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LeFevre Chiropractic was established in 1997. His practice is very orthopedic based. He uses a variety of techniques including Diversified, Thompson Drop, Activator, Active Release, Myofascial Release, and is 100% dedicated to helping you heal.

Operating as usual


Part 3


Shoulder: easy home therapy.

The front of the shoulder is so vulnerable to injury, but if you will take time to home treat the little things you’ll save yourself much grief with less big things.

3 step: massage, stretch, strengthen

Part 1


Everyone needs an adjustment, some just more than others. Hahahaha


How to use you vibration gun part 1.








Lower back pain stretching. Yes please.... #1

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My favorite Chiro seminar started to....

No in Las Vegas this year.

On line.... 😢😢😢

But the information is still incredible...


Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

September marks 23 years in practice! It all started off very humble, and has become an absolute joy to me and a huge blessing to me and my family. No words can express my sincere gratitude for all you done for us. Thank you for being loyal and patient with me, as a try week in and week out to do my best for you. ❤️❤️❤️


Wellness Wednesday!

3 Reasons you should break up with sugar.

1) Sugar makes you look years older👵👴🧁 - Sugar attaches to proteins that form molecules called advanced glycation end products. These harmful molecules then attack the protein fibers in elastin and collagen, which are responsible for firm skin. Besides making your face sag, the loss of elastin and collagen can decrease the antioxidant enzymes in your skin, increase the effects of sun damage, and add to your wrinkles.

2) Sugar wrecks your mood 😔😫😡 - Sugar lies to you. It whispers, “you’ll feel better. Just a little bit.” But after that initial sugar rush passes, the brain has a harder time producing dopamine. In the long run you are more likely to become increasingly depressed.

3) Sugar fattens up your organs - Fat is not something that just accumulates under major muscle groups. It’s also something that fattens organs. The liver is an efficient-storage organ. Globules of fat that build up around the liver are a precursor for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Before 1980, this condition was rare. Today in our sugar-obsessed society, let’s just say it’s more common. A lot more common.


Hey kids;
Sure hope all of you are well! As the month of May ramps up and thing hopefully return to normal, there are 2 things I’d like to let you know about.

1) 🔥Yes we’re at the office scheduling normal and seeing patients every day.

2) 🔥I’m starting my Low Carb Class again on Tuesday May 5th at 6:30 pm at my office. This class is just to teach about why on a high carbohydrate diet it’s common to feel like your starving but for some reason you still gain weight, feel terrible, have blood sugar issues, don’t sleep well, and have a foggy brain. There’s no cost, no sales pitch, and it’s not about ketones or keto. Some of the participants use ketones and eat keto but we’re talking about LOW CARBS...... as a tool ketones can speed up results but it’s not mandatory for you to participate.

I just feel like it’s a great time in history, and of the year to make health a high priority, please come and participate. Xoxo xoxo

Image: The sour side of artificial sweeteners | Science News 03/14/2020

Image: The sour side of artificial sweeteners | Science News

Ok, here are a few notes from Tuesdays meeting on sweeteners. This will kinda be in order of importance but not like Smithsonian Institute worthy if you know what I mean.


Best artificial sweeteners to worst, (in my opinion).
1. Monk Fruit, It’s newer, 2016 is when it was introduced but its based on an all natural source and has other benefits besides sweet, It has antioxidant properties and can also help reduce inflammation.
2. Erythritol sounds scary but is actually derived from plan fiber. It’s actually only 70% as sweet as real sugar so its very safe to use as a good substitute to sugar.
3. Stevia is sweeter than sugar so it has an excito toxin property meaning its super sweet and potentially tricks you brain into thinking it needs the pancreas to release insulin but its pretty safe to use still.
4. Splenda is iffy and this is why. In packets it has an additive in it called malto dextrin, that for sure will kick you out of ketosis. However when its in a prepared food like a sugar free cookie or something it doesn’t typically have malto dextrin in it so is safer to use. Here’s the other problem with Splenda, it’s super sweet, so again it is an excito toxin that can trigger an insulin response and that’s not going to be ok if you are looking to lose fat. Think little amounts of it. If you’re going to use it, be careful.
5. Aspartame will not kick you out of ketosis but its straight up toxic. Most diet soda is sweetened with aspartame. I mean its a personal thing so just know its pure chemical magic that your body was not meant to consume.
6. Isomalt or maltitol is in a lot of diabetic candies for some reason. Will easily give you diarrhea, ferments in you gut and in general is a terrible product.
7. Agave is 80% fructose. Like honey it is super easy to turn into fat. The only thing worse for losing fat would be high fructose corn syrup which is like standing on the corner with a sign that reads, “Give me your muffin top.” 😂😂😂

