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COMFORT HOME CARE is a visiting nursing agency that specializes in dealing with two vital areas of need – caring for those adults with acute and chronic mental health issues, as well as offering traditional elder care services.

COMFORT HOME CARE is a visiting nursing agency that specializes in two vital areas of need – caring for those adults with acute and chronic mental health issues, as well as offering traditional elder care services. We work towards maintaining every patient’s wellness and independence in the most appropriate day-to-day setting for them. We take a team approach based on a coordinated communication p

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Sen. Warren and Rep. Trahan Tour Methuen Clinic 03/31/2021

Sen. Warren and Rep. Trahan Tour Methuen Clinic

Sen. Warren and Rep. Trahan Tour Methuen Clinic As Massachusetts races to vaccinate the public against coronavirus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Lori Trahan visited a vaccine clinic in Methuen.


How cool is it when even Major League Baseball Hall of Famers like Jim Rice come with their family to get the Covid Vaccine at our Methuen Family Health Center Vaccine Clinc at 147 Pelham Street. Jim was very grateful and took a picture with two of our Vaccine All-Stars Maria and Casey holding our selfie sign!


🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸NATIONAL GUARD HARD AT WORK ON PELHAM ST.: Ten members of the National Guard arrived at Greater Lawrence Family Health Center today to assist with dispensing COVID-19 shots. GLFHC is one of 250 healthcare centers in the nation (15 in MA) chosen to expand access to the vaccine, and they will receive doses directly from both the federal government and the state. Guard members will be here for a full month, 6 days a week, and the goal is to give up to 500 VACCINES A DAY at this location.
“We are continuing to work with other communities, and this is a great location in Methuen,” said GLFHC Chief Strategy Officer Rich Napolitano, while thanking the building’s owner John Cook of Comfort Home Care for providing the large, open space. While this is not considered a “mass vaccination site,” it is serving people across the Merrimack Valley.
Today, there were 30 tables set up, 2 chairs at each so that families can stay together. Those with confirmed appointments went straight to a table where they filled out paperwork, got their shot and waited 15 minutes for any side effects. In addition to the 10 National Guardsmen, there were 18 GLFHC staffers distributing the Moderna vaccine. Whether your first language is English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese or Portuguese, you are in luck as they have staffers who are fluent!
“Having the National Guard here allows us to vaccinate even more people in the community. Being able to see 400 to 500 people a day will have a huge impact,” said GLFHC Chief of Pharmacy Services Diane Martin, noting that the Pelham Street site is also vaccinating the patients of some medical practices. “We’re here to focus on the underserved.”
Commander MSGT Joseph Startup of the Air National Guard tells MethuenLife, “We are excited to help out in the fight against this pandemic and get everybody on track for normal life. … (The Greater Lawrence vaccine patients) are ecstatic and welcoming us with open arms.”
With her sleeve rolled up, lifelong Methuenite Betty R. Shaw (bottom left) - who worked in the Methuen High Media Center back in the day and is the widow of Methuen Fire Lt. Norman Shaw - said she was “so thankful and excited” to receive the vaccine. She’s usually down South visiting her sister this time of the year.
Her daughter-in-law Donna Shaw, who accompanied Betty, said, “It’s been a year since she’s been out, so this is a BIG DAY! We don’t even let her go to the store. … Finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel!”
NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET A VACCINE AT THIS SPOT. GO HERE TO SIGN UP: . THIS WEEK, THEY ARE BOOKED. SPOTS WILL OPEN UP AS THEY GET MORE DOSES so check the website. You can also sign up for the WAIT LIST: (Be sure to include your e-mail!). If you’ve already contacted the City of Methuen hotline, please don’t re-register as they will be in touch with you. GLFHC has also reached out to local housing authorities and offered 2 mobile units to go to those patients, so that they won’t have to travel.

Photos from Comfort Home Care's post 02/04/2021

Today was one of the best days in the history of Comfort Home Care as we began vaccinating our staff against this horrible virus that has cost so many, so much. Thank you to all our staff who have risked their health to care for our patients. It seems the end is coming. #getvaccinated


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

HOLIDAY HOURS. Methuen Family Health Center, 147 Pelham St., offers walk-up COVID testing in our parking lot. Walk up to the tent, give your name, cell phone & wait in your car while you wait your turn. #COVID19CHC. @GLFHC Greater Lawrence Family Health Center @greaterlawrencefhc 11/16/2020

Diana Dungan Comfort - YouTube

Full video of COO Diana Dungan’s views on leading home health through a pandemic. Thank you Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts for the spotlight 11/06/2020

Health Health Leaders in the Face of the 2020 Pandemic - YouTube

Comfort Home Care COO Diana Dungan, among others, discussing the impact of COVID-19 on home health agencies. We appreciate our staff through this uncertain time.


