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Contemporary counseling for emerging adults and young professionals.

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Doing the same thing over and over isn’t new and exciting. It’s not really that fun. But having fun isn’t what you’re after if you want results. For that, you’ll need to learn to love the process of consistently doing the boring stuff (and only maybe have some fun along the way).

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The pressure to maintain success, or to keep up the appearance of success can be immense and overwhelming. Trying to be, do, or act with perfection is an alluring trap. You may get results for a time, but no one's perfect, so it can't work forever.

The way out? Lean into your vulnerabilities while focusing your attention on consistent, quality effort versus results.

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If your kid recently dropped out of college, or your high schooler simply doesn't have a post grad plan, then it might be time for a new approach.

Let's make this a productive summer.

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Meet the Team!

Justin founded Valiance in an effort to provide a more balanced counseling approach for emerging adults and young professionals. As a coach, mentor, and clinician, Justin is committed to supporting those looking to build a life of fulfillment and betterment.

Evan works as an independent college advisor at Valiance. As a coach, school counselor, and previous college admissions advisor, he brings both compassion and expertise to his work in guiding students and their families through the college process.


The 2021-2022 college application cycle is positioned to be one of the more competitive and busy cycles following the pandemic.

In an effort to support prospective college students in navigating this future, Valiance now offers Independent Advising to navigate all phases of the application phase in 60 days or less.

Early Action & Early Decision Deadlines begin Nov 1st.

Let’s get you ready. Link in bio.


Reshape how you think about problems and become empowered.


Pay attention. When you do, you can begin to attend to the changes needed to improve, become enlightened, or simply engage in your life with meaning.


Achievement of any kind, intrapersonally or interpersonally, is actionable. Knowing is just the beginning.


In times of transition, we are easily fooled into thinking that planning and problem solving is the smartest way to decide what to do next.

There is comfort in believing that if we optimize the path forward, our efforts will be painless and our results will be expedited. In my experience the opposite is often true. Thinking and planning quickly turns into overthinking and stalling, which breeds anxiety and fear.

Create plans that are meaningful, but that present low risk when exploring new opportunities and new experiences. By trial running small experiments in the areas that are new to you, you gather corrective data that can direct your future choices. Iterate to accelerate growth. And remember—if you make a mistake, make it falling forward into new choices and new realizations.


Think about who you want to become and make choices that are in alignment with that vision.


Anxiety is the most common mental health problem college students face. Although worrying about the future when the future is unpredictable is normal, it isn’t helpful.

Regain perspective and focus on what you can control—doing your best, right now, today.

But don’t miss the next part. It’s all relative. Your best can change, and that’s okay. What matters is you know what great effort looks like relative to how you’re feeling and what your doing in the moment.

Stay focused.

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When faced with challenges, we often fear our abilities. We fear the unknown. We overthink and overanalyze to minimize pain and convince ourselves that we are efficient strategizers when really, we're just stuck.

You or someone you know is already set. Time to go.

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Stop waiting to feel better. Even though change can be scary, you won't know what's out there for you until you try.

We can help.

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The future looks promising. Let's get you ready for what's to come.




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