Tied At The Heart

Tied At The Heart


Hello my fellow birthmoms!
So today is a pretty big day for us. 6 years ago today I the phone call from my Search Angel. A call I had been waiting 33 1/2 years for. In one weeks time she has found my Birth Daughter. And she was only 50 minute from me. I didn't know to the next afternoon what her name was. I waiting 24 hrs knowing but not knowing. It has not always been easy for a us we went through a really hard time. And I stepped out of her life for a while. But she was there with open arms to welcome me back. We have built a loving relationship. I so very grateful to the two special ladies who made it happen.

Tied At The Heart is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting members of the Adoption Triad throughout their journey.

Operating as usual


It is easy to feel alone, unworthy, and isolated during this holiday - especially when you have experienced adoption.

Just remember that you are not alone. One thing I think we as a board have all learned is that there is usually at least one person with a similar story out there. Nobody is the exact same, but somebody is similar.

Do not be afraid to reach out if you are in need of support, do not be afraid to ask for help.

We hope each of you are able to enjoy your weekend with peace, love, and understanding.


As we go into this weekend, know that we are thinking about you. You are loved, you are worthy, you are more than enough.

Sign ups for the retreat are open NOW!

The link has a lot of info but if you are confused on anything, please let us know!

The retreat is $200 dollars. It includes:
❤️Lodging for 3 nights in a beach house
❤️Food for Friday-Sunday
❤️Transportation from 2 major airports
❤️Classes and discussions
❤️A fun weekend with 9 other women

Sign up now (payment plans available)



I, Kelbie Sorensen, am a certified yoga instructor and the founder & creator of Beautifully Broken- a Kintsugi practice.

Beautifully Broken was born when a friend of mine helped me realize how needed the art of kintsugi is in our communities.

Kintsugi is about finding the beauty in the brokenness. We don’t simply throw out a piece of broken pottery, we bring the pottery to wholeness through highlighting the cracks, the chips, & wounds it receives along the way. The piece of kintsugi pottery is often times more valuable after the kintsugi process than it was in its original form with no cracks, chips, or broken pieces. The value comes from embracing, bringing light to, and celebrating the wounds we feel along our journey of life. Kintsugi is metaphor for our own healing journeys from the grief & pain we uniquely experience.

We are of value at every stage of the journey. We are whole all along, but kintsugi brings beauty & grace to the messy & dark parts of healing. The lessons learned a long the way are of great value and bring hope & light to our lives.

With kintsugi, we embrace the wear & tear this life inevitably brings instead of throwing it out & hiding it away.



My name is Kelbie Sorensen. I am the creator & founder of “Beautifully Broken.” I share & lead the beautiful art of kintsugi.

Kintsugi means “golden joinery.” It is the Japanese art of putting back together broken pottery with gold glue.

I have the privilege of leading yoga & kintsugi in the upcoming TATH retreat in October.

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Meet @jessalynnlisa

❤️She helps with TATH because she realized early on the only healing and help she would receive would be what she created herself. She has learned and grown so much by hearing hundreds of birth moms stories.

3 of her favorite things:
Live music, plays, or musicals
Trying new foods
Being a complete goober

Photos from Tied At The Heart's post 02/24/2022

Meet @__regina___phalange

Heather placed 12 years ago

❤️She helps with TATH because “they helped me find my sense of community and belonging in my healing journey when I needed it most, and I want to do the same for other birthmoms. Our sisterhood is critical in ensuring I don't drown in my grief cycle sometimes.“

3 of my favorite things: Roscoe,her dog
TV/Movies/Pop Culture (specifically Hamilton and Friends)
And traveling with her crazy friends.

Photos from Tied At The Heart's post 02/23/2022

Meet @ericksonal 🎉

Amy placed 27 years ago.

❤️In her words:
I work with TATH because 8 years ago it changed my life to find other women who had similar experiences to mine. I want to give that to every birth mom regardless of their situation.

Amy’s 3 favorite things:
- Traveling to random places with my girlfriends and family.
-All things Disneyland
-Sun. Give me all the sunshine.


Feel. Deal. Heal.

Sometimes women are scared to come because they will feel. Sometimes through things they haven’t felt in years.

But to deal and to heal…you gotta feel.

Our goal is to give you a safe space to do that.

We never require you to share, we never require you to participate. We have seen though, those that do, always walk away feeling much better.



Retreats encourage and provide time for reflection.

Why do I respond that way?
What trigger caused me to feel this way?
Who am I aside from my adoption?

Lots of different parts of ourselves that are wonderfully spent considering who we are and trying to heal.



“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope empathy, accountability, and authenticity.”

Come join us. Be Vulnerable. You don’t have to be alone.


What if I don’t know anyone?

Easily one of the most commonly asked questions we get! You will be surprised and amazed at how easy it is to get to know people at a retreat. How easy it is to get vulnerable.

You may not leave becoming best friends with everyone, but you will leave becoming friends with someone.

One of our favorite things to see is when after the retreats, participants talk to each other on Facebook and insta for years after. Women traveling to see each other again.

When you’ve gone through something as insane as adoption, it’s easy to find some common ground


This picture was taken a few weeks ago, in close to the same spot as where the retreat will be.