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

Do your part to #StoptheSpread! Greater Lawrence Family Health Center now provides COVID-19 testing in the parking lot of its 147 Pelham St. Methuen location. No appointments or pre-registration. Just walk up to the white tent. #covid19chc


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

Do your part to #StoptheSpread! Greater Lawrence Family Health Center now provides COVID-19 testing in the parking lot of its 147 Pelham St. Methuen location. No appointments or pre-registration. Walk up to the white tent Mon-Fri, 3-6 pm this week. #covid19chc


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

NEW COVID-19 TESTING SITE. Greater Lawrence Family Health Center now provides COVID-19 testing at our 147 Pelham St., Methuen location. People may walk up to the white tent in the parking lot, no appointment or advance registration required. Schedule this week is Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 pm. #covid19chc Lawrence General Hospital


Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts

Congratulations to Isabel Vasquez and Maria Lopez of Comfort Home Care on Home Care Aide Recognition Day!

They’re two of our #HomeCareHeroes, who have gone above & beyond to provide compassionate care during the #COVID19 pandemic, despite the risks. Thank you, Isabel and Maria! #HomeCareisEssential #HealthyatHome #EssentialWorkers #AgingInPlace. 05/06/2020

LEAP Relief

We would like to give our most sincere thank you to and Ford Motor Company for their generous donation of face masks and face shields ! Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Donate with us to deliver more PPEs to the frontlines and protect the healthcare workers who are risking their lives to save us.


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

#WellnessWednesday Call for an appointment today! (978) 686-0090.


Best costume winners! Good times


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

Our Methuen Family Health Center offers full primary care for children and adults, and is focused on serving the health needs of families in a convenient location off Interstate 93 in Methuen.


Fun day!


Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts

Home Health Care Clinical Managers/Supervisors of Clinical Services, Quality Management staff and Clinical Educators will play a key role in the successful implementation of the new Medicare Patient Driven Groupings payment Model (PDGM). In this interactive session, attendees will learn the four key elements of the PDGM scoring system: admission source and timing, clinical groupings, functional levels and comorbidities. Managers will leave with specific techniques for obtaining accurate information… [ 297 more words ]


NAMI Massachusetts

Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke - know the signs and what to do


A good patient perspective

I have an admission to make: I stopped taking my antidepressants. Again.

I didn’t forget to take them or run out, and I didn’t have some type of breakthrough — or breakdown. Instead, I just woke one morning and decided I didn’t need them. “I am OK” I thought, and so I stopped.

Cold turkey — and against doctors orders — I stopped.

Make no mistake: This isn’t the first time I’ve done this and, if I’m being honest, I doubt it will be my last because despite my advocacy work and stigma fighter mentality, at times I still struggle to accept my illness. I view my mental health condition — and my dependency on medication — as a flaw and a weakness, and I fight back. To feel strong enough. So I can believe I am capable enough.

I fight back so I can be OK. So, for a moment, I can be “normal.”

Unfortunately, it never works. Ever. Because my illness is just that: an illness. I cannot will it away or wish it away. I cannot pray for a cure.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying — it didn’t stop me from trying — and while I was OK for a week or two (maybe even a few days more); while I was carefree, productive, balanced and holding my own; things changed earlier this month. I found myself agitated, restless, and unable to breath. I cancelled engagements and appointments. I began missing both deadlines and meals, and before long the idea of tackling the most minute tasks — like washing dishes or showering or changing my freakin’ clothes — became overwhelming. Sadness swallowed my soul while rage and bile burned in my heart. And I cried.

I shook and screamed and cried.


Depression hit like a freight train — just as she had many times before — but this time, she hit so hard and fast there was no warning. I couldn’t hear her coming. I couldn’t see her coming, and while I shouldn’t have walked passed those blinking barriers and danced along the tracks, I ignored both logic and advice and kept going. I pushed on until my body was being crushed. Until I was buried beneath the steel behemoth struggling to think. Struggling to function. Struggling to breath, and struggling to feel anything beyond the unbearable pain in my chest, the ache in my bones, and the isolation and desperation and an outright desire to die.

I only got up because of my daughter. Because she wanted me. Because she needed me. Because she deserved the best of me, and I knew that person is a balanced momma. A healthy momma. A medicated momma.

