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The incoming junior class is hosting a back-to-school donation drive on August 16th, from 3–6pm at the Ross Township Goodwill.


The Millvale Community Development Corporation is seeking interest from potential tenants for office, retail, and events-based uses at 216 North Avenue, a mixed-use certified green build redevelopment in the heart of Millvale's business district.

Office Partners: Potential for a single office/workshop tenant up to 1,310 square feet; or potential for multiple smaller offices for organizations with a smaller footprint need

Retail Partners: Flexible utilization of outdoor and multifunctional indoor area seating or presentation space; 150 ~ 200 square foot area for check out, sales, etc. Storage.

Event Partners: Ongoing or pop up event series partners are being sought for on site programming utilizing stage and multifunctional area, outdoor stage, or space in front of the facade the building is particularly well-suited for food, arts or social events.

Respond by Friday, September 29, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. with a statement of interest and description of your organization and details on your partnership interest via email to Brian Wolovich, Project Manager ( [email protected] ) ATTN: “216 North Ave Call for Partners”. Potential partners will be invited to participate in a 30 - 60 min interview via Zoom between October 2-7.


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All proceeds directly benefit Millvale VFD.
Good luck, and as always, thank you for your continued support.



~Grief to Life
Joni Roberts



There’s an order that life is supposed to follow.

An order of breaths we are supposed to take,
as if we are passing a torch from one generation to the next.

And our torch is supposed to go out before our child’s flame is extinguished.

We are supposed to watch them take their first breath.
But not their last.

We are supposed to hear the thud-thud of their heart when it starts beating.
But never the silence when it stops.

That heart that we once carried inside of us. That breath that we gave them. That life that we kept safe, protected.

So when the order of life is disrupted,
when their torch goes out before yours,
it is as if you too have been robbed of your breath
and as if your heart has stopped beating as well.

There is nothing that can make it less painful.
You would happily blow out your flame if it meant theirs could burn.

But you can’t. Even though that’s how it should be.

So all you can do is carry them inside you -
like you did once before.
Except now they have to stay in your heart forever.

And though it hurts,
just know that they are safe there.
They are protected.

Because a mother’s love is unending.
Because it burns forever with every breath you take and
with every beat your heart makes.

Because a mother’s love
is a flame that can
be extinguished.


Yoga in Nature invites you to our first "Chair Yoga in the Meditation Hut" 10AM Tuesday July 18. The beautiful hut is nestled under a grove of native trees. Our gentle class has seated poses, optional standing, no floor work. A 3-minute walk (on grassy ground) from the parking lot at Penn Forest Natural Burial Park. We're limited to 14 guests so don't delay. Register at returninghomefarm.org


Attention all you early risers! We will be having a Summer Solstice sunrise yoga class this Wednesday 6/21 at 6am! Moni Wesner will be leading the class and there will be no goats during this session. We will meet at the Penn Forest parking lot and head over to the meadow from there.

Please register at http://www.returninghomefarm.org/register/ if you'd like to join us. It's free!


On this Father's Day, my thoughts extend to all those who may be missing their dads, longing to be fathers, or dealing with any other individual circumstances. 💙​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Regardless of the nature of your celebration or the complexity of your emotions, remember that you are never alone. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts, and I'm sending you love and support! 💙


🙌 Congratulations to the Class 5A PIAA State Champions Shaler Area High School Varsity Baseball Team with a 9-8 win over Strath Haven High School! Great job Titans! 🔵🔴


Remembering our beloved furriends 💔🌈​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Today (on the 2nd Tuesday in June), we come together to honor and celebrate World Pet Memorial Day. It's a day dedicated to commemorating those special pets who have touched our lives and left an indelible paw print on our hearts. 🐾❤️

To all the loyal companions who have brought us boundless joy, comfort, and unwavering love, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Whether their time with us was fleeting or they blessed us with a lifetime of cherished memories, their impact is immeasurable. Today, we pause to remember and honor the furry souls who have brought us immeasurable happiness. May their spirits forever radiate, reminding us of the love and happiness they infused into our lives. 🙏🌟

Do you have a cherished pet you are remembering today? Share your memories in the comments below. 🐾

P.S. Thank you to for letting me know the right date this is observed 🥰


Donna Ashworth from her book “Loss”


The three things that remain when you die:


Hi Hugh,

A friend died, and I want to be helpful to his wife, but I’m not sure what to do. I told her that if she needed anything to let me know. Of course, she thanked me, but it’s been a few days now and she hasn’t asked for anything. I don’t think she will. I feel so helpless. What should I do?


Hey there, [Redacted]. Thanks for writing. I’m really glad your friend has you in her life.

I get it. Grief is a funny thing. It’s the time in our life when we most need help, and also the time when asking for help is so hard. Not because we are ashamed to ask for help, although that happens sometimes too. But mostly because our brain just sort of shuts down.