This week was spent with good friends, laughter, and even a few tears.

The beach is a healing place for many. Waves rushing
Warm sand
Beautiful views
Amy said “we could rent a house here ya know”
Jessa looked it up and it was affordable enough if we split costs we could do it.
The next couple days all Jessa could think about was - We need to do another retreat.

The pandemic was a hard time for many of us.
Being stuck in our homes
Feelings of impending doom brought on by every source around us
Some us suffered depression, grief, and even loss.

We are so ready to sit with 10 beautiful women in October and learn from you no matter what season you are in.

Photos from Tied At The Heart's post 02/15/2022

One of the best parts of the house 🏠 we chose for the upcoming retreat - Couches!

This house has so many couches and sitting areas I couldn’t picture them all here.

This may sound silly, but couches tend to be the places where friendships grow.

Every retreat during breaks and free time we see women breaking off and talking to each other, learning from each other, and validating each other.

Friendships made here are sometimes ones that last a life time.

So come share a couch with us and let’s grow and heal together.


Happy Love Day ❤️

Take part in some self-care and sign up for our retreat!! 🙌🏼

This retreat is $200 dollars. It is ON THE BEACH in Newport, CA. It will be more of a luxury retreat meaning more swag, more free time, and extra yummy desserts and snacks.

The cost includes
❤️Lodging Thursday-Sunday
❤️Pickup from two local airports.

We are so excited to be back!! Registration opens Mother’s Day weekend

See you in October


Special Announcement coming on February 14th.

Where have we been? Covid killed our dream. We are ready to bring it back!

Like and comment on the post and maybe, just maybe…we might announce sooner.

‘The letter said, ‘I’m your daughter. Can you meet me?’ She’s the secret that ate away at me for 18 years.’: Birth mom reunites with daughter, shares healing journey 10/05/2020

‘The letter said, ‘I’m your daughter. Can you meet me?’ She’s the secret that ate away at me for 18 years.’: Birth mom reunites with daughter, shares healing journey

We love Amy. She brings so much wisdom, love, and insight to all that we do.

If you ever need advice or a tidbit of hope, you can always count on her.

Thank you Love What Matters for featuring this incredible human.

‘The letter said, ‘I’m your daughter. Can you meet me?’ She’s the secret that ate away at me for 18 years.’: Birth mom reunites with daughter, shares healing journey "This amazing human I had given birth to was a complete stranger.”

Medical and Funeral Expenses for Elias, organized by Caitlin Lawrence 09/14/2020

Medical and Funeral Expenses for Elias, organized by Caitlin Lawrence

One of our board members, Rachelle, experienced a great tragedy this weekend. She lost her little buddy Elias.

All of you who have met our Rachelle know what an incredible force for good she is. She is always willing to help out and make your day better.

There was no time to put things in order, no time to prepare, it just happened.

A life flight, picu stay, and after life care are pricey and no family ever should have to worry about this.

PLEASE P L E A S E donate. If you can’t donate share it! Thank you!


Medical and Funeral Expenses for Elias, organized by Caitlin Lawrence During a family trip to Idaho on September 12, 2020, our sweet boy lost consci… Caitlin Lawrence needs your support for Medical and Funeral Expenses for Elias

Put Your Colors On - Birth Mother's Day - The M{OTHER}hood Effect - Domestic Adoption - Mother's Day 05/07/2020

Put Your Colors On - Birth Mother's Day - The M{OTHER}hood Effect - Domestic Adoption - Mother's Day

Happy M{other}s Day Week(end)

We love you no matter what you celebrate!!

Put Your Colors On - Birth Mother's Day - The M{OTHER}hood Effect - Domestic Adoption - Mother's Day Video Shot By Aeon Productions in Utah. We are a sisterhood, bound together by a traumatic and difficult experience. Without someone to lean on through this ...


The M{other}hood Effect (Teaser)

Still true this year!!

Birth Mother's Day — Big Tough Girl™ 04/24/2020

Birth Mother's Day — Big Tough Girl™

The day before Mother’s Day is nationally recognized as Birth Mothers Day. If you are a woman who has placed a child for adoption come join lots of amazing women for a special virtual event just for you on May 9th @ 2pm MST hosted by Ashley Mitchell and Lifetime Healing Foundation. There will be lots of fun speakers, activities and prize giveaways! Register here!


Birth Mother's Day — Big Tough Girl™ With everyone stuck inside through a tough “mommy season” we wanted to bring you SO many ways to get connected with Birth Mother’s all over the country to support you in your mental health, community and celebration!


A D O P T I O N ** T R I A D ** M E M B E R S

We have a lot of time on our hands right now to sit in our feelings. This means that it can cause a lot of stress, sadness, and frustration.

We want to send you a little love in the mail to help with this hard time. Please fill out the form below. Your information will ONLY be used for mailing out this gift.

We love you, we are thinking of you. You are LOVED.




Since we had to postpone our Nashville retreat we wanted to SOMETHING!!!

So! We are going to do a virtual retreat on Zoom.

This retreat you will still be able to talk, discuss, and get to know each other. We will still have classes and discussions. All you will need is some paper and a pen (some crayons if you have it)

Go here to register! It is F R E E

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Lots of Events !
The M{other}hood Effect (Teaser)



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