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I provide guidance and direction in making weight related behavioral changes through goal setting, education, motivation, exercise programming, support, appropriate progressions and referrals when necessary.

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[03/03/21]   The brain is made up of 75 percent water. We lose 60-84 ounces daily. Did you know that even a 1-2 percent drop in fluids can affect your ability to focus? Just another reason to start a healthy drinking habit. Drink your water people!

[01/31/21]   I’m always talking about balance. Balance in nutrition and balance in exercise. You should NEVER do the same thing all the time. Today I worked on strength training, focusing on my upper body, on ONE LEG. I’m sad to admit that my literal balance is way off, because I haven’t been working on my balance training. I’ve been doing the things I love for exercise and have neglected this vital part of my overall wellness and strength. Good wake up call!

If you struggle with standing on one foot, work on it. Most falls that occur in older age are a direct result of poor balance.


If you’re not including yoga in your training regimen, you are missing out. Why?
Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. ...
Yoga helps with back pain relief. ...
Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms. ...
Yoga benefits heart health. ...
Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better. ...
Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods. ...
Make it a goal to mix it up this week! Find a healthy balance.

[01/03/21]   How is yours flexibility? Increasing flexibility can improve your quality of life and functional independence. Don’t neglect this vital part of your training!

theendlessmeal.com 10/13/2020

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Great way to get those veges in. My family loved this!


theendlessmeal.com This chicken vegetable soup is loaded with shredded chicken and tons of healthy veggies. We use bone-in chicken which gives the savory tomato broth tons of flavor! #theendlessmeal #soup #chicken


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Yoga with my boys today! So amazing to see how far my son has come with his flexibility. A year ago he couldn’t touch his toes sitting or standing. I am one proud mama!


Numbers are important when it comes to our health. We look at numbers for lab results, body measurements, the miles we cover, the hours we train, and of course, we are hugely concerned with the number on the scale. Allowing ourselves to celebrate victories that don’t involve numbers, such as NON-SCALE victories can be hugely satisfying and rewarding.


Strength training is so important to bone health. If you love cardio, BEAUTIFUL! If strength training isn’t your favorite, find someone to help you learn how to train safely and effectively.


Love when my clients invite their friends to join in!


What kind of changes are needed in your daily food intake to make your training truly beneficial?

twitter.com 02/24/2020

Bonnie Aguilar (Health Coach) on Twitter

twitter.com “Millennials born in 1981-1996 are considered to be the first generation of digital natives and sadly, have a higher prevalence of hypertension, high cholesterol and depression, which can cause serious health problems with age .”

twitter.com 02/09/2020

Bonnie Aguilar (Health Coach) on Twitter

twitter.com ““What is the difference between a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach?” I’m asked this question often. A personal trainer focuses on providing fitness guidance, whereas a Health Coach applies a big picture approach to everything that improves wellness long term.”

twitter.com 02/07/2020

Bonnie Aguilar (Health Coach) on Twitter

twitter.com “Real and sustainable change doesn’t always happen in 21 days people! Making lifelong change takes time, effort, and sometimes, even failing and starting over.”

twitter.com 02/06/2020

Bonnie Aguilar (Health Coach) on Twitter

twitter.com “If your goal is muscle gain, it’s important that you factor in good sleep. Strength training breaks down muscles, and sleep regenerates them. Not getting enough sleep keeps your levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) high, and this inhibits the repair of muscle tissue.”

twitter.com 02/06/2020

Bonnie Aguilar (Health Coach) on Twitter

twitter.com “A good trainer or Health Coach will inevitably teach you how to exercise happier and not necessarily harder. Like anything else, success comes when there is joy in the process . Have you found your joy in your health and wellness endeavors?”

twitter.com 02/05/2020

Bonnie Aguilar on Twitter

twitter.com “Love the body you’re in! We’re always comparing ourselves to other women. Build eachother up and compliment eachother ladies! Work hard for your health and wellness and don’t be afraid to push and challenge yourself to achieve your goals. Love your body beautiful!”


Train happier, not harder!!!