But it took everything in me to get up and take that pill. To call my doctor and refill my script. It took everything in me to not ignore my Wednesday morning therapy session. To not find a way to avoid or excuse it. So instead of taking on everything, I started small: I swallowed the pill and took a shower. The next day I stretched and did yoga and spent a few minutes that afternoon eating lunch. Like an actual freakin’ meal. And now, I am taking things minute by minute.

I am moving through life one moment at a time.

Are things great? No. Far from it, but I am trying to get better. I am doing what I can to get better. And I am fighting to get better not the way I “want” to but the way I need to. And, for me, that means fighting to GET HELP. Allowing my ego to ACCEPT HELP, and it means admitting I need my MEDICATION.

It means swallowing that pill without fear or shame, punishment and self-loathing. Because I am more than a diagnosis. I am more than a disease. I am more than my medication, and I deserve to be happy and mentally healthy, even if I have a mental illness.

By Kimberly Zapata


It’s going to be a hot one this weekend! Don’t forget to hydrate!


Congratulations to Comfort Home Care’s Keith Dezan and Trysha Labarge, as well as Citypsych Wellness’ Nancy Hooley, for being recognized as RISING STARS by the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts!!⭐️⭐️


Happy Nurse’s Day to the entire Comfort Home Care and Citypsych family.


NAMI Massachusetts

NAMI Family-to-Family is a free 12-wk course for #family #caregivers of individuals with severe #mentalhealth conditions that offers resources, insights, coping skills, and genuine support for families.
Classes start in March & April in Hingham, Lexington, Leominster, Littleton, Martha's Vineyard, Pittsfield, and Westborough.
To learn about class start dates and contact info to pre-register, please visit 03/08/2019

Reducing Inpatient Violence in a Psychiatric Hospital

Though this is focused on an inpatient setting, it’s a great reminder while we are caring for patients in their homes Violent aggression in the inpatient psychiatric setting has developed into an important issue that negatively affects patients and staff. There are some simple and surprising treatments different clinics are taking to prevent violent aggression. It’s time we paid attention to this issue so we can ...


Nurse Blake

Yes it was...

** New Video **
Was your skills check-off like mine? 🤣


Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

At GLFHC, we don’t just treat the injuries, infections and diseases that can be seen with the naked eye — we take care of how our patients are feeling inside, too. Learn more at


To all our employees and patients. Here’s to a wonderful 2019. Thank you for your continued support.


Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts

Here's a strategy to help address the nursing shortage: encourage more men to enter the profession! Interesting that most of these men entered nursing as a second profession.


NAMI Massachusetts

Peer-to-Peer Program Offered in Lawrence!
Mondays from 6:30-9:00 pm
Starts February 4, 2019
NAMI Peer-to-Peer is a free 8-wk recovery-focused educational program for adults who wish to establish and maintain their wellness.
Great value is placed on the individual experiences of each person in the class, participants are empowered and invited to share their own stories and the coping tools that have worked for them.
For more info please visit


NAMI Massachusetts

To reduce the risk of making an attempt, suicide experts said, people who struggle with suicidal thoughts should create a #personalized #suicide #safety #plan, which outlines warning signs of a suicidal crisis, coping strategies and people to reach out to for support.
"When you're in a #crisis situation, it's not the time to figure out how you're going to handle it,".... "What a safety plan does is it helps you figure out beforehand a strategy for handling distress."


And an extra special thank you to the employees who are taking time away from their families to care for our patients today

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SKILLED NURSES assess a client’s healthcare needs and develop of an individualized care plan. Our RN’s assist with rehabilitation, dressing changes, oxygen administration, medications, among other services.

PSYCHIATRIC NURSES assess the mental health needs of individuals, families and communities, then develop and implement a nursing plan, and later evaluate it. They are often involved in planning and administering interventions that promote good mental health. They may also help patients with self-care, monitor medication and teach patients about good health practices.

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS manage and provide skilled physical therapy to clients with a wide variety of diagnoses and disabilities. It’s all done in the home, in accordance with a physician’s plan of treatment.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS perform therapeutic exercises and instruct in activities like meal preparation, toileting, and grooming. They also assist with energy and endurance problems, and address equipment needs, all with the goal of fostering self-reliance.

HOME HEALTH AIDES assist with "hands-on" personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, walking, and toileting. Medicare/Medicaid reimburses for these services while a patient is actively receiving care by a nurse, PT or OT. Private pay is an option if nursing is not required.



147 Pelham St
Methuen, MA
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Alternative Home Health Care LLC Alternative Home Health Care LLC
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Alternative Home Health Care is Medicare/Medicaid Certified and works with community providers to assist with care so patients can stay independent at home