Image: The sour side of artificial sweeteners | Science News Found on Google from sciencenews.org


Easy way to get your moving again with no gym equipment or memberships. Just start at home.



With exercise, where do I even begin?



I’m ketone stuck, what can I do to get back on track?!?!?


I’m on the sauce and watching carbs hard core for the next 60 days, even though I’ve maintained my weight, I’ve got a 13 lb goal to fulfill! HELL or HIGH WATER ......

Would love to have you join in. Going to do official weigh in’s at my office Tuesday evenings to help people make a goal and track it. You can use ketones or not, it’s up to you. I’ve got a medical grade scale, people teaching eating habits and sharing food ideas every week. We would love to have you join in the fun. 🔥🔥🔥

In 4 years, the message is the same. The only difference is Keto OS evolved into Keto OS Max then with more patents evolved into Keto OS Nat.

Drink ketones, eat less carbs, eat less sugar, eat healthy fat and protein, sleep, move your body, have fun, laugh, enjoy your life, reduce stress, help people, make money. 🥳 Let’s go 2020!!!!! 🥳 That’s your formula!


So with all the new resolutions to run more, look at this graphic. Do you see the force directed from heel striking to ankle, knee, hip and pelvis, then finally all the way up the spine.

On the green example look at the posture. Elbows up and back, head in front of the gravitational weight bearing line, momentum forward and a mid foot strike.

Now look at the length of stride, red is long and slow. Green is short and fast. The biomechanics of the green is explained in the same way you explain how to eat and elephant; one bite at a time. The red long slow is trying to eat huge bites which actually uses up more energy.

I realize there will be plenty of folks out there that want to argue this. But look at the injuries of the red runner compared to the green runner. Red gets shin splints, stress fracture, compartment syndrome, ankle, knee, hip and disc degenerative changes much easier and more frequently.

Last of all, from an industry stand point, look at the trends in the running shoes people are wearing. Running shoes used to have huge thick heels, not many do any more!!! Trends show you what people are wearing and just like diets what works sells.


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Uncle Fester and Wednesday from The Adamms Family, Mermaid, Unicorn. Happy Halloween freaky FB friends. Post your picture in comments🎃


Too good not to share!!💪💪💪

Learn about the benefits of ketones, Dr heather is a wealth of information!



So Jodi Bailey is one of my direct team members, her husband Brent wanted nothing to do with ketones business and it took her some months to get him to try it. He loved the energy he got from it so just kept drinking one a day. The ketones have an accumulation effect. The longer you’re on them the more effective it becomes in you. So over time his appetite for crap food decreased and with out him even knowing it he not only felt better but lost the belly fat. Jodi Bailey


👀 FLAVOR OF THE DAY💚 Lime time! I know there are those of you out there wondering what flavors taste like. Swing by my office today to try it out. If you need the address message or text me.

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One of the all time Aggie greats and now Seattle Sea Hawks Marwin Evans in today. Love seeing the success of theses student athletes move on to the Pro’s. Incredible athlete, and the nicest young man you’ll ever meet! Marwin Evans @Utahstateuniversityathletics @UtahStateFootball
Prüvit Pruvit Every Day

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Just a look around our office to give you and idea of what to expect when you come in.