When my Dad died, I looked functional. But I wasn’t OK. Not at all. And when the news got out, the ton of people flooding me with calls, texts, and DM’s was overwhelming. I really couldn’t function. I sat on the swing in our yard and just stared into space. People called and asked what they could do to help. I had no idea.

“Well, anything you need at all, let me know, OK?”


They hung up. I stared into space some more.

I had no idea what to do. What I needed. I didn’t even know what to ask for.

Then a friend sent a text. This friend had met Dad once but didn’t really know him. But still, she knew I was hurting. I saw who it was and almost put the phone down without reading the text, but I saw the message and it stopped me:

Will you be home at 8:30 tonight?

What’s weird is this friend lives 12 hours away from me.

Yes, I replied.


10 minutes later, she said, “Instacart will be there at 8:30. Open the door for them.”


“Grief Groceries.”

When Instacart showed up, they put two large bags of groceries on my porch. Frozen pizzas. Ice cream. Oreo cookies. Tinned soup. Stouffer’s lasagna. A gallon of milk. Like that. Things I could heat up if I needed a meal, or pig out on if I needed fat and sugar. Sometimes, you just need to eat half a box of Oreos.

Notice she didn’t ask if I needed any food. I would have said no. She just asked if I would be home.

Grief groceries.

Another friend, who lives out of town, asked Renee to name a restaurant near our house where we like to eat. There is a local chain near our house that is sort of a deli. When we eat supper there, we spend about $25. Renee told her the name of the place.

An hour later, there was a gift card in my inbox for $250. Yes, that is a lot of money, and I understand not everyone can do that. But the wonderful thing was that because it was enough for multiple meals, we didn’t try to save it for “the right time”. We ate there that night, and take out from there several times a week for the next month on nights when I just didn’t have the spoons to cook.

Both of those gift-givers knew something I didn’t know – that when you are grieving, you don’t want to make decisions. No, that’s not quite it: You can’t make decisions. You hit decision fatigue really fast.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, don’t ask grieving people to make big choices or decisions. “How can I help” is a big choice. But “Can I take the kids this afternoon so you can have some time to yourself” is a much smaller one. “Will you be home tonight?” is a small choice. “What restaurant do you like” is a small decision. Just showing up to cut their grass because you noticed it needed cutting is loads better than asking, “Do you want me to cut the grass?” Or, “I’m going to Target. What can I get you while I’m there?” is better than “Can I run any errands for you?”

It won’t always be like this. If you stick around, eventually they will surface and ways to be helpful will make themselves known. But in the first few days, especially, it helps to remove as many decisions from their plate as possible.

Take care,


Note: If you have a question you would like me to answer on my blog, send it to me via the contact page on the website, or via PM here. I won’t use your name or any identifying details.

(Reposted from my blog. The link to the original post is in the comments).


I’ve got a lot of workshops coming up this summer around plant and/or grief.

Kicking us off is this event at ! I can’t wait!

Get to know a garden herb through tuning into your senses and yourself. Not only will we sit with an herb grown in the garden, but you’ll get to take some dried herbs home with you to continue your practice at home.

At the end of the class, you can take an optional tour of the Penn Forest Natural Burial Park grounds.

🔗 in bio to sign up. DM me with any questions 😊


Free breakfast and lunch


🙌 Congratulations to the Shaler Area High School Varsity Baseball Team on winning the WPIAL 5A championship vs. Bethel Park 10-1! 🥇


This is a powerful reminder that death is a shared experience that we will all eventually face. ✨

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It's a natural part of the human experience, and we should embrace it as such. Rather than fearing death, let's strive to make the most of the time we have and cherish the moments we share with those we love. 💛

Let's celebrate life and all its complexities while acknowledging that death is an inevitable part of the journey. May we all find peace and acceptance in this universal truth. ✨


Need your bike fixed up? Want to learn how to work on your bike? Need some safety gear like lights or a helmet? Just want to have fun?

Bring your bike to the Millvale Bike Rally on June 4 at the Millvale Community Library for a day of fun, classes and food!

From 12-4 p.m. there will be a variety of classes around bike skills and maintenance, and a safety gear give-away.

For the full schedule, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/165534973150200/?ref=newsfeed


Penn Hills Natural Burial Park provides a less expensive and eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial in the Pittsburgh area.


May you be blessed as you navigate through this unwanted journey~


The new cards are in! 🙌🏻😊


On this Mother's Day, my heart goes out to all those who may be missing their moms, longing to be moms, or facing any other unique situation. 💛 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Whether you're celebrating or navigating complex emotions, please know that you are not alone. I'm thinking of you and sending love your way! 🌸


Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the mothers in our lives and give back to them. But for many people who maybe are grieving the loss of their mom or have strained relationships with their mom, Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday that brings painful feelings.

