Mini Mitten Pediatric Therapy

ACCEPTING PATIENTS MARCH 2021. We are Mini Mitten Pediatric Therapy, an outpatient facility that focuses on the growth and development of the mini members of our community.

We offer occupational, physical & speech therapy services for children. Our mission is to assist our patients in meeting their optimal functional independence and accomplishing their developmental milestones. We desire for our patients to be happy, healthy, and thriving children. Additionally, we provide support and education to caregivers regarding the individualized needs of their child. We offe

Operating as usual


Do you know about Children's Special Health Care Services? Check out all of this amazing information provided by the health department here in Monroe. We can say from experience the team at the MCHD are amazing and can help guide you on all things Children's Special Health Care. Simply reach out to them for more details and information. #monroestrong #weloveourcommunity

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Happy birthday (one day late) to our best buddy Will! He celebrated by bringing the staff cupcakes! What a guy! Will aspires to master his goals in OT & work at Mini Mitten! We are lucky to have him on our team! He is amazing at security & passwords around here, just don’t ask him for the secret code! LOL. #minimittenpediatrictherapy #minimittenteam #minimmittenfamily #weloveourpatients


New saliva Covid-19 testing now available. As we strive to stay healthy, we now have more options for testing right here in town. #monroestrong #weloveourcommunity


Check out all of this amazing support for Lactation and Breastfeeding in Monroe. We are so proud to be part of this community and to help so many families. #minimittenpediatrictherapy #minimitten #breastfeeding #lactaction #lactationsupport


Baby Emory is the sweetest and cutest little graduate, am I right? E and her Momma left the mitten very happy, loosened up from her tightness, and having great success with her feeding. Momma sent us this amazing message to say thanks too! #minimittenpediatrictherapy #happypatients


Did you know there is Maternal Infant Support right here in Monroe? MIHP through the Monroe Co. Health Department is available. Call to get more information about support in your home for your growing family. #monroemi #monroestrong #weloveourcommunity


Try this super sweet craft today with the kiddos! Cut out some hearts, grab some crayons or markers and SHOW LOVE! We have been making "Candy Hearts" in the clinic all month long, and the kind words are awesome. TRY IT: Spend the rest of the month showing the kids and family how much they are loved and appreciated, hand them all over or string them together and make garland! If you try this post a picture and tag us. #showlove #sharethelove #valentines2022 #valentinescrafts #kidcrafts #familycrafts #minimittenlove #minimittenpediatrictherapy

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With all of the growth here at the Mitten, we thought it was time for some NEW MERCH, and some awesome new colors for our staff shirts too! BUT THESE HATS THOUGH! Beanies are now for sale here at the mitten as well & don't worry, ball caps are on the way too! Stop & see us to get yours soon!


Check out some of our new uniform shirt colors, modeled by the amazing Tiniyja, of course! You're rocking the orange girl. #minimittenteam #newbuildingnewshirts #bustamove #minimittenpediatrictherapy

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Our expansion is officially open and still a work in progress! The expansion is NOT just in the building and space, but also THE TEAM, can you spot a new face at the lunch table? Eating together and spending time talking shop & getting to know one another better is a favorite pastime here at Mini Mitten! #minimittengrowth #minimittenpediatrictherapy #minimittenteam #BIGminimitten


Some of our team ♥️🌈


The mittens on #tiktok #minimittenpediatrictherapy Follow is for cute & funny videos and to keep up on what’s happening in the clinic! #pediatrictherapy


We can't help but show off the wall of champions as we have had many recent graduates and continue to approach painting day! This is just about as good as it gets right here! #wallofchampions #wallofchamps #minimittenwallofchamps #minimittenpediatrictherapy


If you need to cancel your appointment , please call the office with as much advance as you are able, if we left you a message to confirm today’s appointment yesterday, please return the call, thank you & stay safe. 🌈


Attention: WEATHER ALERT 🚨 thank you for your understanding, your safety and the safety of our team is a top priority. #minimittenpediatrictherapy


Our Champ this week is Cole! Check him out as he is working with a light box to improve his ability to see items more clearly so that he can reach for them. A light box is a great tool to help kiddos with visual difficulties, such as a cortical vision impairment (CVI)


Your safety is our number one priority. Travel safely, or let us know if you cannot make your appointment please. Thank you for your cooperation ❄️☃️


Beckman Oral Motor training happened here at Mini Mitten last week as a refresher for some of our therapists and new skills for some as well. Check out Sarah and Rachel trying some of the learned techniques, how cool is this?! More knowledge? YES PLEASE! Our team is always so eager to learn and grow to help serve the Mini Members of ours and surrounding communities, as this is our top priority. #beckmanoralmotor #minimittenpediatrictherapy #training #alwayslearning #occupationaltherapy #feedingtherapy #oralmotortherapy


This week's CHAMP is Leon! Leon works so hard in speech, all while being as sweet as pie, he is now using a few two-word phrases, Miss Tiniyja is so proud and so are we. Keep up the good work buddy! #minimittenchamp #minimittenchampionoftheweek #minimittenpediatrictherapy #speech #speechtherapy #slp #speechlanguagepathology #pediatricslp


We have a new Crash Pad!!!