Photos from LeFevre Chiropractic's post 01/21/2019

Photos from LeFevre Chiropractic's post

Supplement your electrolytes on keto! Why? 01/15/2019

Supplement your electrolytes on keto! Why?

Hey my friends why supplement electrolytes?


Supplement your electrolytes on keto! Why? Why do I need to increase electrolyte consumption when using pure therapeutic ketones or eating a ketogenic diet?


Winner winner chicken dinner!


Carbohydrates are our biggest hurdle in today’s American diet. Sugar is added into everything. There are so many things researchers are finding now on an almost daily basis that is evidence of why the US population is the most obese and why diseases like diabetes, tumors and neurological degenerative diseases are increasing. Too many carbohydrates. I’d love to help anyone find a better way. Ask about “pure therapeutic ketones!”


Happy Halloween from LeFevre chiropractic office. Evan J LeFevre 🎃 👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻

Join the 60 Hour Keto Reboot by Pruvit 10/03/2018

Join the 60 Hour Keto Reboot by Pruvit


Hey guys,
this is an incredible and way to get your body into metabolic recharge! I know 60 hour reboot what does that mean. It’s basically a cleanse that walks you through a step by step process with a support group and products to make it actually doable and effective. You will be drinking ketone enhances products that will suppress your appetite, and allow your body to cleanse not just on an intestinal level but a cellular level. You will also get AC11 supplements that again are a cellular signaler telling you body it time to repair its self. I’ve used this several times now and have found it to be absolutely awesome! New nutritional research is showing our cells don’t detox unless we are able to do intermittent fasting. Studies are clear that you should do a 14-16 hr fast once a week, 16 - 24 hr fast a couple times a month and a 60 hour fast once a month.

Start with not eating after your evening meal and then don’t eat again until lunch the next day.

Then do the same thing with dinner to dinner.

Once you master that the 60 hr thing really isn’t that bad but way not bad with this reboot system, I highly recommend it. It’s been one of the most important aspects of me getting my health back and weight back under control. Hit me up if you’d like to know more.

Join the 60 Hour Keto Reboot by Pruvit You are invited to participate in the upcoming Keto Reboot by Pruvit. Reprogram and reset your metabolism to burn body fat for fuel in just 60 hours! For mor...

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Well the questions from you wonderful people, friends and patients are getting overwhelming. So here’s the story. 😬😬

I started drinking therapeutic ketones just to see what would happen after my neighbor Carolee lost the weight of an average 4th grader 🤷‍♀️ last summer. So far I’ve lost almost as much as she did but even better I feel fantastic! Better: mood, focus, energy and fat loss. It’s super simple, you just mix it up in water and ice and drink it. It’s a super new approach to nutrition, how to lose fat, control appetite and improve the ups and downs of craving sweats etc etc. I’ve researched it, I’ve been to ketone conferences to learn the latest research and I’ve used it to see what it would do for me. I absolutely love it! There’s a difference between eating pure Keto and drinking ketones so don’t tune me out!!!!!! The ketones are bio-identical so you’ll go into Ketosis in 30-60 min. From there you do your best. That’s it. That’s how I lost the weight of another smaller human off my body. If any one would like to try ketones or have specific questions send me a private message ask any question, I’ll be super honest about exactly what I did. I’ve collected quit a bit of information I can send along as wel. So.....I’ve put together a 10 day trial pack that I sell for my cost. Or if you’re an early adopter like me, I just committed to trying it for 90 days and place an order. Which you could do as well at fever.pruvitnow.com by clicking the shop tab. It’s been a life changer for me and really my whole family. You should ask about my teenagers who are using it as well to help with focus in school and energy for b-ball practice. Yes anyone can use it, holy cow 🐄 it’s been a good thing for them as well! I have a short 4 min video that explains it and how it works at fever.experienceketo.com but seriously you all know I’ve been pretty Chubs McGee for a while and this has been an absolute blessing. 😀🙏 Xoxo (mostly I hope you’re all well and happy and feel fantastic with out any help)!

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Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️




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