction #bbl #bblsurgery #bodycontouring


Liposuction and gluteal fat transfer, BBL for this lovely lady! She desired a more curvy waistline and just a little more fullness in her bottom. Dr. Baraki did just that and shes sooo happy with her new shape ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #lipo360 #liposuction #liposuctionbeforeandafter #bodycontouring #bbl #bblsurgery #glutealfatgrafting #glutealfataugmentation


Liposuction and fat transfer to gluteal area. Patient didn’t like her straight waist and “boxy” figure. She also wanted more projection and fullness in her buttocks. #lipo360 #liposuction #lipo #liposuctionbeforeandafter #bbl #bblsurgery #bodycontouring


Liposuction of waist and back with fat transfer to gluteal area, commonly referred to ask BBL. love handles are gone, giving a more curvy hourglass figure and a nice 🍑 #lipo360 #lipo #liposuction #liposuctionbeforeandafter #bodycontouring #fattransfer #bbl #bblsurgery #glutealfatgrafting


🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Bam! New Year New Waist, yessss ma’am!!! #lipo360 #liposuction #liposuctionbeforeandafter #laserlipo #laserassistedliposuction #bodycontouring #snatchedwaist


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AMAZING WHAT A LITTLE LIPO CAN DO! New waist, new me!!! Yasssss! #snatchedwaist #lipo360 #liposuction #laserlipo #lipo #bodycontouring


Liposuction and body contouring for this lovely gal! Patient wanted the stubborn fat removed from abdomen and reshaping of her waist. Didn’t like the “boxy” shape she had before. Dr Baraki delivered amazing results with a more curvy yet very natural figure 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 #lipo360 #lipo #liposuction #liposuctionbeforeandafter #laserlipo


Laser liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening for arms. Great way to target unwanted arm fat and tighten up the loose saggy skin. Amazing results! #laserlipo #lipo #liposuction #renuvion #skintightening #jplasmarenuvion #renuvionjplasma


Laser liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening for arms. Great way to target unwanted arm fat and tighten up the loose saggy skin. Amazing results! #laserlipo #lipo #liposuction #renuvion #skintightening #jplasmarenuvion #renuvionjplasma


Lasers assisted liposuction of upper abdomen, lower abdomen and waist. Patient wanted a smaller waist and flatter tummy with minimal downtime. Dr. Baraki did just that! Awake liposuction takes about 3 hours on average and results are immediate and permanent. #lipo360 #liposuction #laserlipo #laserliposuction #bodycontouring #laserassistedliposuction


WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU ALL AS OUR CLIENTS! ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️March Specials active now! #laserlipo #laserliposuction #liposuction #laserassistedliposuction #botox #botoxspecial #abdominoplasty #tummytuck #tummytucksurgery #mommymakeover #fillers #dermalfillers #lipfiller #juvederm #restylane #restylanekysse #marchspecials #cosmeticsurgery

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We realize that getting older means that there will be some changes to your skin. Avoid wrinkles and lines as long as possible with fillers! Schedule an appointment to meet with us today! 703-214-6475.

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Putting your best face forward begins with a facelift at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center! Schedule a consultation and see what a difference it can make for your appearance.

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A slim physique without a painful recovery - yes please! Thanks to WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, you can get exactly that! Call 703-214-6475 to schedule your consult.

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Lansdowne Aesthetic Center offers WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure®, a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction system for areas such as the abdomen and love handles! Learn more here!

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The highly trained professionals at the Lansdowne Aesthetic Center can help patients renew their appearance with the assistance of BOTOX:registered: and fillers! To improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, book an appointment now!


360 liposuction to target all areas of excess fat covering the full abdomen, waist, and full back. Covering all these areas at the same time ensures you will get a balanced, fully contoured, incredible new shape. Most times people tend to just focus on the stomach leaving the back disproportionate with excess fat. #360lipo #laserassistedliposuction #lipo360 #laserlipo #laserassistedliposuction #liposuction #bodycontouring #liposuctionbeforeandafter

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Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement, can occur during three stages of a man's life: after birth, at puberty, and during mid-life. Speak with a specialist to learn more about the causes of this condition: 703-214-6475.

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Lansdowne Aesthetic Center wishes everyone a beautiful day filled with love and happiness. Happy Valentine's Day!

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"The staff was very friendly and efficient and Dr. Baraki was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in his consultation!" -Verified Patients. See what others are saying!




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