Monday Vibes at the office yesterday! Check out our stories for daily fun at the Mitten! 🌈


Profession rock wall tester…

#minimittenpediatrictherapy #minimitten #expansion #constructionsite #littlehelper #newrockwallcomingsoon #cutekid #cutehusband


We want to share some awesome information for mother and caregivers in Monroe and surrounding areas! Are you looking for a community to connect with? MOPS+ Meetings are twice per month, and they have snacks and drinks! QR code, dates and location are below. Feel free to share and also follow Monroe City MOPS+ on social media for upcoming meetings and information! MOPS+ is creating a space of comfort, understanding, laugher and most importantly friendship.


So many amazing champions here at the Mitten, leaving their mark on our wall of champions & on our hearts too. We are all so grateful to have worked with and helped so many kiddos and families. As we approach our year anniversary, and painting day, we want to reflect on all of the hard work these kids and families put in, as well as the heart and dedication by our team to help them all reach their goals and graduate! #minimittenpedistrictherapy #wallofchampions #wallofchamps #ourthing #minimittenchampions

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We are officially expanding!!!

Our goals are simple: to meet the needs of the Mini Members of this community and to have fun doing so. With waitlists growing (thanks to all of your positive feedback), we are hiring additional therapists to assure we can support each and every kiddo in need!!!! Caregivers should not have to wait for services for their little loves.

We will still be at the same convenient location, 14930 Laplaisance Road, Suite 118, just with larger space now as we take over suite 119 as well.

Thanks to our super cute helpers, our expansion will be open to patients starting February 7th! Stay tuned for more pictures.

#minimittenpediatrictherapy #minimitten #pediatrictherapy #minimembers #expansion #hereforyou #monroe


Did you know that your teachers were actually wrong when they taught you that there are 5 senses? We actually have (at least) 8 senses! The three other senses are vestibular/balance, proprioception, and interoception.

Proprioception senses the position, location, orientation, and movement of the body muscles and joints. Lifting heavy weights is a great way to stimulate this sense! Proprioceptive input can be calming for some kids.

Your vestibular sense tells you where your head is space and helps keep you upright. If you spin in circles, you are feeling your vestibular system!

Interoception in your internal body sense that tells you if you are hungry, thirsty, and if you have to go to the bathroom.

If you have more questions, talk to an occupational therapist!


Mini Mittens Champ this week is Ari! Ari has mastered shoe tying with Miss Rachel! He's an expert in walking, running and crawling like every animal too! Check out his awesome work in this photo! Great work Ari, we are so proud of you buddy. #minimittenchamps #minimittenchampion #minimittenpediatrictherapy #occupationaltherapy #ot #pediatricOT

Photos from Mini Mitten Pediatric Therapy's post 01/10/2022

Try something different and fun with your kiddos this week! Physical activity during the winter is harder for some. Try creating a DIY indoor obstacle course for your littles, its easy and you can use anything in the house, check out these examples we found online. Pinterest and google have some great ideas. Remember 150 minutes of active time each week is ideal


PERFECTLY UNIQUE is the way to be always.


Enjoy your weekend friends.


Our Mini Mitten Champion this week is Mr. K! As you can see, he had a super fun day in speech with Miss Charisse playing with our sensory snow, please excuse the snowy mess! K was working on adding words and signs to help him communicate more effectively with his family, as he struggles with an expressive language delay. #minimittenchampion #minimittenchampionoftheweek #minimittenpediatrictherapy #slp #speech #speechies #speechtherapy #speechlanguagepathology


Think about what you're saying without saying anything at all...
Nonverbal communication (NVC)- the act of conveying information without the use of words. Nonverbal communication occurs through facial expressions, gestures, body language, tone of voice, and other physical indications of mood, attitude, approbation, and so forth, some of which may require knowledge of the culture or subculture to understand. See also nonverbal behavior. #nonverbalcommunication #minimittenpediatrictherapy #minimittenfacts #minimemomonday


We are excited to announce we are now officially offering TELETHERAPY services! Whether you’re interested in ongoing at home sessions or temporarily changing from in person to a one-time virtual visit, we are here to meet your needs. Telehealth services are a great way to implement therapy directly in a child’s home environment to ease the transition to applying their new skills in other settings. #teletherapy #minimittenpediatrictherapy #newservices #checkitout

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We have a new Crash Pad!!!
Happy HalloWEEK!



We currently offer: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Speech Therapy.



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