It’s all about BALANCE! If you’re on a “diet” and you’re miserable and feeling deprived, you may be interested in speaking with someone about behavior change. A Health Coach can help you make changes that last a lifetime.

[08/16/19]   Did you know that thought patterns affect your physical health? Love, playfulness, worry,fear, grief, shame, frustration and anger all have an affect on our inflammatory system. Stress activates inflammatory pathways when guilt or shame trigger an urge to eat. Learning how to make behavioral changes when under stress can make a world of difference in limiting our stress-inflammation response.

[07/23/19]   Want to start working out, eating right and feeling better, but you don’t know where to start? For many people, finding the right activity and learning how to make behavior changes can be challenging. Have you ever wondered how a Health Coach can help with that? I’d be happy to let you know!


As much as I complain about the heat...and yet here I am...🤔

[05/23/19]   Hey ladies!!!

Did you know...?
Women and men have different muscular fiber type compositions, making women LESS prone to fatigue when exercising. 🤔


Me at 33 and today at 49. Almost to the big 50! My genetics aren’t great. I have struggled with my cholesterol for a few years now. It is what it is...🤷🏽‍♀️. What I do know is that I can live a healthy life regardless of the genetic deck I was dealt. My genetics motivate me to keep moving! Do I have the body of my dreams??? Absolutely not! But, I know I’m keeping disease away and that is my reward.

[04/15/19]   Keeping active can be challenging for all of us. Because of my knees (I’m getting older guys!) I’ve had to modify my workouts. This is really ok. I’ve preached this to my clients for years and now I’m living it myself. I’m still able to get in the calorie burns I strive for and maintain the lifestyle I enjoy. If you need help changing things up to maintain your activity level, don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you don’t know what to do!


Spin in a 125 degree infrared sauna is no joke! A willingness to step out of ones comfort zone is important. Changing it up and preventing boredom is key when working on your fitness. Once again, Jesse killed it!


Love this! Any amount of weight loss (if that’s your goal) is a success! Celebrate your success!


I am so proud of this young man! He’s such a hard worker and he does everything I ask of him. He’s finding his fitness and he’s seeing and feeling the benefits of getting healthy. Learning how to make changes in lifestyle isn’t easy, but it’s something anyone can do with the right attitude.


More than 100 million American adults have diabetes or pre diabetes. Of course, food intake is a contributor . Why is breakfast so important? A review of studies reveals that for every day of the week we skip breakfast, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases. When we don’t “break our fast” in the morning, it may affect how cells respond to insulin.

[10/19/18]   As fitness professionals we HAVE to be more cognizant of the people who show up to train with us. Someone with a lot of weight to lose shows a lot of courage showing up for a spin class. Tonight I watched an instructor use the phrase “walk of shame” because such a person left class halfway through. If someone takes that first step to start an exercise program we need to encourage, motivate and build up, and not tear down. Come on people! We chose this profession to help people didn’t we????

[10/16/18]   Weight stigma is tolerated in society because sadly, some believe that shame will motivate people to lose weight. Shaming someone about their weight doesn’t motivate them to take the necessary steps to be healthy. Shaming is more likely to lead to more weight gain, less physical activity, binge eating and social isolation. Choose your words carefully when trying to help someone you care about live a healthier lifestyle!


If you haven’t invested in a foam roller, you might consider just how beneficial it is to use one:
Foam rolling massages out your muscles and tendons, it helps in breaking down the tight knots of fascia, it loosens up soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue, and it increases fresh blood flow and circulation to your muscles for faster recovery time. If you don’t know how to use a foam roller, your trainer/coach can be instrumental in teaching you how.

[09/19/18]   If you’re not incorporating ground to standing drills in your workouts, it’s time to do so. Ground to standing movement isn’t just for older ones. They benefit everyone by improving activities of daily living. They also improve balance and increase bone and tissue density. If your trainer hasn’t talked to you about ground to standing, you need to ask why.


Ugh....those empanadas....😂

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Our bodies were designed to move (if you’ve ever trained with me you’ve heard me say this many times) and scientists are...





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