If you are struggling with difficult emotions related to Mother’s Day, here are some ideas on how to cope:

🌼 Give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling: notice when you tell yourself how you “should” feel. Try to replace those thoughts with acceptance of your feelings as they come.

🌼 Express gratitude: motherhood comes in various shapes and forms. Use this day as an opportunity to thank the maternal figures and caregivers who have made a positive impact on your life.

🌼 Decide how *you* want to spend this day: if you’re dreading this holiday, you have the right to treat it like any other Sunday. You could take a break from social media, marathon your favorite comfort show, and forget what day it is. You could also share this day with a supportive friend and tell them what you’re going through. You get to decide what feels right for you.

Remember, it’s completely okay to have complex feelings related to Mother’s Day. For more resources on how to take care of yourself and support others leading up to Mother’s Day, check out our resource page at optionb.org/how-to-get-support-on-mothers-day 💙

This post was made in collaboration with Self-Care Is For Everyone 💐


Looking for some beautiful, comforting, yet inspirational words about death and dying? These poems about loss are perfect for funerals.


𝑰𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒍 𝑩𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒅 𝑴𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝑫𝒂𝒚.
A day to remember the mamas whose baby is no longer with them.

❤️ For the mother that lost her baby in an etopic prengancy.

🧡 For the mother that lost her baby late in prenancy.

💛 For the mother that lost an unplanned pregnancy.

💚 For the mother who's baby was stillborn.

💙 For the mother living through early term pregnancy loss.

💜 For the mother who lost her baby to SIDS.

🖤 For the mother trying to parent the siblings of her child that died.

🤍 For the mother that lost a baby for medical reasons.

🤎 For the mamas that have experienced a neonatal infant loss.

To all the loss moms, we are wishing you a gentle Bereaved Mother's Day. We see you and celebrate the mother that you are. Your story matters and so does your baby.


Fr. James Mazurek Celebrates his Golden Jubilee

As you celebrate your priesthood ordination on May 5, 2023, may all your sacrifices be sown for an eternal Harvest.

May the Lord reward you for your dedication, commitment and love of the Lord and continue to bless you in abundance from the gift and the fruits of the Risen Lord and Holy Spirit.


When I was a little girl my dad was teaching me how to body board in the ocean. A huge wave was coming towards me and I feared that I was about to be crushed by this massive force and drown.

He saw my look of fear and he yelled “dive into it”
what!?! I was terrified! How will diving into this power-force protect me? But guess what… it did. By diving into the wave before it crashed I was able to safely pass through the wave and continue swimming.

Grief is powerful like the oceans waves. Grief knocks us down to our knees, trying to drown us at times. We cannot fight it or stop it, but maybe when we are ready we can dive into it.

It’s terrifying, the unknowns, hoping we survive this loss. But maybe when we dive into this giant wave called grief, we find that we still know how to swim.

The ocean and its powerful waves remain, but you are here, and you are swimming.


We hope you have a “glimmer” today.


Join our inaugural "Yoga In Nature" class, Sunset Yoga at Penn Forest Natural Burial Park, 266 Kansas Street in Verona, 15147 in a clearing near the forest & flower cutting garden, our practice will be serene, calming and nurturing. Led by Aimee of Yoga for All, this class is perfect for beginners and experienced Yogi alike. Bring a mat if you have one, but a few loaners will be available. Bring a friend. And bring your sense of adventure. Register at returninghomefarm.org


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People are drawn to Millvale’s central location near the 40th Street Bridge and Route 28, its reasonably priced real estate, and its strong sense of community. Not to mention the number of new and established businesses and the fact that it was the second community in the world to earn an EcoDistrict certification. Check out how this former “shot-and-beer” town has evolved in our May issue! Grist House Baby Loves Tacos Asgard Raw Dog & Cat Food Tupelo Honey Steel City Salt Company AtticRecords Jean-Marc Chatellier's French Bakery Yetter's Candies Hahn Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc. Shedquarters Pet Supplies & Self Serve Pet Wash The AuStella Pet Parlor Maude's Paperwing Gallery
Hahn Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc. Offers family a green package for a funeral to take place without the use of toxic and non-biodegradable materials and chemicals.
Thank you Hahn Funeral home for giving families a natural option

Talking to Liz Perkins as she confidently hammers nails into a knotty pine board, you might not realize that she’s never done any woodworking before. The more surprising part of watching her work, however, is realizing that the project she’s completing is her own coffin. Yes, there are classes for everything, including building your own coffin, and people participate for a number of surprising reasons. Find out why here! Penn Forest Natural Burial Park Hahn Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc.
Did you have a place to write memories of Jack Aheimer online. Could you please send me the link. Thank you, his neice